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THURSDAY, April 9, 2015

Pledge Allegiance, Call to Order:  After the pledge, Randy Malecha called the meeting to order at 1:00 pm. 

Establish Quorum of Board Members: President Randy Malecha, Secretary Debbie Stanley, and Treasurer Kathy Mocko were present. VP Glen Farnum and Director at Large Jeanette Cullen were absent. Lynn Hiott represented Reconcilable Differences and 12 owners were present.

Approval of Minutes: Debbie motioned to approve the minutes of the February 26, 2015 meeting as posted. Kathy seconded, all in favor. 

Financial Report/Collection Update:  Lynn stated that through March 31st, the Association has $91,880 in the operating account, but $10,736 of that is pre-paid owner assessments, leaving $81,000 actually in the operating account. There is a total of $371,255 in the various Reserve accounts and CDs. The association is under budget by $3,929. The unpaid collection accounts are at $9,607, mostly due to legal fees owed by one owner regarding his leaking doors. The other accounts are minor late fees. Lynn explained that one owner, unit A211 has carried a late fee since 2012 and wanted to know if the Board would waive this late fee this one time and remove it from the accounting books. Debbie made a motion to waive this late fee of $25, Kathy seconded, and all were in favor. Lynn updated the Board about unit B403 and that the attorney fees and past due fees have been awarded through the courts. The Association is entitled to everything owed, and this owner could risk losing his home over these non-paid fees. 

Group Reports: 

Maintenance Report: Randy stated that most of the snowbirds have gone home, but he wanted to remind everyone who is leaving their condo for the summer of the following suggestions: 

  • Take the floor mat that is outside your unit and bring it into the unit while you are away for the summer. 
  • Owners need to have someone responsible inspecting their home while they are away to watch for problems. The association is not responsible for watching units during the summer. 
  • Pour bleach down the kitchen drain and the AC condenser lines before you leave.
  • Put rolled-up towels on the window sills to collect the moisture that comes in to keep it from seeping down into the units below. 
  • If you have a new screen door, please make sure the office gets a key to this door for pest control purposes. We have one owner who refuses to give the Association a key to his screen door for pest control visits. 
Randy went on to report that dog issues are still a problem. He stated that there is a dog walking area and the dog must be brought to this place to do its business. There are still residents who allow their animals to “go” wherever they like and this will not continue to be tolerated. If you see this occurring, please complete an attention form and turn it into the office. From there, it will be sent to the pet committee to be dealt with. Also if you are renting your unit, please make sure that your tenant’s animals are within the weight limit, and that they are approved by the association before saying yes to the tenant. 

Randy stated that he is simply a volunteer for the community and does not appreciate when residents come to him screaming or swearing while he is trying to enjoy his time with his family. If a resident has a complaint, they are encouraged to complete an attention form and submit it to the office to be dealt with. 

Randy stated that the laundry machines are continuing to bring in good income and that there are no problems reported at this time. However, he did inform the community that he is now accounting for all the laundry income by completing a monthly spreadsheet to show the hours of time spent on maintaining the machines and he is also calculating the gallons of water spent on washing machines. All of these will be added to spreadsheets for the year, so that the accountant can log these expenses against the laundry income for the year. 

Lastly, he wanted everyone to know that the elevator cab upgrades have been completed and they look great. When the panels were removed, it was found that there were no backings and that it was just the struts. So he worked with the elevator company and they agreed to do these repairs at no cost to the association. Then when the lights were removed, the areas around them was so discolored that they had to be replaced, which was not in the original bid. The costs were estimated at $900 per elevator and Randy worked with the company to split these costs between the association and the elevator company. The cost for this upgrade was high due to the stainless steel tops having to be prefabricated and installed. The elevator company did give us blankets to install in each elevator during a move in or move out. Randy reminded residents that if you are planning to move in/out, please contact a Board member to hang the blankets in the elevators to protect the new siding. Randy did strip, clean, and wax the floors in each of the elevators as well. 

Social Group: Kathy reported that there has been several activities this winter. She stated that they had a movie night with the new TV and that was a great hit. They had a pool party scheduled, but the storms cancelled that event. Kathy encouraged all residents to bring new ideas to her or Terry Knapp for the upcoming winter time. Monday coffee is still going on, however Kathy leaves April 13th and if no one signs up to host the Monday coffee for the rest of the month, then the last Monday coffee will be the 11th of April. Coffee will then resume in the fall when the snowbirds return. Kathy was approached by several residents to request an additional picnic table at the back of B building. Randy stated that the two picnic tables that are currently onsite were donated by residents and they continue to be a difficulty for the landscaping group. Randy stated that at this time, they could not approve another picnic table nor bench behind B building. 

New Business:

Security System: Jim Bakos and Glen Farnum are the security camera committee. Jim stated that the cameras are very important to the community. They are not intended to take away anyone’s privacy but to help with criminal incidents. Jim went on to state that several vehicles have been broken into with minor items stolen, bicycles have been stolen, vehicles have been keyed or scratched, etc. With all these crimes occurring, the camera system would be very beneficial to the community. He suggested that the Association purchase digital cameras and a recorder. There would be three cameras to start out with and the ability to add more cameras later on. ADS seems to be the best contractor for this job, and they are very reputable. The committee obtained many bids, and another is coming this afternoon.  Jim stated that he has an additional camera that if found to work on the Association’s system, he would donate it to the association as a fourth camera. Currently, the cameras would be installed on a pole outside of B building, aiming northwest and southwest, and one camera would cover the 4 lanes of traffic coming and going at the gate. The camera system that the committee is recommending has the ability to have up to 8 separate cameras installed on it, so there is room for growth. The recording can be saved onto a flash drive and then given to the police department to help with the vandalism issues and the crimes being committed. With these cameras, the police will be able to prosecute the criminals. Signs will have to be posted around the community letting everyone know that the areas are being recorded. Randy made a motion to not exceed $6,500 from Deferred Maintenance Reserves account to fund the camera installations. Kathy seconded, and all were in favor. The committee will recommend one contractor and will work with them to get the installation completed, hopefully before the summer ends. 

Owner Input: An owner complained about residents not walking their dog in the proper locations and when he addressed the dog owners, they became angry and yelled obscenities at him. He wanted to know what the Board could do to assist in the area of illegal dog walking. Randy stated that all complaints must be written on an Attention Form and then they are forwarded to the pet committee. If the actions continue, then the complaints get forwarded to legal counsel to move forward with. The Condo Declarations specifically state that if a dog owner is not compliant with the restrictions and the animal continues to be a nuisance, then the dog owner can be given a document from the Court barring the animal from being allowed to stay at Pelican Point. The owner stated that he had written a complaint to the office and submitted it. 

Set Next Meeting Date:  No meeting date was set. If needed, an agenda will be posted at least 48 hours before the meeting, as required by Florida Statute. 

Adjournment: There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 1:55 pm. 

Respectfully Submitted,
Lynn Hiott, LCAM
Community Association Manager
Reconcilable Differences, Inc.