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Minutes of the
ASSOCIATION of PELICAN POINT Condominium Association
on THURSDAY, APRIL 4, 2019

Board Meeting Call to Order
Randy called the meeting to order at 1:00 pm in the Clubhouse.

Establish Quorum
Board President Randy Malecha, Vice President Glen Farnum, Secretary Jeanette Cullen, Treasurer Terri Knapp, and Director Jim Bakos were present. Michelle Davis from Reconcilable Differences attended, as well as approximately 39 residents.

Approve Minutes of Last Board Meeting
Glen reported that he posted the Agenda for the Board Meeting on the Monday prior to the meeting. Glen made a motion to approve the minutes of the Board Meeting on March 7, 2019, as written and posted. Jim seconded, all in favor. The minutes will be posted on the website and bulletin board.

Financial Report
Michelle reported that as of the end of March, there is $306,382 in the Operating Account, and $414,525 in the Reserve Accounts. Year to date, the Association is $24,115 under budget, which includes a check from Spectrum as a signing bonus for the internet/cable upgrade. Per the Association’s CPA, approximately $5,800 in tax will be owed to the IRS for this “gift”. Michelle asked to put the funds into Deferred Maintenance Reserves, but to use some of those funds where needed for paying the taxes and any Spectrum cost that is over budget at the end of the year. All board members agreed.
The bank will be foreclosing on B302 on May 1st. Another unit has an account balance also, for late fees and legal fees that he is refusing to pay. He did eventually pay the late special assessments, but only after a letter was sent from the Association’s attorney and did not include the late and legal fees. Because the account has been delinquent for a year, the Board chose to send a second letter from the Attorney regarding the outstanding balance.

Unfinished Business

Trim Paint Color Vote Tallied:
Michelle reported that 81 units voted for the dark “brown/sand” color, 11 voted for the lighter brown, 16 voted for neither, 1 abstained, and 22 units did not participate. Randy stated that at least 51% of all unit owners have to vote for one choice to allow it to pass. That means that 67 unit votes were required, and more than that voted for the dark brown.

Trim Paint Color Approved
Randy made a motion to accept the dark trim paint color. Residents in the audience resisted, stating that there should have been two different colors offered, not just 2 shades of brown. Others said the ballots were unfairly distributed. The Board explained that the Association’s Attorney had already reviewed the entire process from start to finish and determined that the Board had acted appropriately. Jim made a motion to accept the dark brown trim paint color. Glen seconded. A resident recommended that the Board table the issue to consider the opinions of the upset residents. Randy asked the Board for input. Jeanette stated that a Committee was formed, and volunteers who cared about the color of the buildings should have stepped forward to provide a diverse proposal. The Committee was formed and came forward with 2 colors, and the Board feels they should support the Committee. The Board voted to pass the motion. Randy, Glen, and Jim voted Yes. Jeannette abstained. Terri voted No, in support of starting the process over. The motion passed.

Trim Paint Color Contractor’s Bid Approved
C&J Painting bid $11,800 for the painting contract. The Association will complete the pressure washing ahead of time to save money. The proposal includes one coat of the body color under the drip edges, Superstain on the drip edges, then patch repairs and apply 2 coats of paint on the trim walls. The work is projected to take 9 days. $600/day will be deducted from the cost if it takes less than 9 days to complete. Glen made a motion to approve the bid from C&J Painting for $11,800, to be paid from Reserves. Jim seconded, all were in favor.


Landscape: Randy had nothing new to report.

Maintenance: Randy stated that we can no longer buy washing machines from Sears. He was able to order 2 new washing machines at a local store called Applianceville. He kept the parts from the broken machines to repair the other machines if needed. The machines are 13 years old and Randy has worked hard to prolong their working life. Randy requested money from the Laundry Reserves to pay for the new machines. The machines will be in the third floor of Building A. Each machine was about $900. Glen made a motion to transfer $1800 from Laundry Reserves to pay for the 2 new washing machines. Terri seconded, all were in favor.
Randy stated that an owner allowed a tenant from Canada to bring in their camper. Randy advised the Owner that it is illegal to park the camper on-site longer than 2 weeks, and the resident agreed to find a place to park the camper for the rest of their visit. Randy stated he will begin pressure washing the walkways and walls on April 24th, and plans to be done by May 1st. The painting project is set to begin the first week of May. Randy asked all residents to pull in or remove their outdoor mats when they see work being done in their area.

Terri reported the Social Club offers coffee and donuts every Monday morning at 8:30am. There will be a movie night playing The Mule at 7:30 pm on Wednesday, April 10th. Ladies Lunch and Cards are continuing to meet, but Potluck and Bingo have stopped until next season.

Jim stated that he has received multiple complaints of speeders in the community. Jim asked that everyone be aware of their speedometers. It’s easy to go 25 if you aren’t paying attention. The speed limit is 5mph.

New Business

Restoring Our Shores:
Kathy Mocko reported that Corrine Broeker attended an event last week hosted by leaders of Florida Tech and Brevard’s Indian River Lagoon Coalition. In Summer 2020, a group of volunteers from the Brevard Zoo would install a human-made oyster reef into the river just beyond the seawall. Baby oysters would be added to help clean the river. If the water become suitable, clams and fish can also be added in the future. This is free to the Community and will be done throughout the Indian River Lagoon. An assessment of Pelican Point’s site by the Restore Our Shore team would be required to qualify for the program. The team would come on-site to test water levels for nitrogen and phosphorus to evaluate the conditions for a potential reef. The water must be a quality that will allow the baby oysters and clams to survive, and then the team will apply for a grant from the state. Kathy Mocko requested the Board approve the Restore Our Shores team to assess the Pelican Point shore. The estimated time of installation would be spring or summer of 2020. Randy made a motion to allow Restore Our Shores to evaluate Pelican Point’s water for potential reef conditions. Terri seconded, all were in favor. The Board is going to see if a representative would be available to come speak to the Community about the project.

Open Forum
Randy stated that a resident has requested permission to park his van on-site when he is working for neighbors. The work van will be parked at the back of the Community when a project is underway. A resident stated that anyone upset with the new paint color should just “give it some time”. The color may grow on them, or it may not be as bad as they think. Paint can always be changed in the future.

Set Next Meeting
The next Board Meeting will be scheduled as needed, with at least 48 hours’ notice posted.

There being no further business to transact, Glen made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 1:47 pm. Terri seconded, all were in favor.

Respectfully Submitted,
Michelle Davis
Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, LCAM #17226
Community Association Manager
Reconcilable Differences,