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THURSDAY, August 18, 2016

Pledge Allegiance, Call to Order:  After the pledge, Randy Malecha called the meeting to order at 1:00 pm. Approximately 20 owners were present.

Establish Quorum of Owners: Michelle stated that 15 units were present in person and 89 were present by proxy ballot. 

Discussion/Questions about Pavers & Pool Resurfacing: Randy started the meeting by saying that over 12 years ago, when he moved here, he was asked to help with maintenance due to his construction knowledge. Throughout the years, there were minor repairs needed at the pool, but two years ago, the pool started having many leaks, in the self-filling pipes, the return drains, the overflow pipes and drains, etc. This led to expensive repairs and wasted water costs, and the leak detector companies charge a minimum of $500 each time they come out.  We had also been written up by the county for cracks in the deck, the ladder not being up to code, pool signage on tiles not being up to code, and now the drain grate needing replacement. We had to cut the deck on a number of occasions to find and repair leaks in the pipes under the deck. The Board directed management to obtain bids. Ted called more than 6 companies, and three delivered bids. Ted researched, and Board, management and maintenance man, Michael, met with the one deemed best for an extensive interview. All of the bidders recommended pavers if funds were available, because these can be lifted, repairs made, and then pavers can be replaced with no “repair look”.  The county gave the Association an extension on replacing the drain grate, but this must be completed by Nov 1st. Paver stones over the deck would be a material alteration, so a ballot was mailed to all owners asking for a vote on that change. An overwhelming number of owners (76%) were in agreement to make this change. The Board voted last month to send a special assessment notice out to all owners, and this as well as the paver vote are being discussed today. Debbie read the minutes of the last meeting proving that this is not a new issue, but has been a problem and has been discussed for awhile. Last year’s budget also expected the planned pool resurfacing need in 2016. 

Owner Questions: An owner asked about guarantees and overruns. Ted stated that there is a 2 year guarantee on the pool work and on any leaks that are found, through Intercoastal Pools. Water costs will be extra, but at this time no other extra costs have been discussed.  Another owner took it upon himself to obtain a bid from an Orlando contractor. If he had brought this to the board when the bids were being obtained, it would have been discussed, but at this time, the bid came too late, plus that bid did not include the trunk line repairs, so with those added in, both bids are competitive, and this local Brevard company has a good reputation.

Ted went over the months of work that went into obtaining bids, meeting with pool companies, looking at references, and final negotiations. While this owner was not happy that his bid could not be used, majority of owners in attendance were satisfied with the due diligence management went through. The colors were discussed. All tile around inside and outside will be royal blue. In commercial pools, only green, black and blue are available. The interior of the pool will be an exposed aggregate called Miami Blue. The top of the beam will be an “irish cream” color and pavers on the whole pool deck, will be a mottled color of grays, blues, and rusts. The pattern of the pavers was the last item to discuss. The Board went with the majority opinion in the room, which is called “Random”.

Ballot Count: Michelle stated that 99 owners voted to approve the material modification of adding pavers on top of the current concrete around the pool deck. Five (5) owners voted no.

Adjournment:  The members meeting adjourned at 1:32 pm and the Board meeting started.

THURSDAY, August 18, 2016

The meeting began at 1:33 pm

Establish Quorum of Board Members: Board members present were Randy Malecha, president, Jeanette Cullen, director, and Debbie Stanley, secretary. Michelle Davis & Ted Manna attended from Reconcilable Differences.

Approve Minutes from Last Board Meeting:  Debbie motioned to approve the June 23, 2016 minutes as written and posted. Jeanette seconded, all in favor.

Financial Report: Michelle reported that as of July 31, 2016, the Association has $68,615 in the Operating accounts, and $423,733 in the various reserve accounts.  Unit owners’ overdue payments total $23,261 at this time, but it consists of one unit in litigation, and small balances on three other accounts that seem to have forgotten to pay this summer. For the seven months of this year, the Association is $7,219 UNDER budget, so the association is very healthy; mostly due to Randy handling a myriad of maintenance issues at no cost. It was noted that one unit owner passed away, and his account has not been paid and the power has been turned off. We are trying to find the executor. The Board approved sending this account to the attorney if this account is not paid in 30 days. Board also gave approval to turn on power, and bill the account for it.
Approve Paver Installation if Owner Votes Support it:  With 99 positive votes, Jeannette motioned to approve the material alteration. Debbie seconded, all in favor.

Discussion and Approval of SPECIAL ASSESSMENT of $200.00 per unit: Debbie motioned to approve a special assessment of $200 per unit for pool renovations, to be paid before October 15, 2016. Jeannette seconded, all in favor. It was confirmed that the check is to be made payable to Pelican Point and mailed to the management office in Merritt Island. Randy will hand deliver the invoice notices to owners on site, and management will mail the rest.

Owner Input:
An owner asked how the pavers will be installed. Randy said the pavers will be laid on top of the concrete, with the outer perimeter sealed so it can’t shift. If repairs are needed around the pool, the pavers can be lifted, the work done, and pavers put back down. They will need to be sealed annually.

An update on the legal issue was requested. Michelle stated that last month, we all went to court for the judge to tell Mr. Ebbert he had 30 days to do the work. He told the judge he would not install new sliding glass doors. After 30 days, when he doesn’t do what he is supposed to, we must start foreclosure or we have been told that he can be put in jail for not complying. 

Extermination Issues: Jeanette stated that we are being very aggressive with roach treatment. She also wanted everyone to know that she is very impressed with the fact that Randy and Michael go into all units with the pest control tech, and he checks for many things, including leaks, a/c issues, dripping faucets, etc. They checked many units in detail, and we are doing all we can to keep roaches from living or spreading. 

A resident said the neighbor who is harassing everyone about the bids for the pool work is actually scaring some people. Management said if a person feels afraid or abused by a neighbor, they can contact the police and if found valid, a restraining order can be issued. Management also recommended videotaping altercations with cell phones so proof is clear. 

A resident said he was in charge of all Disney Pools in the 1980’s. He said there is a huge difference between residential and commercial pool work, and the price we obtained is close to what he paid in the 90’s. It is very reasonable and he believes there is nothing the state will do to the board for their choice.   This man is also a police chaplain, and he noted that no policeman can tell a resident not to pay their assessment if they don’t agree.

The work across the street at Titus Landing is going fast. Along with Hobby Lobby, there will be a Chick-Fil-A, a 4 Rivers BBQ, Panera Bread, Parrish Medical, Beall’s Dept Store and a possible movie theatre.

Randy thanked John in A406 for donating a really nice blower for maintenance of the walkways. Everyone thanked him.

Opt-Out Ballot: It was agreed that information and a ballot would be delivered to owners soon, asking for a “Yes” vote to opt-out of retrofitting the safety equipment and installing fire sprinklers in all units. 

We also need to have a Fire Drill soon. It should be done when AMG is out to do their annual fire alarm inspection.

Set Next Meeting Date:  It was agreed to have a meeting in late September to discuss the draft budget, the retrofit vote, and the fire drill. Notice will be posted at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 2:00.

Respectfully Submitted,

Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, CAM              
Community Association Managers              
Reconcilable Differences, Inc.