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Minutes of the
ASSOCIATION of PELICAN POINT Condominium Association
Board BUDGET Meeting

Call to Order: The meeting began at 1 pm in the clubhouse.

Establish Quorum: Board president Randy Malecha, VP Glen Farnum, and Secretary Terri Knapp were present, and Treasurer Kathy Mocko was on speakerphone. Director Jeanette Cullen could not attend. Michelle Davis, CAM manager with Reconcilable Differences attended, as well as over 50 residents.

Approve Minutes of Last Board Meeting: Terri motioned to approve the minutes of the April 5, 2017 meeting as written & posted. Glen seconded, all in favor. These minutes will be posted on the website and bulletin board.

Financial Report: Michelle stated that through October 31, 2017, the Association is $30,000 over budget due to paying for some Hurricane Irma expenses while we wait for insurance proceeds. The association has $156,899 in the operating account. The reserve accounts have a total of $458,195. Accounts Receivable have one estate in foreclosure and 1 lawsuit, so accounts receivable are at $38,858.

Hurricane Irma Update: Less than a year after Hurricane Matthew took “A” roof, Hurricane Irma took “B” and “C” roofs, along with more landscape damage, lighting, and a lot of debris inside the pool. There was some flooding into units in “B” & “C”, so the association will cover the cost of drywall replacement. Tecta Roofing came in to “dry in” the roofs, but with all the damages in Texas and Puerto Rico, if we needed the roofs replaced right now, the costs are more than $100,000 more because they will have to fly in workers and pay their living expenses. If we can wait until January or February, the cost comes down to what we paid last year for “A” roof. The seawall took a large hit and needs at least 250 feet of repair in different spots. We are trying to obtain bids, but dock and seawall companies are extremely busy. We are budgeting $80K for just basic repairs, but don’t have hard numbers yet. Three A/C units had to be replaced, when they fell over when the roof failed. Randy had the A/C company come out and make repairs and start all units when power was restored. The front gate was torn off, as well as some fence pieces, and the fence behind the shed. Lights and emergency stairwell lights were blown away, and the emergency fire parts were damaged as well. The pool had mud, fish, and lots of debris in it. The “A” Elevator lost all its oil and a company had to come and pump the “hazardous” material out and replace the seal and refill the oil shaft. We had to pay twice for emergency waste pumping when electricity losses for 6 days kept the lift station from working properly. Some pool parts were damaged in the winds and bushes were wind burned also. Some will come back, but not all. We are estimating about $500,000 in damages to repair, but still do not know how much insurance will cover. There will be a special assessment again, and your homeowners’ H06 policy will cover up to $2,000 of each unit’s individual assessment again. We hope to have more information by January’s Annual Meeting.

Group Reports:
Social Group: Terri Knapp stated that there will be a Thanksgiving Potluck. Diane Wellday will bring the turkey, dressing, potatoes & gravy, and residents are asked to sign up and bring a side. We need a volunteer to run bingo. Cookie can no longer do it. In January, potlucks every other week will begin again.

Maintenance: Randy thanked those who helped to move the trailers, so the shrubs could be trimmed. The asphalt conditioner will be laid under the trailers on the 20th and then they will be put back. Road reserves will be used for this; just a continuation of the work started in August. Randy was asked why trailers can be stored at no cost to owners. Randy said they have never charged, but the approved area is now full, with 3 people on the list when one moves out.

Discussion and Approval of 2018 Budget: There were questions about cable (the cost goes up 5% every year and is a large part of the budget but is contracted until 2020), and the need for an audit for 2017 records. After all questions were answered, Kathy motioned to approve the increase of $25 per month per unit for 2018, with the fee going to $275 per month. Terri seconded, all in favor.

Other Business:
Roof Bids:
Randy said Tecta is looking at end of December or early January for the new roofs. Scuppers and parapet walls were damaged or torn off also, so both roofs will have to be taken down to the concrete and completely re-done. We did pay for “dry-in” and most leaks seem to have stopped.

Seawall Bids: We are having a tough time getting people out to bid, and then most of those aren’t even getting us bids. So we are still trying to find a valid seawall company. It is not a danger, but we want to get a price, so the Special Assessment can be discussed and billed. We do have $50,000 in Seawall Reserves right now. A brand-new seawall would cost $200 per foot and we have 1212 feet of seawall. The city seems to want to require coquina rock seawalls instead of what we have in place. A resident works with the city, so he said they want new seawalls to only be coquina rock in the future, but Pelican will hopefully be able to restore what we already have. The city will have a meeting to discuss this soon, and all owners are encouraged to attend.

Window & Sliding Glass Door Discussion: There was damage and water intrusion through many windows. Most of the problems is the weep holes in the old windows that have not been replaced. There is a fabric inside the window that is supposed to keep water out, but it has rotted away. Replacing with new windows is the best option, but Randy has a “fix” that might help in the meantime, if anyone wants to ask him. Now that high impact windows are required, unless you also install hurricane shutters, sliding glass doors or the glass enclosures are now $8,000 to $10K to replace, individual windows are $1100, and one roll down window shutter is $1600. It is important that no carpets are glued to the patio floors, because this also hinders water removal. The older river side windows need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Set Next Meeting/Annual Meeting: Unless there is a need for a meeting beforehand, the next meeting will be the Annual Meeting on January 18th. The library is being renovated, so we will find an alternate room if needed.

Adjournment: There being no further business to transact, Kathy motioned to adjourn at 1:50 pm. Terri Knapp seconded. All in favor.

Respectfully Submitted,
Michelle Davis
Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, LCAM #17226
Community Association Manager
Reconcilable Differences, Inc.