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THURSDAY, January 8, 2015

Pledge of Allegiance: The pledge was recited by all those present at the meeting held in the Titusville Library at 2121 South Hopkins Ave, Titusville, FL
Meeting Called to Order:  Randy Malecha called the meeting to order at 1:01 pm and introduced the current Board members: Vice President Glen Farnum, Treasurer Carole Burke, Secretary Debbie Stanley, and Director at Large Jeanette Cullen. He also introduced Michelle Davis and Lynn Hiott, managers from Reconcilable Differences.

Guest Speaker: Donna Arceneaux with Brighthouse Networks: Donna came to help clarify the Premier TV upgrades that went into effect Jan 1st. A letter was sent to all residents in December, but if unit equipment has not been upgraded, call 321-253-3300 for service or you can pick up equipment at 728 Cheney Highway, Monday through Friday 8-6 or Saturday from 9-1. Donna tried to explain that there are several different packages and bundles with extra savings now. Her example was that for Internet and Phone, residents were paying, before taxes, $71 per month, but now that the association has upgraded their package, the owners will only pay $59, so this is a $12 savings. The next example is if the owners have Lightning speed internet, their package price will go down from $94 to $64 each month. If owners elect to ONLY have the premier services that are now included with the association bulk package, then the owners will no longer receive a bill from Brighthouse for a “set top box” if they paid extra before. The ability to record on a DVR is not included in the association bulk cable, so this part of the set top box service would be a charge to the homeowner of $9.95 additional. If they elect to have the HD DVR package, the charge for the HD DVR service is $12.95. There is also a new “6 channel DVR package”. All homes would receive the “box” as part of the Association’s cost, but the DVR service charge is $16.95, but gives you the ability to record 6 shows at the same time, as opposed to the regular 2 recordings at once. 

The new bulk package with the association entitles all owners to receive 1 set top box per unit and up to two digital adaptors per unit to use on additional t.v.’s in their units. Some owners asked about the issues with pixilation troubles. Donna reported that a new software had been downloaded and should take care of the pixilation troubles. However, she highly recommended that if owners were still having issues, to please contact Brighthouse immediately to get the issues resolved. Donna was asked about the “seasonal” services. She said that this is still offered, but it is important that snowbirds NOT disconnect their boxes because Brighthouse continually sends software updates to the boxes so they should always remain on and plugged in. If owners don’t do this, then when they arrive back and plug in, issues like pixeling and freezing will occur while the box is trying to accept all the software downloads. So as a reminder to all owners, please don’t disconnect your boxes when you leave for the summer; just leave them plugged in. 

President’s Message: Randy thanked the four members who served with him in 2014. He also mentioned that Kathy Brath, a former Board member, passed away in 2014, and then her husband passed shortly afterwards. 

Approval of Minutes from last Annual Meeting: Debbie Stanley read the minutes of the 2014 Annual Meeting.  Carole Burke made the motion to approve the minutes as read. Harlan Hoxey seconded. All were in favor. 

Establishment of a Quorum of Members for Annual Meeting by Certification of Proxies: Manager Lynn Hiott reported that 31 units were represented in person and 62 proxies were received, for a total of 93 units represented. Sixty-six units were needed for a quorum, so the quorum was met.

Financial Report/Collection Update:  Manager Michelle stated that through December 31, 2014 as a draft report, the Association had $377,280 in fee income plus an additional $16,620 from the laundry money, which helped tremendously in keeping monthly association dues down. One unit is in a mediation lawsuit with the Association and currently owes about $8,000 in legal fees. We hope to have this resolved by the end of the month. The Association spent $102,000 from reserves in 2014. $82,000 was spent on painting all the buildings, pool deck, and railings. Reserves were also used for pool heaters and the tennis court resurfacing (and a lot of money was saved on this by Randy removing stumps and painting the fence posts).

The draft Profit and Loss Report (P&L) shows the Association under budget by about $14,290. The Association is very healthy. 

Group Reports:
Work Group: Randy stated that they had a very busy summer. The flag that was by the clubhouse was moved near the pool so more folks could enjoy it. There was a pool leak, which was repaired by a leak company. Randy spent many hours repairing the tennis court holes and the tennis court poles. We had two electrical transformers changed out this year by FPL: C building was burned out and replaced. The A building was replaced as well and leveled a bit. Building C had issues with water coming down the elevator shaft and damaging the electrical system. In order to prevent water overflowing again, he put a drain on the 4th floor to drain down the wall. Painting of the buildings included caulking of all the windows and doors, painting three sides of all balcony/porch railings, and if the back area was enclosed, they painted those as well. Randy reported that anything to do with painting was taken from the painting reserve budget, and the tennis court work was taken from the deferred maintenance budget in the reserves account. Randy and Mike repaired the 5 wooden benches in front of the clubhouse by replacing the wood, and they all look brand new. The pool heater was struck by lighting and had to be replaced. The pool filters had to be replaced as well, but that is usually every 5 years or so.  The Pelican Point sign on the front of the clubhouse was in rough shape and it had rotted out, so the social group, from their coffee funds, donated the money to replace the sign at the clubhouse. All the palm trees were trimmed and 3 trees by the C building had to be removed. Randy stated that earlier in the year there was a meeting where the owners agreed to allow Mike and Randy to paint the elevator doors and allow the owners to paint their entry door the bronze color to match the trim. The laundry machines are doing well; they had to change the bearings on a few, change the drums out, and replace two timers throughout the year. A Board member personally thanked Randy for all his hard work throughout the year. Randy did state that he had over 280 working hours during the painting and tennis courts work. He did request payment for some of those hours, and billed $3600, which was paid from the painting reserves. An owner reported that he hired maintenance man Mike to paint an entry door and he did a great job painting it as well. 

Social Group: Donuts and coffee Mondays are continuing, at 8:30 am. Tuesday at 7 pm is men’s cards. Wednesday at 11 am is ladies lunch, and Thursday at 6:30 is cards and games.  Bingo will be starting back again thanks to Carole and Cookie. All input and help is encouraged. There was a Christmas Eve party and a New Year’s Eve party this year and they were successful. 

Landscaping Group: No report. 

Elevator Cab Upgrade Discussion: Randy reported that Traveler is the contractor handling the elevators at this time. He asked them for a bid for the upgrades and they bid $14,700 for walls and ceilings in 3 elevator cabs. Otis Elevator quoted $19,600 for the same. Samples were shown to the members to show the colors that were chosen. There was a photo passed around that showed the drawing of the elevator upgrades. Upgrades would include changing the walls, ceilings would have the white Formica in the center, with concave lighting, and nothing would be done to the floors. They would install a new railing inside the cabs. Debbie made a motion to approve Traveler’s proposal to upgrade the elevator cabs, with the money taken from the elevator reserves. Jeanette seconded the motion, all were in favor, along with a majority of the owners. The contract will include the hooks for hanging the mats when someone moves in or out. 

Open Forum:  Randy mentioned that an owner allowed a tenant to rent their unit out with an oversized dog. Our bylaws state that the dog must be below 24 pounds and this specific dog is 30 pounds. Management was asked to write the owner a letter letting them know that these tenants will not be allowed to return with the oversized dog, however they would be allowed to finish their rental period, which is 3 months. The Board adopted the rule that states any new animal to enter the community must have vet paperwork showing the size of the animal, with a current date, and that the vaccinations are up-to-date. This paperwork must be received prior to anyone moving into the community. 

A resident asked about handicap parking spaces and he was concerned that handicap spaces were removed when the parking lot was redone. Randy stated that there were no handicap spots removed and that the community has 2 more spots than what is needed by code. The State requires us to have 7 handicapped spots and there are currently 9 handicapped parking spots. The concern is that if more are put in, then 3 current parking spots would be removed to allow two handicap spots to be installed. 

Presentation of 2015 Board Members:   Five owners offered to serve, so there was no ballot vote needed by the membership. Therefore, the new Board will consist of Jeanette Cullen, Glen Farnum Randy Malecha, Kathy Mocko and Debra Stanley. 

Randy welcomed the new members for 2015, thanked everyone who attended, and said that Brighthouse donated sandwiches and drinks, and so welcomed everyone back to the clubhouse for a small lunch, cookies and coffee. 

Adjournment:  There being no further business, Bob Reed made a motion to adjourn. Ed Wellday seconded the motion and all were in favor at 2:15 pm.

Held immediately after the Annual Meeting
January 8, 2015

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 2:30 pm.

Election of Officers: The five Board members agreed to the following:
Randy Malecha – President
Glen Farnum –Vice President
Kathy Mocko – Treasurer
Debbie Stanley - Secretary
Jeanette Cullen-Director at Large

Michelle reported that the front easement issue has been argued with the City of Titusville, and Association attorney Paul Wean helped the city understand that Pelican Point was entitled to even more land than originally thought. The city attorney wrote up a quit claim deed giving the Association back the driveway space from the gate to the end of the curbed area that houses the gate entry box. They also prepared a “right of easement” allowing the city to work on our land if needed for utility reasons. Both sides must sign in the presence of one notary, so Randy and another Board member will get this completed next week.

Lynn said she would find out when the next “Board Certification” Class is being held and send that information to the Board members.

Randy asked that the BB&T Bank signature cards be modified to show the new treasurer. Management will get that ordered immediately. 

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 2:45 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lynn Hiott, LCAM        Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, CAM
Community Association Managers
Reconcilable Differences, Inc.