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Minutes of the
ASSOCIATION of PELICAN POINT Condominium Association
Wednesday, January 18, 2018

Pledge of Allegiance: The pledge was recited by all those present at the meeting held in the Titusville Library at 2121 South Hopkins Ave, Titusville, FL.

Meeting Called to Order: Randy Malecha called the meeting to order at 1:00 pm and asked that anyone who had not turned in their ballot do so now. Four owners volunteered to count the votes. Introduction of the Board: Randy introduced the current Board members: Glen Farnum, Kathy Mocko, Terri Knapp, and Jeanette Cullen. He also introduced Michelle Davis, manager, and Gabrielle Porter from Reconcilable Differences. Randy regretfully announced that current board member Kathy Mocko will be leaving the board.

Approval of Minutes from last Annual Meeting: Randy asked for approval of the January 25, 2017 minutes that had been posted on the bulletin boards, the website and passed out before the meeting. Rich Duval made the motion to approve the minutes as presented. Stanley Thews seconded. All were in favor.

Financial Report: Michelle stated that through December 31, 2017, the Association had $161,000 in the operating accounts, and $472,137 in reserve accounts. The association is very healthy but ended the year about $30,000 over budget due to Hurricane Irma expenses to date. The new roofs for the B & C buildings will cost $550,000.

We have $40,900 in accounts receivable, with $37K of that being one unit that is being sold, so the association will be getting this money at closing. The other is a unit where the owner died and had a reverse mortgage. The association is renting the unit out while waiting for the bank to foreclosure. After foreclosure, the association will only be able to collect 1% of the mortgage or about $1,500.

Group Reports:

Social Group: Terri Knapp reported the current events: Donuts and Coffee on Mondays at 8:30 with a cost of $2.00 plus $1.00 for an additional donut if available; Men’s Poker on Tuesdays at 6:30; Ladies Lunches on Wednesday at 11:30; Cards on Thursdays at 6:15 with play to begin at 6:30; Pot Lucks on 2nd and 4th Fridays at 5:30, Bingo on 2nd and 4th Mondays. There will be a Ladies Tea on February 14th, a Spaghetti Dinner on February 24th, and a Pool Party on March 10th with Jim Bakos as DJ. Further details will be announced. Kathy Mocko posts notices each week at the clubhouse with details of the week’s events.

Guest Speaker: Steve Smith from Atlantic Storm Protection, made a presentation of their company’s roll up hurricane shutters. These shutters prevent water intrusion from wind driven rains through windows and doors. Steve gave details of the shutters including the roll up tracks with grooves that prevent displacement of the shutters, the compact roll up system, and the aluminum construction which prevents corrosion from the salt water. These shutters offer a 5-year warranty and the cost for 2 windows is approximately $2,570 which includes the cost of the on-site lift for installation. The cost of a 6 x 8 sliding glass door is $2,200 to $2,400 or up to $8,000 for “impact-resistant” sliders. Installation requires an application and approval from the board and only white shutters can be installed. The company is currently booked until June for installation. Owners are responsible for the cost of the shutters and all required permits. Steve Smith left business cards and said they would be available to make another presentation on-site for those that would like more information on the shutters.

President’s Report: Randy stated that there has been a lot going on this year. The parking lot was resurfaced and is looking good and holding up well. Roofers are currently working on water protection of B building, the insulation is due to arrive next week, and the project is going well. There were 2 washing machines bought this year and we were able to keep the old machines to use for parts. There have been issues with new tenants using too much detergent. New notices will be posted on proper use. There was major hurricane preparedness and later, inspections, performed by Randy and Michael the maintenance man. We have now repaired all we can except for the roof replacements.

Update on Special Assessment Repairs and Costs: The loss of 2 roofs and other damages due to the hurricane will require a special assessment. It has been slow getting numbers worked out this year due to the insurance company not cooperating and the high deductibles.

Insurance doesn’t want to pay for some of the damages. Michelle stated expenses involved with the hurricane include $3,800 for pumping the lift station while the power was out. This was due in part to residents not conserving water usage during this time. The drying out of the buildings after the roof was lost was $27,756. Lights, gates, A/C repairs and camera repairs were $17,000 and the pool repairs were $3,000. Based on what owners have reported, drywall expenses are around $20,000. Replacing the B and C roofs will cost $549,800 and insurance has only given us $67,000 after the $200,000 hurricane deductible of each building. We are hoping that insurance will give us $120,000 more, but that is not certain. They are currently fighting us on the cost of the roofs. We will use all of the Roof reserves, $180,000, toward the special assessment which leaves $373,000 or $2,850 per each of the 131 units. Owners have “Loss Assessment coverage” with their personal H06 policy. This is usually $2,000 with a deductible not to exceed $250. This will assist all owners by reimbursing them for a portion of the assessment. Insurance was fair last year with the replacement of one roof, but we lost 2 this year. After the numbers are confirmed, a letter with the details of the special assessment will be sent to the owners to submit to their insurance companies.

Seawall: The seawall is cracked due to deterioration of the rebar by the salt water and wave action. Randy explained the pros and cons of making patchwork repairs or replacing the wall in precast sections. The replacement would be done in 3-foot sections with coated rebar and poured under the cap behind the present wall. The present cap is in excellent shape, but the wall is not. There is a minimum of 500 feet that must be replaced, and the total wall length is 1200 feet. Nine contractors have been contacted about bidding for the job but only four have come out. There is an issue finding a contractor who is qualified for a project of this size and is able to obtain the proper permits. The one contractor that did follow through with a bid is Mike’s Masonry and he has verbally quoted $700 per linear foot to replace the wall. Mike’s has offered to come out next week to install a test section to show his work. Prices for seawall work have increased drastically over the last year and now the cost to replace the whole wall will be around $840,000. The association has seawall reserves in the amount of $54,000 and will use miscellaneous reserve funds of around $80,000 which would make a special assessment around $5,500 to $6,000. There will be options for paying this assessment, which includes one cost for payment in full, and then options for payments plans for those who can’t make the full payment. There is a bank loan option, but commercial rates are 5%. The project will take about 1 year to complete but needs to be started as soon as possible. A straw vote of the owners present showed the majority was in favor of replacing the seawall and not just make repairs. The board and management will continue to look for other contractors to bid. When the details of the project including costs and special assessment payment options are finalized, the owners will be sent a statement containing this information.

Establishment of a Quorum of Members for Annual Meeting by Certification of Proxies: Manager reported that 61 units were represented in person and 30 proxies were received, for a total of 91 units represented. Sixty-six units were needed for a quorum, so the quorum was met. Randy thanked all who attended or participated by sending in their proxies.

Results of Amendment and Rule Votes: Vote 1 for rules about DRONES, 78 voted in favor and 12 voted against. This passed. Vote 2 for rules about GENERATORS had 83 in agreement and 7 against. This also passed. Vote 3 for APPROVAL of new owners and tenants yielded 47 votes in favor and 43 against, so this did not pass. Manager will contact the association’s attorney to verify if this majority of the votes returned is sufficient to pass the change. (Lawyer confirmed this did not pass)

Results of Election Voting: The winning owners were reported in order of largest number of votes received: Terri Knapp, Randy Malecha, Jim Bakos, Jeanette Cullen and Glenn Farnum. Michelle Davis thanked Donna Viano for her interest in running for the board. The new board will meet after this meeting to elect officers.

Open Forum: Randy thanked his wife for her help and support. He then thanked the owners who counted the ballots: Joyce Hoxsey, Joan Poling, Peggy Pizutti, and Sandra Vaillancourt. A thank you was given to Kathy Malecha, Jackie VanCour, and JoEllen Bakos for signing everyone in at the door. The owners were invited back to the clubhouse for coffee and cookies made by Jo Poling, Terri Knapp, and Kathy Malecha

Adjournment: There being no further business, Harland Hoxsey moved that the meeting be adjourned, David Somers seconded, all in favor at 2:25 pm.
Michelle Davis, CAM #17226 Gabrielle Porter, CAM #47345


Held immediately after the Annual Meeting
January 18, 2018
Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order at 2:28 pm.

Election of Officers: Jeanette moved to elect Randy Malecha as president, Terry seconded, all in favor. Randy moved to elect Glen Farnum as Vice President, Jim seconded, all in favor. Terri moved to elect Jeanette Cullen as Secretary, Randy seconded, all in favor. Randy moved to elect Terri Knapp as Treasurer, Jeanette seconded, all in favor. Director at Large will be Jim Bakos.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 2:30 pm.
Gabrielle Porter, CAM #47345 and Michelle Davis, CAM #17226