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Pledge Allegiance, Call to Order:  After the pledge, Randy Malecha called the meeting to order at 1:00 pm. 

Establish Quorum of Board Members: President Randy Malecha, Secretary Debbie Stanley, and Director at Large Jeanette Cullen were present. VP Glen Farnum and Treasurer Carole Burke were absent. Michelle Davis and Lynn Hiott represented Reconcilable Differences and 8 owners were present.

Approval of Minutes: Debbie motioned to approve the minutes of the May 8, 2014 meeting as posted. Jeanette seconded, all in favor. 

Financial Report/Collection Update:  Michelle stated that through June 30, 2014, the Association has $73,321 in the operating account, although about $10,000 of that is pre-paid owner assessments. There is a total of $371,685 in the various Reserve accounts and CDs. The association is under budget by $2,100. The collection accounts are very small and consist of only those who refuse to pay late fees and one owner who is behind but we are trying to work with them. 

Maintenance Report: Randy stated that the flag pole that was in front of the office was moved to a location in front of the pool. There was a pool leak and Leak Detections was called out and found 2 small leaks and they were minor repairs. A resident fell off a pool chair that had deteriorated, so all chairs were removed from the pool area and he purchased 20 new plastic wicker-style chairs for the pool. Randy stated that he and Mike painted the tennis court fence posts and chopped out the asphalt in the tennis court area that was raised by tree roots, in preparation of getting the tennis court resurfaced. 

Building C was struck by lightning two weeks ago and the transformer had to be replaced by FPL. The power was off for approximately 10 hours. Randy stated that water flooded the C building elevators and casued $3500 in repairs, so Randy installed a drain to slope the water on the 3rd and 4th floors away from the elevators. These drains appear to be working. 

The painters have been hard at work and Randy completed a lot of patching work to the walkways where expansion joints became unsealed and allowed leaks to occur. He and Mike cleaned and caulked these areas, readying them for the painters. 

Randy and Mike rebuilt the five benches out in front of the office at a cost of $25 per bench for materials. Owners commented that they look fantastic. Randy reminded residents that the pool filters continue to get really clogged from the suntan oils or lotions that residents are applying to their bodies and not washing off prior to entering the pool. He purchased new filters but reminded that everyone has to do their part in showering well before entering the pool if you have applied lotions. The pool heater was probably hit by lightening and had to be repaired at over $1,000.  The entry gate was also hit by lightning and burned out the SOS function (emergency vehicles utilize this) and so the gate was open, but by the end of today, all should be fixed. 

Randy stated that since the buildings are receiving a paint job, the sign that was in front of the office was looking very bad. He took the old sign to the sign shop and they stated that there was no saving the old sign due to the wood being dry rotted. He stated that the social club paid for the new sign to be made from the coffee funds and the sign matches the roadway sign. 

Randy stated that there was a complaint received about fire ants and insects in the dog walk area. Pearce sprayed that area and Mike has been treating the fire ant hills. He also contacted the City about mosquito control and they came out and sprayed last week. 

The Palm Trees are scheduled to be trimmed by Thomas Carrillo the first week of August. 

Update on the Building Painting: The Company that was hired, C&J has done an outstanding job so far. They are about 90% completed with their contract. They agreed to paint the balcony/porch railings for $60 a unit. If the balcony is enclosed, they will only paint 3 sides of the railings, if the balcony is open, they will paint all four sides. The handrails on the stairwells are also now being included for $1,600 total, and the walkways of all buldings, all floors, are being painted for an additional $6,750. The pool deck needs to be painted, so Randy will speak to the painters about getting this done as well, since there is money in paint reserves to cover this.

Old Business: None.

New Business:

Tennis Court: Lynn reported that four bids have been received and she prepared a spreadsheet to more easily discuss the costs and work to be done. Randy has met with each individual company to discuss in length what is needed. The three companies in the running are: 
Nidy Sports Construction: They bid $5,985 for a fiberglass membrane, but we need to contact them again for a vinyl fencing price. 
Elite Court Construction: They bid $4,500 for a fiberglass membrane and $6,500 to replace the vinyl fence. 

Court Surface Inc: They bid $6,270 for a fiberglass membrane and $3,680 to replace with a black vinyl fence. 

George with Custom Fencing submitted a proposal to replace with a green vinyl fence for $5,000. 

The Board discussed the options and Randy still has some further questions for the companies, so the Board is in agreement to meet one last time with the companies to discuss their bids further. Randy will meet with them the end of August. Debbie, however, made the motion to approve using one of these companies to complete the work and use the Deferred Maintenance reserves account up to $15,000. Jeanette seconded this motion, and all were in favor. 

Parking Lot Conditioner or Sealcoat: Bids were received, however, there is too much that is still not understood about the differences between seal coating and conditioning, so the Board agreed to table this topic until after the fall. 

Awnings: Randy reported that since the buildings were being painted and everything was getting a makeover, management obtained bids for replacing the awning material in front of the office. Indian River Canvas quoted to replace the front awning for $875 plus tax. They suggested that the framework should be repainted while the fabric is down and Randy stated that he and Mike would take care of that in-house. The Board requested that management contact them to make sure the valance or overhang is included in this proposal price (since they came off in past storms) and that the Board be able to look at color options since they want to match the bronze doors. ABC Awning proposal was $920. Jeanette made the motion to approve Indian River Canvas to replace the front awning up to $1,000 and if needed to be taken from the deferred maintenance reserve account. Debbie seconded, all in favor. 

Front Common Doors (Laundry/Elevator Room): Randy stated that he painted Building A elevator door the bronze color for everyone to review. The comments were positive. Jeanette made the motion to continue to paint all common doors with the bronze color. Debbie seconded, and all were in favor. Residents asked if their doors would be painted and Randy stated that the owners will have the choice to paint their entry door the bronze themselves or they could hire Mike on his off time to paint the door. The maximum that Mike would charge would be $25 a door. The association would have the bronze color paint available in the office for their doors upon request. 
FPL Transformer a “A” Building: FPL replaced this one because the transformer was leaning and sinking. Once it was opened up it was clearly rusted out, but the cables were found to be too short inside the unit to move it much. FPL would not replace the cables and so the ground around the new transformer box was dug down to help compensate, but it is still not level.

Elevator Cabs and flooring: Jeanette reported that she contacted Otis for a proposal regarding the upgrades of the elevator cabs and flooring. Their bids were about $22K for everything, but she is still awaiting more bids. She is recommending a lighter color inside, with washable walls, and she will  continue to work on this and narrow the possibilities to 2 or 3 colors. She will be ready to report to the Board in the fall regarding her findings. She will contact several other companies including Traveler, our current maintenance contract company, for a proposal also. 

Owner Input: Randy stated that he continues to work hard for the association and saves all the owners a lot of money by taking care of quite a few things in-house. He has put in many hours of his own time to make Pelican Point a better place. Just in the painting and tennis court projects, he stated he has put in over 180 hours of labor. He requested to be paid by the association for this, since owners voted to allow this, and a 1099 could be sent to him at the end of the year. He felt that $20 an hour is a fair reimbursement. Jeanette made a motion to approve to pay Randy from the painting reserves for 180 hours for a total amount of $3,200. Debbie seconded this motion, and all were in favor. The residents who were in attendance at today’s meeting agreed that Randy should be reimbursed for his time and effort that he continues to give to Pelican Point. 

Lastly, it was brought up that years ago, the Board chose not to place the minutes on the website, so it was requested that the minutes start being posted on the website. Jeanette made the motion to approve the minutes to be uploaded to the website as of May 2014. Debbie seconded this motion to include that the minutes would not be posted until the Board has approved them. All were in favor. 

Set Next Meeting Date:  No meeting date was set. If needed, an agenda will be posted at least 48 hours before the meeting, as required by FL. Statute.   

Adjournment: There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 2:10 pm.  

Respectfully Submitted,

Lynn Hiott, LCAM
Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, CAM
Community Association Managers
Reconcilable Differences, Inc.