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THURSDAY, June 23, 2016 

Pledge Allegiance, Call to Order: After the pledge, Randy Malecha called the meeting to order at 1:00 pm. 

Establish Quorum of Board Members: Establish Quorum of Board Members: President Randy Malecha, VP Glen Farnum, Secretary Debbie Stanley, Treasurer Kathy Mocko by phone, and Director at Large Jeanette Cullen were present. Michelle Davis and Gabrielle Porter represented Reconcilable Differences and 16 owners were present. 

Approval of Minutes: Kathy motioned to approve the minutes of the February 11th Board meeting as posted. Jeanette seconded, all in favor. 

Financial Report/Collection Update: Michelle stated that through the end of May, 2016, the Association has $79,664.54 in the operating account, after pre paid assessments of about $10,000.00. There is a total of $441,627.00 in the 
various Reserve accounts and CDs. The association is under budget by $1,989.00. There is one account in arrears in the amount of $21,286.00. 

Group Reports: 
There was nothing to report. 

Old Business: 

  • Fire Drill: Randy reported we did not have a fire drill last winter. There will be an inspection in September and a fire drill will be performed then. 
  • New Slider doors for Clubhouse: The sliders in the clubhouse have been installed with impact glass at a total cost of $9,000 ($3,000 each). 
  • Fining Committee: There was nothing to report. The committee is ready, but most residents are doing what they should. 
New Business
  • Insurance: Michelle reported that the 3 buildings are insured based on a value of $11,953,000. For the last few years, the association has had a 5% hurricane deductible. This means that if all three buildings were damaged, the deductible would be $600,000, which is $4,580 per unit. The Board voted to stay with the 5% hurricane deductible and not go with the 3%, which costs more. Michelle further discussed that all residents should have their own “H06” condominium insurance policy. This coverage includes a $2,000 “loss assessment” rider that will help the owner cover any special assessment after damage. She said it is important to have this coverage even if you have no mortgage. Last year the commercial policy premium for the building exteriors was $31,000.00. This year, the same coverage has lowered to $30,443.05. Michelle further explained that some people had trouble getting a mortgage due to not having Law and Ordnance coverage, but that is now included in the premium. This policy will cover any new building code upgrades that weren’t originally included, such as smoke alarms and fire sprinklers in each unit. 
  • Fire Sprinkler Opt Out Vote: Michelle explained that many years ago, the state legislators decided that all older high rise buildings need to be “retro-fitted” with fire sprinklers. Every year, more time is allowed to deal with it, but the president of Space Coast Condo Association now believes that ALL older condos need to “opt out” or risk the requirement of installing these sprinklers in every unit, which is prohibitively expensive; approximately $4K to $15K per unit. By majority vote, the association can “opt-out” of retro-fitting. Glen asked for verification that a simple majority (51%) is what is needed. Michelle confirmed that at least 51% of ALL owners need to vote to opt-out, or the retro-fit can be required. Glen made a motion to send out the opt-out letter to all owners. Jeanette seconded, all in favor. 
  • Wireless alarm monitoring and phones in the elevators: The association is currently paying AT&T $600 per month for 2 phone lines per building, 1 in the clubhouse office and one line to program and dial from the front gate. There are companies that now offer “wireless alarm monitoring” and wireless elevator phones. There are cellular plans and radio frequency plans. Based on research, the radio frequency option seems safer for alarm monitoring. Dyna Fire’s cost would be $500 for installation and $1944 per year for monitoring, but would remove at least 3 phone lines. The bid for wireless elevator phones would increase the monthly monitoring by approximately $45.00, but would eliminate one phone line per building. We are hoping that the front gate and the office can share a phone line, thus paying AT&T for only one line per month. It will take some time to make the change, since 4 different businesses have to modify how this is handled. After discussion, it was decided to have Dyna Fire come to a meeting in the fall to explain in more detail. 
  • King III: This is the elevator phone monitoring, so this was also tabled until the fall. 
  • Pool Repairs: Randy stated that there have been issues with leaks in the side drains, and the pool needs interior resurfacing. The last update was 15 or 16 years ago, one of the ladders does not meet code, the pool deck is cracked, the return lines need to replaced and the inside recoated. It was recommended that pavers be put down on the pool deck. We have received 3 bids ranging between $60,000 and $75,000. The Pool Reserve balance at year end should be $27,700, and the Deferred Maintenance balance should be $37,500. Using most of the pool reserves and $22,300 from deferred would cover $50,000 of the cost. An assessment of $200 per unit would bring an additional $26,000 to ensure there is enough to cover the cost. Randy explained that there are additional costs to bring the pool up to code, and adding pavers will make the area all look better. He met with 2 of the 3 bidders, and Intercoastal Pool seemed to know what was needed and was the least expensive. We will meet with them once again to confirm scope of work and time frame for project, but their bid seemed the most detailed. Jeanette motioned to mail a special assessment notice to all owners and have the meeting to approve that special assessment. Debbie seconded, and all were in favor. Glen made a motion to approve the work with a cost not exceeding $70,000, and to use Intercoastal Pools if the meeting with them confirms our understanding of the scope of work. Kathy seconded, all in favor. 
Owner Input: Owner of B403 wanted to discuss the “witch hunt” against him, and wanted the owners to know how much the board is costing them for the inspectors and lawyers fees. When told it was his expense not the association’s, he stated he would not be paying. He was told that the water was clearly leaking from his unit into the unit below, and he needed to replace his sliders. He admitted that he refused entry to his unit to inspect, so the association had to use legal means to enter. He did not seem to understand the rights and responsibilities of the association, nor his own responsibility in this issue. 

An owner asked if lights at the pool can be discussed while the pool work is being done, so that evening pool use can take place again. Although lights had not been part of the bids, this will be looked into. 

An owner said fishing pole pipes in the ground are causing damage behind building C from 410 to the picnic tables. Randy explained how they had been fixed in other areas but that it is impossible to stop people from fishing. Fishermen have been asked to abide by the rules. 
Debbie said that someone had pounded on her door earlier in the week. When she looked out there was a younger black man that ran away, so she had called the police. Others said that someone had pounded on their door also but they had not looked out. If a resident has a particular time of incident, the videos can be reviewed, but because of where it happened there is probably nothing to be seen on the video. All were asked to bring these types of issues to Randy or Michael as soon as possible, to make video review less time consuming. 

The new owners of 108C were introduced, as well as the new owners of 306A. 

An owner wanted to discuss safety around the bike rack at building C. The handle bars of one bike are sticking through the stairs above and causing a tripping hazard. The bike owner is gone now. 

Set Next Meeting Date: Due to the need for a Special Assessment meeting and an “Opt-Out Vote, along with the 2017 Budget discussions, the next  meeting was set for October 13. (After the meeting was adjourned, the board decided to reschedule the next meeting for August 18 for the Special Assessment so that owners can be made aware of the cost more quickly.) 

Adjournment: Glen motioned that the meeting be adjourned at 1:37, Jeanette and Kathy simultaneously seconded, passed unanimously.

Respectfully Submitted, 
Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, 
CAM Gabrielle Porter Community Association Managers Admin Assistant Reconcilable Differences, Inc.