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Minutes of the
ASSOCIATION of PELICAN POINT Condominium Association
1:00 PM on THURSDAY, MARCH 7, 2019

Board Meeting Call to Order
Randy called the meeting began at 1:00pm in the Clubhouse.

Establish Quorum
Board President Randy Malecha, Vice President Glen Farnum, Treasurer Terri Knapp, and Director Jim Bakos were present. Secretary Jeanette Cullen was unable to attend. Michelle Davis from Reconcilable Differences attended, as well as approximately 39 residents.

Approve Minutes of Last Board Meeting
Randy reported that he posted the agenda for the Board Meeting on the Monday prior to the meeting. Jim motioned to approve the minutes of the last meeting in December, as well as the Organizational Meeting minutes from the Annual Meeting, as written & posted on site. Glen seconded, all in favor.

Financial Report
Michelle reported that as of the end of February, there is $277,000 in the Operating Account and $411,347 in the Reserve Accounts. Accounts Receivable are at $4,048. $3,000 of that is from Unit B302; the bank will be foreclosing on the unit on May 1. If there is a Buyer, the Association will receive all of the past due money back. If there is not a third-party buyer, the bank will take the property and the Association will only see 1% of the original mortgage. The remaining balance will have to be written off. The unit is currently rented out through April 3rd. Michelle predicts about $3,000 to be written off if the bank forecloses. Year to Date, the Association is $1,700 over budget, but that is because of $6,100 spent on elevator equipment. Terri made a motion to approve the payment of $6,100 from the Elevator Reserves, for the heavy-duty elevator springs installed on all elevators last week. Randy explained this was done quickly becaue of continuous issues with the B-Building elevator doors not shutting in high winds. Jim seconded, all were in favor.

Unfinished Business

Rule Revisions – Discuss & Approve
Randy reported that the rules have been reviewed, revised, and distributed to all residents. Jim made a motion to accept the Rules as written and distributed with all units. Terri seconded, all were in favor.

New Business

Discuss Trim Paint Colors – Samples to be Painted
Randy met with a painting contractor that the Board has used in the past. The contractor advised not to use pale colors; a darker color will provide contrast. He recommended keeping lighter colors on the main wall because they won’t fade as fast and using a darker color on the trim. Samples of the two committee choices have been painted on the 2nd floor trim south of the clubhouse. One of these colors will cover the coral color, and also the green trim at the roof will be painted the chosen color.  Completed ballots need to be submitted by owners as soon as possible. The Board needs 51% of owners to agree with one color to pass this change.

Paint Bid for Above Work – C&J Painting
C & J Painting submitted a bid for $11,800 that includes two painters for two weeks of painting, 2 coats of paint, caulking, treating and painting metal, and a lift rental to access the high areas. The Association will pressure wash the buildings to save money. The project will not begin until after May 1.

Alarm/Elevator & Gate Phones – Change to Spectrum
Randy stated that he’s been receiving phone calls for weeks in the middle of the night with an alarm going off in the C-Building elevator phone line. The Board is moving phone service in the elevators from AT&T to Spectrum. Michelle stated it will save about $200 a month.

Spirators Needed on 3 Elevators – Ratify Use of Reserves
The Board approved $6,100 from Elevator Reserves to replace the spirators in the elevators, above.

Lighting at Entrance / Sign
Residents have asked if lighting can be installed at the entrance sign, so it can be seen at night. There’s no power there, so it will be a solar spotlight. It was easier to see before Wendy’s was removed. The lot was sold to a credit union that will start building soon. The curb that was smashed during demolition has been repaired by the general contractor who will be building the credit union.

Request to Install Benches at B & C Buildings
Residents in the B & C Buildings have requested a bench outside their buildings. There are 5 benches available at the clubhouse, so two could be moved to the other buildings. Randy warned that benches next to the building may lead to more smoking complaints.

Smoking Areas / Discussion
The biggest complaint is smokers standing right outside the building and smoke drifting into the units of other owners. A vote of all owners will be required to create non-smoking areas. Residents believe that residents should be able to smoke in front of their condo but shouldn’t walk or stand in front of their neighbors’ units. Jim made a motion to table the smoking vote for now, and to speak to all owners about courteously smoking in front of their own units. Owners of rentals should speak to their tenants. Terri seconded, all were in favor.

Maintenance Man Michael – now Part Time
Randy reported that Mike has started a side handyman business. He was originally hired at 5 hours a day. Randy stated he needs a maintenance man a minimum of 5 hours a day, 5 days a week, so issues and work don’t bounce back to him. The details of Mike’s new contract are still to be discussed. Randy warned all residents that if they hire Mike for side work, it must be discussed and worked outside of his paid hours at Pelican Point. Please do not approach Mike with personal jobs while he is on the clock.


The dying bushes next to A & B Building were removed and replaced with crotons. The area behind the trailers was cleaned out and new plants were placed. Mike is working on repairing the deck outside the clubhouse.

Terri reported that the funds raised at last year’s spaghetti dinner were used for Kathy Mocko’s “Ladies Tea” expenses, the turkey for Dianne Wellday’s Thanksgiving dinner expenses, curtains and cushions for Movie Night and new cards for Card Night. They also paid for 10 new rocking chairs at the pool. There was $384 still remaining from the spaghetti profits, so the Social group used $292 of that towards bushes and flowers for planting at Pelican Point. Thank you’s go to Randy Malecha, Lowell Polling, Kevin Broecker, and Ed Knapp for volunteering their time to plant the new plants.

Jim reported that the Annual Pool Party is scheduled for March 17th and will be a St. Patricks’ Day theme. The party will be from 1-4pm. Bring a snack and your own drinks. Music will be provided. (The pool party was rescheduled for March 24th, due to bad weather on March 17.)

Open Forum
Jim stated that he’s concerned about safety in the parking lot. He’s watched residents running the stop sign and speeding as they turn into the entrance. The speed limit is 5mph and he wonders if speed bumps need to be installed to control drivers’ speed. He also asked RDI to contact the city about the crosswalk lights. They are too short for slower people to make it across before the light changes.

Jim thinks the floor tiles in the elevators need to be renovated to match the rest of the elevator upgrades. Randy stated that when the elevators were renovated, the cost of fixing the floor was so expensive that it was bypassed. He thinks the floors could be waxed and cleaned to look more presentable. The audience remarked that the laundry rooms are in dire need of new floors.

Set Next Meeting
The next meeting will be Thursday April 4th, to discuss the color choice votes and approve the painting of the trim.

There being no further business to transact, Randy made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 1:33 pm. Terri seconded, all were in favor.

Respectfully Submitted,
Michelle Davis
Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, LCAM #17226
Community Association Manager
Reconcilable Differences, Inc (4/18/18)