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Pledge Allegiance, Call to Order:  After the pledge, Randy Malecha called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. 

Establish Quorum of Board Members: President Randy Malecha, Secretary Debbie Stanley, Treasurer Carole Burke, and Director at Large Jeanette Cullen were present. VP Glen Farnum was absent. Michelle Davis and Lynn Hiott represented Reconcilable Differences and 11 owners were present.

Approval of Minutes: Debbie motioned to approve the minutes of the April 10, 2014 meeting as posted. Jeanette seconded, all in favor. 

Financial Report/Collection Update:  Michelle stated that through April 30, 2014, the Association has $103,241 in the operating account, although about $10,000 of that is pre-paid owner assessments. There is a total of $418,000 in the various Reserve accounts and CDs. The association is under budget by $5,000. The collection accounts are very small and consist of only those who refuse to pay late fees and one owner who is behind but we are trying to work with them. 

Maintenance Report: Randy stated that all three roofs have been cleaned and are in good shape. There was an area on the B building that concerned him, so we contacted the warranty company and have scheduled an appointment for them to come out and repair it. 

Randy stated that he and Mike replaced 8 tiles that were cracked in the pool. He stated that they are still having issues with people entering the pool with suntan oil or lotion on and this is causing the filters to clog and not circulate. He has power washed the filters and cleaned the return lines out but it is very important that residents NOT enter the pool with any type of sunscreen on them.

Randy stated that the annual drain stack cleaning done by the plumber went very smoothly. The Fire Department was also there and completed their annual inspection and everything looked good. He did ask the fire department if it was approved to lock the clubhouse door and they stated yes as long as the association has a Knox box outside to door so that they can open it to obtain a key to enter the clubhouse in case of an emergency. Therefore, the clubhouse will be locked daily by Randy at 5 pm. When he is not in town, Mike will lock the clubhouse before he leaves around 3 pm.

Randy reported that for the first time, he had to contact an appliance repair technician about a dryer issue. A fuse kept blowing, so the repairman fixed it. Since Randy watched him, he now knows how to handle these in the future. Debbie asked Randy how much laundry money was collected this month. He said that we are ahead of budget by about $1,700 due to the many people who stayed through the winter.

Randy reported that we had a water leak in one unit that was damaging the 2 units below it. The resident refused to allow entrance to check, and he became belligerent with maintenance and Board members, so management called the plumber, locksmith and police in case the owner refused entrance or became belligerent again. The repair was completed and the homeowner will be billed for the cost of the plumber and locksmith. Randy noted for the record that he offered to repair the drywall in the worst unit, but that owner refused.

Randy reminded all owners that when they leave for the summer, residents need to move their door mats from outside their front door and put them inside. Also if there is any work to be done on a unit’s A/C compressor, Randy must be notified so that he can schedule time with the A/C contractor to take him to the roof. He also reminded residents that pest control will be done in June; the bi-monthly inside service.  Lastly, he reminded all residents to put bleach down their A/C condenser lines and if anyone needs assistance with this, he is glad to help them. 

Old Business: 

Palm Tree Removal: The four palms that were approved for removal last month were cut down to the ground yesterday. Three were at the seawall, at the south side of “C” Building. One was at the pool.
Randy reported that the 2 small palm trees in front of B building parking lot were being covered by the oleander, so those were moved. One to the front of B building and one to a small area in the parking lot near the pool. They seem to be thriving.

Building Painting:  Randy reported that several contractors have come out to inspect and measure, and the bids have been received.  C&J Painting bid $60,825 to prep and paint all 3 buildings, with $6,750 for walkways and $1,600 to paint all the walkway railings; a total of $69,175. 

Complete Painting and Waterproofing bid $70,600 for prep and painting of all 3 buildings and walkways.
Vice Painting came in at a total of $142,780. 

Carole commented that C&J was used the last time and they did a great job and with Richard’s Paint overseeing the project, she made the motion to use C&J at a cost of $69,175. Debbie seconded, all were in favor. Randy stated that hopefully the painting will start around the first of June. 

 Asphalt Conditioning: We had received a bid from the company that did the overlay last September, but this bid is for sealcoating. They need to bid a pavement dressing conditioner, and management will also obtain bids from other asphalt companies as well.  This was tabled until the next meeting. 

Engineer Update:  Michelle reported that the attorney sent the paperwork to DBPR for arbitration with unit 403B. The paperwork asks that the owner comply with replacing his windows and installing an enclosure on the balcony to prevent water from damaging the units below. Once the DBPR schedules the arbitration, the attorney will inform the Board of the date. 

New Business:

Tennis Court: Lynn reported that bids are still forthcoming, however Elite Court sent in a bid for resurfacing of the tennis court and shuffleboard courts at $4,500, with a new net costing $200 and new posts at $400, for a total price of $5,100. This is tabled until the next meeting. Mr. Williams, an owner, volunteered to repaint the fence to help defray the cost of a new one. The Board requested that management also get bids to replace or repaint the fencing around the tennis court. 

Dog Committee Report: Michelle Williams reported that the committee had its first meeting on Thursday, April 17th at 6:00 pm in the clubhouse. There was a great turnout and the establishment of the committee was to keep Pelican Point a Pet Friendly Community. They created a new Pet Registration form which will become part of the renter’s package and will be given to all owners at time of move in, with current pet owners asked to complete one now as well.  The second issue was dogs barking while their owner is away. The committee developed a 3 notice door hanger system that will allow neighbors and pet owners to work together to resolve situations where the dog is barking during their absence. Instructions were attached to each door hanger, and helpful solutions offered by the Pet committee are listed on the back. Two types of barking prevention were purchased by the Association, and Michelle Williams is in charge of the “lender program” for these “Sonic Eggs” to see if they work for those who need them. Residents can sign out these devices through Michelle.

 The last item to be addressed was the waste pickup and again, the committee developed a door hanger that will allow residents who see a pet owner not picking up their pet’s waste to place one on their door. The complainant remains anonymous while notifying the pet owner of the problem and 3 waste pickup bags are included with each door hanger, as well as a fun picture on the hanger (to remove the idea that the hanger is adversarial). 

They also asked for space in the newsletters. Lynn will work with them on this addition. Michelle stated that they would like to have a section where they could spotlight community pets to allow owners to get to know the pets living in the community. She would like the committee’s email address to appear in the newsletter, which is Lynn stated that the pet registration forms and Michelle’s information would be added to the website as well. 

Owner Input: An owner requested that management contact Treder Realty to let them know that they are ruining the paint on the front doors when they place notices on the doors with masking tape. When the notices are removed, they peel the paint from the doors. 

Jeanette stated that she is working with FPL about the leaning power box in front of “A” building. Carole Burke had dealt with this in the past with FPL stating that the box was in good shape and wasn’t causing any danger, but the Board agreed to allow Jeannette to try again. 

Jeanette also asked the board to consider updating the inside of the elevators. She said she would chair that committee and bring information to the Board at the next meeting.  They agreed.

Set Next Meeting Date:  No meeting date was set. If needed, an agenda will be posted at least 48 hours before the meeting, as required by FL. Statute.   

Adjournment: There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:39 pm.  

Respectfully Submitted,

Lynn Hiott, LCAM
Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, CAM
Community Association Managers
Reconcilable Differences, Inc.