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Minutes of the
ASSOCIATION of PELICAN POINT Condominium Association
held in the Clubhouse

Thursday, NOVEMBER 14, 2019 at 1:00 pm

Pledge of Allegiance: The audience recited the pledge and the meeting was called to order at 1:00pm.

Quorum of Board Members Established: Board members present were: President Randy Malecha, Vice President Glen Farnum, Secretary Jeanette Cullen, Treasurer Terri Knapp, and Director Jim Bakos. Michelle Davis from Reconcilable Differences and 38 owners also attended.

Approve Minutes of the September Board Meeting: Terri made a motion to approve the minutes of the September 26th Board Meeting, as written and posted. Glen seconded; all were in favor.

Financial Report: Michelle reported $280,967 in various Operating Accounts, with $481,141 in Reserves, for a total of $762,000. Through the end of October, the Association is $15,592 under budget. 2 units were in arrears. One has been taken care of, and the other has issues being worked on with the title company

Group Reports:

Building & Grounds: Randy reported that a new skimmer motor had to be installed at the pool. It costs a little over $900. A new keypad had to be installed at the gate. A few volunteers have also been working on clearing out the area behind the trailers and putting in a few new plants. Randy thanked Joe Maiorana for cleaning out the area behind the golf cart shed. There are some plants at the B tower that have a mite of some sort. Pearce Pest Control is going to evaluate the plants to see if they can be saved. The last fire inspection revealed that several fire alarms need to be replaced. They will be done in the next couple days. Randy received a quote from Atlantic Storm Protection for hurricane shutters. It’s a general quote and not customized for everyone’s windows, but it gives an idea of a starting point. Each owner should still call and get a customized quote for their own windows.

Social: Terri reported that Diane Wellday is hosting another Thanksgiving Dinner for the community. There is a signup list in the Clubhouse. She will provide the turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, and all guests can bring a side dish to share. Kathy Mocko is going to resume Movie Night on Wednesday, November 20th in the Clubhouse. The Association was approved by the Brevard Zoo to take part in the “Restore Our Shores” program. More information will come in January at the Annual Meeting.

New Business:

Discussion & Board Approval of 2020 Budget: The proposed Budget was emailed to all owners and mailed to any owners who don’t have an email address on file. Randy reported that the 2020 Budget has a $5.00 per month increase due to the upgrades on the Spectrum contract, of adding internet. A resident thanked Michelle and Randy for working with Spectrum to obtain these upgrades, because he pays less than half of what he used to for the same service.

A resident asked about the “Miscellaneous Income for $4,650”. Michelle believes it was part of the signing bonus from Spectrum. Most of the $18K was put into Reserves, but the Association had to pay taxes on the income, so the taxes show as income and then as an expense under income taxes paid.

A resident asked why the expenses for the Maintenance Employee almost doubled. Michelle stated that each year we show a budget for a full time maintenance man, but some of his hours are offset under laundry expenses, to help lower taxes that must be paid on Laundry Income.

A resident asked why she is paying an additional $5.00 to Spectrum every month. The Board explained that it is likely an equipment fee, and she should talk to Spectrum about changing her equipment, so she isn’t charged an additional fee.

With no additional questions from the floor, Jim made a motion to accept the 2020 Budget with the $5.00 monthly fee increase. Terri seconded; all were in favor.

Open Forum Michelle announced that she is moving to a new software platform next year. For those with smartphones, residents will be able to view their account, pay their monthly fee, and submit work orders all in one place. Sunrise Bank will be the association’s bank, but payments will go through Appfolio to credit each unit’s account. If you submit a blank check to Reconcilable Differences, Michelle can assist with setting up automatic payments when it is time to transition to the new program. Instructions for setting up the account on your own will be sent in mid December. Make sure to submit your form now if you are going to need a 2020 coupon book. If not requested by end of November, unit owner will have to pay the extra fee for a single coupon book order.

A resident stated that her emails from the Office were going to her spam inbox. Residents should check their spam inbox and have the emails from Reconcilable Differences marked as a safe sender.

A resident asked why Management is changing platforms. Michelle stated it is less expensive, more efficient, and should streamline all processes for both Management and residents. Appfolio is a trusted company that has been in business for many years. The payment transition will occur on January 1st.

Resident complimented the building’s appearance. She said the new color trim is really nice and the flowers by the pool look wonderful.

Annual Meeting Update The Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday, January 9th, at 1pm in the Titusville Library. We can use volunteers to set out chairs and count ballots.

Adjournment There being no further business to transact, Glen made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 1:18 pm. Jeanette seconded; all were in favor.

Respectfully Submitted,
Michelle Davis
Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, LCAM #17226
Community Association Manager
Reconcilable Differences,