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The Whitley Bay Condominium Newsletter




Monthly Condo Fee Goes Up - Then Down Again!

The budget committee under the leadership of Larry Ramsay presented a budget at the November board meeting that represented only a $10.00 per unit increase over the 2008 budget for operating expenses.  The board approved the budget as presented.  However, in previous years we have not adequately funded our reserves, i.e., the money we put aside for replacement of items as they wear out, such as roofs, driveways, and paint, which is mandated by law.  RDI sent out a ballot to all owners asking them to vote on the amount of funding they would like to see in reserves.  The result of that ballot indicated that the majority of owners would like to see the reserves funded at 50%.  The additional cost of funding the reserves at this level raised our monthly fees to $588. 

But Larry Ramsay came to the rescue!  As chairman of the insurance committee (he is a busy man), he was able to locate A Professional Insurance Agency which quoted coverage from American Strategic Insurance, an “A” rated insurance company based in St. Petersburg, for a little over $70,000, much less than we had budgeted for insurance in 2009.   As a result the board was able to lower our monthly assessment to $550 a month and still fund the reserves at the 50% rate.  Kudos to Larry for his hard work at a tedious task.  If you see him in the halls (that’s Larry below), thank him for keeping our fees down to a reasonable level.

 Larry Ramsay


Renting Your Condo?

You may recall that recently the west elevator was inoperable for a day or two.  This was a result of movers who did not know how to properly operate the elevator.  Instead of using the key to lock open the elevator, they held the door open too long which overheated the safety circuitry and caused it to shut down.  Had they known about the elevator lock key this would not have happened.  


It is not the movers who were responsible for the expense (between $500 and $1,000) of having Otis come repair the elevator, however.  It is the owner of the condominium who must be sure the renter and the movers know the proper procedure when moving into a unit.  The procedure is clearly spelled out in the Policy and Procedures manual on pages 9 and 26-28.  But because in this case the owner either didn’t know or failed to communicate with the renter, we will summarize some of the main points below. 


Unit owners are expected to notify RDI* of a rental and provide them with two signed copies of the lease agreement (found on pages 24-25 of the Policy and Procedures Manual) at least 10 days prior to the start of any lease.  Once the application for lease has been approved, a damage deposit of $400 is required prior to move-in.  RDI will then issue elevator keys and have elevator pads installed on the move-in day.  The unit owner is responsible for damages and the Association will look to the Owner for any damages done by his or her Tenant during move-in.  If there are no damages and the elevator key is returned, the money will be returned within two days.


Owners are expected to provide their tenants with a Policy and Procedures manual.  They are also expected to include in the lease language that fully communicates to the Lessee that (1) parking shall be restricted to one auto in an assigned garage and one auto in open parking with a parking permit which they can obtain from Diane Verner (638-35920) and (2) that Whitley Bay Condominium Association Board members or their designee shall have the right to access units for maintenance at reasonable hours and for emergencies. They are also expected to require their tenant to make arrangements with Floor Captains** to obtain orientation prior to move-in to address such things as trash removal, pet restrictions, use of pool, fitness and recreation centers, hurricane procedures, emergency battery pack operation for hurricane shutters, fire alarms, smoke detectors, unit security system, door entry security systems, and building security.


Hopefully this reminder will prevent further problems for both owners and renters on move-in day.  The entire section on leases including the application to lease form from the Policy and Procedures Manual is attached at the end of this newsletter for interested parties.


* Reconcilable Differences  (321-799-0660)

  109 Long Point Road

  Cape Canaveral, Florida 32920



**Floor Captains: 

3rd        Anne Diaz #302, 6365442

4th        Jeff Casterline/Bill Coleman #403, 690-1270

5th        Carol & Tom Jensen #504, 433-1441

6th        Stan Bowers #606, 631-5153

7th        Joy Dickson #704, 770/367-6357

8th        Diane Verner #805, 638-3592

9th        Brock & Bev McNally #902, 631-1092

10th      Alex Sinilnikoff #1002, 504-0770

11th      Susan Jerkins #1103, 591-5731

12th      Joe & Diane Whitley #1205, 632-7823

PH       Shirley Jaffe PH3, 633-4709



New Floor Captain Needed for PH Floor

The Jaffes are moving to Viera in about a month.  At that time we will need a new floor captain for the Penthouse floor.  Floor captains basically serve as the point person for a new resident.  They go over the Policy and Procedure Manual, hand out temporary parking permits and answer questions about the condo in general.  Volunteers please call Carol Jensen at 433-1441.


Board Members Needed

We anticipate a large number of vacancies on the Board of Directors next year.  Two of our present board members have served the condo association for a very long time, neither of them lives here now, and they both deserve a rest.  For a variety of reasons two others need to vacate their positions.  Therefore we need four new board members.  We have had a few volunteers, but we need more.  Serving on the board educates residents about the building, the functioning of the systems, the problems that arise and their solutions, thus increasing the number of resources we have when something needs to be attended to.  Many hands make light work.  It is good for all of us to take a turn in one capacity or another. Notice of “Intent to be a Candidate” forms were mailed out to owners several weeks ago.   Elections will take place at the annual meeting in February. Please consider serving your condominium in this capacity.


New Maintenance Committee Formed

For several years now Jesse Taylor has been in charge of maintenance here at Whitley Bay.  He has dealt with the electrical and plumbing systems, the landscaping and structural issues, the security and fire alarm systems, the elevator, --- you name it.  He has been found on the roof in the middle of the night with the fire department answering a false alarm and in the recreation room sopping wet during our flood.  Virtually every month he has saved the Association more than the $1,000 he was paid.  But now he needs to dedicate more time to his new business and less time to Whitley Bay emergency calls.


Tom Jensen suggested we form a maintenance committee to replace Jesse. We have many people in our condominium with various expertise who could together supervise the maintenance of the many complicated systems in our building.  The Board voted to establish a standing maintenance committee to be responsible for the oversight of all maintenance activities.  Don Verner will be chair and board liaison of that committee.  Members are Willy Barrere, Stan Bowers, Dean Clark, Brock McNally, Wayne Sanders, and Alex Sinilnikoff.  Thank you to the volunteers.


Continue to place notes about maintenance issues on the board outside the maintenance office in the second-floor garage.  After February 25, emergency maintenance problems should be reported to Tom Vaughan (890-2954) during work hours and to Don Verner (638-3592) after hours.


Batteries Available for the Internal Alarm System

In the last newsletter we mentioned that the twelve volt batteries in the internal alarm systems in our units have a three to five year life and will soon need to be replaced.  The system tests these batteries daily and when the voltage gets low, the system will perform an audible alert to let you know it is time to change the batteries.  The system battery is located in the laundry room or closet in most units, not in the key pad. 


The Association now has a stock of those batteries.  Owners can purchase those batteries from the Association for $20.00 and save the service call cost of a contractor. Alternatively, Jeff Casterline (#403) provided the following information.  Elk Batteries has an authorized retailer here in Brevard. The company is called Home Automation Net and the phone number is 433-2317.  The battery cost Jeff $31.96 and was an exact match.  They had their new battery delivered the next day without any problems.  Jeff also suggests dropping off the old battery at Advanced Auto Parts for recycling.


The Association also has shutter batteries available for $55.00.  Contact Tom Vaughan (890-2954) to purchase your batteries.


Looking for New Contents Insurance on your Unit?

Many owners are finding themselves searching for new homeowner’s insurance at this time of year. In order to obtain all premium rating credits to which owners are entitled, it will be necessary to prove that our condominium is constructed to meet current hurricane building codes, that it has hurricane shutters and a security system and that each unit has a sprinkler system.  The documentation to do this can be obtained from Michelle Dugan at RDI.  Keep in mind as you review companies, the legislative changes we published in the fall newsletter.  We repeat it here for your convenience.


Governor Crist recently signed House Bill 601 which changes Chapter 718 (the condominium statute).  This is a list of some of the changes that will directly affect your policies that renew on or after January 1, 2009.


(1)  All unit owners will be required to carry a Unit Owners insurance policy and you will be required to give a copy of the policy to the association annually. 

(2)  Your policy must carry “special assessment” coverage in an amount no less than $2,000.

(The Whitley Bay insurance deductible for the most catastrophic damage occurring is $590,000. Your share in a special assessment to cover this deductible would be $9,210 per unit owned. This may help you decide how much more than the mandated $2000 special assessment per unit you may desire.)

(3)  Your policy must name the association as an “additional named insured”.

(4)  Improvements and betterments made by you to your unit that benefit fewer than all residents must be insured by you.

(5)  Air conditioners and their equipment will now be the INSURANCE responsibility of the association.  Please note this does not apply to the maintenance of the air conditioners, only air conditioners and their equipment that is damaged by a peril included in the association’s hazard insurance.


Please contact your insurance agent if you have any questions about this. 


Thank you from Tom and Corey

Tom Vaughan and Corey Britt want to thank everyone who remembered them at Christmas with a bonus.  They are very appreciative of your thoughtfulness and generosity.


Lobby Redecoration Moving Ahead

At the request of Vicki Spencer, co-chair of the Lobby Redecorating Committee, our maintenance crew has cleaned the grout in the lobby and the elevators.  In addition they have cleaned the cornices in the lobby and are in the process of repainting the baseboards.  The repainting of the walls in the lobby has been approved by the Board as was the purchase of a glass-top table, six fabric chairs, two glass-top side tables, two large heron statues and a floor mirror.  The Lobby Redecorating Committee will be selecting paint colors and the new furniture will be moved in after painting is completed.


New Lawn Service Hired

At the recommendation of Tony O’Flaherty, the Board obtained a bid from Artistic Lawn Maintenance to cover the services presently covered by TurfMasters.  The price ALM quoted was considerably lower and although TurfMasters was given an opportunity to reduce their bid, even their modified bid was not competitive.  With the goal of keeping our costs down so that our maintenance fees can stay reasonable, the Board decided to go with the lowest bidder.  Therefore, as of February 1, 2009, Artistic Lawn Maintenance will be our new lawn service.


Storage Space Available

There are still some storage spaces available.  If you have not already been assigned a space and would like one, please contact Don Verner at 638-3592.


Security Issues Addressed

Late one night last month a female resident, walking her dog on the northwest side of the building, was shocked to discover a man lying face down in the grass behind the bushes.  The police were called and the man was removed.  As it turned out, he had been camping on the north side of the building for some time.


This incident highlights the continuing need we have to be vigilant at all times.  To that end Tom Vaughan has replaced the lights in the parking lot,

the lights at the back of the building facing the marina and the security light on the west side of the garage where the vagrant was discovered.   After our plea in the newsletter and Wayne Sanders’ reiteration of the need for volunteers on the parking and security committee, Stan Bowers, Frank Kler, Brock McNally and Alex Sinilnikoff offered to help walk the building at night.   Thank you to the volunteers who help keep us safe.


Nevertheless, we cannot emphasize enough the need to keep the doors closed and locked and so for the third time we will repeat the warning below.


Keeping the Doors CLOSED Makes Us All More Secure

To enhance our safety, it is important not to leave doors propped open for any reason at any time, unless the owner or his designee are supervising the entranceway.  Keep this in mind when having furniture delivered, expecting workmen who must unload equipment and so on. 

Don’t open the lobby door if anyone suspicious is outside—you wouldn’t open your unit door if you didn’t know who the person was outside.  Use the same common sense here.



Don’t let anyone in the building unless you know who they are visiting and have confirmed that the resident is home. 

Always close the door behind you when you leave.  Take extra safety precautions when walking your dog at night. 

For your personal unit, it’s advisable to add a dead bolt.  Keep your unit door locked.  The units all contain security systems which you can arrange to have monitored.  A key must be provided to the Association for emergency entry.

Always close your garage door when you leave and if you see someone else’s garage door open and unattended, it might be wise to close it for them.


I know you have seen the following trash instructions a thousand times.  The problem is, some people are not complying and we continue to have complaints. 

Once again, this is how to handle your trash:


Where Do I Put My Trash?

For newcomers, emptying the trash and recycling can be confusing.  The trash chute on each floor is located on the west side of the building.  Only 13-

gallon garbage bags that are securely tied may be dropped down the chute.  ALL trash dropped down the chute MUST be BAGGED - no exceptions! Not even pizza boxes! It’s your responsibility to ensure that all movers and workers in your unit take their trash with them.

Large trash & recyclables must be taken to the ground floor.  Trash should be bagged if possible, & deposited directly into the dumpster located behind a locked door on the west side of the building.  Your common door key will work for that door.  The trash cans located in the garages are only for small items, such as the trash you might remove from your car.

The recycling bins for newspapers, plastics, glass, and aluminum are located in the ground level garage on either side of the door leading to the second floor garage ramp.  On Tuesday afternoons, the dumpsters are moved outside the west garage door for pickup on Wednesday morning.  If you do not see the dumpsters in their usual location, look for them there.  Plastic containers are large volume, taking up a lot of space.  Please crush them as much as possible before tossing them in the bin.  The dumpster on the north side of the west entry driveway is for cardboard only.  Please break down the cardboard boxes before you place them into the cardboard dumpster.


Annual Meeting February 25

 All condominium communities are required to hold at least one regular membership meeting each year.  At Whitley Bay, this annual meeting occurs at the end of February.  The election of Board members occurs at the annual members’ meeting and the annual meeting presents an opportunity for the Association to provide information to the members and to receive, in turn, their input, suggestions, and concerns.  This year our annual meeting will be on February 25 at 7:00 P.M.  The Social Committee will once again host a hamburger/hotdog cookout to be held before the meeting in the recreation room at 5:30 P.M.  More information will be posted closer to the meeting.   Please plan to attend.  We usually have a very good turnout.


Smoke Alarm Driving You Crazy?

One night about a month or so ago, Bob and Judy Schrader (402) spent a sleepless night listening to their smoke alarms blaring away at such a volume that they really thought it was the building’s fire alarm.  When they thought other people might finally be awake they called for help.  RDI was contacted and they put the Shraders in touch with the monitoring company.  The Shraders discovered that one of their smoke alarms had shorted out and as a consequence they all went off.  They replaced the defective unit and changed the batteries in all their smoke alarms and have slept soundly since.  They recommend that if a similar occurrence happens to you, first be sure there is no fire, then take the smoke alarms down.  If one continues to blare, take the batteries out.  Then replace the defective unit.  But don’t stay awake all night thinking it’s the building’s fire alarm system!


The Social Committee Had a Busy Holiday

Thank you to the Social Committee and especially to chair Diane Verner for making our holiday season bright and beautiful.  Not everyone knows that the social committee members (along with their long-suffering husbands) are also the ones who decorate the lobbies and recreation room for Christmas.  This year we heard many compliments from non-residents on how pretty and inviting our lobby was during the month of December.


On December 14th, 35 residents began our annual Christmas Party with dinner across the street at the Black Tulip and then continued the festivities with a few more residents back at our recreation room for a “white elephant” exchange.  Don Verner actually ended up with a true white elephant (ceramic, at that).  The gift exchange brought out some very creative thinking and manipulation between spouses and friends (thank you, Dennis) to get the gift they really wanted.  The night was topped off with Tom Jensen (dressed in top hat and tails) singing a song for us and then leading everyone in a joyous rendition of Jingle Bells.

Tom Jensen


Super Bowl Party!

The next social event will be a Super Bowl Party, held on Sunday, February 1 at 5:30 P.M. in the Recreation Room.  For the last two years we have

had a great turn out and lots of good food and fellowship.  So mark your calendars and look for a sign-up sheet in the elevators once the teams are established.


What’s Happening?

A fairly large group of Whitley Bay residents made the annual trek to Franklin, N.C., to the Whitley’s Pig Picken in October.  Karaoke, tall tales, bad poetry, campfires, country music, volleyball, and tours of the new addition to the house provided entertainment for belly-stuffed guests.  A good time was had by all.


The Sanders dancing on the lawn


Around the campfire



Tom Jensen spent the month of December singing with the Dickens’ Christmas Carolers all over Brevard County, dressed in a tall silk hat and tails.


Ralph and Cindy Perrone (formerly #1106) bought a house on Indian River Drive about two miles north of the condo and have moved out.  I would say we will miss them, but so far they have showed up at every Monday night dinner since they moved.  Maybe they will stay in touch as promised. 


By the way, the Monday night group is still going strong.  Just meet down in the lobby at 6:00 P.M. Dinner destinations are often determined spontaneously.


The Whitley’s (#1205) finally came home after a year and a half’s absence and Joe has been working on his boat ever since! 


The Reynalds (PH01) have just returned from Kentucky.   Nancy said she thought the building was empty for the first week until she went down to the exercise room.  That is the happening place in this condo.  Ask Reno.  Speaking of whom, Reno is offering to provide a free equipment demonstration if enough people are interested.  Please call Becky Sanders at 632-0462 to express your interest and a group demonstration will be organized.


Welcome to our two new renters, John C. Whitman in #1202 and Don Parker in #1106.


Happy Birthday to:


Wayne Sanders (503)               November 2

Dean Clark (501)                     November 6

Carol Jensen (504)                   November 19

Margherita Ramsay (306)         December 7

Dori Clark (903)                      December 10

Ted Clark (903)                       December 29

George Spencer (502)              January 11

Vicki Spencer (502)                 January 18

Don Verner (805)                     January 13

Hoyt Verner (805)                    January 15        



Please remember to contact Michelle Dugan at RDI (799-0660) if you would like to reserve the Recreation Room for a private function.



A Word from the Editor

Yes, I know.  You think we fell down on the job because a newsletter did not come out in December.  Well you are only partly correct.  Since the last newsletter was published mid-October, there really wasn’t enough news to fill the pages in early December.  And since the editor is known as the Christmas elf in her family, nothing interferes with Christmas celebrations after the 15th of December.  So it was partly an editorial decision to put this quarter’s newsletter out in January.  Sorry if you missed it.  But my guess is you were too busy with the holidays to even notice.


As you may have surmised, Tom Jensen is not planning on serving on the Board again next year.  I took on the task of creating a newsletter as the assistant secretary, a promise I made to him if he took the position of secretary.  I don’t mind continuing for a while after he leaves the board.  But we will need a volunteer to take my place sometime this coming year.  I cannot speak for Beverly, but I do know she is extremely busy teaching her jewelry courses and running her business.  So I’m guessing she won’t volunteer to take it all on herself.  So if someone else loves to write like I do, please step forward.  We need your help.


And please don’t forget to let me know what you are doing, when your birthdays and anniversaries are, and any news you might feel appropriate for the newsletter.  Some of you are getting pretty good at this, but others ----!


Editorial Contacts:

Carol Jensen, Editor

Beverly McNally, Assistant Editor



The Rules and Procedures Regarding Rentals




If you are renting your unit, YOU, THE HOMEOWNER, ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTIONS OF YOUR RENTER.  The owner must obtain a current Whitley Bay Lease Form from a Board Member, fill it out, and have it approved before allowing a tenant to move in.  SEE PAGES 24-28 OF THIS MANUAL.  All renters must abide by the rules and regulations as set forth in the Condominium Documents.  The Board of Directors does not act as property managers or agents for the rented property.  It is the owner’s responsibility to properly indoctrinate the tenant and deal with issues that may arise.  The Tenant must arrange a move-in or move-out ahead of time, so elevator pads may be placed in the West elevator.  There is also a damage deposit required.

*Each unit may be rented provided the occupancy is only by one lessee and members of their immediate family and/or guests.

*No rooms may be rented and no transient tenants may be accommodated.

*Time sharing of the home is prohibited.

*Ownership of a home on a monthly or weekly time sharing program is prohibited.

*The minimum rental period shall not be less than ninety (90) days.

*Sub-leasing of any home is prohibited.

*A copy of the lease shall be provided to the Association.  Any information obtained by the Association in connection with the approval of the lease, sale or other transfer of a unit shall not be made available to unit owners.

*A copy of this handbook must be given to the lessee and the lessee must abide by the same rules as other members of the community.



Whitley Bay Condominium Association Application to Lease   (must be attached to lease)


Date:_____________   Unit no ______  Unit Owner’s Name____________________________


Lessee Name:_________________________   Lessee Name:_________________________

FL Drivers Lic.:_________________________   FL Drivers Lic.:_________________________

SS Number:     _________________________   SS Number:     _________________________


Persons occupying unit:

Name: __________________________________  Relationship:  _____________  Occupation or school:  ____________


Present Address:  Street _______________________________   Apt No.________

City: _____________________  State: ____  Zip code: ________   How long: ______  



(Self) Company:_________________________________,  Start Date:__________  Position :______________________ 

Supervisor’s name: _____________________   Telephone No. ___________  Weekly pay $__________


(Spouse) Company: ______________________________,  Start Date:__________  Position: ______________________ 

Supervisor’s name: _____________________    Telephone No: ___________

Weekly pay $__________


Emergency Contacts:     Name:_______________________________________________

                                         Relationship: ___________________ Phone no. ______________


                                         Relationship: ___________________ Phone no. ______________


Personal References:     Name: _______________________________________________

                                         Relationship: ___________________ Phone no. _______________

                                         Name: _______________________________________________

                                         Relation Ship: __________________ Phone no. ____________________


Background statements :   

Has anyone been convicted of a Felony: Yes [   ] No [    ] Evicted: Yes [   ] No [   ]  Initials ____

Broken a lease:  Yes [   ]   No [  ]   Declared Bankruptcy: Yes [   ] No [   ]               Initials ____



I have [   ]   have not [   ] received a copy of Whitley Bay Condo. Association’s Lease Approval GuideInitials _____

I have [   ]   have not [   ] received a copy of Whitley Bay Condo. Association’s Information Guide and Handbook Initials:  _____



Lessee agrees Yes [   ]   No [   ] to restrict parking to no more than one vehicle in private garage and one in open spaces:  Initials:  _________

Lessee agrees Yes [   ]   No [   ] to allow Association to run credit and back ground checks:  Initials _______

Lessee agrees Yes [   ]   No [   ] to limit pets to no more than 2 and limit weight to no more than 35 lbs each:  Initials: _______

Lessee agrees Yes [   ]   No [   ] that no vehicles with oil or fluid leaks will be parked on the condominium property.  Initials _______

Lessee agrees Yes [   ]   No [   ] to limit occupancy to residential use for family members and short time guest only.  Initials ________

Lessee agrees Yes [   ]   No [   ]  to abide by all rules, regulations, restrictions and covenants of The Whitley Bay Condo.’ Inc.  Initials: ______

Lesser agrees Yes [   ]   No [   ] to cooperate with Floor Captains and Parking Committee to assure safety and rule compliance.  Initials _____                                                 


Indoctrination:  Lessee agrees Yes [    ] No. [    ] to complete an indoctrination and familiarization session  prior to  move in regarding Security, Fire Alarms, Fire Sprinkler systems and precautions, Hurricane Preps, Evacuation Procedures,  Security Camera systems, Emergency water shut off , trash disposal, Elevator alarms  Parking, Pet restrictions and Pet walking restrictions, use of exercise and club house, and other general information.    


Signature Lessor:__________________________   Signature Lessee:__________________________   Date:___________

For Office Use Only

Two Copies of Lease Received: Yes [   ]  No [   ]   $50 Processing fee received: Yes [   ] No [    ]  Check Number: ______

$400 Damage deposit received:  Yes [   ]  No [   ]   Check Number: ___________

This lease reviewed by: ____________________________ on _________ and  approved Yes [   ]  No [   ] 

Your Floor Captain is: _____________________________ Phone Number:________________

Owner notified of status on: ___________________   (Date)





SUBJECT:   LEASE APPROVAL GUIDE                                      Volume 101.1


Policy:  It is the policy of Whitley Bay Condominium Association Board of Directors to ensure that all leases are reviewed and approved prior to any lessee moving into the building. 


Revision:  Basic


Effective Date: 31 May, 2007


Responsible party:  The Association President or his designee


Introduction and Purpose This directive provides instructions for obtaining lease approval and sets the minimum required standards to ensure that a lease contains language that clearly describes the tenant’s responsibilities and restrictions in accordance with the condominium documents and rules and regulations of Whitley Bay Condominium Association, Inc.


Policy:  It shall be the policy of Whitley Bay Condominium Association to require that leases be submitted for approval to the Board President, or his designee, prior to any tenant moving into a unit.  The board will have ten (10) days to approve or disapprove a lease and to notify the unit owner or his agent.  Notification may be by e-mail, by phone, or by certified mail if so requested with the submittal of the lease.  It shall also be the policy of the Board to expedite all reviews.  Further it shall be the policy to ensure that the lease contains clear language as to the minimum lease period, parking, pets, building access security, sub leasing restrictions, single family status, and use restrictions.  The lease shall contain clear language as to the tenant’s responsibility.


Procedure:   Unit owners or their agent shall notify and deliver two signed copies of the lease agreement along with the Application for Lease Form to the President of Whitley Bay Condo Association or his designee, at least 10 days prior to the start of any lease.  To facilitate approval, an advance notification of intent to request lease approval should be phoned in to the Whitley Bay official cell phone number:  321-626-8625, or communicated by certified mail.  The Application for Lease Form shall be accompanied by two copies of the complete lease, including any addendums, and a check in the amount of $50.00.  Once the Board has approved an Application for Lease, a damage deposit of $400.00 is required prior to move-in or issuance of elevator keys and installation of elevator pads. The damage deposit shall be refunded after the tenant has notified the President, or his designee, that the move-in is complete and the Board has inspected the premises for damages.   If there are damages, the amount of deposit to be returned, or additional billing, will depend upon estimates received from qualified repair services.  You are advised to be very careful about marking the floors and decks by dragging heavy items or using improper wheels.  Remember, the Unit Owner is responsible for damages and the Association will look to the Owner for any damages done by his or her Tenant.


Delivery of the lease Delivery of the Lease Application Form, lease and duplicate copy can be made by hand delivery, or by certified mail to:   Whitley Bay Condo Association, 93 Delannoy Ave, Cocoa, Fl 32922, or by prior arrangements made by telephone .  If the Board does not act on the approval within 10 days after acknowledged receipt of the lease, then the Board will not have any authority to deny the lease agreement.


Unit owner’s responsibility:  The Unit Owner is responsible for enforcing all use restrictions, violations and misconduct on the part of the Tenants and the lessee shall look to the lessor to resolve any issues that may arrive.  The Lessor should provide a clear understanding as to any property management responsibilities either in the lease language or pre-move-in indoctrination.


Minimum requirements for approval of leases:  Leases shall be in legal, enforceable language and describe the property to be leased, dates of lease period and the parties to the lease.  The submitted lease shall describe the full terms of the lease, preferably in a format approved by an attorney.   The lease shall be for single family residency and their immediate family, with no sub leasing or transient tenants (no roommates) allowed.  No time sharing shall be permitted.  The Lease Application Form shall be completed in its entirety.


The lease will also contain language that fully communicates to the Lessee the following:


1. Whitley Bay Condominium Association Board members or their designee shall have the right under Florida Statutes to access units for maintenance at reasonable hours and for emergencies at all times. 


2. Parking shall be restricted to one auto in an assigned garage and one auto in open parking with a parking permit displayed at all times.  Vehicles leaking oil or fluids will not be issued parking permits.  Commercial vehicles, campers, motor homes, trailers, boats and boat trailers are prohibited unless parked in garages with the door closed.   If you utilize the full capacity of you garage, you are still only permitted one vehicle in open parking space.


3. The Unit Owner is responsible for the $400 damage deposit prior to move-in. Any damage occurring as a result of a move-in shall be deducted from the deposit. Pre and post move-in inspections will be conducted by the association’s Resource Coordinator or his designee.  If no damage occurred, and the elevator lock out key is returned, the damage deposit will be released within two days.   The association shall be notified at least five (5) days prior to move in to ensure that elevator padding and elevator lock out keys are available.  Damage deposits shall be delivered to the association in accordance with instructions contained in the lease approval.


4. It shall be the responsibility of the Lessor to enforce any violation created by the Tenant, his family or his guest.  The Association shall not be responsible for Property Management for the Unit owner.  The Association shall look to the Lessor for reimbursement for any damage caused by the Lessee, his guests, or subcontractors.


5. The Lessor shall require Tenants to make arrangements with Floor Captains to obtain indoctrination prior to  move-in to address trash removal, pet restrictions, use of pool, fitness and recreation centers, hurricane procedures, emergency battery pack operation for hurricane shutters, fire alarms, smoke detectors, unit security system, door entry security systems, how to view security cameras, evacuation procedures, building security, and general information such as identifying handicap needs in case of a fire evacuation or other emergency.  The appropriate Floor Captain along with phone number shall be identified in the Lease Approval Form and it shall be mandatory for Tenants to cooperate with the assigned Floor Captain.


6. The Lease shall specify that the cost for replacing a lost key will be $50.00.  For security proposes, building keys shall be identified by serial numbers. Two free keys were issued to owner.  Additional keys are $25.00 for third key and $50.00 thereafter. It will be the responsibility of the Lessor to arrange for replacement keys and their cost.  The association will not issue keys directly to the Tenant. 


7. The Lease shall specify that maintaining building security during a move-in shall be the responsibility of the Lessor and the Lessee.  The lobby or garage entrance doors will not be left open and unattended during a move-in.  The Association will assist in obtaining security guards at the Lessor/Lessee’s expense, if a dedicated person cannot be supplied to ensure compliance with Security Policy and Procedure 100.1


8. The Lease shall advise that door code entry procedures require installation of a land line phone for allowing guest entry.  Cell phones will not work in conjunction with the door entry system.  Posting of cell phone numbers on door entry panel is prohibited.


9. A copy of the Whitley Bay Condominium Association Information Guide and the Summary Owner/Tenant Page, as revised in July 2007, has been provided free to each unit owner; and shall be provided by the Lessor to any Lessee prior to move-in.  Additional copies of the Guide can be obtained from the Board for $20.00.


10. The minimum rental period is for 90 days or more.


11. The provisions of the Whitley Bay Condominium Documents and the Rules and Regulations of the Association shall be applicable and enforceable against any person occupying a unit as a Lessee or guest to the same extent as against the Owner.  A covenant on the part of each Lessee to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Association and the provisions of the Condominium Documents; and a covenant by each Lessor to evict the Lessee in the event of a breach of such covenants; shall be deemed to be included in every lease agreement whether oral or written and whether or not specifically expressed in such agreement.