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Board members will send out a notice of who on the board will be available during hurricane preparations.  All residents will notify their respective Floor Captain of their plans of staying or leaving.  All residents who will not be staying must leave a phone number where they can be reached in an emergency.  Floor Captains are to report listings to the available board member(s) who will be present during the hurricane. 



Hurricane Alert (48 hours from landfall)


Residents should perform the following:

Verify that your shutter battery pack is charged.

Make sure you have a hard line phone.

Place freezer ice in large plastic bags and continue to make ice.

Fill your car gas tanks.

Ensure your hurricane checklist is completed.  Included in this list are candles, flash lights with new batteries, important papers, such as insurance policies secured in sealed plastic bags, photographs secured in sealed plastic containers.

Make sure you have cash available.



Residents who are evacuating:

Shut off water to your unit.

Notify the board of updated contact information.

Notify your floor captain if you garage unit will be available for a neighbor to use if you won’t be here.

Ensure that hurricane shutters are down.



Whitley Bay Board Officials will perform the following:

Determine which board members, floor captains, or residents will be available for any hurricane damage assessment and for the point of contact for residents after the hurricane passes.  Areas to assess will include the pool area, generators, air conditioning system, roof damage, flooding, etc.  Install plywood disc covers over exhaust fans outside buildings, as required. 


Ensure all loose material and equipment is moved inside building.  Tie down equipment that cannot be placed inside.



Hurricane Warning (24 hours from landfall with 50 knot winds)


Residents will perform the following:

Clean out bathtubs with bleach and fill tubs at least half full of cold water.  This water may be used to wash dishes or flush toilets, as necessary, if water is out for an extended period of time.

Bring all outside doorway mats, plants, pots, and decorations inside.

Secure power on all equipment.



Hurricane Warning (12 hours prior to landfall with 50 knot winds)


Whitley Bay Board Officials will perform the following:

Make final inspection and preparedness review.

Lock down elevators prior to achieving 40 mile hour winds.  The wind speed concern is a precautionary measure since lockout requires walking on the roof to get to the Elevator Mechanical Room located on the roof.  High winds make this a safety concern. 

Elevator Lock-Out Key, Roof Access, and Mechanical Room Key are located in the Whitley Bay Office Lock Box. 

Take elevator to 12th floor.  Walk up to elevator room located on the roof level.  A key is necessary to access the roof area.  In addition, a Maintenance Room key is required to access both the Mechanical Room and Elevator Room areas.  Keys are located in the office.  Pull elevator #1 and #2 breaker switches.  These are located in the Elevator Room on the left-hand side as you enter the elevator room. 



After the hurricane, recovery efforts will consist of the following actions:


Whitley Bay Board Officials will perform the following:

Elevators will be restored to normal use when threat of flooding has passed by the following actions:  Re-set breakers located in the roof elevator room.  Walk to the 12th floor and unlock elevators with elevator Lock-Out Key.  Elevators should be in service; if not, contact assessment personnel regarding possible elevator damage.  Note: elevators will operate even though power is lost as long as the Whitley Bay emergency generator is operating.

Set meeting with assessment personnel to compile a listing of damage.

Schedule a meeting with residents, as soon as possible, to provide a status of damage and any safety concerns.

In case of power loss: Generators will be monitored for fuel use with fuel being ordered as required.  Normal use on a full tank of fuel is 3-4 days.  Ensure that generator fuel tank is refilled as soon as possible after power is back on.



Residents will perform the following:

If power is lost, set the circuit breaker to the off position.  This will reduce the possibility of power surges and damage to electronic components when power is returned to service. 

Once power is back on, you should reset your air conditioning by the following procedure:

(1) turn off all air conditioning units at thermostat

(2) proceed to breaker box and turn breaker to ON position (breaker should be labeled A/H/U on panel).

(3) turn on air conditioner unit at thermostat and set temperature to approximately 4-6 degrees below room temperature.  If system is not blowing cool air in 5-10 minutes, repeat above reset steps.

Listen to announcements made available by TV and radio.

Be extremely careful when exiting or walking around the grounds as there may be loose tiles from the roof, downed power lines, etc.

Remember to ensure that all garbage disposed of is packaged securely.



Minimize the use of water and toilet.

Continuously listen to status updates and general public service announcements.



Emergency Shutter Battery Use

Each owner has an emergency 400 watt shutter supply battery that came with his unit.  The battery, or Compact Power Generator, will open the shutters in the event of a major power failure.  With the CPG you should also have a charging plug which plugs into an outlet for charging the CPG and a power cord.  The power cord connects the CPG to your shutters to provide emergency power.  The power system also has an emergency light at one end that can be used as a light source, similar to a large flashlight.  Every unit owner is encouraged to review the Users Manual before an emergency to insure you understand how it operates.  Here are a few key bits of information which may help your understanding of the CPG.  For starters, remember this: the charger will turn off automatically when it is fully charged; however, leave it plugged in at all times. 

1. The CPG must be plugged in at all times to ensure a fully charged battery pack is available when needed, before the power goes out.

2.  The charger main power switch must be turned OFF while charging.  This switch is located by itself on the upper right hand side.

3.  When checking the battery a) turn on main power switch; b) turn the AC power switch to ON  (This is located on the left hand side of the charger.) c) if fully charged, the battery light and low battery light will illuminate green.  If the low battery light is flashing, the battery is not fully charged.

4.  To use the CPG to open shutters a) plug the three pronged power cord which came with the unit into the outlet on the end of the CPG. There is a separate plug in for each set of shutters; b) turn both the main power switch and the AC power switch to the ON positions; c) remove the plastic cover under the shutter switches to expose the three pronged plug; d) turn the shutter power switch to the OFF position.  Plug the CPG into the shutters you intend to open and flip the shutter switch.  The shutters should open.