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Minutes of the
 Whitley Bay Annual Members' Meeting
 Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Call to Order: Stan Bowers called the meeting together at 7:00 pm in the Whitley Bay Recreation Room.

Proof of Notice of Meeting: Manager Michelle Davis affirmed that the notice of the annual meeting was posted in the elevators and mailed to all owners on February 3, 2015, more than 14 days in advance of the annual meeting. 

Certification of Proxies & Establishment of a Quorum: Michelle reported that there were 23 owners present by proxy and 22 suites present in person for a total of 45 suites represented. Since thirty-three suites were needed to establish a quorum, the meeting was certified. 

Approval of Minutes from Previous Annual Meeting: Larry motioned to waive the reading of the minutes and approve the annual minutes from February 19, 2014 as written and posted on the website.  Richard seconded the motion, and all were in favor.

Reports of Officers: 
President:  Stan Bowers thanked the Social Committee for their outstanding work on the dinner prior to the annual meeting. He asked each of them to stand as the audience gave them a round of applause. He then thanked all owners and Board members for a very successful past year. He said we managed to make it through without calamities and there was cooperation in everything. Regarding parking, it is difficult at times to find parking. The spaces are allocated at one space per suite, and this is why if your suite has 2 or more vehicles, then one vehicle must be parked in the garage, as there are just not enough spots for everyone. This includes the disabled parking spaces. If you will be gone for an extended amount of time, try to leave the spaces by the lobby doors available. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Let others have the opportunity to use those spots as well. The building is in good shape, based on the walk through recently conducted. Stan closed by saying that it was a good year, and was all due to cooperation and input from volunteers and residents of Whitley Bay.

Vice President: Larry Ramsay quoted the following from an unknown author:  "Volunteers are seldom paid; not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless".  This quote is very true.  Our present Board members are all unpaid volunteers.  Stan, Bob and I, have been on the Board for 6 years.  Richard and Terry for three years.  We are a good team.  We all care about the building, the money being spent, and the residents.  The condo has the reputation of being an outstanding building; one of the top choices on the Space Coast.

It is not only the Board members, but the many residents who volunteer on the many committees that we have at Whitley Bay.  You will be hearing from the chairperson of the committees during this meeting.

It must be remembered that even if you are not on the Board or a member of a committee, you must still take pride in Whitley Bay; it’s your home!  If you see something that needs to be repaired or cleaned, tell the management company or a Board member.  Do not assume that someone else will see it.  It is not a hotel; it is our home. Larry commented about dogs and reminded owners to clean up after their dogs when they have an accident (especially walkways, lobby, etc.) Larry closed by saying “Remember that this is your home. If everyone takes responsibility, then this community will continue to be pristine.”

Treasurer's Report:  Bob Shrader reported that there is over $315,000 in the reserves and with a $450K budget in 2014, we came in at 1 percent under budget. A lot of the homeowners pay their fees on time or even ahead, so this helps tremendously.  The Board has been able to maintain the building properly, and the volunteers oversee that the money is spent correctly. 

Committee Reports:

APPRAISAL: Larry reported that we have a new insurance appraisal, dated February 12, 2014, completed by appraiser Bonnie Worthy, who did a great job and was very through. The building replacement cost did increase to $21,611,000.00; an $871,000.00 increase. 

BUDGET: Bob stated that the fees were raised in 2014 to $611 per month to cover the digital cable, adaptor boxes, phone, and internet. The amount was unchanged for 2015.  

CONTRACTS: Larry stated that we have various contracts with our vendors. The appraisal company was negotiated down to $1400 for the first year and $500 every year thereafter. We have a Roof contract with CCI, Cape Coast Industries, and they inspect 4 times a year at a cost of $1750 yearly. The January 14th inspection results were submitted and have been given to RDI. Insurance is still with “A Professional Insurance Company” who we have been with for the last 7 years. 

DECORATING: Diane Verner was unable to attend, but Stan read her report. “As usual, we had a great time decorating the building for Christmas. I would like to thank Lindsay, Loretta and Carol for helping decorate both lobbies and the recreation room this year. They also helped with the lights on the hedges leading to the front door. Roy and Scott helped us out again this year with stringing lights on the balconies. As our main lobby Christmas tree has been in service for 11 seasons and many of its lights have either burned out or gone dim, it may be time to retire it and purchase a new one. Also, the table top floral decorations on both the first and second floors are in desperate need to be either refreshed or replaced. Respectfully submitted, Diane Verner, Decorating Committee Chairman.” 

ENGINEERING STUDY: Tom Jensen reported that this committee is made up himself as Chairman, Dave Perley, Kathy Sillson-Perley, Alex Sinilnikoff, and Don Verner, along with maintenance employee Roy Jones. Committee members identify areas that might warrant additional review. These reports are located in a notebook and are available for any owners to review. Tom stated that the only issue at this time was that the buildings needed to be painted. 

EXERCISE ROOM: Frank Sullivan stated that during the last 12 months, several updates and improvements have been made to the Whitley Bay Fitness Center: Replacement of the treadmills at a cost of about $7500 for commercial grade treadmills; benches were re-upholstered and Loretta replaced the clock. He has a report that he will share with the Board with suggestions for the next year. Just a quick reminder that our maintenance staff cleans the center each week, but we ask users to clean up after their own use, and this includes wiping down the equipment with the provided wipes. If anyone has any recommendations as to improvements the committee could make to improve the functionality, cleanliness, or appearance of the center, please let Frank know. 

FIRE DRILL: Tom Jensen reported that the committee consisted of himself, Ann Diaz, and Mike Ouellette. They coordinate with the Fire Department to “flow water” and a lot of water comes out of these pipes. Every time they flow the water, there are little rocks that exit the pipes. Rocks are not a good thing to see in water pipes, so it is helpful to have them come out and flow the pipes periodically. It also is great training for owners to practice fire safety and what is to occur in case of an emergency. The last inspection had a time of 15 minutes to evacuate the building, which was an improvement. When these drills are done, everyone meets below the pool with their designated floor captain to check in. They all have a red board and will check you in. In a real emergency, the units that have not reported to the floor captains will be entered by the Fire Department; they will break the suite door down to enter and find you. As a reminder, if you go out of town, please let your floor captain know so they are aware of this during an emergency. Tom just wanted to remind everyone that it is great to have fire extinguishers, but on a yearly basis they all need to be checked, and replaced if they are in the red. 

FLOOR CAPTAINS: Ann Diaz could not attend, so no report was made. Stan reported that each floor has a floor captain and currently there was not one assigned for the 11th floor. If anyone would like to volunteer for this position, please contact Ann Diaz in 302. Floor captains are there to assist with counting of owners on their floors during an emergency, but their initial purpose was to familiarize new owners/tenants with the building and what the rules and regulations are.    

INSURANCE: Larry reminded those present that he saved the Association money. He stated that he thought for sure the insurance rates would increase due to the replacement value increase, but it didn’t and the premium was decreased about $4,000 for 2015. He reported that the insurance agent he dealt with for the last 7-8 years, Bill Freeman, passed away yesterday.  

LANDSCAPE: Richard Isom stated that they replaced the hedges on the east side of the building, added decorative foliage in front of the building and replaced trees. We lost a large palm in the front to disease. We will replace it, but don’t know for sure when. Red lava rock will be filled in all the way down the building. He asked anyone with suggestions or concerns to let him know. An owner asked about “Wayne’s Beach”, and asked if there was something the association could do about the smelly vegetation and debris. Stan replied that due to the strict county guidelines, not a lot can be done by the association. He stated that a lot of volunteers are needed to continue the upkeep of this area. Richard stated that he would look into what is possible for “Wayne’s Beach”. 

MAINTENANCE: Stan reported that the maintenance staff of Roy and Scott are excellent. They are very proactive. They were able to assist in helping us conserve energy and reduce the gas consumption of the pool by installing timers. They assisted in motion light installation. There were some concerns about the cracks in the floors and we have been monitoring them for about 6 months and are measured once a month, and there is no difference from 6 months ago to today. It is not getting any worse. It doesn’t seem to be a major factor at this time. The lockbox, previously at the front door, has been relocated.  A new lockbox is installed in G1 garage inside the lobby. No key is needed, just a code. When the codes to the front door get updated, the new codes will be placed into this lock box. 

Recycle program: the 3 bins have now been upgraded to 7 bins. As a reminder, these bins are not to have any trash placed in them, including the plastic bags that you bring your recycling items down in.  These must be put into the dumpster, not included in the recycle bins. If garbage is put into the recycle bins, Waste Management will not empty them out. Recyclables do not have to be separated any longer, they can be placed in all the bins. Cardboard boxes need to go to the dumpster on the west side of the building and not in the recycle bins.

NEWSLETTER: Loretta Bowers & Lindsay Leinss are thankful for people who take photos and send them in. Their goal is to put out four newsletters per year. They always send out requests for suggestions, and they really hope that everyone reads them. Also, the committee is open to ALL volunteers who are interested! The next newsletter should be out in March. 

PARKING: Diane Verner was unable to attend. Tom read her report. “I would like to take this time to thank each and every one of our faithful and dedicated volunteers. Not only do they help with keeping us in compliance with the condo rules regarding parking, they are also another set of eyes in making sure all outside doors are shut and locked. The list of current regular volunteers are: Tom Jensen, Kathy and Dave Perley, Frank Sullivan, Jeff Casterline, Bill Coleman, Mike Ouellette, Michael Broadmeadow and Ed Pont, along with a number of alternate volunteers who help in emergencies. 

There is one request the committee would like to make at this time, even though our open parking spaces are used on a “1st come, 1st serve” basis. It would be greatly appreciated if everyone would show some common courtesy to fellow residents concerning the limited parking spaces close to the lobby doors on each of the parking floors. If your car is going to be parked in one spot for more than a day, please do not leave it in these prime parking spots. These are needed for use in loading and unloading vehicles and also for our residents who have health issues that prohibit them from walking long distances. Also, if you are loading or unloading a vehicle and need to temporarily block someone’s individual garage, please do not leave your vehicle unattended. That way you can move your vehicle if they need to get in or out of their garage. Just remember, common courtesy goes a long way in making our community the best it can be. 
Stan reported that last year when the new hang tags were distributed, residents had to update their vehicle information and this is used for emergencies. If your vehicle information has changed within the last year, it is imperative that you update your information with Diane Verner, who is in Suite 805. 

POOL COMMITTEE: Larry reported that the chaise lounges and chairs have been sent out for re-strapping, so there will be no chairs at the pool for the next 2 weeks. They are looking into steps for the pool. New lights were placed on the pool deck last week.

RESERVES: Larry stated that the last analysis was completed April 14, 2011. This helps the Board know how much they need to budget for repairs and replacements during budget negotiations. We did discover that lending institutions require the reserves has to be 10% of the income and so adjustments of about $2,200 were made after the budget approval meeting. We removed the bad debt line, lowered the water bill budget and added the $2,200 to the deferred maintenance reserve. 

REVIEW COMMITTEE: Diane Verner, Chairman. Her report was read in her absence: “All owners/residents who have submitted a request to place items at their front door have been within the guidelines and have been approved. None of the items are blocking the walkways or access to the individual suites. I would like to thank Joy Dickson for her help in reviewing the requests.”

SECURITY: Wayne Sanders reported that no news is good news. There have been no repeat violations after a resident is warned of a problem. 

SOCIAL: Carole Jensen stated that the Social committee consists of eight members: Loretta Bowers, Cametta Isom, Sandy Jacobs, Carol Jensen, Lindsay Leinss, Becky Sanders, Kathy Stillson, Diane Verner, and one honorary member, Dixie Reese, who has begun her second year of service since moving to Oleander Pointe, because she loves Whitley Bay so much. Last year the social committee hosted the following events: February 2nd -Super bowl Party, February 26th-Annual meeting Barbecue, March-Ladies Luncheon at Suntree Country Club, April-The Venue off the Menu (A different Disney Experience), May-Kentucky Derby Party, November-Impressions Unplugged with Alfie Silva. (over 80 people attended that!) and December-Annual Holiday Party at Jack Baker’s Lobster Shanty in Cocoa Beach. 

For the 2015 year, they have planned: February 1st Super Bowl Party, February 18th Annual Meeting Barbecue, March 13th Ladies Luncheon at Domenica’s in Rockledge, April 16th Disney with Dixie, September 13th Cruise on the Indian River Queen, and December 6th Annual Holiday Party at the Rockledge Country Club with impressionist Alfie Silva and his Dean Martin or Elvis Presley Christmas Performance. 

Carole said one last thing: “The social events at Whitley Bay were originally organized by Jani Cox in the year 2004 when we all first moved in. Diane Verner took over in 2005 and led the committee for five years through December of 2009. When Diane stepped down, I agreed to be chair of the committee for one year. Now, after serving as chair for five years (2010-2015), I am turning the job over to Lindsay Leinss and Loretta Bowers, the same two eager beavers who took over the newsletter when I stopped editing it. You’d think they would have learned, but apparently not. I will continue to be a member of the committee, just not the chair. I am sure Loretta and Lindsay can use all the help they can get, so please do not hesitate to let them know if you are interested in serving on the committee or have a great idea for a party or event.”

STORAGE: Don Verner is the chairman, but could not attend. Stan read his report: “There are only a couple of 7’x5’ spaces left on the first floor. All other spaces have been assigned. Just because an adjacent space does not have anything in it, does not mean it has not been assigned to a resident. Everyone needs to make sure their stored items stay within the boundaries of their personal assigned space. Please continue to keep all items below the fire sprinkler pipes and do not store any flammable items. Also, make sure all lights are turned out and the door is completely closed when exiting the storage rooms.” An owner asked if the assigned spaces are part of the ownership in a suite, meaning it is tied to the deed on the unit. The answer to this was no. Storage is just an amenity, not a unit‘s property. Once someone moves out, that space is reassigned.  

Open Forum:

An owner reported that the garage “people” door on the east side has been left open and she has closed it many times. Stan reported that the high winds keep the doors ajar and this is why we went to louvered doors to assist with that problem. She just reminded owners to check that the doors are closed tightly when you exit them. 
An owner asked what came of the vote to allow the marina to share the pool with our residents. It was noted that the marina decided they did not want the liability exposure, so the issue was dropped.

An owner questioned the policy about leashes and about barking pets. Stan reported that the policy and procedures manual states that all dogs MUST be on a leash. If a resident sees a violation, they would need to send documentation to management. With proof of date, time, description and details of the nuisance, letters can be sent out. 
Michelle reported on the “Sonic Egg”. If a dog is nuisance barking and within 50 feet of the egg, when it is turned on, it sends out a sound wave that the dog doesn’t like and they will stop barking. 
The egg seems to work on all sized pets. If you know your dog barks when you leave, turn it on as you leave and the dog will usually settle down quickly.
These can be purchased for $39.95 from Pet Smart on line. Management is willing to loan theirs for up to 2 weeks so that residents can see if it really works before spending the money. Pet Smart also has a smaller version to take on walks and click when the barking starts. 

There is one unit that seems to have a continuous barking problem, so management will deliver the loaner egg to them, explain the process and see if they are willing to try it. Management also suggested that a pet committee be formed to meet with all pet owners and find solutions to the problems. After management has written two letters to no avail, the problem usually escalates to the level of needing an attorney to write the final letter to remove the pet.

Another owner spoke about the light at 520 and Delannoy. She said the crosswalk is dangerous and all residents trying to cross there should be cautious of their surroundings. The resident asked all who know how dangerous this is to contact the Cocoa commissioners about making some changes to the length of time available to cross and to not allow cars to turn into a pedestrian at the same time.

New Business: 
Policies and Procedures Manual Updates: Revised manuals with all the changes underlined or crossed through were sent out to the owners over 30 days ago. There were no comments or suggestions made by the owners. Therefore, Bob made a motion to approve the revised Policies and Procedures Manual as presented, Larry seconded, and all were in favor. Management will send the new manual to be posted to the website and will get copies bound for future needs.  

Roof Cell Towers: Stan and Terry reported that after a meeting with Smart Community Inc., a contract was signed with them to investigate whether any communication companies would be interested in placing their equipment on the roof at Whitley Bay. The cell towers could be 4-6 feet in height, but this consulting company would ensure that it would be aesthetically pleasing while being safe and not harming the building or the roof. At this time, everything is still in the planning stages, but there is possible income to the association of between $18,000 and $22,000 per year. 

Presentation of New Board for 2015:
Stan stated that five members have consented to remain on the board; Stan Bowers, Richard Isom, Larry Ramsay, Robert Shrader, and Terry Yates.

Adjournment: There being no more business to discuss, Larry motioned to adjourn at 8:42 pm. Bob Shrader seconded, all in favor.

Minutes of the Organizational Meeting 
Held immediately after the Annual Meeting 
On Wednesday February 18, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 8:44 pm.

Bob motioned to have all directors stay in their same officer positions. Richard seconded this motion, all in favor.
Therefore Stan Bowers will stay as President, Larry Ramsay will stay on as Vice President, Bob Shrader will stay Treasurer, Terry Yates will be Secretary and Richard Isom will be Director at Large.

Stan Bowers made a motion to adjourn at 8:46 p.m.  Larry Ramsay seconded the motion, all in favor. 

Respectfully submitted,

Lynn Hiott, LCAM
Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, CAM
Community Association Managers  
Reconcilable Differences Team