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Minutes of the
Whitley Bay Annual Members' Meeting
Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Call to Order
Stan Bowers called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm in the Clubhouse. †

Proof of Notice of Meeting
Manager Michelle Davis confirmed that the notice of the annual meeting was posted in the elevators and emailed and mailed to all owners more than 2 weeks in advance of the annual meeting. † †

Certification of Proxies & Establishment of a Quorum
Michelle reported that there were 12 owners present by proxy and 28 suites present in person for a total of 40 suites represented. Since 33 suites were needed to establish a quorum, the meeting was certified.† †

Approval of Minutes from Previous Annual Meeting
Bob Shrader motioned to waive the reading of the minutes and approve the annual minutes from February 28, 2018 as written and posted on the website.†Richard Isom seconded the motion, and all were in favor.†† †

Reports of Officers†

President:† Stan Bowers thanked all Board members and residents who volunteer their time to the community. He has served on the Board for 10 years.

Vice President:† Margherita Ramsay stated that she is the liaison with the janitorial company and she should be contacted if there are any problems. She believes all is going well. Owners agreed.† †

Treasurer: †Bob Shrader thanked Reconcilable Differences for doing a great job managing the financials and keeping the Community on track financially and out of trouble legally. Bob explained that the Association has a budget of approximately $500,000 and the board works very hard to stay within that budget. The final financial report for 2018 showed the Association as $484 under budget, which is a huge success.

Secretary:† Frank Sullivan reported that he has been heading the door painting project. 28 doors out of 131 have been painted. The painter is leaving in April, so a new painter will be needed. He has also been involved with the transition with Spectrum, which has been a frustrating experience. Service appears to be up and running with 300 mgbs, but there have been recent issues that have been escalated to the Account Manager and VP at Spectrum.

Committee Reports

Budget: Bob reported that he works with Michelle in the middle of each year to begin planning for the following year. So far they have had excellent luck keeping the Association on track.

Decorating: Diane Verner stated that the main event is decorating for Christmas. She thanked all residents who assist with the project, especially Roz and Carole. Stan, Richard, and Scott did a great job decorating the balconies with lights.

Exercise: Frank reported on behalf of Judy Bartine that the Fitness Center has had very good utilization. He thanked Reno, a personal trainer, who has helped with maintaining the exercise equipment. Changes to the Fitness Center include Wi-Fi service and a new commercial-grade elliptical. Three weeks ago, the upright bicycle died, and a replacement was purchased last week. With the exception of the recumbent bike, all of the items in the Fitness Center have been upgraded to commercial grade equipment.

Fire Drills: Tom Jensen stated that the Fire Drill Committee doesnít meet often, but they just met on January 4. It was a great learning experience. Tom reported that the building was evacuated in 12 minutes, but this may be an inaccurate depiction of success since half of the residents left the building before the alarm went off. There is a floor captain on each floor responsible for checking each unit and securing the floor. All residents are supposed to meet in the area underneath the pool. The reports from each floor captain are to be collected and submitted to the Fire Department. A test of the fire extinguisher standpipes revealed large amounts of mud in the pipes, so they will have to cleaned out. The last drill revealed rocks in the hoses on the roof, so that needs to be fixed as well. Tom stated that Whitley Bay is well advanced in their efforts to prepare for fire safety, and the Fire Department is thankful for the Associationís efforts. They send their new guys to train on the hoses. Itís advantageous to the Association that the firemen are familiar with the property. Some members of the Fire Committee have moved away, leaving only Tom and Rich Krasinski. Tom asks for more volunteers to learn, observe, and re-organize every couple of years.

Floor Captains: Diane Verner thanked all the volunteers who serve as Floor Captains. Not only do they serve during Fire Drills, but they work to welcome and inform new residents regarding parking and fire drills. A new floor captain will be needed very soon for the 10th floor.

Landscaping: Richard Isom reported that the only project completed this year on top of regular maintenance was redoing the front entrance. 3 crepe myrtles were put in at the front last month, and next month he plans to put in 3 more. Stan stated that the main entrance provides the first impression to visitors and Richard has done a great job keeping it maintained and beautiful.

Maintenance: Stan reported that the maintenance needs of the building are increasing. The building has been occupied for 15 years and repairs are becoming more frequent. There is a painter helping now, but they will be leaving, and it is impossible for Scott to be responsible for both painting and repairs. Itís not just a simple paint job; the doors have to sanded, primed, the hinges have to be repaired, and more. It takes about 2 weeks to complete 10 doors, which is more than 1.5 days per door. Stan thanked everyone who has been using the online Attention Form on Reconcilable Differences website. It helps create organization and accountability. Some of the big projects this year included replacing the spa heater for $6,000. Lighting was replaced and upgraded in 275 sconces, the ramp, and the elevator. The elevator pads were replaced; the old ones were saved for work contractors. Funds permitting, he hopes to upgrade the Rec Room, the bathroom and kitchen, the Lobby soon. An engineer will be on-site tomorrow to provide a Reserve Analysis.

Newsletter: Loretta stated that she tries to publish 4 newsletters a year. It includes social events and important community information. All residents are welcome to submit ideas, community photos, or information for the Newsletter.

Parking: Diane reported that the Parking Committee is down to 2 volunteers. The team walks the parking lot and ensures that all vehicles are properly registered, checks that all doors are locked. If more volunteers can be added to the team, the responsibility can be rotated to relieve the pressure from 1 person. Diane asked that if the numbers on the parking decal are fading out from the sun, please write over them with a Sharpie so they can be clearly read. Another volunteer stated that some of the decals are placed behind mirrors or facing inward so that they canít be seen. Diane asked that residents send a quick email to her if they get a new vehicle or license plate.

Pool: Mike Mervis reported that there are 6 residents serving on the Pool Committee. They recently performed a survey regarding the pool use that came back with positive results. A sign-in sheet at the pool indicated that one-third of the community used the pool during the test months. He thanked Ken and John at the Marina for working to brighten up both pool bathrooms with fresh paint and a deep cleaning. He thanked his wife for finding some floral prints at a thrift shop to decorate the womenís bathroom. There were requests for more shade at the pool, but the Committee met with the Board and representatives from the Marina, who are concerned about liability issues with permanent fixtures. For the time being, the umbrellas on the round tables will have to suffice. They have crank handles, and Mike asked that they be tied down when done with them. There were other requests to lengthen the poolís operating hours, but Mike stated that the hours are based on dusk to dawn, which varies throughout the year. The Pool Committee is also working to organize a water aerobics class. A heating plan has been put into place that turns the water heater off after 3 consecutive days below 70 degrees. The pool is heated around 86 degrees. Mary Ellen has created a Q&A about the pool. Many residents didnít know about the new steps. Workouts in the pool are encouraged for people who may have difficulty working out in the Fitness Center! Ken has a key to what? for those who are unable to get out of the pool using the steps.

Reserves: Bob Shrader reported a contract was just signed with the company that is going to come in and provide the Reserve Analysis. The last review was done 5 years ago, and Michelle has worked with this company before. An engineer will analyze the entire building and provide feedback on what repairs and expenses to expect and budget for.

Review: Diane Verner stated that all residents can submit a form for approval on placing anything outside your unit. It cannot block the walkway or access to your unit.

Security: Wayne Sanders reported that the security system was upgraded last year. Each camera was adjusted to allow better coverage of all doors. The security cameras can be viewed live on Channel 732. Wayne stated that his biggest concern is the front door. He watches people hold the door open for strangers who donít know the code. Do not give the code out to pizza delivery drivers. Contractors are propping the door open and leaving it. During their last visit, the Police Department recommended that all residents leave all doors locked. If you see someone standing outside the door waiting to gain access by someone who knows the code, kindly tell them you canít give access to a stranger or teach them how to use the call box. The rule has always been that the numbers in the call box numbers must be a ď321Ē area code to avoid long distance call charges to the Association. Michelle is going to research if the callbox is serviced by Spectrum now, which would include long distance calls.

Social: Loretta reported that there were approximately 10 gatherings in 2018. There are 10 volunteers on the Social Committee, and they met in January to map out the events for 2019. Events include the Super Bowl, St. Pattyís Day, a luau, Cinco De Mayo, Ladies Lunch, October Fest, and more. New volunteers and new ideas are always welcome!

Storage: Don Verner reported that there are no storage spaces available. All residents should be careful about what is stored in the units, because they are inspected by the Fire Marshall for fire hazards.

Open Forum

Tom announced that a Firearm Instructor would be providing a safety presentation on firearms the following week. There will be a signup sheet and a $5 cost per person.

Mike asked if a trash can could be placed at the mailbox clusters to avoid dragging junk mail around. There is a trash can inside the garage.

A resident asked if there will be a presentation on the results of the Reserve Analysis. Stan stated a presentation isnít planned, but a lengthy report will be provided for the Boardís review. The Board welcomed the resident to join the Board in review of the report.

A resident reminded the Board that she is having constant issues with her water pipes and sand intrusion. Her stems are disintegrating, and her bathtub is corroding. She requested that the Board get a filter for the building. Stan stated that the holding tanks are purged on a weekly basis. The Board is going to try and help her analyze the water to see if the sediment is coming from outside the building or inside the building. Another resident stated he has had similar issues with sediment in his hot water.

A resident asked what will be involved in renovating the lobby. Stan stated that Diane is getting some really nice plants. Volunteers are welcome to join the Committee. Decisions will not be made until after the Reserve Analysis is completed and financial plans for upgrades are made.

A resident mentioned he believes more information should be shared with all residents about the Fire Safety Drill. He felt very uninformed during the drill.

Unfinished Business:† Nothing to report.† †

New Business:†Nothing to report.†

Presentation of New Board for 2018:† Stan stated that the Board of Directors will be remaining the same in 2018. The audience applauded.† †

Adjournment:†There being no further business to discuss, an owner motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:20 pm.† Richard Isom seconded, and all were in favor.†

*****Minutes of the Organizational Meeting****
held immediately after the Annual Memberís Meeting
on Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The meeting was†called to order†at 8:28 pm. †

Bob made a motion to keep all officers in their current positions. Richard seconded, all were in favor. Stan Bowers will continue as Board President, Margherita Ramsay will again serve as Vice President, Bob Shrader will continue as Treasurer, Frank Sullivan will be Secretary and Richard Isom will continue as Director at Large.

Frank mentioned that a new bike needs to be placed in the Fitness Center. The bike will cost $2,504. Bob made a motion to pay for the new bike with Reserves. Frank seconded, all were in favor. It will be purchased within 2 weeks.

Stan said he and Michelle have been working towards creating a schedule for Board Meetings. A quarterly schedule may not necessarily work when there are requirements regarding Budget meeting, Annual meetings, etc. Frank stated that he believes that regular meetings with face-to-face discussions are much more valuable than emails. Michelle advised that she has some properties that meet every month, and some that meet 2-3 times a year, or as needed. It does not have to be a pre-set schedule.

Frank mentioned that the Board needs to discuss the pros and cons of installing elevator security cameras.

The Board and Michelle are going to work towards finding out what telephone company is providing phone line service for the callbox on the building. If it is Spectrum, then the phone numbers for each unit will not have to be ď321Ē area codes. Other companies may charge for long distance phone calls.

Adjournment:†There being no further business to transact, the meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm. The next Board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 15th at 7pm. There will be a tentative meeting scheduled after the Reserve Analysis is completed.

Respectfully Submitted,
Michelle Davis
Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, LCAM #17226
Community Association Manager
Reconcilable Differences, Inc.