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Minutes of the
Whitley Bay Annual Members' Meeting
Wednesday, February 28, 2018

  Call to Order: Stan Bowers called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm in the Rec Room.  

Proof of Notice of Meeting: Manager Michelle Davis confirmed that the notice of the annual meeting was posted in the elevators and emailed to all owners more than 2 weeks in advance of the annual meeting.    

Certification of Proxies & Establishment of a Quorum: Michelle reported that there were 11 owners present by proxy and 24 suites present in person for a total of 38 suites represented. Since thirty-three suites were needed to establish a quorum, the meeting was certified.   

Approval of Minutes from Previous Annual Meeting: Bob Shrader motioned to waive the reading of the minutes and approve the annual minutes from February 15, 2017 as written and posted on the website. Richard Isom seconded the motion, and all were in favor.    

Reports of Officers:  
Stan Bowers stated that it had been a good but trying year.  He recalled the challenges the community faced when power and water were lost during Hurricane Irma.   

Vice President: Margherita Ramsay had nothing to report but mentioned the new lights that everyone loves.   

Treasurer's Report: Bob Shrader reported that Whitley Bay ended the year with a $7,000 surplus.  That money was used to purchase all new sconces for the community, with an additional $1,700 from the Reserves. Bob thanked Stan for his efforts in finding the right bulbs and fixtures at less than $30 for each fixture. He also helped to install them, with Frank, Richard, and Scott. An owner stated that an electrician quoted him $40 an hour, so they saved a great deal of money by using the employee and 3 volunteer board members. Bob predicted that this should be another great year.   

Committee Reports: 
  Margherita Ramsay had nothing to report. The appraisal is done every 36 months.  

Insurance:  Margherita stated that the budget for the insurance master policy was $57,264, but thanks to Larry's hard work, they were able to negotiate the policy $3,330 under budget.  Margherita stated that the new insurance company, NuVantage, has provided a letter that will assist with expediting the requests for insurance certificates. Michelle stated that this form is on the website and can be sent directly to NuVantage. Stan asked Michelle if flood insurance and wind mitigation policies were available on the website.  Michelle stated that flood insurance wasn't available yet, and that she had asked Barfield several times about wind mitigation, with no luck. She believes he has to contract someone else to complete it.  She recommended asking Honor Inspection to complete the wind mitigation inspection for $125.   

Budget: Bob stated that he and Michelle put a lot of work into the budget, and they were able to maintain the same fee as last year.  He explained that the budget was getting harder to maintain each year as the 15-year old building gets older.  Bob stated that 2 new pumps at $2,000 each were installed in the pool and the spa.  The spa heater needs to be replaced as well, which will cost another $5,500 minimum. The audience applauded their efforts.   

Contracts: Margherita stated that she is currently managing the cleaning contract with USA Cleaning.  She said if anyone has a complaint or issue, please reach out to her so she can contact USA Cleaning.  Margherita is pleased with their cleaning service so far.  An audience member asked if there were any updates to the Spectrum contract. Stan stated that there was a proposal in the works, but the deal had not been finalized.   

Decorating: Diane Verner stated that decorating for Christmas had been great fun. She thanked Lindsay, Loretta, Carole, and Cametta for helping decorate both lobbies and the recreation room.  Diane also thanked Stan, Richard, and Scott for stringing the lights on the balconies.  Diane stated that the silk trees and other small updates were replaced in February to update the lobby.  Some of the old palms were also replaced with silk palms.  The same local designer, Suzie Fromm, is completing the project and still has some other small updates to finish.   

Exercise Room: Committee chairman Frank Sullivan was not present, but Stan read an emailed report from Frank. Last year the TV was upgraded.  Two years ago, a survey was completed that recommended the exercise equipment be updated on a scheduled basis.  The most pressing need is for the elliptical to be upgraded, and Frank is currently seeking quotes for a commercial level product.  The upright and recumbent bicycles need to be replaced next.  With the exception of the elliptical, all of the equipment in the exercise room is 14 years old.  If the upgrades are delayed until the Reserves have the money needed to replace the equipment, the equipment will be 20 years old.  Frank reiterated that the community should continue efforts to replace one piece of exercise equipment each year, to maintain a high qualify fitness center.  In the email, Frank encouraged all residents to use the fitness center regularly to improve their health.  Frank welcomes any ideas and recommendations for the fitness center.   

Floor Captains: Diane Verner thanked the floor captains that help to welcome new residents, answer questions, help with fire drills, and assist the parking committee with visitors.   Diane named the floor captains for each floor.  Diane stated that if anyone could not locate their floor captain, she could be contacted for assistance with parking passes, etc.   

Landscape: Richard Isom reported that community landscaping took a hard hit during hurricane season, but that repairs were slowly being completed. Richard mentioned that cars that back into parking spaces in the front lot and leave the engine running are killing the hedge.  A member of the audience asked if the sprinklers could be controlled at the front entrance, and Richard answered that it was becoming an issue, and they would have to be completely replaced.  It should take a couple of weeks to get it corrected.   

Maintenance: Stan reported that maintenance is a never-ending project, and if projects are delayed as times goes on, it gets harder to keep up.  Earlier in the year, a decision was made to only use one maintenance employee, and contract USA Cleaning for janitorial services. Stan reported that both the metal roof and terracotta tile roof were replaced this year.  24 drains in the roof were also replaced and the roof was resealed.  Frank, Richard, Scott, and Stan worked together to replace 275 lights around the building.  Everyone applauded their efforts.  Stan mentioned that a new controller was also purchased for the new state-of-the-art chill water system on the roof, which was recently replaced and is operating very well. For the upcoming year, Stan stated that the stairwells need a professional deep clean and fresh paint.  Shutter boxes on the balcony columns, balcony walls, and windowsills, also need fresh paint this year.  Stan reported that there aren't any other large foreseeable projects this year, and he hopes it is a calm year ahead without any major issues.   

Newsletter: Loretta Bowers reported that the newsletter is supposed to go out 3 or 4 times a year, but the first newsletter of the year has been delayed.  It should be published within the next month.  She thanked everyone who helps contribute information to the Newsletter Committee.   

Parking: Diane Verner reported that two of the five members of the Parking Committee will be moving out of Whitley Bay, and a third member is often out of town. They are looking for additional volunteers to help the remaining 2 members.  Members help control the parking lot, watch for unknown vehicles, check for unlocked doors, and more.  Diane also asked that everyone take a Sharpie and touch up the unit numbers written on their parking decals.  Diane stated that she has some owners who are willing to rent out their hangtag if anyone needs an additional space. Please reach out to her if interested.   

Pool Committee: Mike Mervis was out of town, so Judy Bartine reported they have been working on a plan to save heating costs during rainy seasons or freezing temperatures.  They are also working to beautify the pool to attract more visitors. Steps were installed in the pool last year.  Judy welcomed any ideas for improving the pool area.  You can send them an email or use the signup sheets posted on the second floor. The pool bathrooms also need to be painted soon.   

Reserves: Bob had nothing new to report. He said that the Reserves are in good shape.  There were some large needs in 2017 that required the use of some of the Reserves, but he hopes to have the Reserves replenished this year.   

Review Committee: Diane Verner reported that Lindsay Leinss recently resigned from the Committee, so she and Carole Jensen are the only members remaining.  New volunteers for the Review Committee would be greatly appreciated.  All owners who have submitted requests for items at their door have been approved, however there are several doors with items that have not been submitted for approval.  Diane asked that anyone who has not submitted a request for items at unit doors should contact her for the request form.   

Security: Wayne Sanders reported there is an issue with a garage door not closing properly on the first floor.  If anyone sees the door open, he asked that they please reset the door or ask someone for help to reset it.  Wayne reminded everyone to keep their cars locked in case anyone was able to get in and wander around the garage.  Wayne also mentioned that he's been watching the front door on the surveillance cameras, and there have been several unsafe instances of the front door being left ajar, propped open, or residents letting strangers in. Stan explained that under the ramp parking area, there must be a vehicle that is causing the garage door controller to lock out.  Please be aware of this when you drive through the garage door. if the door does not close soon after you go through, let us know so your remote can be reprogrammed to work properly. Stan mentioned that sometimes the wind catches the personnel doors on the east and west sides of the building, and they are being left open.  He asked that all residents take care to close all doors behind them.   

Social: Loretta thanked the many residents who are not part of the Social Committee, but regularly assist with putting on community events.  Loretta reported that there were 6 events in 2017, and it takes an entire team of residents to setup, cleanup, and pull off a great event.  They welcome anyone who is willing to come help!   

Storage: Don Verner reminded everyone that just because there is an empty space, doesn't mean that the space hasn't been assigned to another resident.   

Open Forum:  Stan thanked everyone for their active participation in all the committees. There were no additional questions or comments.   

Unfinished Business:  Nothing to report.   

New Business: Nothing to report.   

Presentation of New Board for 2018:  Stan stated that the Board of Directors will be remaining the same in 2018. An audience member thanked all the Board members for their hard work to keep the residents safe, and everyone applauded.   

Adjournment: There being no further business to discuss, Margherita motioned to adjourn at 8:15 pm.  Richard seconded, and all were in favor. 

************Minutes of the Organizational Meeting*********************
held immediately after the Annual Meeting
on Wednesday February 28, 2018

  The meeting was called to order at 8:25 pm  

All agreed to keep their positions the same. Stan Bowers will continue as Board President, Margherita Ramsay will again serve as Vice President, Bob Shrader will continue as Treasurer, Frank Sullivan will be Secretary and Richard Isom will continue as Director at Large.

Adjournment: There being no further business to transact, the meeting adjourned at 8:43 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Michelle Davis, CAM, CMCA, AMS