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Minutes of the
 Whitley Bay Annual Members' Meeting
 Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Call to Order: Stan Bowers called the meeting together at 7:00 pm in the Whitley Bay Recreation Room.

Proof of Notice of Meeting: Manager Michelle Davis affirmed that the notice of the annual meeting was posted in the elevators and mailed to all owners on February 4, 2013, more than 14 days in advance of the annual meeting. 

Certification of Proxies & Establishment of a Quorum: Michelle reported that there were 21 owners present by proxy and 17 units present in person for a total of 38 units represented. Since thirty-three units were needed to establish a quorum, the meeting was certified. 

Approval of Minutes from Previous Annual Meeting:  Larry motioned to waive the reading of the minutes and approve the annual minutes from February 22, 2012 as written and posted on the website.  Richard Isom seconded the motion, and all were in favor.

Reports of Officers
President:  Stan Bowers thanked all owners and Board members for a very successful past year. He said we managed to make it through without calamities and there was cooperation in everything.
The building is in good shape, based on the walk through recently conducted. Stan said it was a good year, and was all due to cooperation and input from volunteers and residents of Whitley Bay.

Vice President: Larry Ramsay thanked Michelle for her year of service, and stated that he has been on the Board for four years, along with Stan and Bob. Richard and Terry joined last year, and it has been a good team. We all care about the building and the money being spent. We also care about the residents at Whitley Bay. The condo has the reputation as an outstanding building; the top choice on the Space Coast.

He said the recent building inspection report, chaired by Tom Jensen, said things have improved in the past 5 years. We had to replace the 2 cooling towers two years ago at a cost of $132K, before their life should have been up, because they were rusting away and had to be replaced. Alex was in charge of that replacement.

Re-coating and repairs to the roof: Don Verner, a past Board member, along with Brock McNally, were the team to get the roof repaired and re-coated, at a cost of $43,000 from reserves. We remodeled the 1st and 2nd floor lobbies and the floors of the elevators. This increased the look of the condo to a very upscale and desirable place to live. Wayne was mainly responsible for upgrading the security system, but everyone needs to be involved to protect our homes.

There was a lot of painting done this last year. Both Roy and Scott love to paint and did a lot of interior and exterior painting. They will be painting the walkways this year, along with the exercise room. And the exercise room will also have new carpet in the near future.
There were some major repairs done at the pool this year; deck cracks filled, etc.

Larry asked that everyone take pride in this place. If you see something that needs to be repaired or cleaned, tell the management company or a Board member. Do not assume someone else will see it. This is not a hotel, it is our home. Things have to be done properly.

Treasurer's Report:  Bob Shrader reported a number of things have been done and a few more will be done in the next 6 months. This year is the 3rd year of not raising the maintenance fees. In fact it went down, and he felt this was helpful to all.
Last year ended with cash and reserves of $375K, and the Association fees at 100% current! No one owed any past due amounts. We had a $440K budget for 2012 and beat it by $3,500.  That is half a percent of the budget. We did very well. 

Committee Reports:
APPRAISAL: Larry reported that the last one was done April 23, 2012, by Urgent Appraisals. The building replacement cost is now at $20,739,000.00. That does not include the interiors of each unit. Insurance agents state $38 per square foot is a fair price for replacements of interior finishes of the suites. That does not include granite and upgrades, so all owners are cautioned to speak to their agents about increased prices for replacement in case of damage.
A new appraisal will be done in the last quarter of this year. Management was asked to obtain information on different appraisal companies.

BUDGET: Bob stated that the fees were lowered for 2013 by $5.00 per month. We are doing a good job of keeping expenditures low. 

CONTRACTS: No comments made.

DECORATION: Diane said many members helped her at Christmas and she really appreciated them. 
They purchased LED lights for all balconies, and they all stayed lit this year. They also installed new outlets, so no extension cords needed to be used.  Shrubs and tree lights will have to be replaced in 2013. Diane was asked to get a projection of funds needed. 

EXERCISE: Frank Sullivan stated that we will be replacing carpet and repainting soon, if approved by the new board. Carpet is scheduled for March 18th, and the first two weeks of Mar are scheduled for perimeter painting, and then one day, Monday, March 18th, the room will be closed to complete it. Reno is aware.

They have ordered the components that are missing; feet and wheels. When all the equipment is put back in, all the repairs will be made. We need volunteers to scrub equipment, and help move the equipment out and then back in at end of day. This work will start at 8 am on the 18th.

FIRE DRILL: Tom Jensen asked if anyone wanted to have this done again. The firemen want to use the drill for their training as well, and as he reminded everyone, the fire hydrant blew out of the ground when it was tested last year, He also asked if we wanted an unannounced or a scheduled drill to train the floor captains. It was decided a scheduled one would be better. He will set it up.

FLOOR CAPTAINS: Ann Diaz could not be here. We will have to find a penthouse floor captain because Nancy is moving.

INSURANCE: Larry saved the Association money. He requested six quotes and four were received. American Capital has been the insurer for a number of years and will be again, through Bill Friedman at A Professional Insurance, who has been our agent for many years. There is a 3% hurricane deductible, which will have to be covered by the owners, so Larry explained the H06 policies that all owners need to have. Agent Bill Freeman also writes homeowner policies. The condo’s 3% hurricane deductible means over $600K is the shared responsibility of all, so Larry recommended increasing the standard $2K loss assessment coverage to $10K. It is not expensive and since the building deductible comes to $9,375.00 per unit, this coverage is appropriate. He did state that most personal policies have 
a $500 deductible for loss assessment but to check with your agent. 

LANDSCAPE: Richard Isom said there were bare spots in back where the drain is, and those are scheduled to be sodded. Re-mulching will be done in the next 2 weeks.

MAINTENANCE: Stan was given this job while he was out of town, but he said the maintenance staff of Roy and Scott is outstanding; even visitors have glowing comments.
Painting went on all year, and the last phase will be painting the common balconies (walkways) in front of doors. This will require cooperation from everyone. There will be prep work and residents cannot leave their homes (or return if out) while the paint dries. He asked that everyone be tolerant of the process. Don Verner noted that the guys are asked a lot to go into units to do extra work. The Board asked that people set appointments with them to go in after their work day at Whitley Bay is done, but all realize that the men may need to enter to ascertain whether something is a personal or common Association problem to repair.

NEWSLETTER: Loretta Bowers & Lindsay Leinss are thankful for people who take photos and send them in. Their goal is to put out four newsletters per year. They always send out requests for suggestions, and they really hope that everyone reads them. Also, the committee is open to ALL volunteers who are interested!

PARKING: Diane Verner stated that the committee now consists of her, Tom Jensen and Kathy Stillson Perley. Tow away signs have been put up and one car was towed. We have a full house now. With more full time residents coming in, the parking problems will just get worse, so PLEASE use your garages for at least one vehicle. We only have one open space per unit, and only 2 extra spots. Please clean out garages and do not use them for storage.

RESERVES: Larry stated that the last analysis was completed April 14, 2011. It is budgeted to have a new study done in 2013. Bids will be obtained. This helps the Board know how much they need to budget for repairs and replacements. We have ten “capital items”. We currently have $258,733.00 in the reserve accounts. We will be using reserve money to pay for the exercise room carpet. 

SECURITY: Wayne Sanders could not attend, but he did procure new recording equipment. This records for 30 plus days, based on the resolution required. The Board signed a maintenance contract with ADS to maintain all the equipment. Previously, it was all was done by volunteers, who had no expertise on technical issues. 

SOCIAL: Carole Jensen stated that 11 residents are now volunteering to chair parties, so it is much easier to have more functions. In January, they had a planning meeting. There was a Superbowl party, tonight’s dinner, a St. Patrick’s Day party in March, and in April, the women will go to Winter Park to shop. In May, the Kentucky Derby will be shown and all are expected to wear their hats.
In June and August, there will be popcorn and movie nights, and in September a “50’s/60’s/70’s party will be put together. In November, Kathy Perley will chair a pool and poker party and our annual Christmas Party is planned for December. 
Other things that are scheduled: Cametta will have some luncheon meetings, and Pat has watercolor classes weekly. They are looking for new ideas, so please contact management to make sure a date isn’t reserved, and then you can coordinate a class that you think people might be interested in coming to. Please Join us! 

STORAGE: Don Verner reported that every suite that has asked has a 4 by 6 area. If one is empty, please do not assume it is empty and use it. Some people just haven’t started using their spaces yet. Nothing flammable is allowed (paint, etc) and you can stack things only 8 feet high. Several are stacked too high, and the fire inspector is coming soon. If a box is too close to a fire sprinkler, we will get written up. Please check your stacks and lower them if necessary. There are only four spaces left, all on the first floor, but you must ask Don to reserve one. Stan noted that Roy was asked to put protective covers over those sprinklers in the storage rooms and the lobby on the 1st floor.

Open Forum:
A resident said we only have three handicapped spaces and need more. Stan said this was never discussed before, so the Board had no knowledge of a problem. Diane said there is one space on the 2nd floor that could be used, but the person who brought this up felt the two spaces by the 1st floor lobby door should be marked as handicapped.

Larry asked Tom about the engineering study. Tom said five years ago, because of the bylaws requiring it, the Board hired professional engineers to do a study. There is a lot of expertise in this building by our own residents, and they took a whole day to look at the infrastructure. He was amazed at how much better it looks than 5 years ago; even the roof. On Monday, professionals will be here to go through everything, but the committee is pleased with how everything looks. The upper floors need exterior paint. It is peeling. Alex has been concerned about hidden plumbing; the big copper pipes in the walls that could burst or leak and cause thousands of dollars in repairs. 

Recycling was discussed. There is a sign on each container that tells what can and cannot go in the bins. Garbage and plastic bags cannot go in the recycle bins. Everything else can be mixed together.
Larry said he called a guy he knew at Waste Management, and in 10 minutes, they were at his door with six of these signs.

Roy has said that garbage is being left sitting in stairwells or on the floor of the trash chute room. He also noted that cardboard is not being broken down. This MUST be done and the flattened boxes need to be taken out to the west side of the building to large dumpster that says “cardboard only”. 
The box dumpster is also being used to throw away lawn furniture, baby seats, tv’s, etc.  

It was noted that the carts for groceries are clearly labeled “Please return to… floor”  but are not being properly returned.

Another resident said the storage room windows don’t look good from the road. You can see people’s stored items. Don said he would look into that.
New Business: 
Stan motioned to renovate the exercise room, adding new carpet and painting, at a cost of $2,240.00 for carpet and $150 for paint, taken from reserves. Larry seconded, all in favor. It was noted that “gloss industrial paint” will be used, because the current paint comes off when being cleaned. As justification for replacing the carpets when asked why, Brock McNally said that he and his wife steam cleaned them 2 years ago, which helped, but they needed to be replaced then, due to a water leak two years before that.

Presentation of New Board for 2013:
Stan stated that four members have consented to remain on the board; Stan Bowers, Richard Isom, Larry Ramsay and Robert Shrader.

Terry Yates was willing to serve, so due to the procedural requirement of the statute, the Board has the right to appoint her at the next meeting.

Adjournment: There being no more business to discuss, Larry Ramsay motioned to adjourn at 8:10 pm. Richard Isom seconded, all in favor.

Minutes of the Organizational Meeting 
held immediately after the Annual Meeting 
on Wednesday February 27, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 8:15 pm.

Bob motioned to have Terry serve on the Board again. Larry seconded, all in favor.

Larry motioned to have Stan Bowers stay on as President. Bob seconded, all in favor.

Stan motioned to have all directors stay in their same officer positions. All agreed, so Larry Ramsay will stay as Vice President, Bob Shrader will stay Treasurer, Terry Yates will be secretary and Richard Isom will be Director at Large. Richard seconded this motion, all in favor.

Michelle noted that Brighthouse Cable has given us another gift card for residents who signed up for extra services. The last one was for $500, and this one presented tonight was for $230.00. Bob accepted it, to be used for maintenance purchases.

Stan Bowers made a motion to adjourn at 8:40 p.m.  Larry Ramsay seconded the motion, all in favor. 

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, CAM
Community Association Manager  
Reconcilable Differences, Inc.