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Minutes of the
 Whitley Bay Board Meeting
 Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Call to Order: Stan Bowers called the meeting together at 7:00 pm in the Whitley Bay Recreation Room. Five unit owners attended.

Establish Quorum of Directors: All three Board members were in attendance: President Stan Bowers, VP Larry Ramsay, and Secretary/Treasurer Bob Shrader.

Proof of Notice of Meeting: Manager Michelle Dugan affirmed that the notice of the meeting was posted in the elevators 48 hours in advance of this meeting.

Approval of Minutes from November 17, 2011 meeting: Larry motioned to approve them as printed. Bob seconded, all in favor. These are currently on the website, available for review.

Financial Report: Bob said we are in a very strong cash position and will place some of the money in a CD soon. Rates are extremely low, but getting some interest is better than nothing. All expenses are within budget right now.  Bob motioned to use Reserves for the cost of the water meters purchased from the City of Cocoa in order to lower our sewer bills for the cooling towers. All were in favor.

Michelle was asked to update the Board with regard to Units #301 and #804. 
She stated that #301 will be auctioned next month and if no one purchases the unit for what the bank needs, which has been noted is $420K, the bank will take it back, and as of the date of sale, they will pay 12 months of monthly assessments or 1% of the original mortgage, whichever is less, and then will be responsible for monthly assessments going forward until they find a buyer. 
There was much discussion about suing Mr. DeNiro for the balance owed on his account after the bank takes over, but it was noted that there are tax liens against him and he is now living in California, so while we have the option to sue, it may cost more in legal fees to do so.

Regarding #804, the bank has just taken that back as a “Deed in Lieu” of foreclosure, and they will be responsible for all fees currently due, which are March’s fee and a small balance from February. They have listed the unit with a local realtor who has been in touch with manager to obtain a total owed, and with Stan to obtain an amenity key.

Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting:  Larry motioned to waive the reading of the minutes and approve the minutes from February 23, 2011 as changed by Larry. Bob seconded the motion, and all were in favor. These will be posted to the website.

Unfinished Business: 
Lawn Care by our Maintenance Personnel:  Stan stated that we have self-starting, hardworking maintenance employees and they feel that they will have excess time on their hands after the building painting is soon completed.

They want to have more work to keep busy. One of their proposals is to take over the lawn maintenance, which we currently contract out with Artistic Grounds Maintenance. Larry Ramsay and Richard Isom have overseen the grounds committee for the past few years, so were asked for their opinions. Larry stated that over two months ago, Roy approached him about this new work. Larry feels that there is still a lot of work to be completed and preventive maintenance can be done. Roy obtained a quote of $2,000 for a small mower and equipment, but Larry is afraid of overtaxing the two employees. There are a lot of other things to do around the building, and he feels the current landscape contractor is doing a good job and does not want to stretch the employees too far.  It was noted that we currently pay Artistic $560.00 per month.

Richard felt the same way. It costs less than $9 per unit per month for the grounds maintenance right now.
After much discussion, the majority of the Board felt the current landscape company is doing a good job, they do not want to over tax the employees and also feel that there is plenty of work to do around the building. Bob motioned to stay with what is working. Larry seconded, all in favor.

Renting of Lift for Painting: The maintenance men have painted almost all the areas that they can get to without a lift. They obtained costs for a lift to take them up 120 feet high. For one week, this is $4200. Larry felt the unpainted areas of the building are still in good condition, plus it could be dangerous for them. The next step is for the men to paint the walkways, the suite doors, and the chase doors. Long range plans include the walls, ceilings and floors of each unit’s balcony, as well as the front unit doors, because these are in great need.

After much discussion, Larry recommended we not rent a lift. Bob seconded that motion. Stan felt this building is not conducive to the use of a lift either, with the angles and water. All agreed and this issue was dropped.

Updated List of Contractors for Resident Use:  Stan stated that with Roy’s help he updated the list. More changes were also made by others and we will asterisk those used by the Association and add the list to the “fast facts” or by email to everyone.

New Business:
Appoint Two New Directors: Stan stated that Terry Yates & Richard Isom offered to serve and he motioned to appoint them both as directors on the Board. Bob seconded, all in favor. Larry stated that Bill Coleman in #403 also offered to serve if anyone has to resign.

ADS Security Equipment Maintenance Proposal: Stan stated that currently, ADS supplies service covering the video recorder maintenance, at $32 per month. They also monitor the boiler room alarm.

They have bid to install a camera at the west side entrance, further north of the roll up door to cover the garage door, the trash door and both personnel doors on the west side. This bid also includes a new camera at the front driveway ramp. The bid of $1,340 provides wire, labor, and surge protectors. The Association would provide the conduit. 
A resident asked if we record. We do, and if needed, we can go back about 30 days to look at any incident that occurs. Bob motioned to approve this expense from miscellaneous building components reserves. Larry seconded, all in favor. 

They gave a second bid to cover 22 cameras, power supplies for 2 recorders, 6 surge protectors, the uninterrupted power supply to maintain proper voltage, and the labor to clean and refocus all cameras once per year, and 4 hours of training per year. They would not cover conduit or computer parts, but basically cover all existing hardware and supplies for $125 per month, as a repair and replacement maintenance contract.

There was much discussion about this. We rarely call for outside help because we have knowledgeable owners who have helped troubleshoot and repair things in the past. Wayne had expressed that it might not be needed, but it was stated that he will be gone for 2 to 3 months at a time and labor rates without a contract are very high, at $80 per hour.

The recorders are brand new, but the cameras are eight years old, so will need to be replaced in the future. There was also discussion that parts of the new contract are already covered under the current policy, so manager will call ADS to see if we can cancel the $32 contract and just have the $125 per month contract cover all that is currently covered plus the new items.
Larry motioned to table this agreement until the next meeting, to obtain clarification on the total. Bob seconded, all in favor.

 There was discussion about the front door camera. There is currently no price to relocate that one, which all can see on their TV’s, but only shows the top of the visitor’s head.

Owner Forum / Other Business:
Stan stated that Pop-A-Lock was not able to repair the broken door handle lock to outside, even after three hours. Roy had the original installer, Secure Safe and Lock, come over. He also could not get it repaired, so he put a new lock in, took the old one back to his shop, and still could not fix it. Therefore, we have a $700 bill to replace that lock, which had to be done for security reasons. He stated that we will also be billed for elevator boards that control the gongs and arrows. Seven of them were not working, so must be replaced. That cost is $1142.00. Larry believed that should be a maintenance cost, and included in the contract, so he will look into that. Larry motioned to hold on this payment until he clarifies it. Bob seconded, all in favor

Committee Reports:
Social: Lindsay stated that the group will be on the gambling boat on April 21st, on May 4th is the Kentucky Derby party, and the newsletter is coming out in April.

Landscaping: Richard Isom stated that discharge off the roof is always an eyesore on the back of the building, so he asked Artistic for a bid to fix the problem. Micah delivered a rough sketch, and bid digging down, getting a lot of the “muck” out, and adding gravel for the roof liquids to drain through. Last year we asked for costs from other companies, and Artistic’s cost was reasonable. All agreed the back of the building is a mess and the work is needed. Larry motioned to spend $1,053.80 with Artistic Landscaping to fix the problem. Richard seconded the motion, all in favor.

Storage: Diane stated for Don that all but two spots are taken, but most that need one have one.

Parking: Diane stated that we should have less congestion as snowbirds leave. Also, there have not been any issues lately except for the Mardi Gras confrontation. She asked that the Board not ask for volunteers to man the parking area, but ask people to park in the spots so people will just drive away, because there was some verbal abuse when non-residents were asked to leave.

Review (walkways items): The committee consists of Alex Sinilnikoff, Joy Dickson, and Diane Verner. Terry Yates was on the committee, but now that she is a board member, we need someone to take her place. This committee will approve or recommend changes to anyone desiring to place items outside their entrance doors. Anything on walls will be refused, because what one person thinks is tasteful, another might not, so walls will stay clear and residents can take those requests to the Board if they really want something on their wall. If a resident wants to request permission, the forms are in the lobby, or from Diane Verner, and the form will be placed on the management’s website. The completed forms are to be placed in the box in the garage that is adjacent to the first floor lobby door. Stan checks this daily for Diane. It was noted that three owners have not asked for permission for items they placed outside. Management will write letters and send the form to them.

Appraisal: Larry stated that the insurance appraisal will be done next month.

Set Next Meeting Date: Stan stated that if needed, the next meeting will be held on the 4th Wednesday of April, April 25th. 

Adjournment: Larry motioned to adjourn at 8:25 pm. Stan seconded, all in favor.

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, CAM
Community Association Manager  
Reconcilable Differences, Inc.