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Minutes of the
 Whitley Bay Condominium Association, Inc.
 Board Meeting

Call to Order: President Stan Bowers called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm in the Whitley Bay Recreation Room.  Nine owners attended.

Establish Quorum of Directors: Board members in attendance: President Stan Bowers, VP Larry Ramsay, Secretary/Treasurer Bob Shrader, and Director Richard Isom. Director Terry Yates was not in attendance. 

Approval of Minutes from November 28, 2012 meeting: Larry motioned to approve these minutes as written. Bob seconded, all in favor. Stan clarified that our last meeting was the Annual Meeting in February, but those minutes are approved once per year at the next Annual Meeting.

Financial Report: Stan noted that we had a lot of vandalism incidences and unauthorized people at the pool over the last three months. Some were caught on video with our cameras and some on the marina’s cameras. Part of the problem is the gate at the base of the stairs. The original gate was jimmied, jumped and climbed over, and basically mis-used. This gate also serves as access to the pool equipment, so we obtained estimates to extend the height and make it sturdier. We wanted to install a wing gate, but the marina did not want that, so the new gate as approved by the marina should be installed tomorrow. Stan had polled the Board individually on the need for this gate, and all agreed to do the work, but tonight the Board needed to approve using Reserve funds for this purchase. Larry motioned to use pool reserves for this purchase, using Custom Fence, at a cost of $1700.00. Richard seconded. Discussion: Bob felt we needed the “wings” to keep out those who should not be there. Audience members agreed. Stan said it can be added if allowed later, but the marina is afraid of an attractive nuisance lawsuit. This will be discussed further with the marina.

Larry stated that people are using the marina’s elevator to get up to the pool. He feels the keys have been given to others, and our pool is not secure anymore. He further said some of our residents are partying in the Jacuzzi, eating and drinking at the pool, and although it is difficult to police the pool, we need to be more diligent. It was agreed that there are signs, but they are ignored by many. 
Stan said once you are on the third deck, which is the pool, you can go down on the elevator, as an egress safety issue, but to get up to it, you need a key. Initially, all Whitley Bay residents were given a key to that elevator. Some audience members who were second and third buyers said they were not given a key, so if an owner needs a key, contact Stan.

Audit: Bob said we met with the CPA two weeks ago, and just received the final audit report. Michelle noted that while the Board wanted to keep a “Bad Debt” account on the balance sheet, the CPA removed that for 2012 because the Association had no accounts receivable at year end. We can continue to fund for bad debts, but if at the end of the year we have no overdue accounts, they will modify the funds expended to that line item. Bob disagreed with this, but also noted that we have many owners who pay ahead, and have a healthy balance. Michelle noted that per FL Statute, all owners are entitled to a copy of the audit at no charge. We can email it or make a hard copy for anyone who requests it. 

Unfinished Business:
1) Policy and Procedure Manual 2013 Update:  Terry, Larry, Stan and Michelle worked on the final updates and 20 copies were made to hand to realtors and new owners. Larry noted that some of the forms had an old management address, and these were changed for the next re-print.  Larry asked if all owners had received a copy yet. Michelle said once the Board approves this final manual, it will go on the website, and all new residents will receive a copy. Stan offered to email it to all the residents. Two residents in attendance asked for a hard copy. They will be provided. 

2) Handicapped Parking Spaces:  Larry noted that at the Annual Meeting, someone asked for more handicapped parking spaces. Larry felt that since all owners have a garage to park in, and guests can use the outside spaces, it shouldn’t be an issue, but wanted closure to the request at the Annual Meeting. Stan had looked up the parking statutes after the meeting, and a handicapped parking space needs 13 feet, so if we made another space on the first floor for this, we would lose an additional space to modify it correctly. Parking chairperson Diane Verner stated that we only have 60 spaces total, and that five are actually more than we need for the building. It was noted that there seem to be plenty of handicapped parking spaces; they are just not where some people want them. Rarely are all 5 handicapped spaces even filled. Larry motioned, based on the committee report, to keep things as they are. Bob seconded. All in favor. Stan noted that G2 handicapped spot was empty for many days. It is clear that there are enough spots, just not where some people want them.

New Business:
Parking Committee Permit Recommendations: Diane Verner stated that present policies are 8 years old and did well, until now. With more permanent residents, all units are full, there are very few snowbirds, and therefore there is a lot more congestion. We have used the same green tags for 8 years, so the committee wants to change to a different color. They will be the same size, but red instead of green, and instead of printed numbers, the tags will be blank and a committee member will add a number that the committee members and maintenance personnel can use to tell who owns the vehicle.

This would not be implemented until November, when more owners are here. They will exchange their tags and give updated car info as well. It would cost $212 for 100 tags. For temporary passes, the committee would like to start using green tags, and then Diane would keep the old yellow ones to issue as temporary passes for guests staying more than a week. With only Diane issuing them, control would be better. Floor Captains will be given the new passes and instructions for use. All guests who stay more than a week MUST go to Diane for their pass to avoid the confusion we have been having. The cost for 300 temporary parking passes is $129.00.

Possible parking spaces. Diane stated that the committee looked for places to use for compact car parking. They would like to show the Board members and see what they would like to do. We might be able to add 2 small spaces. 
Diane asked Stan to speak to the Mariner’s Square Board President about the possibility of renting some spaces from them. If the marina is willing, we would like to know what they would charge so the information can be given to those residents who have more than 2 vehicles on a temporary or permanent basis.

 Bicycles: Right now there are 33 bikes in or near the 2 racks we have. Diane believes some of these might not belong to any current residents or are just not used. The committee would like to post notices that all bikes must be registered. The notices would give plenty of time for the resident to get their tag, and then at a given time in the future, all unregistered bikes would be taken to the local police department to donate to the needy. The cost of these tags would be $82 for 50. The total funds needed for all three types of tags would be $423.00. Bob said there is money in the budget to cover this cost.

Larry stated that there is a scooter that should be in a garage, not by the bikes. He said that the declarations require scooters and motorcycles to be parked in garages. Larry motioned to approve the funds for this, but not to implement the procedures until the fall. Bob seconded, all in favor. Diane will keep track of the new information and will contact those who do not have the new tags by late fall.

Cracks and Caulking Issues on Exposed Decks: Stan stated that the committee of Tom Jensen, Kathy & David Stillson, Larry and Stan have spent considerable time inspecting the building and met with two companies to obtain estimates for the cracks on common walkways, caulking vertical joints, and repairing cracks underneath the ramp at G1, the center of the ramp up to G2, and a vertical crack on the corner of the building about 30 feet long. Both estimates are similar in cost. Stan met with Roy on these issues. A lot of the small cracks are going to come back within a year of being repaired. They are not structural. But the big cracks need to be fixed, and the ramp is a priority. The ramp consists of 2 slabs of 8 inch concrete. The builder poured one layer, it dried, but then the second pour didn’t cure properly, and it cracked. That second layer had nowhere for the heat to go when curing, and that is why it happened. Roy’s opinion is that it is not a structural issue, just unsightly. Bids were in the $22,000 range to pressure wash, caulk and coat. Roy said he and Scott could do this work in house. There is another option being discussed for the ramp, using a urethane rubber membrane. A product called “Frimfrock” has a 10 year warranty if a certified company does the work. It costs about $8.00 per square foot for that product. There was much discussion about what product to use and how to do the work, so the Board agreed to table this until another quote is obtained. Two bids will be requested. The ramp as one bid and all the other little repairs will be a second bid.

Plumbing Issues – Repairs to Risers:  Stan stated that the plumbing leaks in the building have been ongoing for years. A lot of repair is still needed. We thought we had estimates until told that we need to use a certain type of pipe that doesn’t seem to be in the bids from Dial Plumbing and Sawyer Plumbing. PVC Schedule 80 was quoted and Florida Code requires CPVC to be used inside buildings, which has a special coating and is lighter. We will obtain a revised quote. 
The bids are expected to be about $20K, whether using copper or CVPC. From the 3rd to the 12th floor, we asked for repair prices or replacement of the 4” copper pipe that supplies water from the booster pumps. This feeds city water to all units. It also runs to the hose bibs that our maintenance men use. All of these are leaking. There are some compression fittings that could work, at about $200 each, but it would entail cutting into the building. Alex talked about a clamp that could be fastened to the pipe and will not leak. He said he has used that in the past. More information will be obtained before the next meeting.

Revised Employee Forms: Larry modified the personnel policies and forms, and then discussed those revisions with the two maintenance men when their evaluations were performed. One employee received a 5% increase, the highest available, and one received 4% this year. The revisions were made to the working hours, benefits, vacations, and to how often evaluations will be done (at 3 months and annually) and that they will be done by merit and a points total. A total of 100 points are available and 10 point deductions will be made for any written warnings during the year. If a person has a score of 64 points or less, they will not receive an increase and can be terminated. Termination policies were put into writing, which should help if needed in the future. Larry modified the holiday policies, because he brought in Easter as a paid holiday in 2010. It took a lot of work to get this done, and Michelle was helpful in completing it. Four books have all the forms. One is in the business office, one in the maintenance office, one with RDI and one with Larry. 

Owner Input:
Diane Verner asked that when there are special events in the Village, we ask all residents who will have guests to park their vehicles downstairs so that their guests will have a place to park either in their garage or to exchange places once they arrive. 

She also asked about the Brighthouse Cable Notice that was posted. She contacted them for adapters for the TV’s in the exercise room.

Larry asked that we revise the pool rules to require footwear. He said many are going over barefoot and it is not healthy. He asked that this be added to the newsletter.

Michelle was sent a request from Wonderlink Communications asking Whitley Bay for permission to install two antennas on the roof. They have a high desire for this high roof, and are willing to pay about $200 per antenna. They are also willing to negotiate a few more things like a Wi-Fi hotspot in the clubhouse for use during parties or meetings. Michelle noted that there is a company that will look at ALL our communication contracts to make sure we are getting the best values we can, and he could help in negotiations, supposedly at no charge to the association. Bob agreed to be the intermediary with that.

Michelle said Chase Bank is requiring that the Association carry “law and ordnance” insurance before they will finance a mortgage. Estimates for this coverage are in the $5K per year range, and since it is not required by statute and only affects those who want to refinance or obtain a new mortgage, the board did not feel this was fiduciary needed.

Tom Jensen asked that the manager makes copies of the most recent building analysis put together by the committee, for the Board’s use. This was completed.

Bright House has given another gift card, with a value of $200. These are given based on the number of internet, phone and cable upgrades made by residents. Bob will give it to Roy to use to offset maintenance expenses. 

Set Next Meeting Date:  The next meeting will be held on the 4th Wednesday, August 28, 2013 at 7 pm in the rec room. 

Adjournment: There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:22 pm. 

Respectfully submitted,
Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, CAM
Community Association Manager, Reconcilable Differences, Inc.