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Minutes of the
 Whitley Bay Condominium Association, Inc.
 Board of Directors Meeting held
 WEDNESDAY, August 20, 2014

Call to Order: President Stan Bowers called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm in the Whitley Bay Recreation Room.  Ten owners attended and Lynn Hiott and Michelle Davis from Reconcilable Differences were present.

Establish Quorum of Directors: Board members in attendance: President Stan Bowers, VP Larry Ramsay, Treasurer Bob Shrader, Secretary Terry Yates and Director Richard Isom. All were present. 

Approval of Minutes from November 13, 2013 and April 17, 2014 meetings: Larry motioned to approve these minutes as written. Richard seconded, all in favor. 

Financial Report: Bob stated that through July, the Association is within $200 of budget. The CPA Review has been completed and copies can be requested from RDI. However, next year he highly recommends that the association have a CPA Audit completed. Michelle stated that only one owner has not paid to date and Bob suggested that management knock on the door of this suite and ask for payment. If this doesn’t work, then we should involve the family. 

Maintenance Report: Stan reported that things are going well except for continuing power issues. There is a meeting scheduled with FPL and several surrounding condos to discuss these power glitches. Stan and Roy spent about $200 to put in controllers to help with this and the uninterrupted power supply helps the cooling towers from losing chilled water. Larry reminded the audience that we were originally quoted $12,000 for a new controller and Stan and Roy did it for $200. Stan noted that this cost was for newer technology, but at this time, the repair is acceptable, but it does not notify us when the system is down. For now, Stan or maintenance personnel must manually check on this.

Unfinished Business:

Property Appraisal: Larry reported that the new appraiser recommended by RDI, Bonnie Worthy met with him twice before completing her report, and seems to be very knowledgeable. She stated that the replacement cost increased from $20,734 to $21,611 million dollars, which is a 4.2% increase, due to labor and material costs. There is never a guarantee on material costs after a catastrophe. Larry reminded the audience that every homeowner “H06” policy has the minimum loss assessment coverage of $2,000. Whitley Bay has a 3% hurricane/winds deductible and this could be costly for homeowners if the Board needs to assess for it. Larry highly recommended increasing the loss assessment coverage on each homeowner policy to $10,000 since it is a small increased cost. He also recommended that all owners re-assess what their policy covers inside their suites.
Larry said that some changes that were included in this appraisal have not ever been included before and are also now insured.  These include the high pole lights, the Whitley Bay address wall on the corner of Delony and 520, and the walkway between the building and the pool.  The fee for the appraisal was $1,400 and all future appraisal updates will cost $500 as long as the contract is active with Bonnie Worthy. Copies of this property appraisal can be located on the RDI website. 

Roof Inspection: Larry reported that contractor Bobby has attempted several times to finish the inspection, but due to all the rain lately, the inspection was finalized today. The roof is in excellent condition. There were several blisters and the coating was peeled away by the mechanical room, but those repairs have been completed. The Roof inspection contract with Cape Coast Industries is due to be renewed for a total of $1,750 per year, for one more year. Stan made the motion to approve the renewal contract with Cape Coast Industries for another year. Bob seconded, and all were in favor. 

Cell Towers: Terry reported that she had spoken with her contacts at AT&T to use the Whitley Bay roof as a relay tower for the cell phone companies, but was not really able to make any progress. Michelle reported that Converged Services Consulting had given a proposal to start negotiations with cell providers, but their fee is a 30% commission on any signed contract. For that fee, they will start negotiations with all interested companies and bring details back to the Board. If approved, CSC would oversee the installation and maintenance of the equipment. Several Board members felt that commission was extremely generous and would like to try to go directly to the companies to see if they can negotiate without a middleman. The Board all agreed to table this topic and have this consulting company meet with the Board at a later date. 

Crack Monitoring: Stan reported that there were some areas where people were concerned about the concrete shifting. He reminded everyone that after about 10 years some settling is normal. The concrete pads were pour filled at different times and the weather also plays a big part in the expansion of the concrete. To monitor the changes, plates were installed in the areas of concerns and these are checked monthly. There have not been any changes noted and the cracks do not seem to be getting any larger. However these will continue to be monitored by Roy. 

Painting of Walkways: There has been a tremendous amount of rain lately and it is very difficult to paint in the rain. The maintenance men came in late and worked until about 3:00 in the morning painting in front of the clubhouse. So at this time, the painting has been put on hold until the weather gets better. It was noted that about $5,000 has been spent on paint and caulk for the walkways, with the maintenance men doing all the labor. This project will be ongoing. 

Other Items: An owner stated that the new grocery carts already have gouges in them and really need to be watched. Bob was asked to contact Brighthouse about the music channels not being seen/heard in the exercise room anymore. He found out that BHN made a mistake and that service was not supposed to be free, so it was removed. If desired, that service would cost $35 per month. He said that there is currently an internal debate at Brighthouse to include it with the association package. 
Larry stated that an owner had visitors using the pool during the late hours. Owners need to be responsible for their guests and making sure that they know the rules of Whitley Bay. He suggested that this be re-stated in bold and underlined in the newsletters and in the minutes. All suite owners need to make their family and guests aware of the Rules and Regulations. 

New Business:

Purchase new tread mills for gym: Frank Sullivan reported that he had done extensive research on different makes and models for treadmills. The three current treadmills in the gym were donated by owners and were not of commercial grade. They served their purpose but are at the end of their life expectancies. Frank stated that he researched 6 different models and brands. He recommended Life Fitness Activate treadmills. He said the two treadmills should be replaced at the same time. The total cost without the extended labor warranty is $7,500. There is a 7-year motor and frame warranty and a 2 year warranty on the electrical portions. This cost includes tax, delivery and setup. The extended warranty would cost an extra $500 for 2 more years of labor warranty. He stated that he would try to get the company to throw in the floor mats at no additional cost. Larry made a motion to approve the money from the reserves (line item Furniture-3060) to not exceed $7,500 without the extended warranty and purchase the two treadmills per Frank’s recommendations. Bob seconded, all were in favor. 

Discussion on Acquiring new Common keys/re-keying door locks: Stan stated  that the governing documents state that two keys per suite are given at no cost, a charge of $25 can be levied for the 3rd key, and then an owner can be charged $50 for the 4th and more keys if needed. Since 2007, there have been over 200 keys distributed. There are 29 locks throughout the property that require this amenity key. 

To re-key all those locks and purchase another 200 keys would cost approximately $1,000. The Cocoa Police Department came out and completed a formal security survey of the property and stated very positive things. The positives were: the installation of the 6th Garage door on G1, every door was locked and there were no unopened doors during this inspection. 
The officer did state, however, that due to the length of time since the last key change, it would be a wise security decision to re-key again.  Larry felt that some of the security issues were not due to lost keys being used by others, but rather security doors being propped open by owners and people not taking security concerns seriously.  Larry motioned to table this topic for further discussion, Bob seconded, and all were in favor. 

Owner Input: An owner commented that the delay in garage door closures has to be looked into. She felt that there is too much delay and people could just walk in. Stan reported that there had to be a 30 second delay as the lower option is 15 seconds which he felt was too quick.  

Set Next Meeting Date:  A proposed budget for 2015 must be approved to mail to the owners in October, so the next meeting will probably be held in early October. 

Adjournment: There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm. 

Respectfully submitted,

Lynn Hiott, LCAM 
Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, CAM
Community Association Managers, Reconcilable Differences, Inc.