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Minutes of the
 Whitley Bay Board Meeting
 Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Call to Order: Larry Ramsay called the meeting together at 7:00 pm in the Whitley Bay Recreation Room. Ten unit owners attended.

Establish Quorum of Directors: Board members in attendance: VP Larry Ramsay, Secretary/Treasurer Bob Shrader, and Directors Richard Isom & Terry Yates. President Stan Bowers could not attend.

Approval of Minutes from March 28, 2012 meeting: Bob motioned to approve these minutes as written and posted on the website. Richard seconded, all in favor. 

Financial Report: Bob reported that we are $4,000 over budget, but the Association had expensive fire pump and fire alarm issues this year. These repairs are hopefully behind us, so by the end of the year, Bob thinks the Association will be right on budget. We had to write off bad debts on #301 and #804 of about $20K, but at this point, everyone in the building is current on their dues. 
Larry said we are very fortunate to have this situation. While we took a beating on two units, this situation is much better than other condos in the area.

Unfinished Business: 

New Business:
Insurance Update: Larry said that in 2008, insurance was over $100K per year. Larry was able to save the association a lot of money by getting competitive bids. He does this every year. This year, the building is valued at $20,739,000, and inside the units, which are insured by each owner individually, are valued at about $38 per square foot, but this does not include granite, tile, upgrades, etc.  He stated that the “Fast Facts” sent out recently stated that all owners must add the Association as an additional insured on their policy. This is no longer the case. Florida Statute changed, so it is not required to make the condo an additional insured. 
Because the Association policy has a 3% of building value deductible in regard to hurricane damage, he highly recommends that all owners add a $10K “loss assessment” rider on their policy. $2K is required by statute, but $10K is a nominal upcharge and will help in case of catastrophic damage.
Larry will be sending out requests for Association quotes to 6 companies next week, and will have results at the next meeting.

Employee Health Insurance: Larry stated that the two maintenance men do a good job and showed interest in health insurance. RDI and Larry contacted Aetna, Cigna, Health First & Blue Cross and if the Association pays 50% of their premiums, it would cost about $400 per month. There was discussion, and then Bob moved to table this for now, since it was not a part of the proposed budget. Richard seconded, all in favor.

Roof Repairs & Warranty: Larry stated that we had a bad roof with lots of problems. We obtained competitive bids for repair/replacement, then Larry and Roy were able to get the cost down even lower, and the work was completed with a 3-year warranty in place.

Engineering Study: Five years ago we had a study done, when Tom Jensen was chairman. The company charged $4800 to do the initial study.  Larry contacted that firm to negotiate a cost to re-evaluate. They came back with quote of $3900, which is in the proposed budget for 2013.
Roy was given the old study to see what was corrected. The cooling towers were a problem and those were replaced.  Roy said the cracks in walkways and on the ramp are still issues, but when the walkways are painted, the cracks will be filled and this should help. For the ramp, he is unsure of what to do. Larry stated that the study is no longer required by Florida Statute, but Bob motioned to proceed with the engineering evaluation next year. Terry seconded. Larry voted no, since it isn’t required, but all others were in favor. Motion carried. New resident Kathy Stillson-Perley stated that her husband David is in construction and is willing to walk the building, look at the reports and help in any way he can. 

Employee Evaluation: Larry asked RDI to type up a new form for evaluations, and this form was handed to the Board to look at tonight. Larry will use this for the employee reviews.

Proposed Budget: Bob said four items are still up in the air as to budgeted costs for next year, and we are benefitting in the insurance costs, due to having no hurricanes the last few years. Electricity in the building and at the pool area is not increasing and lower natural gas prices are also helping, so we should see a drop through next year.  We are saving money on water now, because after several administrations, this Board managed to convince the city that we should not be charged sewer charges for the water in the cooling towers. We paid for a new meter, and now know exactly how much comes in and goes out, thus saving about $800 per month. We save less in winter, but $7K should be saved per year, due to evaporation. The city finally did agree that it wasn’t fair to charge us after years of trying to get them to understand. While Bob was confident that we will not have an increase in 2013, he wanted to work out more details. He said we will have to pay for an audit in 2013. Per Florida Statute, we cannot allow owners to waive it again this year.

Policies & Procedures Manual: Terry took everyone’s suggestions and put together a revised manual. Larry still has some changes, and then this will be collated and sent out to all owners by management.

Committee Reports:
The Exercise Committee chairmanship is vacant, if anyone is interested.

Fire Drill Committee: Tom Jensen said we should probably do one again in February.

Hurricane Committee: Tom Jensen said he will have a formal committee meeting soon, but the newsletter states what to do.
Landscape Committee: Richard Isom said there are some bids for improvements for next year. The trees out front are declining and will be replaced. These costs are included in the draft budget. Larry noted that Micah did not dig down a foot in back before repairing the drainage, as he bid it, so Richard will discuss this with him. It was confirmed that Tru Green is coming in to fertilize, but Micah is looking at another vendor for 2013. 

Maintenance Committee: This chair is vacant, but Larry said that Stan would like that job, so he will take it over. 

Newsletter: They just sent one out, and all appreciated it.

Parking Committee:  Diane Verner reported that the committee had a meeting recently, and most floor captains attended. They discussed many possibilities for making the job easier. With 64 units, the property has 60 spaces, of which 5 are handicapped and 1 is a loading zone. She reminded all that only two vehicles are allowed per unit, and one of those needs to go inside the garage, so all are reminded to clean out garages if they do not have space. She also said she would be willing to keep a contact list of those willing to rent out garages or hang tags. Manager will design a note to post with her phone number. She said there are a lot more full time residents now, so parking is becoming an issue. As of October 1, the members will be patrolling on a regular basis and notices will be put on vehicles. She has a database of vehicles ad passes, and manager will send all new tenant information as she receives it.
Pool Committee: Larry is still chair, but there is nothing new to report.

Reserve Committee: Again it is Larry. Another reserve study will have to be done in 2013 or early 2014.

Security Committee: Wayne noted that the Association upgraded the video system and added two cameras. Adam from ADS has come out twice for training, and there have only been a few incidents in which he had to use the DVR. It seems everyone is happy with the ability to use channel 99. He did ask about the Towing signs that were just installed. There was no official vote at a meeting, but the board agreed it was ok to post this as a deterrent, and Board members are willing to call for tows if needed, but Diane made it clear there will be a number of reminders before a vehicle is actually towed.

Review Committee: Diane added info in the last newsletter reminding everyone that anything put out must have approval. Those who did not get approval will be allowed to keep out what is there, but it is just the formality of filling out the form and getting the approval in order to keep it. There was only one item that was not approved, and the resident immediately took it down. Only a few floors have furniture approvals near the elevators. This is allowed, but just needs to be approved in writing first. The form is on the
Website and Diane also has copies. A resident asked about screen doors. Larry said they could look at his for the correct option, but that must be approved by the Board.

Social Committee: Tom read Carol’s report: This year they hosted a number of parties, but the last two were cancelled due to lack of interest. The Christmas party will be held on Dec 7th at Café Margaux, then the group will go back to the rec room for gifts. Carol continues to plan and run these meetings, but she is no longer in charge of events. The group is always looking for new members, so if you are inclined to join or help, call Carol.

Storage: Diane reported for Don that these are full. A few tenants have “spilled” over into another’s space, and Don reminded them that they must move those extra items back into their one space, away from windows and 2 feet from ceilings.

Larry noted for everyone that he checked with the insurance agent and all committee chairmen are insured under the “Directors and Officers” policy for work and decisions they make on behalf of the community.

Manager asked for a motion to mail out a proposed budget with no increase to all owners, and set the next meeting, which would be the Budget Approval Meeting. Terry made that motion and Richard seconded, but Treasurer Robert Shrader asked that we hold off while he looks into a few of the issues first.

Owner Forum / Other Business:

Set Next Meeting Date: The Board will meet for a quick meeting to approve the proposed budget for mailing, on Thursday, October 4th at 7:00 pm.

Adjournment: There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:07 pm. 

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, CAM
Community Association Manager 
Reconcilable Differences, Inc.