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Minutes of the
 Whitley Bay Condominium Association, Inc.
 Members’ Budget Meeting

Call to Order: President Stan Bowers called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm in the Whitley Bay Recreation Room.

Establish Quorum of Owners: Manager Michelle Davis stated that we have 35 proxies and 10 units were represented in person, for a total of 45 units represented. A quorum of units was established.

Proof of Meeting Notice Mailed and Posted: Michelle stated that the budget and agenda were mailed to all owners on November 5, 2012 and posted in the elevators on November 12th. All Florida Statute Requirements were met.

Results of Owner Votes to Partially Fund Reserves: Forty-one owners voted to partially fund reserves and have monthly fees of $565.00. Four owners voted to fully fund reserves and have monthly fees of $624.00 per unit.

Results of “Straw” Vote to Allow Marina Members access to Pool and Spa: 16 owners voted to investigate the costs and legal ramifications of allowing marina members access to the pool and spa. Twenty-seven owners voted NOT to look into this issue and to not allow any other memberships access.

Owner Input: A resident said they would prefer to keep the monthly fee at $570; the $5 difference could be put into reserves. The Board said owners can pay whatever they want and anything above the $565 will show as a credit on their account. Another resident asked if the Board felt it was safe not to fully fund. There was discussion about the special assessments through the years and majority felt it was fiscally sound to partially fund.

A resident felt the issue of the marina request was poorly presented. He felt costs should have been known before they voted. Larry stated that Whitley Bay has a 99 year lease with the marina. They have billed us $3,840 per year for the last 5 years, per our contract with them, but they never provided any invoices for charges and have said their costs are much higher and that the Association should pay more. In lieu of that, they asked the Board to ask the owners to vote on allowing them some access to our amenities. The Board wanted owner input before spending any money on what the costs and long term issues might be. The Whitley Bay documents state that 75% of all owners must agree to a change like this. There will be ADA compliance issues and the county will take our variance away, causing the Association to be required to pay for more safety upgrades. This would increase the monthly assessment. Larry stated that the pool takes up 33% of the square footage of the marina building and they want us to pay 33% of all the bills of the marina. The Association attorney has opined that the marina cannot void the current contract, so there should not be any legal problems, especially since we have so many no votes from the members. 

It was also noted that there was recently a loud party at our pool; the pool furniture was thrown in the pool, beer cans spread all over, and our pool gate was broken. Volunteers and maintenance spent half a day cleaning and repairing, and they believe it was caused by marina visitors.

Adjournment: With no further member business to handle, the meeting adjourned at 7:21 pm.

Minutes of the
 Whitley Bay Condominium Association, Inc.
 Board Budget Meeting

Call to Order: Stan Bowers called the meeting to order at 7:22 pm. Nine owners attended.

Establish Quorum of Directors: Board members in attendance: President Stan Bowers, VP Larry Ramsay, Secretary/Treasurer Bob Shrader, and Director Richard Isom. Director Terry Yates was not in attendance. 

Approval of Minutes from October 4, 2012 meeting: Larry motioned to approve these minutes as written Richard seconded, all in favor. 

Financial Report: Bob stated that there were delays in checks clearing and banks sending out statements for October, due to many processing centers being in New Jersey. He said the Association keeps improving. As of October 31, we are $5K under budget. Part of this is due to low natural gas prices. We are $4K under budget on gas. We are also enjoying the profits of not having to pay for the evaporated water in the cooling towers, since we have a separate meter on that now. That should save the Association about $7K per year. In addition, Michelle obtained a reduction if a 3 year contract is signed with AT&T. We have five phone lines; the elevators, the fire alarms, one at the pool, one in the office/clubhouse/maintenance room. We obtained 3 bids, from Windstream, Brighthouse and AT&T. This contract will save about $1600 annually on the commercial phone lines. 

Discussion on Member Vote to Waive Full Funding of Reserves and Final Approval of 2013 Budget:
Bob motioned that with the large majority of owners voting to partially fund, the Board should honor that and partially fund reserves. Larry seconded, all in favor to fund reserves at 50% of need for 2013.

Larry motioned to approve the final 2013 budget, which was mailed to all owners. Bob seconded. All in favor of a partially funded reserve budget which makes the monthly assessment $565.00 per unit. Manager will send notice to all owners. Those on the ACH auto debit will not have to do anything. Those who pay through their bank’s “bill pay” system will have to change the amount, and those who write a check will be made aware of the reduced amount. 

Discussion regarding Marina Request to use Pool & Spa:  Based on votes of owners, a majority voted not to investigate allowing marina members access. Larry motioned to close this matter and not seek legal opinion on changing the agreement between the marina and the condo. Richard seconded, all in favor. 

Set Annual Meeting Date: Manager requested date to set for the Annual Meeting so that the required 60 day notice of meeting can be mailed out. Board decided that Wednesday, February 27, 2013 will be the date.

Set Next Meeting Date: Board agreed that there will be no December meeting since we traditionally have it on the 4th Wednesday of the month and that falls on the day after Christmas. Larry motioned not to hold a December meeting. The next meeting will be held on the 4th Wednesday, January 23, 2013 at 7 pm in the rec room. 

New Business: Since this will be the last meeting before Christmas, Larry motioned that annual gifts be given as has been done in the past: $500 to management company, to be shared equally by all employees, $400 to Roy, $300 to Scott, $200 each to the Cocoa Fire and Police Departments. Richard seconded, all in favor. Bob will hand write these checks. 

Larry Ramsay then noted that last year the issue of new carpet in the weight room was discussed and the trainer who is used by many residents said it is now needed. Discussion ensued and Don Verner had obtained a quote last year. An Exercise Committee Chair was requested and Frank Sullivan agreed to chair. He will contact Don for an updated quote from his contacts.

Larry then asked that management take the action to post notices every time the pool heater is turned on. Michelle said she would get the details from Roy and make sure these are put up at Easter and Christmas.

Larry then asked that when Board members and management take vacations, they let all the others know.

A resident complained that people are placing trash in the recycle bins, and also that some are placing their recyclables inside the trash chute closets and not taking those downstairs. Management was asked to obtain a sign or letters for maintenance to place above the bins to remind people. This notice will also go out with the next mailing to all owners.

Frank Sullivan was asked and agreed that he and his wife will serve as 12th floor captains since the Whitleys are away so much.

Adjournment: There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm. 

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, CAM
Community Association Manager, Reconcilable Differences, Inc.