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Minutes of the
 Whitley Bay Annual Members' Meeting
 Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Call to Order: Stan Bowers called the meeting together at 7:00 pm in the Whitley Bay Recreation Room.

Proof of Notice of Meeting: Manager Michelle Dugan affirmed that the notice of the annual meeting was posted on the bulletin board and mailed to all owners more than 14 days in advance of the annual meeting. 

Certification of Proxies & Establishment of a Quorum: Stan stated that we had 38 units represented. Michelle reported that there were 21 owners present by proxy and 17 units present in person for a total of 38 units represented. Since thirty-three units were needed to establish a quorum, the meeting was certified.

Approval of Minutes from Previous Annual Meeting:  Larry motioned to waive the reading of the minutes and approve the annual minutes from February 23, 2011 as written and posted on the website.  Bob seconded the motion, and all were in favor.

Reports of Officers: 

President:  Stan Bowers thanked all the volunteers who make this community run so smoothly. There is no strife and most residents get along well. He said he receives many compliments about how this condominium looks and said it takes everyone to keep it that way. 

Vice President Report: Larry Ramsay agreed with Stan that the community cannot run so smoothly without the volunteers.

Treasurer's Report:  Bob Shrader said we are in a very strong cash position, so we can afford to do work that is needed. We continue to put about $70K into the reserves each year and we are looking at another year that will be as good or better.

Committee Reports:

Maintenance Committee: Brock reported that Roy Jones is a tremendous asset to this condo. He took the reins and brought the maintenance back into shape. Scott is also a real asset and his painting skills have been well used this year.
There was no meeting of the committee this year. With Roy handling everything, Brock felt this committee is not as needed as it was in the past. Brock said he is leaving the Board and the maintenance committee chairmanship and would like to see someone with maintenance strengths take it on. 
With help from Wayne Sanders and contractor Brian Rodrigues, we had a years-long air conditioning problem repaired. The hot water heaters were not in compliance. We have two large commercial boilers with 500 gallons of water each, on the roof. Both had “sacrificial anodes” originally, but there was nothing left when checked last year. Brian repaired that, inspected them and they are now safe. Each unit used to get a large amount of silt each winter. We found that the boilers had never been properly cleaned, so the silt came through the pipes to the units when the water got low. That problem has been cleaned up and the problem is gone.
Don Verner has worked tirelessly on the roof issues and we now have a good roof in place.
We are currently paying sewer charges for the water used in the cooling towers. Larry had Bob, Brock & Roy meet with Cocoa city officials from the utility department. The meeting went very well. 
Stan was a huge help in getting all the items outside the units cleaned up. 86 items were being picked up from the walkways each time maintenance cleaned the walkways, and this did not count doormats. Now the Board has some control over what is put out and Roy must approve what is put on any wall.
Lastly, Brock felt that the Board needed to pay Roy to attend Board meetings to let the members know all this is going on.
Security: Wayne Sanders reported that we started the 2011 year with small camera issues. Then a recorder failed. The system limped along, but we knew a change was needed. He was asked to obtain bids, and the Board picked ADS. They installed 2 new recorders, new back-up power supplies, and had one incident that was due to a cable. All has been running great. Volunteers are needed, however, in cases where we must go back in time to look for an incident caught on camera. Wayne is willing to train anyone in how to do this.
There was another failure in the camera at the pool, so with Roy, Stan and Wayne involved, they troubleshot the problem, fixed it and didn’t need ADS.
Wayne said all the problems are cable connectors or sun problem. We have a pending proposal for full maintenance of all cameras and recorders that the Board will discuss soon, but we have not had a need for police reports needed this year.
Parking: Diane Verner stated that parking is tight with so many full time residents now. She asked that everyone clean out their garages and use them, because if everyone parks one car outside of their garage, we have one extra space in the complex. There are no places for guests now. 
Mardi Gras is this weekend, so volunteers are manning the parking lot from 5 pm to 11 pm on Saturday to keep partyers out. We need a person to help from 7-9 pm. Other than that we are covered, and we thank our volunteers! 
If anyone has with a visitor staying with them, they need to contact their floor captain or Diane Verner to get a pass. This is a REQUIREMENT. Visitors are welcome, but we need to know who they are staying with or their car could be towed. 
Landscape: Richard Isom stated that we will be renewing mulch soon, and we are still working on the drainage issue from the roof. Roy told Richard that palms are potted and placed in the lava rock because they can clog up the drains. Micah says they decline in pots, because they become rootbound, so we are looking at options.

Storage: Don Verner reported that every unit that wanted one has a 6x6 storage area and ALL are assigned. There are some problems with people just taking empty spots, so please be aware that there are NO available spots. 

Exercise Committee: Brock read the report for his wife who could not attend: In 2011, the group had a number of items re-upholstered and they came up with an “Equipment donation form” that can be used to request permission to donate. Some items are too big or not deemed as highly usable, so some are not accepted. They purchased an exercise ball, a curl bar, and magnetic weights. Preventive maintenance has been performed on all equipment, so it is in good shape. They asked users to complete a survey and received suggestions for needed items. Their recommendations for 2012 would be to purchase the interlocking foam cushions at about $4K, because mites and mold do not affect them and pieces can be taken out and replaced as needed. The carpet is past its useful life. They also recommend a new recline bike and elliptical machine. They feel replacing one piece per year would be helpful. Bev has resigned as committee chair for 2012, but thanked all her committee members for their help.

Appraisal Committee: Larry reported that FL Statute requires a new appraisal every 18 months. Currently, the building is valued at $20.5 million dollars. A new appraisal will be done in April, by Urgent Appraisals from Tampa.

Insurance Committee: Larry reported that he continues to obtain quotes every year, just to be sure we are getting the best value. He reiterated how he saved the condo over $30K four years ago, and Bill Friedman from A Professional Insurance has been used ever since. Bill also writes personal policies. The condo has a 3% deductible, over $600K is the shared responsibility of all, so Larry recommended adding the $10K loss assessment coverage and not just the minimum requirement of $2K. Since the building deductible comes to $9,375.00 per unit, this coverage is appropriate and not expensive. Larry stated that we are $3,700 under budget this year. There was a rumor that rates on unit owner insurance are scheduled to go up this year, but no facts were presented.

Newsletter: Loretta Bowers stated that this is written and delivered throughout the year. They just finished the winter newsletter. Lindsay Leinss and Loretta Bowers are the co-chairs. If residents have news or pictures to share, please get them to her for the Spring newsletter. She also noted that the “fast facts” are now a separate paper that can be placed on the refrigerator for fast reference when needed.

Budget: Bob Shrader stated that this years’ budget is almost identical to last year’s. We will see some water savings in 2012, even more than we potentially thought. We are able to hold the fees at the same level as last year, and are trying to keep them from escalating in the future.  He sees a fairly solid 2012.

Social Committee: 

Carol Jensen reported through Stan that in 2011, the group conducted a survey regarding interests, so they scheduled events people requested. Some didn’t occur, but it was a busy year, and some functions were expanded to daytime, with new excursions on the gambling boat, a Hawaiian luau hosted with the marina that included a hula girl and dance lessons. There were popcorn and movie nights,, a cruise on the Indian River Queen, the Christmas dinner dance, Art classes, Photography classes and all holidays were celebrated! 
In 2012, the intent is to continue to expand the functions. There has already been a Superbowl party, St Patrick’s Day is coming up, on Match 17th, on April 21 we will be taking the gambling boat out again, on May 5 we will host a Kentucky Derby, there will be movie nights this summer, a fall festival on November 3rd and on December 7th , the Annual Christmas Party will again be held. 
New suggestions for this year include a Winter Park cruise on the lake, and they are always open to suggestions from residents. This is a quite active group consisting of 7 ladies, but always looking for more volunteer members. 

Floor Captain Committee: Ann Diaz could not attend, but this group gets new residents settled in and notified of where everything is. 

Decorating: Chairman Diane Verne said the group decorates for Christmas. Our great volunteers are Loretta, Becky, Carole and Lindsay. Roy and Scott put the lights on the balconies, and on the 3 foot tree outside. This was its last year, so we will have to purchase one, or will take a donation of a tree with working lights. It was stated that the lobbies always look great.

Reserves: Larry had a study done in 2011. These are done to figure out how much money a community needs to reserve each year for future repairs and replacements. He contacted Otis to get a better cost, since the reserve company used a $180K value for a replacement elevator. Otis was very helpful and sent a book of details which showed that a $90K value per elevator is accurate. The Board always asked members to vote to save 50% of needed value each year, so we fund for half of all replacement estimates. It is very important to have a study done every 3 years. The next one is scheduled for 2014.

Stan asked everyone to think about being on a committee Everyone benefits and it doesn’t take much time. Volunteers are also appreciated by everyone.

Open Forum:

Alex Sinilnikoff asked about the boardwalk behind the building. He said the city had originally donated that boardwalk to the marina. He heard a rumor that the city said Whitley Bay now owns it and we are liable if anyone gets hurt on it. Residents gave a brief overview of what they understood:  The condo had a group of owners get together to clean up the edge of the river where trash collects. That beach was originally created by Joe Whitley. Someone was opposed to the condo cleaning this area, saying it disturbed the ducks. Evidently, the marina also received those complaints. The city told Stan that the city built it but wanted to donate it to the marina. We have no facts other than that the city currently owns it. It was originally supposed to go from the library, to connect to the civic center, and down to Oleander Point. There was some negative press, so nothing else was built except behind Whitley Bay and behind the civic center. This was originally to be a public egress, so the city should be responsible and own it. On the city’s website, Stan says it shows that the marina owns the dock, but the Boardwalk does not show any ownership on that map.
Mr. Sinilnikoff then asked about the sewer pump that is on Whitley Bay property. He asked if there is an easement for the marina to use and maintain it. Larry said it recently came up in a discussion with the marina owners, and was confirmed that WB does not pay for electrical power; the marina does.
Larry said that he, Stan and Bob are currently discussing this and other issues with the marina.
Brock said the walkways are very slippery and even with the added sand in the paint, the floors are a bit dangerous when wet. All are cautioned to walk carefully.

Wayne Sanders said the Cable TV’s “Community Channel” is 99 for those without the extra box, and it is channel 99 or 702 with the box. Different Brighthouse equipment uses different channels.

A resident asked if we would be able to add colorful annuals to the front entrance at the sign. Richard will speak to Micah, the landscaper.


Unfinished Business:

Larry stated that on February 15th he received a letter from Peggy Turner, the engineering supervisor from the City of Cocoa. The letter states that the city utility department will install a 3 inch radio-read meter. A 1 inch radio-read meter will be installed upstairs. We will be responsible for installing the 1-inch meter. These meters will allow us to pay for the potable water used, and not for the water used in the cooling towers. The cost for the meters and the installation of the 3 inch meter will be approximately $3200.00. This expenditure will save us many thousands of dollars.
They will have a meeting soon with the Board, and Larry asked Brock & Roy to be involved in this. The new Acting Director for the Utility Department is Peggy Turner, and she has been a real asset to work with.


New Business: 

Larry stated that the people on the Board have been on for years and we need new blood. We also need a Policy and Procedure Manual revision, so please tell Stan if you are interested in helping. Once completed, we will have them bound and deliver to all owners.
Recycling Containers: Larry stated that plastic bags can NOT be placed in the bins. He felt we needed a sign above the bins stating what can be placed inside. These containers on the west side of the building and put outside on the day of pick-up, which is Wednesday.


He then stated that motorcycles and scooters are supposed to be in the resident’s garage, not stored next to the bike racks. A scooter is seen stored next to the bicycles a lot and the rule clearly state that scooters must be housed in the garages.

Marina: Larry said that the governing documents between the marina and the WB owners allow for payment to the marina each year. The WB Bylaws state that we will pay the marina $60 per year, per unit, for the ‘pool and spa rental’; a total of $3840 plus sales tax per year the first year in service, with the ability to increase through the years, up to 6%. Whitley Bay had never paid them before, so Bob, Stan and Larry met with marina owners and gave them $23,040 to pay for the expenses through 2010. 
Suite Signage: Larry mentioned that floors 3 through 13 have new directional signs stating where the suites are located. Not the units or the apartments, but the suites. This is an important term to use in this high class community. 


Larry requested an updated list of vendors and contractors (plumbers and a/c people) that can be referred to owners. Manager will work with Stan to get a current one ready.

Security: Larry stated that we spent $3,450 on security equipment last year. On Feb 11th, kids came in through front door by pushing it, and were able to enter because someone forgot to re-latch the top and bottom of the other door. This is also an issue with the garage doors. People are leaving them open or not latching them. Everyone needs to do their part, because security is important.

Stan reported that this year, we finally received a thank you letter from the police department for our cash donation to them in December. Diane also noted that we were thanked for the food donation from the Christmas party.

Larry stated that at the next Board meeting, we do have some proposals to discuss. There is one from ADS, the security company, to maintain the whole security system, turnkey, excluding only the wiring inside the building, at $125.00 per month. This should be considered. 

Stan said a new elevator company is soliciting our business and he asked them to quote it. Even though it was confirmed by Don Verner that we have a 10 year contract with Otis, Larry reiterated that it is always important to obtain competitive bids.

Presentation of New Board for 2012:

Stan stated that three of the members have consented to remain on the board. Brock and Don are resigning. He thanked them for all their work and their contributions to keeping this building running. Most of us don’t know all that they have done.
Adjournment: There being no more business to discuss, Larry motioned to adjourn at 8:21 pm. Bob seconded, all in favor.


Minutes of the Organizational Meeting 
held immediately after the Annual Meeting 
on Wednesday February 22, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 8:25 pm.

The three new Board members, Stan Bowers, Larry Ramsay and Bob Shrader, all agreed to maintain the same positions as last year.

Stan will stay as President, Larry as Vice President, and Bob as Secretary/Treasurer. 
The board will appoint two more members “at large” at their next meeting. That date is currently undetermined, but two owners, Terry Yates and Richard Isom have offered to serve.
A bid for maintenance services from ADS was received and will be discussed in more detail at the next meeting.


Larry said the maintenance men were interested in taking on the lawn care. Roy got a quote for the equipment. The quote of approximately $2,000 for a push mower and miscellaneous equipment was tabled for a future time. Right now, the men are involved in a lot of painting, and that must take priority. It was confirmed that the contract with Micah is a month to month contract with a 30 day termination clause.

With regard to the painting, the men would need a lift above unit #306, and the quote Roy obtained was $4,200 for a week’s rental. Larry motioned to table both issues right now. Bob seconded, all in favor.

Larry stated that management should notify the Board when people are moving in or out. Manager stated that when a tenant application is received, a background check is done and all information we receive about the new residents is emailed to the Board, including the first day of their lease term, which is usually the move-in date, but we rarely hear about move-outs. Residents and tenants are asked to make management aware of the dates of move in or out so that Roy can have the pads up in the elevator, and so that only one unit is moving on any given day. The new Move in and Move out Policy Forms are being used and are on the website. 


Stan Bowers made a motion to adjourn at 8:35 p.m.  Larry Ramsay seconded the motion, all in favor. 
Respectfully submitted,


Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, CAM

Community Association Manager 
Reconcilable Differences, Inc.