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Minutes of the

Whitley Bay Board of Directors SPECIAL INSURANCE Meeting

 Monday, December 29, 2008


1. Call to Order and Verification of Quorum: 

The meeting was called to order by President Jess Taylor at 8:07 p.m. in the Whitley Bay Recreation Room.  Other Board Members present: Secretary Tom Jensen and Treasurer Ted Clark. VP Ralph Perrone and Director Don Verner could not attend. Nine owners were present.  


2. Insurance Discussion:

Changing Insurance Carriers to a Lower Cost Insurer:

Larry Ramsay, insurance committee chair, had requested “A” rated bids from 10 agencies. Two did not respond and three backed out when they were “locked out” of the bidding by other agents who obtained bids first. Of the five agencies that did bid, four recommended staying with Citizen’s. Even though Citizen’s was quoting the same coverage, prices were drastically different among agencies. The fifth company, A Professional Insurance Agency, gave a bid of a little over $70,000 for all policies.


Our present agent, Wells Fargo, was made aware of some mitigation credits that were not taken in the last policy year and the Association will receive a $4,100 refund for the 2008 policy also.


We originally budgeted $114,000 for the 2009 insurances; now the policies are coming in at $70,185. There is a deductible difference of $5,000 instead of last year’s $1,000 per occurrence, but it is well worth the premium difference.


There was discussion about how this insurance company is rated. Larry said it is “A” rated. The name of the company is American Strategic Insurance from St. Petersburg, with 3 other offices throughout the U.S.


After discussion, Ted moved to accept the proposal from A Professional Insurance. Tom seconded, all in favor.


Tom also asked that the minutes reflect a Statement of Appreciation for Larry and his exhaustive efforts in obtaining the best insurance rate possible.


Ted asked about Directors and Officers Insurance. He said the chairmen of the committees need to be covered as well. Manager stated that appointed committee members are covered but they are also not liable since they do not make any final decisions. They only recommend action and the Board makes the final decisions.


Ted asked about General Liability; there is a quote in the policy that unit owners are included as additional insured’s.  Larry stated that this meant they are covered for the common areas.


Larry also added that this new company is an admitted carrier in the state of Florida, so if there are problems, the state will step in to pay claims.


Jess, as president, will sign the new policy. The new agent of record is Bill Freidman of A Professional Insurance Agency.


Modifying the 2009 Budget to Reflect the Change in Insurance Carrier:

Due to the massive reduction in insurance premiums, Jess stated that he would like to see as much as possible taken off the monthly fee. Tom Jensen moved to lower the 2009 monthly fee from $588.00 to $535.00.  Larry felt that was too low and manager agreed. Jess seconded it for discussion’s sake. 


Ted stated that after 9 months, at $525 per month, with 25% of needed reserves being funded, we have $15,000 in the operating account, but $16,000 in this account came from the money market account.


Ted felt $540.00 per month per unit was a safer number. Jess stated that there are still insurance proceeds available for use.


Manager was asked her opinion. She stated that some of the budgeted amounts are lower than anticipated contracts will cost, and she always errs on the side of caution, so felt $550 was more in line but still safe.


Larry Ramsay recommended a cushion also just in case any problems are encountered that cannot be funded by reserves. He recommended $555.00 per unit.


After more discussion, Tom changed his motion to $550.00 per month. Ted seconded, all in favor.


Manager will send out the revised budget, an owner roster and letter of new monthly assessment this week. It was asked that we instruct people on what to do if they have already paid the $588.00 fee for January, which a number of owners have. This will be added to the new assessment letter.


3. Miscellaneous:

Another owner did not understand the rules about renting and we had a problem when the renters moved in. First, there is a $50 fee and a requirement that a copy of the lease be given to the Association. There is also a deposit required before move-in, which will get the elevator pads installed. A letter will be written to this owner as well as the one who did this same thing two weeks ago.


Discuss and Possibly Take Action to Employ a Lower Cost Lawn Service:

Ted helped to obtain a bid from Artistic Lawn Maintenance. This bid is $410.00 and includes fertilization and pest control in the lawn and shrubs. The company did answer all our concerns from the last meeting.  Even compared to the modified bid from TurfMasters, which was $600.00 per month, they are still less expensive.  If Artistic is chosen, they will charge an additional $920.00 twice per year for palm trimming. This item is included in TurfMasters’ current contract, but not in their revised one. We can also terminate the services of Black’s Lawn Spraying if Artistic is chosen, since they will cover pest control in shrubs and grass, along with fertilization of both, making this bid even more attractive.


After more discussion, Ted moved to approve the contract with Artistic Landscaping. Jesse seconded, all in favor.


4. Adjournment:

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:56 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,


Michelle Dugan, CMCA, AMS, LCAM #17226




Minutes of the

Whitley Bay Board of Directors Budget Meeting

 Wednesday, December 17, 2008


1. Call to order and verification of quorum:

The meeting was called to order by President Jess Taylor at 7:00 p.m. in the Whitley Bay Recreation Room.  Other Board Members present:  VP Ralph Perrone, Secretary Tom Jensen, Director Don Verner, and Treasurer Ted Clark. Approximately 11 owners were in attendance.  


2. Proof of notice of meeting or waiver of notice:

Tom Jensen noted that the agenda had been posted on the notice board and in the elevators more than 48 hours before the meeting,


3. Approval of Minutes from November 17, 2008 Meeting: 

Tom Jensen moved to waive the reading and accept as written the minutes of the Board meeting.  Ted Clark seconded the motion.  All were in favor.


4. Reports of Officers:

President: Status of general maintenance items and accomplishments:

Jesse stated that a few months ago, he negotiated with Benko in regard to the wall around the planters. They paid the Association $10,000 as opposed to doing the work as Benko recommended which was adding a vapor barrier, then screen, and painting the wall. Jesse had three paint contractors out and used Sherwin-Williams’ recommendations. Maintenance has pressure cleaned the wall, primed and painted all except the east wall. This will be completed by end of year. Jesse felt this work and the clubhouse repairs should be taken from the insurance proceeds account so as not to affect the budget. Ted said he would look into this.


Jesse said he is not happy with the pest control company. RDI obtained 3 bids and the Board had chosen B & R Pest Control at the last meeting. They will be starting the end of this month.


Bids had been obtained last month for fire alarm services and monitoring as well, but the Board had tabled this item until Jesse could be a deciding factor. Jesse stated that CFS was not providing acceptable maintenance, especially regarding battery packs, and he was concerned about the door codes are not being added or changed quickly enough. It was decided to again table this issue since it is a proprietary system and few companies can service it.


An owner obtained a bid from Artistic Landscaping for $410 per month. Jesse recommended having the attorney write up a contract for both companies to bid on so that we have the same services being proposed. Ralph stated that their insurance was verified and they have a $12,000 agricultural bond but if we choose to use them, WB needs to be added as an additional insured.  Their contract has a 60 day cancellation policy, but if we find they are not working out well, it would be hard to get TurfMaster back. The new contract also does not include palm trimming, which TurfMaster does include in their $800 per month. Pest control in the lawn and shrubs, and fertilization is an issue that is not clear. The new bid may include some of that, but details need to be received. Mr. Perrone also requested that management ask Artistic to define “trees/shrubs” to see if they would trim these quarterly or what the duration would be, to clarify if the “growing season” would be from April 1-October 1, to clarify weed control vs. pest control, to determine the cost and labor that Artistic will charge for mulch, and to determine the price per plant that they will charge for entrance wall planting. The contract with Black’s Spray Service is also unclear and Ralph felt we are paying for more than we need. Management will obtain answers before the next meeting.


Pool Heater: Jesse has been ill with back problems and is unable to get down and make the repairs. Management called Nat Pro gas heater and they have looked at the issue and should have it repaired tomorrow. A resident gave the name of another company to call if not fixed by Nat Pro. The Board approved getting them out if not fixed tomorrow.


Boilers on the roof have a problem. One needs a computer board, but the other is still working. A motor was bad, which was replaced under warranty, and now the board is needed. Jesse stated that since he has been maintaining the boilers, the Association has not had to pay a dime. The contractors in the past were very expensive.


Status of Lawsuit regarding Shutters:

Best Shutters is willing to meet to discuss a resolution but schedules have kept that from happening. If this issue goes to trial which he believes will happen, it would cost approximately $30,000, but if the Association wins, this is a $300,000 to $400,000 repair cost. Jesse stated that paying $30,000 for a lawsuit is a much better option than WB fixing these problems on its own. Best Shutter is proposing the removal of all the stanchions, sand blasting and recoating them, and then putting them back up. Having to completely remove the shutters to repair the stanchions brings the price up. Tom Jensen asked what kind of warranty the repairs would have and asked if once corrosion has started in aluminum, is it stoppable or repairable.  These questions will need to be answered. Jesse is working on this issue.


Status of roof recoating and reimbursements from Benko:

Whitley Bay has received reimbursement of $16,500 from Benko Construction towards the roof replacement. Jesse stated that there was no hurry to re-do the roof because the roof does not have any leaks currently. The rebar will have to be fixed and the columns must be re-coated so they do not rust again, but in the meantime, Ted asked that this money be placed in the Money Market account instead of Roof reserves. Jesse felt Benko went above and beyond in this issue, since the roof is not leaking.


Batteries for unit security systems:

Jesse stated that these batteries cost $20.00 each if bought in bulk, so he purchased some and owners can purchase from the Association and save the service call cost of a contractor being called out. These batteries are for the fire/security panel inside each laundry room cabinet. These alarms had a 5 year warranty. Bad batteries are causing the alarms to sound whether you are using your security system or not. 


Marking of water cut-off valves:

Steve of Sawyer Plumbing has agreed to come out and mark where all the shut off valves are. This will help to prevent flooding water loss in the case of a break.


Water closet (commode) valve and flapper replacements and wax seals:

A unit had a wax seal fail and it caused water damage to the unit below and also leaked into the garage. There was also a problem with the flapper valve in this toilet. These two items need to be watched and replaced in all unit toilets periodically. The Association agreed in the past to replace flapper valves and master seals. Jesse stated there are 256 of these in the building. It is a huge job and maintenance would appreciate people taking care of their own, but if not able to, contact maintenance to replace these. When the water runs in the toilets, it can waste hundreds of dollars of water in a matter of hours.  Jesse added that two new doors have been ordered for the clubhouse bathrooms. Ralph noted that the next time doors are needed, fiberglass is the better way to go.



The new statute change discusses responsibility for damage to exterior, individual compressors; therefore, Whitley Bay is not responsible for the A/C units and all the parts of those that apply only to one unit. The Association only takes care of the rooftop portion of air conditioners.


The next issue the attorney was asked for an opinion on was responsibility for water damage, clean up and repair inside units. The attorney stated that the Association should be responsible for the exterior fans and housings and the repair of those so that water does not intrude again. The attorney did not address clean up and water remediation responsibility and he stated that paint may be an Association issue. The Board asked management to challenge these answers and give a more detailed account of what is Association responsibility. The opinion came from an associate at attorney John Soileau’s office, so John will be asked for his opinion. Citizen’s Insurance paid a claim for the water damage; a $2600 payment with a $1000 deductible, but this did not cover the costs already incurred. Jesse stated that we may need to go back to Citizen’s for more money.


We need to find an attractive but useful vent cover so water does not intrude in high winds again. Mr. Whitley offered to help design one that can be manufactured by a local contractor.


Florida Statute changed as of January 1, 2009 to require every owner to carry an H06 insurance policy for the interior of their unit, to have a minimum $2,000 “loss assessment” coverage and to make the Association an “additional insured” in that policy. It was noted that mortgage companies are not requiring this coverage, but statute requires it. Manager stated that approximately 20 certificates have been received to date. Mrs. Jensen was asked to place a reminder in the next newsletter, even though it was in the last one.


Vice President:  Ralph Perrone had no report.

Secretary:  Tom Jensen stated that the next newsletter will be out in January. Carol asked that residents e-mail or call her with ideas or desires to go in the next issue

Treasurer:  Ted Clark stated that $16,000 had to be transferred from the money market account to cover expenses to date, but this is what that money was earmarked for. Mr. Clark stated that the Association has income of under $250,000, so per statute the Association only requires a review of the 2008 financials, not an audit. Mr. Clark stated that the Decorating Committee requested $2,500 to complete the changes to the lobby. Ted moved to approve this expenditure. Jesse seconded, all in favor. The Association has one unit in foreclosure, but the owners are paying their monthly condo fees.


Report by RDI: 

Alternative Reserve Funding: Manager was asked to obtain an attorney’s opinion on the use of Special Assessment or up-front payments of Reserve Funds for the year so that the monthly fee can be lower. The attorney stated that this is not a legal option. Copies of the opinion letter were made available to the owners. Reserves must be funded in the same manner as the assessments are paid, so the reserve funds approved must be saved in a separate account on a monthly basis. A resident stated that another condo is Special Assessing for insurance every year. Michelle stated that the attorney has said when a large increase is unexpected, a Special Assessment can be made to cover the difference, but when known, the amount must be budgeted on a monthly basis with the rest of the expenses.


5. Reports of Committees: 

Maintenance Committee: Don Verner reported that he has been in contact with Ken Ward of Benko Construction on the following:

Standing water on parade balconies: Benko will have a subcontractor look at this problem.

Rusty Clamps in the Chase rooms: They just rust within a year, so Benko doesn’t want to replace again as this is just a part of maintenance.

Shut-Off Valve: Benko will pay the plumber to take care of this in January with help from the committee.

Support Beam on Roof: Don marked out what needs to be chipped out and epoxy’ed. Benko has agreed to take care of that. This must be done before the roof is re-coated.

Solder Joints: This issue has been dropped and is no longer considered to be a problem

Gas Valves in the Penthouses: This issue has also been dropped and is no longer considered to be a problem

Ceiling crack on 7th floor unit: Ken agreed to fix this and will work with the owner on scheduling.

Concrete slab cracks on front walk balconies: Even though the engineer stated this was a normal part of settling in concrete, Benko has agreed to have a contractor show the maintenance committee how to fix these.


Don was thanked as a real asset to the community. Don stated that the committee needs to work with Jesse to get up to speed on all that is going on before Jesse gives up his consultant title with the Association. There was discussion on needing two people who know all the details of the condo just in case anything happens to one. Ralph Perrone worried that the Association needs a replacement on par with Tom Vaughn. This issue was tabled to see if Corey is interested in learning more.


Reserves & Budget Committee:

Insurance: Mr. Ramsay stated that he obtained a number of quotes for insurance from local agents. A majority of these show a lower premium than the budgeted $104,000 for the year. He will give his recommendations to the Board soon. While this lower premium of $12,000 is great, management recommended NOT lowering the monthly fee, since some line items are budgeted lower than we will need next year. The Board agreed. It was reiterated that the new monthly assessment will be $588.00.


Parking & Security Committee:

Wayne stated that there is plenty of parking available. The problems we are seeing are new residents not following the rules of letting the Association know that they are moving heavy furniture so that pads can be placed in the elevator. There is also a problem with people leaving the door opened while they are moving in. Management was not made aware of these new tenants, but Don stated that the owner of the unit contacted Diane Verner for a parking pass. Michelle asked that the committee work with her and not hand out passes until all paperwork and deposits have been received by management. The owner will be advised of this and management will ask for all required paperwork.


Social Committee:

Diane Verner reported through Don that 34 unit owners attended the annual Christmas party. The next party will be held on the first Sunday in February for the Annual Super Bowl party.


6. Unfinished Business:

Cooling Tower Water Meter: Joe Whitley and Jesse Taylor agreed with the need to meet with the City Engineer, then the City Manager, and then the City Council. They will continue to go up the “food chain” until this issue is resolved and the Association does not have to pay sewer charges on all water use, since a majority of it is lost to evaporation.

Removal of old entrance door codes: Jesse stated that they are working on getting the door codes changed for the garage door so that only one code works.


7. New Business:

Christmas Bonuses: Don stated that some owners are going in personally to give gifts to the employees, but the Association should give as well. After much discussion, Don moved to give Tom a bonus of $400.00 and Cory a bonus of $300.00. Tom Jensen seconded this motion. All voted in favor. Ted agreed to write these two checks as well as the $2500 for the lobby renovations. Ralph Perrone moved to continue with tradition and give Turf Masters Lawn Service a $250 bonus as has been done in previous years. Tom seconded. Discussion: Why not also give the pool guy and the elevator technician a bonus; where does it stop? There was more discussion on why give a contractor a bonus if we are going to terminate them. Ralph stated this bonus is for past performance and should not be affected by what will happen in 2009. Vote: All were in favor except Ted Clark. RDI was asked to write this check. Motion carried.

Modification requested by Board: The Board of Directors, having approved Christmas bonuses for these other mentioned persons / companies, upon motion by Ralph Perrone and seconded by Tom Jensen, in recognition of her extraordinary grasp of WB’s budgeting and management problems and outstanding guidance in condominium affairs, approved unanimously a similar bonus to Michelle Dugan of $500. All in favor.


8. General Discussion by Members:

A resident brought up the issue of pigeon control. Evidently, a large initial payment was made to a company a few years ago and the budget has a line item to pay for annual service to check and, if necessary, add more material to keep the pigeons away. Manager was asked to contact the company and have the annual update done to keep the warranty intact.


Ted then asked everyone to squash their recyclable items so more can be placed in the container.


9. Adjournment:

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:47 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,


Michelle Dugan, CMCA, AMS, LCAM #17226

Sarah Davis, Administrative Assistant





Minutes of the

Whitley Bay Board of Directors Budget Meeting

Monday, November 17, 2008


1. Call to order and verification of quorum:

The meeting was called to order by VP Ralph Perrone at 7:00 p.m. in the Whitley Bay Recreation Room.  Other Board Members present:  Secretary Tom Jensen and Treasurer Ted Clark.  President Jess Taylor and Director Don Verner could not attend.

Approximately 22 owners were in attendance.  


2. Proof of notice of meeting or waiver of notice:

Manager Michelle Dugan noted that the agenda and proposed budget had been mailed to all owners 14 days in advance of the meeting and the agenda had been posted in the elevators.


3. Approval of Minutes from October 22, 2008 Meeting:

Ralph Perrone moved to waive the reading and accept as written the minutes of the Board meeting.  Tom Jensen seconded the motion.  All were in favor.


4. Reports of Officers:

President: Due to Jesse Taylor’s absence, his maintenance report was tabled. 

Vice President:  Ralph Perrone had no report.

Secretary:  Tom Jensen had no report.

Treasurer:  Ted Clark had no separate report.

Report by RDI:  Results of Owner Vote to Waive 2008 Audit: Michelle stated that with 42 votes received, 1 voted for an audit, one had no vote and 40 voted to waive the audit and have a review done. Therefore, a review will be done of the 2008 financials.

Results of Owner Vote on Reserve Funding: Michelle stated that with 42 votes received, 6 voted for fully funding the reserves, one did not vote, and 35 voted to fund the reserves at 50% of need.


5. Reports of Committees: 

Reserves & Budget Committee:  Larry Ramsay thanked his committee for their help. He discussed the reserve numbers required in the Dreux Isaac’s and Urgent Appraisal’s reports.

Questions were asked from the audience and Ted reported that on 12/31/2007 there was $110,000 in reserves. This year it has $160K, but a portion of that is being held in case we must pay a 2007 bill from the marina that we are contesting. There is also $22K in a money market account noted as surplus from last year. If the Association had “fully-funded” reserves each year, there would be $320,000 in reserves, so we are under-funded but it seems that the majority of owners believe we need to adequately fund reserves in the future.


Ted noted that the Board and the committee did not receive any input from owners until they received their proposed increased budget. At that time, some came up with creative ways to fund the reserves. Manager was asked for input. Michelle stated that Florida Statute requires reserves to be funded in the same way assessments are; therefore monthly in the case of Whitley Bay. She stated that a legal opinion might help to clarify whether it would be legal to fund the reserves in a bulk Special Assessment or as a one time payment instead of in each month as part of the monthly maintenance fee.

Based on this response, Ted thanked the audience for their ideas and moved to table this issue and ask the attorney for an opinion on this.  Discussion ensued about funding lump sums for proposed increases, since they aren’t actual costs as of yet. Again, a legal opinion would be needed, so the Board tabled this issue until an opinion is obtained.


Larry stated that $537 per month is being assessed for monthly expenses. The difference is for reserves and some would like to see that funded in a lump sum. Again it was reiterated that a legal opinion is needed to pursue alternate ways of paying into reserves. That motion was re-stated and more discussion ensued.


Merrily Jensen stated that her e-mail was not discussing just reserves; she wanted to special assess for the operating account, keep that to the side, and then if needed to cover higher expenses each month, they could use that set-aside money, or only assess if the operating expenses actually do increase as expected. Brenda Bennett stated that her idea was to special assess for the needed amount that was over the current monthly assessment. George Spencer asked how the budgeted numbers were decided, since some looked less than this year for contracted services.


Ted presented his report:

The Budget Committee consisted of Larry Ramsay, Leslie Leinss, Brenda Bennett and John Sprinkle, with Ted as a consultant. Special appreciation is owed to Larry Ramsay whose knowledge and dedication produced an operating budget only six and a half percent over our 2008 budget, to Brenda Bennett who interpreted Larry’s frantic writing into typewritten clarity, and to Michelle Dugan, who worked that Sunday afternoon to get the letter of notification out to you on the following Monday. Preparation of this budget began in September 2008 with input from Reconcilable Differences based on prior history and projected Whitley Bay needs. Input was requested from all committees and interested owners. The Christmas Decorations and Social Committees requested funds and were budgeted. No other input was received until the proposed budget was mailed. The 2008 expenses were more than originally budgeted due to unexpected capital acquisitions and necessary professional fees. We added another exercise machine to the Gym (a $3000 value for $1400), an audio player compatible with iPods, an air purifier and necessary repairs for a total of $2,000. We replaced Dan Marlin’s tools with Whitley Bay tools for $2,100. We bought two replacement weather control units for $3,650 rather than an estimated $4,000 each. We provided our legal office with $5000 to institute the suit against Best Shutters. We bought an engineering appraisal of the condition of Whitley Bay for $4,800, an updated Reserve Funding analysis for $1500, and a required insurance appraisal for $1,000; none of which had been budgeted.


The 2009 budget has little for capital acquisitions and appraisals, but more for engineering expertise and legal fees. The 2007 Board of Directors had recognized that our president, Jesse Taylor, was spending an extraordinary amount of time and personal expense managing our engineering and maintenance demands. They authorized and budgeted for paying him as a Maintenance Consultant. In that Jesse will not be with us after the next Annual Meeting, this cost has been reduced to an “as-needed” basis.


This proposed budget is subject to change in that we have already found some less costly contractors and are in the process of getting competitive bids for our insurance.  Where we can find savings in the discretionary funding area, the Board will so amend the budget.  When looking at the budget for ONLY the operating costs, we find that the 2009 operating costs increase is only $10 per month per unit. We can work with this. The world economy is such that we should be able to realize something less; however, until we nail these savings down, I move the Board approve the $588 per unit per month maintenance fee, effective 1 January 2009.


Tom Jensen seconded. More discussion ensued. Tom noted that no one showed up for the building walk through or asked for a copy of the engineering report that was received. Information is available and it states that repairs are going to be needed. There are 56 cracks in the building. If not repaired, water gets into these areas and speeds the rusting of the rebar and requires expensive repairs later.


Residents still wanted to talk about re-apportioning the costs into lump sums instead of the monthly fee. A resident attorney asked, “Isn’t it the function of the Board tonight just to pass the budget as rendered and as far as apportioning it, that can be discussed at a later date?” All agreed he was correct and Ralph called for a vote on Ted’s motion: All in favor.


Tom Jensen asked for a show of hands of those who would like to see an assessment and a lower monthly fee. Majority raised hands. There was more discussion of keeping the assessment under $500 per month if the Special Assessment is used for the balance.


There was discussion about lower operating costs in 2009 than in 2008. It was discussed that some costs may be lower than needed, but this budget is a tool to be used and we are trying to obtain less expensive contractor fees for 2009.


Parking & Security Committee:

Wayne stated there is plenty of parking available. Some are forgetting to use their hang tags. This is important on holidays.


Lobby Decorating Committee:

Vickie Spencer stated that the lobby tile and grout look dirty. She would like a professional to clean it. Both elevators also have dirty tile and grout, along with several cracked tiles. This is something all prospective owners will see. The window cornices need to be cleaned and re-painted. Baseboards need to be repainted. Another recommendation would be to paint the lobby a color other than yellow. Tom acknowledged that all these items could be done under basic maintenance funds.

Vickie stated that the furniture is “beat up” and nobody likes it. Her proposal was to purchase a stone-based glass top table, 6 fabric chairs, 2 glass-topped side tables, 2 large heron statues and a floor mirror. Details were provided and the total would cost $2,500.00. Residents asked where they could see this type of upgrade and were told to see the Meridian on the beach. Others thought the lobby looked fine. All agreed that architecturally the lobby is beautiful. They recommended moving the wicker furniture to the second floor. Tom stated that there is no budget for these upgrades in 2009, but the cleaning and painting can definitely be done.


6. Unfinished Business:

Cooling Tower Water Meter: Tom Jensen stated that he did not have correct meter readings at last month’s meeting. Therefore, the Association was billed $405 in excess sewer charges in September. Tom asked a resident to help in dealing with the city on this issue.

Removal of old entrance door codes: Without Jesse’s knowledge on this issue, this item was tabled until next month.


7. New Business:

Marina / Pool Discussion: Ralph Perrone was approached by the marina’s attorney asking if the Association would reconsider the marina sharing the pool with the condo. There is now a line of communication open and Ralph’s recommendations would be to charge the marina for all pool heating costs and maintenance. Ted stated that the pool costs $1160 per month to maintain without heating it. It was assured that the rules would still have to be followed and the dockmaster would have to help us keep people in line. If it is the majority opinion of the community, we would further discuss this with the marina. Steps will not be added due to state regulations and the manufacture of the pool. Diane Whitley added that the current land lease is ambiguous and should be a part of the negotiations so that a new recorded agreement would supersede the old unfair obligations required by the land lease. It was stated that 100% of all owners and probably mortgage holders would have to approve this change. A large number of audience members raised hands to pursue this. Tom asked that this be discussed in the next newsletter or mail-out. Residents asked for much more detail before they are asked to vote on this.


Creation of a Maintenance Committee: Tom Jensen stated that Jesse has been a huge asset to the community, but he has stated that he will not be in charge of maintenance after February. Virtually every month he has saved the Association more than the $1,000 we paid him, but he is tired of the late night emergency calls and extra work. We now have the problem of how to replace him. The electrical and plumbing systems, the landscaping and the structural issues are huge. The option of forming a standing Maintenance Committee has been discussed. If we can form it now, the committee and Jesse can interface and they can learn as much as possible from Jesse. Don Verner has offered to chair the committee and serve as Board liaison. Tom moved to establish a standing maintenance committee to be responsible for the oversight of all maintenance activities. Ted seconded, all in favor. Call for volunteers: Brock McNally, Willy Barrere, Alex Sinilnikoff, Stan Bowers, Wayne Sanders, and Dean Clark offered to serve.

Set Annual Meeting Date: The documents require that the meeting be held in February. The forth Wednesday of February, the 25th, was set as the date for the 2009 Annual Meeting


8. Confirm next meeting date:

The next Board meeting will be held Wednesday, December 17th at 7:00 p.m.


9. General Discussion by Members

A resident asked about owner collections. Ted stated that so far everyone is current on their fees. A resident asked for clarification on roof issues and cooling tower maintenance. Benko is willing to share the cost of a new roof, but the bolts holding the support beams and the cooling tower maintenance must be done before a roof is replaced. The roof has been patched but this is only a temporary fix. Joe Whitley is willing to help with these issues. Brock asked if reserves could be used for these repairs. Management confirmed that they can. There was discussion about these needed repairs and what contractor will be used. Leaking toilets were again discussed. Sometimes you cannot hear the leaking water. Please change out the flapper valves or ask maintenance for help. A resident asked about a letter he received regarding leaking water and the city inspecting. Ralph confirmed this was about the building’s backflow preventer and said the city will be charging a fee to every owner of a backflow preventer


10. Adjournment:

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:42 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Michelle Dugan, CMCA, AMS, LCAM #17226



Minutes of the

Whitley Bay Board of Directors Meeting

held Wednesday, October 22, 2008


1. Call to order and verification of quorum:

The meeting was called to order by Secretary Tom Jensen at 7:00 p.m. in the Whitley Bay Recreation Room.  Other Board Members present:  Director Ralph Perrone and Treasurer Ted Clark.  President Jess Taylor was out of town. Manager Michelle Dugan and Melanie DeMott from the management company, Reconcilable Differences, were also in attendance.  Eight owners attended. 


2. Proof of notice of meeting or waiver of notice:

Tom Jensen noted that the agenda had been posted 48 hours in advance of the meeting.


3. Reading and disposal of any unapproved minutes:

Ralph Perrone moved to waive the reading and accept as written the minutes of the July 23, 2008 Board meeting.  Tom Jensen seconded the motion.  All were in favor.


4. Confirmation of Don Verner’s appointment to the Board and of Ralph Perrone assuming Vice President position:

Tom Jensen moved to have Don Verner assume the Board position vacated by Brock McNally.  Ralph Perrone seconded; the motion passed with a unanimous vote. Don Verner joined the Board.  Tom Jensen then moved that Ralph Perrone assume the Vice President position vacated by Brock McNally.  Ted Clark seconded this motion; motion passed with unanimous support.  Ralph Perrone assumed his new role and ran the balance of the meeting. 


5. Reports of Officers:


Status reports on various maintenance activities:  In Jesse Taylor’s absence, Tom Jensen stated:

Shutters:  Benco is working with the shutter manufacturer to take the necessary measures to repair the problems. Jesse is trying to get a meeting with Maath to discuss this.

Mold:  There was mold in the ceiling of unit #1001 after the water intrusion. This has been removed and the other units in the “one” stack are clear.   

Vent covers:  Jess Taylor is still waiting for the replacement vent covers bid.  The covers in stacks five and six that are exposed to the outside are a different type of vent cover and may do not allow water to enter, but we need to confirm this.

Planter wall:  The planter wall is being stripped down to ready it for repair.

Pest control:  Michelle Dugan will discuss this issue later in the meeting.

Insurance Payment: Tom stated that an adjuster came out to look at the storm damage in the units. A check was received for a portion of the damage repair costs.

Maintenance employees have completed the cleaning of the pool patio furniture and are cleaning the garage doors. The roof repairs are ongoing around the storm drains and the vents. There was a problem with one of the cooling towers above the Jaffe unit. It has been repaired and is hopefully complete. There has been a lot of work on the roof; they are patching the roof puncture holes & blisters as needed.

Fresh Water Pump Room Door:  Vents were installed in the door so it can now be closed without overheating the room.

Boiler #1:  The motor has been removed but has not yet been sent for repairs. Jess is working on this.

Batteries:  Batteries have been purchased by the Association for owner purchase.  Alarm batteries are $20.00 each and shutter batteries are $55.00 each.  Owners should check their batteries to see if they need replacement.  Some owners are reporting defective shutter power-packs so new batteries would not help. Check your shutter motors monthly.


Tom Jensen stated:

The Fall Newsletter has been mailed and e-mailed, and a few new notices have been posted.

Security Volunteers: Wayne stated that Stan, Frank, Alex and Brock McNally have volunteered to act as parking/security volunteers.

Board Member Volunteers: Tom reminded all owners that a majority of the Board will not be running again and asked all to think about volunteering. Manager explained that a notice soliciting new Board volunteers would be sent out 60 days prior to the February Annual Meeting.



Ted Clark stated:

Security Issue:  A homeless man was found sleeping beneath the balcony of unit #301.  Ted called the Cocoa police and Officer Davis was asked to remove the sleeper immediately and not wait until a more specific problem occurs. Ted wanted to send the message that Whitley Bay would not tolerate this type of behavior on its property. 

Operating Fund:  Ted explained that year to date, expenditures now exceed income. While this overage will be covered by the surplus left over from the previous fiscal year, Ted recommended that no capital improvements or discretionary spending be made without full Board approval.    

Reserve Funding:  Larry Ramsay will discuss during committee reports.


5. Report by RDI: 

Trash Chute Sign: Manager Michelle asked the Board if they would like permanent signs for trash chutes instead of the current paper signs regarding breaking down boxes and other trash instructions.  Each sign would cost approximately $12.00. In view of current finances, the Board decided not to purchase more permanent signs, but to replace as needed.

Pest Control:  President Jess Taylor has not been happy with the service being provided by Apex, the current contractor.  Michelle secured three addition bids from B&R Pest Control, SWAT Team Extermination, and Pioneer Pest Control; all local small businesses where the proprietors do the work. She presented a spreadsheet of details. Discussion regarding prices and services ensued.  Because Michelle has had experience using B&R and their bid price was significantly lower, Ralph Perrone moved that the Board give Apex 30 day notice of cancellation of $160.00 per month contract and contract with B&R for pest control at $92.00 per month.  Tom Jensen seconded and the motion passed with a unanimous vote.

Fire Alarm Monitoring:  President Jess Taylor has not been happy with the service being provided by CFS, the current contractor.  Three additional bids were solicited but only two contractors showed up for the meeting with management and the Board. Two bids were received, from Dyna-Fire and Advanced Detection Services. Management spreadsheet detailed costs from both as well as CFS. It was noted that the alarm system is a proprietary system and not all contractors are able to service it. Discussion ensued about overall costs and the fact that CFS has not charged for many service calls. Tom Jensen moved to table this discussion until Jess Taylor was present and have management contact CFS to try and work through the concerns. Ted Clark seconded this motion and it passed with a unanimous vote. 


6. Reports of Committees: 

Engineering Evaluation Selection Committee:

Don Verner reported:

He has written a letter to Maath Bennett at Benco Construction regarding the several items still remaining on the punch list and asked the Board for approval to place on letterhead and mail from the Association. All agreed.

A copy of the Engineer’s report is available if anyone is interested. 


Reserves & Budget Committee:

Larry Ramsay reported:

Reserve Analysis Reports:  Urgent Appraisals re-evaluated the Reserve Analysis in June of 2008. Currently, each unit contributes $21.02 each month to reserves. This revised report recommends $77,504 per year, equaling 100.91 per unit per month.  The original report from Dreux Isaacs’ in 2002 requires $68,193 per year or $88.80 per unit per month in 2009.

2009 Proposed Reserve Funding Percentage:  Larry wanted owner input on how much they wanted to contribute to the reserves for future repairs and replacements. Manager stated that Florida Statute requires the Board to supply a “fully-funded reserves” budget to the owners, but also allows the Board to offer an alternate option for owners to vote on. There was much discussion since the Board must decide on what level/percentage of funding options are given to the owners to vote on. Of these choices, manager stated that a majority of owners must vote for the alternate or the full funding of reserves is required. Larry said he called the state and one person agreed with manager and one said only a majority of those who vote is required. Owners who attended were asked for their opinions on the percentage of reserves to fund. Larry recommended 25% because of the current economy. Others recommended 40% to 50% because it is a business decision to ensure there is money to make needed repairs.

There was discussion about the statute change allowing a member vote to have a Review instead of an audit for up to three years, but if an audit is required, it must be renewed every three years.

There was discussion about “pooling” of reserves and a vote by owners last year to do this. Manager stated that a yes vote by members is not enough to pool reserves. A 20 year analysis of needed reserve savings is required to be completed and there are requirements on how much is saved. Sometimes a pooling method equals more than regular funding requirements. This issue was tabled for more information from the state. Larry proposed a cover letter and voting ballot to send out to the owners.

After discussion about the statute requirement to mail out a proposed budget to owners at least 14 days before the next meeting at which the Board will approve the 2009 budget, and the requirement that this final approval be given to the owners at least one month before the change takes place, at the start of the fiscal year, Tom Jensen moved that homeowners be presented with the option of fully-funding the reserves or funding at a 50% level.  Ted Clark seconded. All in favor.


Parking & Security Committee:

Wayne reported that:

More volunteers are needed to assist with parking/security, which consists of looking for decals on vehicles, ensuring all vehicles belong to owners or guests, etc.

Special occasions (especially 4th of July and Mardi Gras) in Cocoa Village are causing a strain on parking.  Someone needs to be hired to patrol the parking area during these events whether it be a security person, sheriff deputy, or one of the maintenance men.  There needs to be money in the budget for this expense.

Another notice will be posted reminding owners about parking needs because winter residents are starting to arrive.


7. Unfinished Business: Tom Jensen reported:

Cooling Tower Water Meter: After analyzing the amount of water going into and out of the tower, Tom ascertained that the amount of water being lost to evaporation is not a substantial amount and the Association’s time and money would not be worth pursuing this. [Subsequent to the meeting this was determined to be an error and more research will be done.]  Ralph felt it would be better spent checking and replacing toilet flapper valves. All agreed and the issue of obtaining sewer credit from the city of Cocoa is dropped.  

Cascade Water needs to be contacted about how acidic the water is and what effect it is having on the galvanized steel of the cooling system. Alex was willing to help monitor this with manager’s help in contacting cascade.

Removal of old Entrance Door Codes: Jess Taylor was not present to report on this, but we need to find the instructions on how to remove old codes and take care of this issue in house.


8. New Business:

Discussion and action on compensation:  Tom Jensen stated:

Tom Vaughan was promised by Jesse that after several months, his pay would increase from a janitor position to that of a maintenance position.  The previous employee in that position made $16/hour.  Tom Jensen moved that Tom Vaughan’s pay be increased to $16/hour effective with the next pay period.  Ralph seconded the motion; it passed with unanimous approval. 

Because of the hard work of Jess Taylor in his role as maintenance consultant, especially during Tropical Storm Fay, Tom Jensen recommended doing something extra for Jesse so he knows how much his work is appreciated.  Don Verner made a motion that Jess Taylor be given a $500, one-time bonus; Tom Jensen seconded this motion.  The motion passed with a unanimous vote.

Insurance: Larry Ramsay informed members that Whitley Bay’s current insurance coverage will expire on 1/15/2009.  He provided a letter that was sent to nine companies soliciting quotes.  The Association is now required to insure air-conditioning units which will raise the costs of insurance.  There are 132 air handlers that need to be covered.  For replacement estimates, Jesse and the committee agreed to use $2100.00 per unit as a replacement cost since the appraisal stated a cost between $900 and $2100.


9. General Discussion by Members: 

The H06 insurance policy that is being required per Florida State Statute was discussed.  RDI is keeping track of owners who have provided proof of meeting this requirement.  All owners must have the required certificate to the Association with their renewal after 10/1/08.


10. Adjournment: 

With no further business to discuss, Tom Jensen moved to adjourn at 9:05 pm; Ted Clark seconded this motion.  The motion passed with unanimous approval. 


Respectfully submitted,


Melanie DeMott, Administrative Assistant


Michelle Dugan, CMCA, AMS, LCAM #17226




Minutes of the

Whitley Bay Board of Directors Meeting

held Wednesday, July 23, 2008


1. Call to Order and Verification of Quorum: 

The meeting was called to order by President Jesse Taylor at 7:00 p.m. in the Whitley Bay Recreation Room.  Other Board Members present:  Secretary Tom Jensen and Director Ralph Perrone. Treasurer Ted Clark was out of town. Manager Michelle Dugan and Teresa Dickinson from the management company, Reconcilable Differences, were also in attendance.  12 owners attended.


2. Proof of Notice of Meeting or Waiver of Notice: 

Jesse noted that the agenda had been posted 48 hours in advance of the meeting.


3. Lobby Remodeling Design Presentation: 

Marti Metcalf of Interior Designs of Brevard, Inc. and her artist, Linda Haple, presented their design to the board and owners in attendance.  Their design included replacing the existing tile and adding columns in corners. They would paint a mural on the back wall that would serve as a focal point as you walk into the lobby. The mural would be of Old Whitley Marina and pictures of yachts would be used on either side of the walls, nine on each side, using a high contrast process.  Also included in the design elements is a glass etched railing using tempered glass.  Sofas would be re-upholstered and the balance of furniture would be moved to the second floor along with the mail boxes and bulletin board. Marti did not bring costs with her at this time.


4. Reading and Disposal of any Unapproved Minutes: 

Tom Jensen moved to waive the reading and accept as written the minutes of the June 17th Board meeting.  Ralph Perrone seconded the motion.  All were in favor.


5. Reports of Officers:


Status of progress with shutter repairs:  Jesse Taylor stated that Benko’s attorney had responded to the Association attorney’s demand letter. Benko’s position is that Best Shutters supplied and installed damaged and defective product/material.  Benko’s letter cited a case of Auto Insurance vs. Pozzi Window Company that is similar to the Association’s.  Jesse stated that the shutter warranty issue is between each owner and Benko / Best Shutter; not with the association.  The association is stepping in to help all the owners due to the defective materials, but shutters are an owner responsibility. Jesse stated that the suit is going forward.

Status of fire sprinkler system pipe repainting: 2nd Floor Garage pipes are 99% complete, and the 1st Floor garage is 50% finished. The sanding and re-painting should be completed by the end of the month.

The air conditioning unit on the second floor by the elevator stopped working. Jesse obtained competitive pricing at around $4,300 to replace the unit. He was able to purchase 2 units at $1,800 each, and oversee installation by our staff. He ordered the spare unit for the next emergency need in the lobby or for the elevator room. Tom Jensen moved to approve the purchase of these two units, at a cost of $3,668, with the funds coming from the building mechanical/electrical reserve account. Ralph Perrone seconded the motion.  All were in favor.

Sandblasting the Tower:  We do have a compressor in place for this work, but there are additional parts needed, at a cost of approximately $1,000 from Travis Hardware. Jesse wanted to complete the pipe painting before starting this work, so it should begin within two weeks.

Pool Security Camera:  Jesse hooked the camera up and it worked for 15 minutes and then stopped. He has ordered another camera and a spare and he has the equipment to operate it as a remote.  Ralph asked if the camera in the parking lot was operational and if it could be a remotely hooked up. Jesse indicated it was not hooked up and worried that a remote unit might not be secure. Jesse will investigate this and he stated that Whitley Bay has 48 cameras throughout the property.

Fresh Water Pressure Controllers:  These two units provide pressure from the street level to allow water to go all the way to the top of the building.  The first time one went out, the bid to repair was $5,000.  Last week it went out again. Jesse found a local company, also used by Otis, and the repair was done for about $200. Jesse was able to re-install and reprogram the unit and all works well again. The maintenance company, located in Tampa, charges a $280.00 service fee before they even find out what is wrong.

Roofing Contractor: The roof does not leak, but there is some patching that needs to be done. Jesse stated that the longer we “nurse” the roof, the longer warranty we will have on the new one to be installed. Jesse wanted this work completed in the fall and the Board agreed while they wait for the engineering report.

Dan Marlin Issue: Dan Marlin is no longer an employee of Whitley Bay. Several owners have used Dan for private work and Jesse wanted all to be aware that the city and state require proper licensing and insurance for sub-contractors. Ask contractors for their licenses and insurance before allowing them to do work in your home, to protect you, the homeowner.

Emergency Generator Power Switch:  If we have a power failure of more than 10 seconds, the generator kicks in. The emergency power switch disconnects from FPL and connects to the generator, and that feeds the elevators, the emergency lights, every light in the garage, and the garage doors, the flood lights, and other safety power issues. There has been a problem with the generator not switching back to electrical power properly. Kohler came out and bid $3,000 for a replacement part. Jesse got them to agree to $2100 plus labor since we have had this problem since the generator was installed.

Status of Pool Lease: The Association pays $1.00 per year to the marina owners, based on the original lease, and they will bill annually for half the actual costs of maintaining this area. It was confirmed that the $1.00 check cleared.

Tools & Equipment: Dan had used some of his own tools, so when he left, Jesse went to Home Depot and purchased tools that were needed to maintain the condominium. These new tools will be inventoried and belong to the condo association.

Battery Packs for Hurricane Shutters:  Due to many owners not knowing that they need to open and close their shutters monthly, it was felt that there may be several units that have bad battery packs for their shutters. Jesse priced replacement batteries and found that Batteries Plus in Melbourne would sell to the Association for a wholesale price of $44.00 per pack. An account was opened and the Board agreed that owners could purchase the battery packs from the association for cost. Jesse will purchase 10 packs for now.  Ralph P suggested an email to all owners asking them to check their shutter batteries and to let us know if they need new ones. We as an association do not have an obligation to help change out these batteries, but if we have a hurricane and we can’t get the hurricane shutters down, then at that time we will have a bigger problem as an association. 

Door Entry Codes:  New door entry codes will be effective next month, with the old code removed on August 10th.  Tom Jensen noted that old codes are still in the system. Jesse said that he has had conversations with CFS regarding poor service with the programming. Jesse asked management to obtain other bids for security monitoring/programming before the next board meeting.  Jesse will call CFS this week to ensure that all old codes are removed and only new codes remain. The lock from the garage is one Jesse programs. The programming book has disappeared. Tom V. will call Pop-A-Lock to see if we can purchase another book, since they were the original installer.


Report by RDI: 

Financial Report: Michelle Dugan stated that through June 30, 2008, the Association is only $238 over budget and all units are paid in full. Two CD’s just matured at Prime Bank and all the Association’s money is in that bank. There was discussion about other banks’ CD rates and the option of a CDAR at Prime Bank in August. Ralph moved to open two $25,000 CD’s at Sunrise Bank, with a rate of 4% for 12 months, as long as the bank agrees to no early withdrawal penalties. Tom Jensen seconded the motion. All in favor. As for the other funds, the operating account has $16,550; the Operating Money Market & CD’s have a balance of $89,722, the payroll account has $4,500 and the Reserve account has a total of $113,437 in CD’s and savings accounts. Ralph asked about moving money to other banks to keep under the $100K FDIC-insured limit.  Michelle will e-mail the Board with details on other options, but Ralph moved to transfer $45K to a Sunrise Money Market account if rates are more competitive than Prime. Ton Jensen seconded, all in favor.

County Health Department:  Teresa spoke to the county pool inspector and Michelle went on-line and pulled the statues associated with pool stairs. Basically, the County Health Dept. does not enforce or deal with ADA.  They are not requiring stairs in the pool. The Association was issued a permit for four steps, so more could be installed, but they are not required and the Association is not in violation. If ADA gets involved, there are other issues to address, but usually if a handicapped person wants a change that is not required, they must pay for it, the Association would have no responsibility for it and it would have to removed when that handicapped person moved, at their expense.

Trash Chutes Power washing:   Michelle presented a proposal from Ecolo Odor Control to come in and power wash, clean and sanitize the trash chutes and doors for $600.  Jesse said Whitley Bay’s maintenance people can handle this project.  Tom stated that one trash chute door does not close properly. Ralph asked if pest control visits are being made to these areas. Jesse indicated that Apex Pest Control is spraying once per month.

Removal of Cardboard Dumpster: Due to this dumpster not being used properly and due to its location, being used as a garbage dump site for non-owners, RDI called Waste Management to see if it could be removed. Customer Service stated there would be a $75.00 removal fee, but then no more monthly $61.00 fees would be charged. Ralph P. made the motion to remove the dumpster.  Tom Jensen seconded, all were in favor.

Flapper Valves and Fluid Seals replacement: Ralph recommended that maintenance inspect all toilets and if these items were needed, maintenance could install for a nominal fee. The parts cost is about $3.50 per toilet.  It would also save the Association in lost water costs to ensure none are running continuously. Management will include a question in the e-mail to all owners to contact us if they feel they have an issue with their toilets that needs inspection. Motion to purchase and install these parts as needed was made by Ralph Perrone.  Jesse seconded the motion.  All in favor. Ralph felt this issue should be on a two year cycle of replacement in the general maintenance duties.


 Engineering Evaluation Selection Committee: 

Don Verner stated that TLC Engineering was hired to review the areas of concern in the building, specifically plumbing and structural issues. TLC presented their report this month. There were some new issues as well as issues from the original punch list with Benko. Key items from the TLC report were exposed reinforcement rods in the cooling tower support beam, extensive corrosion in the cooling tower support frames, extensive corrosion of the anchor rods holding the steel supports to the cooling towers, extensive cracking in the ramp up to the second floor parking level likely the result of inadequate compaction, a large crack in the southeast corner of the wall of the parking ramp, walkway floor slab cracking, and corroded riser clamps in the vertical chase closets.  The support beam has to be fixed before the roof can be replaced. There is still the issue of cracks in the concrete. TLC’s report goes into great detail on how this issue would have to be resolved. The cracks in the garage ramp might be under warranty. The report states that we must ensure no water is getting down to the rebar. A professional must seal the surface to protect it. 


Reserves Committee: 

 Larry Ramsay stated that he asked Urgent Appraisals to re-evaluate their Reserve Analysis. Their original annual reserve requirement was $88,882 or $115.73 per unit per month. Currently, each unit contributes $21.02 each month to reserves. The revised report recommends $77,504 per year, equaling 100.91 per unit per month. The Board has to utilize these numbers and show a “fully funded” reserve, but they can ask the owners to vote for lesser funding. He asked that we figure out end of year balances in the reserve accounts and he recommends an increase to $26.02 per unit per month to build and protect reserves.


Security Committee:

There was a major issue on the 4th of July with people coming into the parking garage to “turn around” and then parking and leaving. Jesse recommended that events be manned by staff not volunteers, and he felt the parking committee needs to get involved in this.  Larry Ramsay said marina people were getting into the pool area by using the elevator. Signage at the pool should state, “Pool & Spa are ONLY for WB residents and guests” and the pool hours are also missing.  Jess will take care of this and will also speak to the elevator technician to see if we can add some security to the elevator to keep unapproved people from getting to the pool area from the elevator.


Cooling Tower Water Meter:  RDI reported that e-mails have been sent to supervisor levels requesting a meeting to discuss a variance from the sewer and storm water charges on the water used on the cooling towers. To date, no one has responded to the letters mailed or the e-mails sent. The next step will be sending the letter to the city manager and then the mayor.


6. New Business:

Carwash by dumpster: There was discussion about enlarging this area to allow for a carwash. A concern was exposing the association to fines for letting water run out into the street and the requirement that any trees removed must be re-planted elsewhere. Jesse will gather more information on the risks involved before costs are explored.

Black’s Spray Service: Jesse has not been happy with the quality of their service and would like to bring in another pest control company to service the building.  Motion to find another pest control company made by Jesse Taylor.  Ralph Perrone seconded the motion. All were in favor.

Jesse Taylor asked the Board to consider an increase to his monthly consulting fee.  Tom Jensen stated since one Board member was not present, he would prefer to wait till the full board was present to discuss this item.

General Discussion by Members:  Mr. Ramsey said the minutes of the May meeting are not correct. They state that Paychex covers Worker’s Compensation for the employees. The Association has a separate policy through Wells Fargo Insurance for Worker’s Compensation. He also said the April minutes show contents value at $60K, but this should be $200K. The minutes will be changed.


7. Adjournment: 

With no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 9:00pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Michelle Dugan, CMCA, AMS, LCAM #17226





Whitley Bay Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


1. Call to order and verification of quorum:

The meeting was called to order by the President Jesse Taylor at 7:00 p.m. in the Whitley Bay Recreation Room. Other Board Members present: Treasurer Ted Clark, Secretary Tom Jensen and Director Ralph Perrone. Manager Michelle Dugan from the management company, Reconcilable Differences, was also in attendance. Seven owners attended.


2. Proof of notice of meeting or waiver of notice:

Jesse noted that the agenda had been posted in the elevators more than 48 hours in advance of the meeting.


3. Reading and disposal of any unapproved minutes:

Tom Jensen moved to waive the reading and accept as written the minutes of the May 20th and June 10th Board meetings. Jesse Taylor seconded the motion. All were in favor.


4. Financial Report by RDI:

Michelle Dugan stated that through May 31, 2008, the Association is $993 under budget for the first five months of the year. The Operating Account, including the money market and the payroll account, has a total of $98,658. The insurance fund has $24,110 and the Reserve funds have a total of $112,093 distributed to eight separate building component accounts. As of early June, the one owner in arrears at the end of May has paid in full.


5. Reports of Officers:


    a. Status of progress with shutter repairs: Jesse Taylor reported that Attorney Soileau has put Benko and Best Shutters on legal notice of warranty issues with the shutters. The lawsuit will proceed.

    b. Status of roof coating project:  Jesse stated that this work should commence within 3 or 4 weeks. The attorney did modify the contract and Jesse is satisfied with the results. Benko is paying half the cost. The roofing contractor is to be determined.

    c. Status of planter wall painting and repair:  Jesse stated that he has not placed this high on the priority list, but the work will be done and Benko paid $750 towards the repair.

    d. Status of fire sprinkler system pipe repainting: Much of this work has been completed and the maintenance men are still working on it as time permits.

    e. A third part time man, Britt, has been hired to clean at $9.00 per hour, to free Dan and Tom’s time for the issues that require their expertise, such as the rec room repairs and the cooling towers. Ralph asked about background checks on the employees and Jesse confirmed he knows the new man from church. Ralph asked if we could place photos of our employees on the bulletin boards and in the newsletter to introduce them to the residents.

    f. Ralph then offered to supply silkscreened shirts with his logo and Whitley Bay’s for the maintenance employees. The Board was very appreciative. In this way, the three men will be known as employees of the Association. 



Tom Jensen reported that the Summer Newsletter has been completed and e-mailed, with paper copies in the lobby, thanks to Carol Jensen. Copies will be mailed to those without e-mail who do not live on site.



    a. Ted Clark reported that Larry Ramsay helped the Association contract with Urgent Appraisals to have a Reserve Analysis completed. Unfortunately, the repair costs were much more than anticipated. Urgent has been asked to look at the last analysis before submitting his final report.

    b. Ted reported that he spoke to Joyce at Prime Bank about a new type of CD, called a CDAR, which is insured up to $300,000. Discussion ensued about moving some money to banks other than Prime.


6. Reports of Committees:

    a. Engineering Evaluation Selection Committee: Don Verner stated that the committee of Tom Jensen, Alex Sinilnikoff, Jesse and himself met with the TLC engineering firm to walk the building and inspect specific items. Problems found included corroded copper pipes in the plumbing lines and cracks in the support beam on the roof, as well as the rusty cooling towers. Cracks will be addressed. They are not stress cracks, but normal concrete shrinking cracks. The cracks must be ground down and filled. Jesse stated that he purchased a crack cutting tool and a specific crack caulk compound recommended by Benko, and test areas have been filled. The areas of cracks on the walkways on either side of the elevators are due to two “pours” of concrete that didn’t bond perfectly. The committee will wait for the report from the engineers and then start working on the issues found.

    b. Security Committee: There were safety concerns about the door to the scrubber and tool room being left open. Jesse will handle this. There was an unapproved party in the recreation room on June 8th and bottles of beer were placed in the freezer exploded and a can opener was taken. It was reported to the Security Committee too late to check and see who was in the room. For the future, we have eight days to check the cameras if there is vandalism or damage, so if anyone sees anything amiss, please call in as soon as possible with details of when damage was noted so that the volunteer committee members can watch the recorded video and find the culprit. Wayne Sanders was thanked for his hours of work in trying to find the needed information. There was discussion about changing the lock to the rec room so people would have to sign out a key, but for now, this isolated incident may have just been residents unfamiliar with the rules in the policy and procedures manual. For your information, the Rec. Room must be reserved in writing with a deposit paid in advance. Contact RDI or Cindy Perrone for more information.

    c. Lobby Decorating Committee: Ralph asked when the lobby work would commence. Jesse stated that there is some money left over from the rec room insurance repairs, since in-house maintenance did the majority of the work, but any alterations to the lobby need an owner vote. It was noted that some furniture from the recreation room has been brought down and there was mixed approval, but all thanked the committee for working on this issue. Ralph agreed to be the Board liaison to the committee of Dennis Strickland and Vicky Spencer, co-chairs. Dennis said Interior Designs of Brevard has offered a free presentation to the Board. If they like it, she can give costs for renderings or installation help. Another interior designer, Shelly Stevens of Cocoa Beach offered a one hour free consultation to all owners, so she may also be asked if this would apply to the lobby. Ralph also stated that Island Interiors has been contacted in the past and was interested.

    d. Pool Committee: The umbrellas have been purchased for the pool area, and placed in the women’s bathroom. Signs were requested to be installed designating how and where to obtain and re-store the umbrellas. Discussion ensued about an alternate storage place. Jesse offered to order the signs. The cameras are also too far away from the pool area to see face details when needed. Beer caps were left on tables and empty glass bottles were found in the trash cans, which are prohibited by county law, so the camera needs to be more accurate. Jesse stated that he is researching a remote wireless camera to be placed on the exterior bathroom wall. He will update us on this at the next meeting.

    e.Exercise Committee:

        1. Becky Sanders obtained a quote of $3,021 from Commercial Health and Exercise Equipment for rubber flooring on the 924 square feet of floor in the weight room.  Discussion ensued about the interlocking rubber 4 x 8 tiles. A resident (Don Verner) can obtain wholesale pricing, so he will get samples for the Board to discuss.

        2. There was concern about unknown equipment in the room. Dennis Stricklin has loaned his weight bench and stack of weights to the room and the Board approved  that.

        3. A new piece of equipment was purchased at a discount and Reno, the personal trainer, spent a great deal of his time helping to pick it up and installing it properly.  There was discussion about how to thank him. Ralph moved to purchase one or more gift certificates from a “to be determined” restaurant(s) with a total value of $150.00. Jesse seconded this and all were in favor. The Secretary will also produce a “Certificate of Appreciation” for Reno.

    f. Social Committee: No report at this time.

    g. Grounds Report:

        1. Ralph reported that there were rumors of purchasing lawn equipment and having the employees maintain the grounds. He stated that this might be a good idea at a different time, but at this point, there is too much other maintenance work underway to add landscaping to the employees’ workload. Jesse stated that Tom, the maintenance employee is also a certified irrigation specialist, so if needed, those repairs could be done in-house.

        2. There was an issue with the landscape contractor refusing to trim a bird of paradise; instead recommending cutting it down. Ralph agreed to mediate this. Jesse stated that he is not happy with the work Black’s Spray is doing. There are bugs on shrubs that continue to defeat all pesticides. He is obtaining bids from other contractors, such as ChemLawn. RDI also recommended Pearce Pest Control.


7. Unfinished Business: 

    a. Cooling Tower Water Meter: RDI has written a letter asking the city for help or a variance from sewer and stormwater charges on the water used on the cooling towers. This letter was approved to mail tonight and if we do not receive a good answer from the city, Ralph will help get a meeting with the mayor.

    b. Handicap access to the pool: At the last inspection, the float in the spa that tells the valve to auto feed water was broken, but no other violations were issued. Management will call the county health department to find out if ADA requirements for steps must be met.


8. New Business: 

    a. Fire extinguishers were discussed. Space Coast Fire & Safety maintains most condominium extinguishers, but their service fees and “tag” fees seem to be random and they do the work before calling to ok it. RDI will call to negotiate a set fee before any work is completed.

    b. Fire Alarms continue to go off whenever the fire pump turns on. CFS has been unable to fix the problem. Quotes for this repair as well as for alarm and door monitoring will be obtained by management from three known companies; Beacon, Sonitrol, and DynaFire as well as from World Electronics in Cocoa, which was recommended by Ralph.

    c. The Recreation Room Painting will be done. $3,000 was received from insurance to cover this cost.


9. General Discussion by Members:

    a. Concerns about employees were brought up. Jesse stated that these are good reliable employees who save the Association a great deal of money. As examples, the exercise equipment used to cost $800 per quarter to clean, oil and adjust, with parts and repairs an extra cost. Dan does all the repairs on the equipment now. The employees also saved over $20,000 in insurance repairs. The balcony door turn-around in the weight room would have cost more than $1,000 to have a company do the work. Dan did it in one day with minor costs. The cooling towers maintenance agreement would cost over $5,000 in annual service fees, but Jesse and the employees do all that work now.

    b. Jesse asked management to obtain the current wage and safety poster from Wells Fargo Insurance.

    c. Management requested a different evening for meetings, as this night conflicts with another meeting. The Board agreed to try the 4th Wednesday of each month, still at 7:00 p.m.

    d. The second floor lobby air compressor is not working and is out of warranty. Ralph agreed to see if he has a chiller to donate. If not, Jesse will obtain quotes for repair.

    e. Tom asked if there would be interest in a free tour of the building for all residents to see how and where all working parts are. Carol will place this idea in the next newsletter.


10. Adjournment:

With no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm.



Respectfully Submitted,


Michelle Dugan, CMCA, AMS, LCAM #17226

Carol Philpot-Jensen, Assistant Secretary




Whitley Bay Special Board of Directors Meeting

June 10, 2008



1. Call to Order and Verification of quorum:

The meeting was called to order by President Jesse Taylor at 7:02 P.M.  Other board members present were Tom Jensen and Ted Clark.


2. Report of Engineering Evaluation Selection Committee: 

Don Verner, Chair, recommended that the board hire TLC Engineering to review potential structural and plumbing problems at Whitley Bay for the fixed cost of $4800.  Tom Jensen explained that TLC was not only the low bidder, but also known to Don Verner.  After a review of the contract and discussion, Tom Jensen moved that they sign the contract.  Ted Clark seconded.  Vote was unanimous.  Tom Jensen said he would arrange for TLC to come on Monday, June 16, 2008, to do their inspection. 


Jesse Taylor reported that he had negotiated with the roofer to split the cost of the granule in half.   He announced that they would get started in 30 days and it would take about 30 days to finish. 


General discussion followed regarding the problems identified by the Engineering Evaluation Selection Committee and old Benko punch list items.  Concern about reaching the shut-off valve for water in certain units was expressed.  Owners delineated plumbing problems in their units for review by engineers.  Jim Tenney expressed concerned about the electrical problems in the building.   Don Verner promised that if he was pleased with the work of TLC, he would consult with them about the electrical problem.  Jesse Taylor suggested the Association pay to have a booster transformer put in one unit, to see if it really made any difference.


3. Adjournment:

Tom Jensen moved the meeting adjourn.  Ted Clark seconded.  All were in favor.  The meeting adjourned at 8:35 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,




Carol Jensen, Assistant Secretary






Board of Directors Meeting

held May 20, 2008


1. Call to Order and Verification of quorum:

The meeting was called to order by the President Jesse Taylor at 7:02 p.m. Other Board Members present were: Ted Clark, Tom Jensen and Ralph Perrone. Michelle Dugan and Krista Baska were in attendance from the management company, Reconcilable Differences.


2. Proof of notice of meeting or waiver of notice:

Tom Jensen moved to accept the minutes as written. Ted Clark seconded the motion. All were in favor.


3. Financial Report of RDI:

Michelle Dugan stated that the budget for 2008 does not balance by approximately $30,000. There was discussion about what this meant. RDI is apparently projecting expenses incurred to the end of the budget year and comparing this estimate to our 2008 budget estimate.  We need to come to a common understanding of how we measure expenditures compared to budget.  Ted Clark observed that our normal income from 21 February to 21 May exceeded our expenditures for this same period.  Michelle Dugan agreed.  Larry Ramsay volunteered to initiate a mutually agreeable system to track projections versus budget.  Ted brought up that the Money Market Checking Account was a back-up to the Operating Checking Account and that the board had authorized RDI to transfer funds among these checking accounts as needed. Due to the imbalance, management recommended having the budget show the use of current funds in the money market account to help balance the budget. Ted Clark stated that this was what the Board had initially expected to do. He also reported that both maintenance men were now working full time to catch up with required work. 


4. Reports of Officers:

a.) President:  Jesse Taylor reported that he had met with the association attorney in regards to several problems, i.e.: shutters, roof, etc. Jesse gave a synopsis of the concerns about all of the projects that need attention from Benko and other contractors involved.


Status of progress with best Shutter Co.:  After discussion, Tom Jensen moved to sue Best Shutter Co and Benko Construction. Jesse seconded the motion. All were in favor. A $5,000 retainer will be mailed to attorney Soileau to get this started.

Status of roof- recoating project:  Jesse stated that Benko has agreed to pay half of the roof recoating at a cost of approximately $33,000.00. There is still an issue with $5,000.00 for the grit coating to keep the birds from picking at the roof. Jesse Taylor was going to talk to Benko to see if they would split this cost as well. It was noted that the roof was not leaking, a required condition for the current warranty, and that and the new warranty would be (5) five years for the labor and (10) years for the manufacturer’s warranty of the product. The representative from the manufacturer will do inspections while the work is being completed.

Status of planter wall painting and repairs: Jesse stated that Benko agreed to pay $7,500 toward these repairs. He thought this was fair and the money would go into reserves until the work is done. Board agreed.

Status of Exercise Room Repairs:  The south door is almost finished and Benko will pay $750 towards the window repairs. The insurance will cover approximately $3,000.00 in costs.

Status of Sprinkler System Pipe Painting: The second floor garage has been started and the rust is only on the surface. Other projects will be worked on before the maintenance men finish this project.



b.) Secretary:

Status of Engineering Evaluation Proposals: Tom Jensen stated that a committee had been formed to select an engineering firm to do an evaluation of the building.  The committee had walked the building multiple times and identified numerous problem areas.  (See Engineering Evaluation Selection Committee report below.)

Newsletter:  Carol Jensen reported that she was working on the newsletter. Any owner that would like any announcements or reports in the newsletter please let her know.


c.)  Treasurer’s Report:  The Whitley Bay Condo Association has several checking accounts with Prime Bank in order to make the best and most easily understood use of our money. 

                (1) The first is the Operating Checking Account which receives our maintenance fees and supports the necessary monthly pay outs by checks and automatic payments.  This account draws interest based on the balance maintained in it. 

                (2) The Money Market Checking Account holds back-up funds to replenish the Operating Account if its balance falls below actual or expected bills.  The MMCA is seldom used; thus it is kept at a high interest rate level as long as possible. 

                (3) We also have a Payroll Checking Account necessitated by our use of an accounting firm, PayChex, which pays our employees, their taxes, and the employer's share of payroll taxes. This account is also replenished from the OCA or MMCA as necessary. 

                (4) The last account is the Reserve Checking Account which receives the monthly portion approved by the owner for our Reserve Fund.  At the end of the year these reserves will be transferred into a CD earmarked for the state required Reserve Funding. 

                (5) There is one other account under my control which is not to be used by RDI.  This is the Line Item 7067 Checking Account which currently holds the insurance money resulting from the Recreation Room Flooding.  It will also hold the $22,000 covering the unrealized expense from last year if needed.


6. Reports of Committees:

a. Engineering Evaluation Selection Committee: The committee had received three (3) bids from engineering firms to do an evaluation, ranging in price from $7,000 - $15,500.  After a review of the proposals, Don Verner, Chair, recommended that none be selected.  He recommended instead that we hire engineering company(ies) to evaluate those specific problems already identified by the committee.  Those areas include: cracks in the concrete deck, roof top support beam steel protrusions, electrical problems, and plumbing issues.  The Board authorized Don to go ahead and get bids to deal with those specific issues.  Tom Jensen pointed out that if we were not having a full engineering evaluation done, which would have included a review of our reserves, we would need to hire a company to do that.  Larry Ramsay had recommended Urgent Appraisals.  Ted Clark moved to hire Urgent Appraisals to do a reserve study for a cost of $1000. Tom Jensen seconded the motion. All were in favor.

b. Security Committee:  It was noted that the timing on the cameras was off by as much as 30 minutes and that the pool camera was still missing.  Work needs to be done to correct these problems. Wayne Sanders, chair, reported that unit #706 had a loud party and guests were seen on camera bringing beer into the lobby. The daughter of the owner is under age and the owners do not live on site. Ralph Perrone stated that he approached one of the guests of #706 and was threatened. Several calls were made to the owner. The Board requested that management send a letter to the owner regarding this matter.

c. Lobby & Pool Decorating Committee:  Nine (9) owners went to different lobbies to get ideas. Vicki Spencer, co-chair of the committee presented a report regarding both short- and long-term redecorating.  The Board authorized the implementation of the low-cost short-term changes.  There was discussion about the feasibility of moving the mailboxes to the second floor lobby.  Ralph Perrone will follow up on whether or not that is possible.  Long-term and more costly improvements will be tabled until October 2008. The committee requested that two (2) umbrellas be purchased for the pool area. Jesse Taylor made a motion to buy two (2) umbrellas and bases at a cost not to exceed $350. Ralph Perrone seconded the motion. All were in favor. There was discussion about food and glass at the pool. State law prohibits it. This will be put into the newsletter.

d. Exercise Room Committee:  Becky Sanders has been pricing rubber matting for the floor in this room. The committee is also looking for a larger mirror.  Jesse Taylor made a request for a music system in the exercise room. Ralph Perrone moved to have Jesse Taylor buy this equipment. Tom Jensen seconded the motion. All were in favor.

d. Social Committee: It was reported that due to the large number of absent owners in the summer, the next function will not take place until fall.


7. Unfinished Business: 

a. Cooling Tower Water Meter: Jesse Taylor reported that the City of Cocoa has not been helpful with trying to get a meter installed to accurately measure real amounts of water that should be billed for the sewer costs. Much of the water used is lost in osmosis or use in the towers, so we are hopeful that they will understand and allow credits on the sewer portion of all the water used to cool the units. RDI will write a letter to the city utilities department and follow up with a phone call to the supervisor.  Ralph stated that if we do not receive adequate answers from the city utilities department, he will help us get a meeting with the commissioners.

b. Handicap access to the pool: The pool was not installed with steps, only ladders. Much research has gone into adding steps, but the state is requiring they be mounted in the pool, affecting the integrity of the pool liner. If it is found to be an ADA requirement, Benko is willing to cover the cost, but to date, it has only been an owner request.


8. New Business:  Jesse Taylor raised his concern that employees of the Condominium Association who are also working for individual owners, should carry their own workmen’s comp to protect the association from liability.  It was suggested he contact our association lawyer, John Soileau, to verify that that is an issue.


9. General Discussion by Members:

Jesse Taylor moved to accept Brock’s resignation. Ted Clark seconded the motion. All were in favor.


10. Adjournment:

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Krista L Baska, LCAM #3414

Carol Philpot-Jensen, Assistant Secretary

For Whitley Bay Condominium Association, Inc., Board of Directors



Minutes of the Meeting of the

Whitley Bay Condominium Association

Board of Directors

April 2, 2008



1. Call to Order/Verification of Quorum:

The meeting was called to order at 8:00 p.m. in the recreation room. Members attending: President Jesse Taylor, Vice President Brock McNally, Secretary Tom Jensen and Treasurer Ted Clark. Director Ralph Perrone could not attend. Manager Michelle Dugan attended as well as 11 owners.


2. Reading or waiver of previous minutes:

Tom Jensen moved to waive the reading of the minutes of the March 12, 2008 meeting and approve them as posted. Brock seconded, all in favor.


 3. Unfinished Business:

 a. Management: Ted moved to certify Reconcilable Differences, Inc (RDI) as the condominium manager with the authority to access and use the WBCA’s Prime Bank accounts in order to pay bills, receive daily deposits, handle payroll transfers and reconcile the accounts, as of March 14, 2008. Tom seconded, all in favor. Ted also moved to make Brock the primary contact between management and the Board. Tom seconded, all in favor.

 b. Legal Issue/Shutter Repairs: Jesse gave a synopsis of the hurricane shutter maintenance concerns. Best Shutters & Benco have agreed to sand and paint the stanchions, a value of $204,000, but with no cost to the Association.  This does not, however, include the outside largest stanchion. Since these, too, are exhibiting signs of corrosion, Jesse felt this was unacceptable and motioned to authorize the Association attorney, John Soileau, to write a letter to Best Shutter & Benco reminding them of their warranty obligations under FS 558, with a Demand to Cure or the attorney will proceed with a lawsuit. Brock seconded this motion, all in favor.

 c. Recreation Room repairs: Jesse moved to terminate the contract with Lightholder Contractors and have the maintenance employees finish the repairs to the recreation room caused by a broken fire sprinkler. These repairs will not include carpet replacement. Brock seconded this, all in favor. Jesse said he is also trying to get insurance to pay for repainting since the exact color match could not be found. Jesse also mentioned using the balance of the insurance funds received to upgrade the entrance lobby. Since it is legal to use the proceeds in any way the Board sees fit, Jesse will ask the attorney if it is legal to upgrade the lobby without a vote of the owners.

d. Cooling Tower Maintenance: These two towers have a galvanized coating which needs sandblasting and re-painting, Contractor bids received were around $12,000. Jesse recommended purchasing a compressor, mounting it permanently inside the building and having our maintenance men do this work, using a sandblaster borrowed from Mr. Whitley and then coating the equipment with an emulsified zinc coating. With electrical costs to hook up the compressor, Jesse estimated the total to be under $1800. Ted moved to proceed with this, using reserve funds. Tom seconded, all in favor.


4. Reports of Officers:

    a. President

        (1) Status of roof-coating project: Quotes were received ranging from $32,125 to $58,535 to repair and re-coat the foam roof. Benco recommended a company that has the same 5 yr labor warranty but with a 10 year manufacturing warranty on the product. Since the original roofer is out of business, that warranty is appealing. Benco is willing to pay half of the cost. Jesse will ask the attorney for his recommendation and possible legal contract on this. A resident asked about requiring a Payment Bond on the project. Jesse said he would look into that as well.

        (2) Status of the planter wall painting/repairs: The paint on the front planters is peeling and some feel they are structurally failing. Jesse feels this is just cosmetic and Benco is currently willing to pay $7,500 towards the repairs. Jesse hopes to settle on $10K, paint the planters and place the balance in reserves until more damage is seen.

        (3) Exercise Room: Jesse stated this room needs paint and baseboards after the water intrusion damage. That intrusion issue seems to be resolved now. Attendees said they hoped to change the floor plan of that room and re-carpet. Vicki Spencer, unit 502 was willing to head a committee to research the foam tiles used in health clubs. Brock McNally #903 and Becky Sanders #503 will assist.


    b. Structural Evaluation of Building: Tom stated that a number of engineering firms have been contacted for input and prices to look at the building and its components before warranties expire in January 2009. Jesse stressed that Benco has stepped up and agreed to pay or share expenses in many situations at Whitley Bay but this engineering report is needed to complete the process of turnover. Management supplied one written bid received to date, at a cost of $7,900. This issue was tabled to acquire more information before the next meeting.


    c. Treasurer’s Report: Management: is still getting the financial accounting in order, so could not give a reconciled report tonight. A resident asked that minutes & financial information be e-mailed to owners. Minutes are currently being e-mailed.  More research is needed to e-mail the financials to owners.


5. Reports of Committees: 

    a. Redecorating Entry: A notice will be posted in the lobby asking for volunteers for this committee. Bev McNally has already volunteered to serve.  It was suggested that Sandra Tenney, # 803, be approached as she is an interior decorator. 

    b. Social: A Fish Fry is scheduled for this Saturday. So far, 35 people have signed up.

    c. Insurance: Larry Ramsey, the “committee of one,” stated that an insurance appraisal was re-done as required by Citizens every 2 years. The value went down by $75,000, which is not a property value but the cost to re-build. We have a 3% wind deductible, which is the lowest available, but in the event of damage, that means a $600,000 deductible. Personal policies offer a rider that will pay a portion of a special assessment billed for damage, so all owners are encouraged to speak to their agents about this.

    d. Parking: Motorcycle parking was discussed but is not allowed, and the car wash area was also discussed at length. Some want this on a higher level but water runs down the ramp and could cause problems. It was stressed that this wash area is for owners only, not contractors. The area on the west side is also being discussed as the best car wash area if more concrete is added.

    e. Pool: Residents asked about umbrellas. Vicki Spencer and Becky Sanders have offered to serve on this committee and will come to the next meeting with recommendations for shade at the pool area.

    f. Security: The front door is being propped open by residents moving and solicitors get in during those un-manned times. People are also propping the elevator door open instead of asking for the key to hold the door during moves. There was discussion about charging a “move-in” fee or for guards to watch the doors while the move is taking place and for installing the elevator pads. Unfortunately, people have promised to watch and then get busy in their move and security is breached. All are taking this seriously and more discussion will come. Any ideas are welcome.


Before closing out Committee Reports, Jesse stated that he had installed speakers in the rec room and requested return of payment.  Ted motioned to keep these speakers and pay Jesse $380 dollars.  Brock seconded, all in favor.  An amplifier will also be needed.


6. New Business:

    a. Establish a date and time for regular board meetings: The manager appointed to weekly oversight at Whitley Bay discussed this with Board members and in order to have reconciled financials, the third Tuesday of the month seemed the best for all. Jesse motioned to make this the monthly meeting date. Ted seconded, all in favor.

    b. Appoint someone to inventory and value contents of the common areas in the main building, the recreation room and exercise room for insurance purposes: A decision was made to apportion the insurance allowance of $200,000 with 40% to the exercise building, 40% to the recreation room and 20% to the main building.


7. General discussion by members:

    a. Residents asked that the Policies and Procedures manual address insurance; what an owner is required to insure versus what the condo is responsible for. This and entry door procedures will be discussed in future revisions.

    b. The cooling towers have their own water meter, but sewer charges are added to the full amount of water used, when in reality, a majority of it is lost to evaporation. Unfortunately, the city is unwilling to discuss this so far. A committee to research and meet with the city would be very helpful, since sewer charges are almost double the water cost.

    c. Handicapped access to the pool was discussed. The county will not allow temporary steps and installing them permanently would mean compromising the pool liner. Larry Ramsey is willing to look into this further.

    d. Unit #301 has four to six young men living in there with no information received from the owner. A letter will be sent to the owner asking for an update on names and phone numbers for those living on site.

    f. Larry Ramsay stated that the two maintenance men, Dan and Tom, are doing a terrific job. It was stated that the job descriptions for both men are the same: partial janitorial and housekeeping, and oversight and repair of all building components. The men are willing to work after hours for residents, but they must sign a form releasing them from any claim for Worker’s Compensation while not doing condo work.


8. Adjournment:

With no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm at the approval of all in attendance.


Respectfully submitted,



Michelle Dugan, CMCA, AMS, LCAM #17226

Community Association Manager

Reconcilable Differences, Inc.