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Minutes of the

Whitley Bay Board of Directors Meeting

 Wednesday, December 16, 2009


1. Call to Order and Verification of Quorum:

President Larry Ramsay called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. in the Whitley Bay Recreation Room.  Other Board Members present: Vice President Don Verner, Secretary Stan Bowers, and Treasurer Robert Shrader.  Director Alex Sinilnikoff was not in attendance. Six other residents were also in attendance.


2. Proof of Notice of Meeting or Wavier of Notice:

Stan noted that the agenda was posted on the notice board and in the elevators for over 48 hours.


3. Approval of Minutes from November 16, 2009 Budget/Board of Directors Meeting:

Bob motioned to waive the reading of the minutes and approve the November16, 2009 Meeting Minutes as written. Stan seconded the motion. All were in favor.


4. Report of Officers:


a.) Insurance Quotes: Larry Ramsay reported that last year they received five quotes for the building insurance, four of which were over $100,000, and one a little over $70,000. The 2010 five insurance quotes did not include a quote from Citizen’s Insurance.  None of the quotes were over $100,000, and each quote from an “A” rated.  The 2010 insurance was budgeted about 8% more than for this year, at $76,000, due to expected rate increases, but surprisingly, the lowest bidder for 2010’s policies came in at just over $46,000. Larry stated there are variables within each agent’s quote this year, so all are not “apples to apples” but all are considered valid bids.  Bob Shrader motioned to give Larry Ramsay the authority to choose the property insurance company/bid for Whitley Bay.  Don Verner seconded the motion.  All were in favor.


b.) Pigeon Control: Mr. Ramsay advised the Board to wait until April or May 2010 to apply the hotfoot application.  During this time of the year, the pigeons are not on the roofs. Truly Nolan claims that the application of the product last about 2½ years.  Therefore, Larry recommended that the Association wait until May 2010 to have the hotfoot applied.  This will help to offset the cost.

The last bid submitted by “Truly Nolan” was to apply 2,560 linear feet of “hotfoot” at a cost of $4,500.  However, Alan, Truly Nolan, has advised us that he cannot lock-in that price now. While Diane Whitley's previous suggestion to use air filled “Wind socks” like those used at car dealerships to deter the pigeons is a good idea, Larry felt they were too tall for the roofs, giving the appearance of a festival being held at Whitley Bay.  However, 1 or 2 of them may be used in conjunction with the hotfoot product when it is applied in April or May 2010.  Stan made a motion to delay the installation of the hot foot product until we have an issue with pigeons again. Don seconded. All were in favor.


c.) Christmas Gifts: Larry recommended that the Board give the same amounts as last year.  These gifts are:  $400 to Tom Vaughn, $300 for Tom's helper, Corey, and $500 to Reconcilable Differences to be divided equally among the employees who deal with us.  He also recommended that this year we should give $200 to the Cocoa Police Department and $200 to the Cocoa Fire Department.  The Board members concurred with these recommendations.



a.) Hurricane Shutter Repairs: Don Verner reported that Shutter Outlet started the shutter repairs last Monday, December 14th and they are already four days behind. Wayne has had problems with the elevator being held up on the penthouse level.  He has also had issues with the workers cleaning up after themselves, as well as safety issues at the west garage doors. Since this has had a rocky start, schedules for the remaining floors will not be distributed until the quirks are ironed out. Tom Vaughn placed signs on the west side and blocked the doors to the west garage in response to the safety issues. Don stated there is only one crew working right now until things are worked out with Kevin, Vice President of Shutter Outlet. Residents raised questions about what, if any, permits were required for the shutter repair work being done.  However, permits are not required as this is warranty work only. Don reiterated that the schedule is still from west to east starting with the penthouse and moving downward. Don noted that he is still waiting on a few more keys from residents.


b.) Water Leak in Unit: Don reported that the roof leak affecting penthouse three has finally been identified as coming down a scupper drain. Don is confident that they know where it is now, and that it will be fixed soon.


c.) Chillers (Air Conditioning) on Roof:

Don stated that they have received a couple proposals in the $140,000 range and his is waiting on another. Don would like a committee to be form to compare “apples to apples”.  Larry suggested that Alex should “chair” this committee as he had concerns at last board meeting.  Larry also asked Brock and Wayne from the audience to help volunteer with this committee.  A report will be given by Alex at the next scheduled meeting.



Stan Bowers had nothing to report at this time.



a.) Financial Report:  Bob Shrader stated that the Association expenses are running at less 1% over budget.  We have a strong cash position, but because two units are $12,000 past due in Association fees, we need to watch our expenditures.  Larry pointed out that the 2010 budget provides a bad debt account to compensate for some of this.


b.) Insurance: Although the property insurance will cost approximately $35,000, it was agreed by all Board members to keep the maintenance fee at $560.00 per unit per month due to some maintenance considerations in the near future.  Larry requested that an updated resident roster, a letter-notifying all of the 2010 monthly fee of $560.00, and the Approved 2010 Budget be sent to all owners.


5. Reports of Committees:

Fire Drills: Tom Jensen noted that the fire drills will be conducted by an off-duty fireman. This is being considered to begin next month due to the holidays.


Parking: Brock stated that parking is tight right now due to holiday guests and the two spots that are being used by Shutter Outlet.  However, he is still patrolling for vehicles without parking stickers.


Social: Diane Verner is planning”Pot Luck” for January 7th.  Everyone is invited and asked to bring a dish to share.


Newsletter: Loretta Bowers stated that she has received positive input about the recent newsletter.   The next Newsletter will be in sent in April 2010.


Landscaping: Larry reported that he had mentioned to the current landscapers that the annual flowers had not been replanted at the entrance, and advised them they could receive a 30-day notice of termination.  The next day there were new flowers in the beds.


Management: Linda Arahill commented that the “Wind Socks” could be blown flat with the contour of the roof instead of blowing upward into the sky, therefore this would still affect the pigeons, and would help with the limited visibility from the ground.


6. Adjournment:

Bob made a motion to adjourn at 8:31 pm. Stan seconded the motion. All were in favor.


Respectfully submitted,


Linda Arahill, LCAM #29004                                    Stan Bowers, Secretary                                                           Reconcilable Differences, Inc.                                    Whitley Bay



Minutes of the

Whitley Bay Board of Directors Meeting

Monday, November 16, 2009


1. Call to Order and Verification of Quorum:

President Larry Ramsay called the meeting to order, at 3:02 p.m. in the Whitley Bay Recreation Room.  Other Board Members present:  Secretary Stan Bowers, Treasurer Robert Shrader and Director Alex Sinilnikoff. Vice President Don Verner was not in attendance. Five other residents were also in attendance.


2. Proof of Notice of Meeting or Wavier of Notice:

Stan noted that the agenda had been posted on the notice board and in the elevators for more than 48 hours.


3. Approval of Minutes from October 28, 2009 Board of Directors Meeting:

Alex motioned to waive the reading of the minutes and approve the October 28th as written. Stan seconded. All were in favor.


4. Pigeon Control:

Mr. Ramsay reiterated the cost of $4,565.00 from Truly Nolan for 2,560 linear feet of “hotfoot” to help eliminate the pigeon issues. Larry noted that three years ago they put down the same substance, and at that time the cost was $4,500 however they did not apply the hotfoot at the higher areas.

Another option of a noise machine with predator cries brought comments from the audience. Diane Whitley said the pigeons get accustomed to the re-playing bird noises and recommended the air filled “socks” that car dealers use to deter the pigeons, since these “wind socks” don’t do the same thing over and over. Linda offered to look into this for the Association. Larry stated he would table this until the next meeting.


5. Financial Report:

a.) Status: Bob stated that all is going well, with no real problems.

b.) Results of Owner Input to Waive Audit of 2009 Financials:

Twenty-one units voted to waive the audit and have the less-expensive “review” prepared by the CPA for the 2009 year. One unit voted to have a full audit. Since a majority of all voting members voted for a review, this will be done.

c.) Results of Owner Vote to Waive Full Reserve Funding in 2010:

Seventeen units voted to waive full funding of reserves and fund at 50% of need. Four voted to fully fund the reserves. The majority of the voting members voted to partially fund reserves, so the budget for 2010 will reflect that.

d.) Board Approval of 2010 Budget: Larry stated that the budget was mailed out, but the tree trimming was a consideration to keep separate from the lawn care services, as this was to help keep it within the budgeted amount for the entire year.

Insurance quotes will be going up 8 to 10% percent next year, and the budget encompasses this.

Bob Shrader motioned to approve the 2010 Budget with partially funded reserves, at a cost of $560.00 per unit per month, an increase of $10 from 2009. Stan seconded. All were in favor.


6. Unfinished Business:

a.) Shutter Outlet: Kevin Morelli, vice-president of “Shutter Outlet”, attended today’s meeting to give updated information from the completed shutter inspection. The following units were not properly functioning: 1106, 1005, 1006, 806, 705, 701, 404, 605, and 305. Kevin stated that he can not be responsible for the non-working shutters he found or the repairs to them. He did state that if the homeowner in these units would need his firm to make the repairs they will be billed at $42.50 per man-hour.

To start the repairs, they will begin at the top penthouse floor and working their way down. All unit owners are responsible to clear away as much as possible from their balconies before the work is started. The details will also be mentioned in the upcoming Newsletter. The work will begin on November 30th, after Thanksgiving weekend.

Shutter Outlet recommends an extended warranty program, which includes an annual hand washing of the shutters and lubing all moving parts. If there is a shutter that does not open or close due to failure from weather or non-working buttons, these items would be fixed free of charge with the annual inspection. The maintenance agreement will start immediately following the post replacements.

b.) Water Chiller: Alex stressed the importance of maintaining the water chiller, and stated that it is in very poor condition at this time, repairs and/or replacement will be considered within the near future.  Larry stressed that the chillers would be discussed in depth at the January 2010 Board Meeting when Don Verner can be present.

c.) Fire System Printer: Alex also mentioned that the printer for the fire system has been broken since he has been overseeing the maintenance over four years ago, and it was never repaired.  Alex stated that CFS does not want to be responsible for this, and the company that installed it has gone out of business.

Alex found that the replacement part would cost $900. Alex stated the system would still work properly without it, but if the system fails, the printer would state where the problem came from. Without it, the technician will have to keep checking items until he finds the fault. Diane Whitley volunteered to check into who the manufacturer is and hopefully be able to replace the part.

d.) Unit 901: Larry mentioned that unit 901 had left his monthly assessment at the marina office. RDI will contact the owner to clarify how to make future payments.

e.) Unit 501: Don Verner is on vacation, but was consulted about a small leak that was seen in the ceiling of unit #501. The owner called “Service Master” to dry out the wetness, at a cost of $482.00. Larry called the Association’s attorney and they felt that the Association was not responsible for the “drying-out” bill. After much discussion, the Board’s decision was to split the cost with the owner.  

f.) Elevator Consultant: There was discussion and bids obtained for an elevator consultant, but Don Verner spoke with the president of Whitley Bay West before the meeting with Otis, and good results were seen, so there was no need for a consultant. Otis agreed to lower the current price by 7%, agreed to no more than 5% per year increases, agreed to discount current needed repairs to the fire key system by 50% and would also take an additional 5% off if the Association signed a 10 year contract.

Larry thanked Don Verner, Bob Shrader and Michelle Dugan from RDI, for their help in re-negotiating the contract. Don signed the paperwork and it will be mailed to Otis.

e.) Insurance Quotes: Larry noted that insurance quotes from local agents should be received no later than December 10, 2009.

f.) Secretary: Nothing outstanding to report at this time.


7. Reports of Committees:

Social: The Holiday Dinner Dance is on December 6th at 6:00 pm at the Rockledge Country Club. Cost will be around $35.00 per person. Diane Verner has more details.


8. New Business:

The Annual meeting will be set for Wednesday, February 24th, 2010 @ 7:00pm, in the clubhouse.


9. Next Set Meeting:

The next Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 16, 2009 @7:00 pm.


10. Adjournment:

Larry made a motion to adjourn at 4:31 pm. All were in favor.




Respectfully submitted,


Linda Arahill, LCAM #29004                           Stan Bowers, Secretary

Reconcilable Differences, Inc.                           Whitley Bay Condominium Association




Minutes of the

Whitley Bay Board of Directors Meeting

 Wednesday, October 28, 2009


1. Call to Order and Verification of Quorum:

President Larry Ramsay called the meeting to order, at 7:02 p.m. in the Whitley Bay Recreation Room.  Other Board Members present:  Vice President Don Verner, Secretary Stan Bowers, and Treasurer Robert Shrader. Director Alex Sinilnikoff was not in attendance. Eight other residents were also in attendance.


2. Proof of Notice of Meeting or Wavier of Notice:

Stan noted that the agenda had been posted on the notice board and in the elevator more than 48 hours.


3. Approval of Minutes from September 23, 2009 Board of Directors Meeting:

Bob motioned to waive the reading of the minutes and approve as written. Stan seconded. All were in favor.


4. Reports of Officers:


a.) Consolidating some of the reserve accounts:

Larry stated that a reserve study was completed in September and ten individual line items were broken out. Larry recommended consolidating two of the accounts, the second floor walkway to the pool and the brick pavers at the entrance, into the paving/driveway line item, bringing the reserves down to eight. Bob motioned to consolidate the two accounts into a third. Stan seconded. All were in favor.

b.) Capital (reserve) assessment for New Buyers:

Larry stated that a past board member recommended assessing new buyers for an amount that would be added to the reserve funds to help carry the future maintenance issues for the building.  Management was asked to get a legal opinion on amending the documents. The attorney’s opinion was received and assessing new owners is questionable for the Association to do, so Larry asked to table this until a future time.

c.) Stop Sign Issue on the Northbound/Delannoy Avenue:

Last month, Charles Steinberg offered to ask the city of Cocoa about adding a stop sign at Delannoy Avenue. This was requested after many complaints from concerned unit owners that an accident could occur there. Mr. Ramsay received a call from the Director of Public Works on October 12th.The request was denied, but the director suggested that Larry take this to a higher level. He also recommended in the meantime that the association contact the Marina and Marina Square management to see if they might install yield signs. Larry will try that avenue.

d.) Pigeon Control:

A bid was obtained from Truly Nolan for “hotfoot” to help eliminate the pigeon issues, but it was expensive. Mrs. Ramsay found the name of a pigeon trapper. He went on the roof with Larry and the pigeons flew away and have not returned. Another eradicator in Indian Harbour Beach uses spikes and hotfoot. Larry asked them for a quote, so this is on hold until all bids are received. The last Whitley Bay Newsletter had an article about pigeons, stating that they carry diseases, and the association needs to be mindful of this.




a.) Small Roof Leak over PH3: Don Verner said there was a leak over  Penthouse 3. The roof will be have to be opened and repaired, but this leak was not caused by the roofer. The Board agreed to the extra payment to the roofer for this issue.

b.)  Update on Pool and Spa Drains:  Don said this item is finally completed and the certification has been sent to the state by the contractor. Since the spa drain does not have a pre-made retrofit option, the county has not written a violation on the spa. Don confirmed this with the county engineer.

c.) Update on Revised Schedule for Shutter Repair: The shutter company plans on video taping in November on the 4th, 5th, and the 6th to protect themselves, as well as Whitley Bay. Don Verner stated that they were videoing in case the shutters don’t open, or raise up/down properly before the work began.

Don doubts it will take three days to video, but the most time-consuming part will be obtaining entrance to each unit. Don stated the shutter company would like to start with the penthouse and go down, beginning the week of the 16th of November. They have written down all the parts needed even down to the tracks of the shutters.  If the shutter installation starts to get behind they already agreed to put another crew on to help keep up with all the deadlines for each stack, as most of the work we be pre-measured and the holes will be bored. The shutter company will bring all the materials through the elevators, and they will clean up after doing the work on the balconies. The owners will have to move their patio furniture inside their unit.

d.) Chiller Maintenance Agreement: Don stated that this is the next important project and will cost about $37,000 to repair. This item keeps all the unit air conditioners in the building running properly. Don stated that these towers would last an additional three to five years, if the repairs are done.

Don stated that he is just starting to obtain bids for installing a completely new chiller system, and the costs are about $150,000. A resident asked about using reserve funds for this work. Michelle Dugan stated the Association is setting aside $6,000 a year for electrical and mechanical items and this reserve account currently has $60,000.

e.) Painted Stop Line at end of Garage Ramp: Don stated that this was completed by maintenance.

f.) Elevator Consultant: Don stated that the current service agreement with Otis Elevator Company started in 2005 and is up for renewal, The current contract has gone up substantially every year, and the trend is rising higher for the future. Management stated that elevator company contracts are geared to protect the company, not the Association, and suggested the use of an elevator consultant. Two bids were obtained, at $1500 and $1600 to re-negotiate the contract with Otis and use a maintenance contract written to protect the Association. Consultants can also be used on an annual basis to inspect the work done by the maintenance company to ensure scheduled maintenance was done properly. The board decided to start by meeting with the Otis representative and see how that meeting goes.


No report at this time.



a.) Lobby Renovation Cost Summary: Bob handed out a summary report for the renovations. The original budget was $18,660. With the addition of the 2nd floor lobby and other unexpected extras, the total is now $27,185. This cost was paid through the reserve accounts of painting and deferred maintenance, along with the balance of the insurance proceeds from last year.

b.) Approve Mailing of Proposed Budget and Reserves to the owners:

Larry thanked management and Bob Shrader for a good draft budget. Bob added that a “bad debit expense” line has been added to the budget for 2010, because the financials are reported on an accrual basis, as required by the State of Florida, but when units do not pay their monthly assessments on time, the possibility of foreclosure comes up and the Association not collecting some of the past due assessments fees is really possible.

c.) Proposed Budget: The proposed budget shows a monthly assessment of $611.00 with the required “fully-funded” reserve budget. The Board also wants to offer the owners the option of voting on funding the reserves at 50% of need, bringing the monthly fee down to $560. Bob stressed that the insurance for the building may increase, but we are still benefiting from Larry obtaining a much better price last year. Larry commented that nine agents have contacted him to quote on the insurance for the building in 2010.

d.) Budget Mail-out: Bob Shrader motioned to mail out the proposed budget to the owners as presented tonight, giving them the option of voting on a lesser reserve funding. Stan seconded, all in favor. The budget, an agenda and a proxy will be mailed or e-mailed to all owners at least 14 days before the meeting.


5. Reports of Committees:

a.) Fire Drills: Tom Jensen reported that the fire department is willing to commit to fire drills after the first of the year, when all the unit owners have returned.

b.) Lobby Remodel: Larry stated that the lobby remodeling is all complete except for a new $450 bill that just came in. He said Vicky is arranging to bring the new furnishings out of storage to complete the lobby renovations.

c.) Social Committee; Potluck Dinner: Don stated for Diane Verner that a potluck dinner is scheduled for November 7th @ 6:00 pm, and everyone is asked to bring a side dish. The main dish is being provided by the committee, with a cost of  $7.00 per person,

d.) Dinner/Dance: There will be a Holiday Dinner Dance on December 6th at 6:00 pm at the Rockledge Country Club. Cost will be around $35.00 per person.

e.) Newsletter: The newsletter will be completed in November. Our new volunteer writers are Loretta Bowers and her helper Lindsay.


6. General discussion by members:

Larry mentioned that the palm trees were recently trimmed and look good.


7. Set Next Meeting:

Due to Board members’ scheduled trips, the budget meeting will be held on Monday, November 16th   at 3:00 pm.


8. Adjournment:

Larry made a motion to adjourn at 8:10 pm. All were in favor.




Respectfully submitted,


Linda Arahill, LCAM #29004                           Stan Bowers, Secretary

Reconcilable Differences, Inc.                           Whitley Bay Condominium Association




Minutes of the

Whitley Bay Board of Directors Budget Meeting

 Wednesday, September 23, 2009


1. Call to Order and Verification of Quorum:

President Larry Ramsay called the meeting to order, at 7:02 p.m. in the Whitley Bay Recreation Room.  Other Board Members present:  Vice President, Don Verner, and Treasurer, Robert Shrader. Secretary Stan Bowers and Director Alex Sinilnikoff could not attend. Michelle Dugan, Linda Arahill and Brandi Lowder attended from Reconcilable Differences, the management company. Four other residents were also in attendance.


2. Proof of Notice of Meeting or Wavier of Notice: 

Larry Ramsay noted that the agenda had been posted on the notice board in the elevator 48 hours prior to meeting.


3. Approval of Minutes from July 29, 2009 Board of Directors Meeting:

Bob Shrader motioned to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the July 29, 2009 meeting, and to accept them as written. Don seconded. All were in favor.


4. Report of Officers:

- - President Larry Ramsay - -

Update on Lobby Renovation: Don was given the update from Dennis, who will be gone for a week, and Bob read this report to the Board and owners present.  The tile/stone work is almost done.  The latest wrinkle to come up is the need to seal the stone.  The most recent email stated that this was quoted at $800, but Ralph Perrone had them down to $600.  All commented on the fact that the sealing of the stone was extra and not included in original bid.  Don has approved this extra amount of $600, and will call the contractor tomorrow to tell him to proceed with the sealing. 

Another change reported by Don is that the first floor lobby will be done in one day instead of two as the contractor stated it is difficult to determine where he stopped to know where to begin the next day.  Don will tell him when he calls him tomorrow that this change has been approved.  Don will also let the painter know that she can start immediately thereafter, which will be Monday.  The painter should be able to work at the same time the base is being applied.  Larry asked about the status of the second floor lobby.  Don and Bob both confirmed that the second floor has been completed and both coats have been applied.  Don stated that he believes the first floor lobby will be completed by next Thursday or Friday.  Larry stated that the problem with completing the first floor is the mail delivery.  Since the first floor lobby cannot be used until the sealant has dried, mail service will have to be diverted for one day.  Don will work this out with the postal service. 

Update on Shutters: A Shutter Repair Schedule dated 8/21/09 was distributed.  Larry is waiting until after Don presents his update to add his comments.  Larry and Don have both spent a lot of time on this.  Larry also wants to give credit to Jesse Taylor, who is the one that started this whole thing, as well as to Charles Steinberg for the considerable time he has spent on this. 

Update on Reserves: Larry distributed a calculation of reserve funding needs, dated 9/16/09, that was prepared by Urgent Appraisal to be used in the development of the 2010 proposed budget.  There are ten line items in the proposed reserves budget compared to seven in 2009.  We may want to give some consideration to consolidating the walkway to marina and covered walk with the paving resurfacing.  This will bring the line items down to eight. 

Reserve Funding: Larry stated that he believes we are required to get the owners’ vote on what percentage of the reserves we should fund.  He has hand-written on the bottom of the distributed report that the monthly reserve per unit would be approximately $101 at 100%, $50.50 at 50% and $25.25 at 25%.  This is basically very similar to last year.  Larry asked when this needs to be sent out to the owners.  Michelle Dugan, RDI, answered that the Board chooses which two they want to offer to the owners as three options makes it too difficult to get a majority vote for one option only.  Normally, the proposed budget is discussed and agreed upon by the Board in September or October. Then the proposed budget with two reserve funding percentage options is mailed out to all owners with a proxy ballot. At that budget meeting, owners have a right to discuss budget concerns, then based on majority vote, the Board votes on a 2010 budget. That final budget must be approved by mid-November so owners receive notice of 2010 costs by December 1st.  Larry pointed out that we must remember that the reserves should be utilized when major expenditures are for any of the reserves categories.  These should not be paid out of the operating accounts.  He compared the reserves to a personal savings account in that it is natural to not want to spend your savings, and many of us tend to think this way about the reserves account.  However, these large expenditures are what the reserve accounts are for.  We ended up in 2008 with over $143,000 and while we spent some of the money in the reserves account in 2009, we also put approximately $38,700 plus interest into the reserves accounts this year.

New Buyer Assessment Option: Larry stated that when he sold his place in Arizona he noticed that the buyers were required to pay two months’ assessments that went into the reserve accounts.  This has been suggested before, but never progressed.  Therefore, he would like for the Board and Owners to consider putting this same practice into place at Whitley Bay.  The purchaser of a unit would pay two months’ worth of assessments, which would be $1100 at the present rate.  This would go into the reserves account.  This will require an amendment to the Declarations, but he does not want this idea to die out this time.  In the past this idea has fallen through the cracks during the Budget Meeting and the Annual BOD Meeting.  Action item: Michelle will speak to the attorney and have him draw up an amendment as well as the vote ballot.

Update on Appraisal: The appraisal was done on 9/16/09 by Urgent Appraisals, which is the same time the reserves study was done.  This was done mainly for insurance purposes.  Surprisingly, the value of our building decreased by about $50,000 since last year.  Larry will be contacting insurance brokers during the first two weeks in October to obtain quotes for the Association’s insurance needs for 2010.  Since many insurance companies will not provide quotes until 30 days before the renewal date, he has given the brokers a deadline of 12/10/09 for these bids.


- - Vice President Don Verner - -

Update on Pool Drains: The pool is done.  The drains have been replaced and are up to code.  We have some certification letters that need to be completed and sent to the county; however, the spa is not done yet.  The biggest drain that can be put in the spa is a 12 x 12, and we presently have 12 x 14 drains in there.  These drains will have to be reconfigured, but the replacement drains have been put on backorder.  Once received, we will rework and install them.  Don will then complete and file the paperwork with the county.  All of this will be completed for a maximum of $900.  He will let everyone know when this has been completed.

Update on Shutters: As this point, the settlement agreement has been resolved.  According to the distributed schedule, the shutter repairs will begin on October 29, 2009, and will be done from the top floor down; and should be completed in the middle of February 2010.  This, of course, is subject to change due to weather and any other issues beyond the contractor’s control.   Don further stated that the reason for this work being done from the top down is in case something drops down and causes damage below, then this repair can be done as they work their way down.

Stanchion Repairs: Tom Jensen, owner of unit 504, discussed the technical components of the Stanchion repairs with Don Verner, who confirmed that the subcontractors doing the repairs have confirmed that the bolts will be isolated with two washers.  However, Don has not received the shop drawings to review yet.  He will show these drawings to Tom once he receives them.  Don further stated that the work cannot start until he has approved these drawings. 

Contractor/Sub-Contractor Access: A staging area has been prepared for the subcontractors, but Don will need assistance from other owners so he will not have to be here five days a week during these repairs.  Larry stressed that it is in the contract that unit access is the Association’s responsibility.  Don is assembling a team in which each person can be assigned a day of the week to let the subcontractors in and out of the units as well as to watch over the workers while they are in these units.  Larry pointed out that this schedule is set for the perfect time as most of the owners will have returned for the winter months.  He further stated that Stan will post the notices.  Diane Verner stated that she will email all unit owners prior to the initial walk-through and then will email the individual unit owners scheduled for that week to remind them when access will be needed to their unit for these repairs.  Tom Jensen confirmed with the Board that the notices will inform unit owners that a locksmith will be used to gain access during these repairs if a key has not been provided and the owners are not here.  Diane Verner commented that most of these are scheduled for one day; therefore, if owners are given the schedule ahead of time, then these owners can arrange their schedule to be present on that day.

Shutter Related: Don stated that the subcontractors plan to do a walk-through in which they will video tape opening and closing each and every shutter in every unit.  If the shutter does not work, it will be documented and the owners of the non-working shutters will be given a price to fix their shutter motor.  The shutters must be in working order for the stanchion repairs to be done.  Don has requested a price to service all of the shutters while they are here.  This will take longer, but may be worth the time to ensure all shutters are in working order.  Diane Verner pointed out that the subcontractors have offered to replace the plexi-glass part and various other services, such as oiling, greasing, and making any necessary adjustments at the expense of the homeowner while making the stanchion repairs.  Don plans on encouraging the owners to have this done.  He stated that if the shutters are not opened and closed on a regular basis, the motors tend to freeze or burn up.  Therefore, it is in the owners’ best interests to have the subcontractor service the shutters while they are already making these shutter repairs.

Benko Settlement: A discussion ensued regarding a $12,000 increase in the settlement agreement with Benko.  Don believes that this increase was to include painting the shutters that are galvanized steel because the paint is peeling on these (Stacks 5 and 6).


- - Treasurer, Bob Shrader - -

CPA Review: There are two CDs coming due in three days.  While Bob has not done much shopping yet, Prime Bank has offered an exciting 1%.  Michelle offered that Sunrise Bank is at 2%.  Larry asked about Riverside, who is offering 2.15%, but they require the minutes of meeting in which the Board agreed and to have every member of the Board that is going to be a signer present at the Bank at the same time to sign.  This is for a 12-month CD.  Bob wants to speak with Joyce of Prime Bank, who in the past has been cheerfully competitive.  Therefore, since they come due this weekend, Bob will get Joyce's offer before deciding.

The CPA Report took quite a while to get back, and didn't really report much.  He said that he was not aware of any material modifications that need to be made to the company's financial statement in order for them to comply with the general accepted accounting principles.  At a glance in the course of the last year, there is approximately $143,000 in reserves as of 12/31/08.  All in all our operating account had a decent year and broke even with a net zero.  Bob is going out of town, but would like to discuss a couple of things with Michelle, such as the balance sheet, when he returns.

Larry asked if we have come up with one account for the money we have set aside for the marina.  He remembered that back in March, this account was given a special name.  Larry said that it was called the Accrued Shared Pool Expense and had a balance of $21,446.42, but there is no bank account to offset it.

Don stated that Bob had an invoice from Otis Elevator for $2,968.  Don has the contract and cannot figure out how they came up with this number at all.  Michelle said that they have a 5% or so increase every year.  Don said that they sent a letter as a bid for renewal offering a discount if we agree; however, this letter gives no amounts.  He called them and they said that he would have to go back to the original contract and figure it out first.  He has not signed the new contract, and it doesn't actually expire until January 2010.  Therefore, he has shopped it and received two other bids.  While Otis was not the cheapest, he is concerned that if we go with someone else, Otis will take all of their equipment with them.  Michelle agreed that their equipment is probably proprietary. Larry suggested telling Otis about the lower bids and asking Otis if they could beat these.  Don gave the letter and the original contract to Michelle.  Action item:  Michelle and/or Tina will work on this so we have the exact figures that Otis is offering. 


5. RDI - Management Report:

Linda Arahill, Manager, reported that she has a bid from Truly Nolan for the hot foot and the hawk call machine.  She has put out a request for more bids for the hawk call machine, but has not received any responses.  She gave the Board a new “reserves appraisal” bid that included a binder of samples, along with the monthly audit log of all calls and intakes about Whitley Bay for August, as well as the August financials.

While the reserve analysis bid from the engineering firm looked professional, the price of $5,100 was deemed too high. Larry already had the reserves study completed on 9/16/09 by Urgent Appraisals for a much lower cost.


6. Unfinished Business:

Pigeon Problem: Larry reported that as all have read in the newsletter, pigeon droppings pose a serious threat for disease.  This is a serious problem that has to be resolved.  Larry further stated that Carol did a very good job on presenting this in the newsletter.  Jesse contracted for the hot foot to be applied about three years ago, and it has done a very good job.  It was applied to the lower levels, and the pigeons are still avoiding those areas.  However, they are now roosting in the higher levels where hot foot was not applied.  Larry asked Charles Steinberg, a resident attorney, to please advise as the company that applied the hot foot three years ago sold their business, and the new owners will not honor the previous owner's contract.  Charles stated he would have to see the original contract and would need to see if the new owners won't or can't honor the contract.  In other words, the new owners may not be able to provide the same services as the previous owners.  Larry stated that the original contract was a four-year contract in which there was to be a person on-site to check the hot foot application quarterly.  This did not happen as the first person to come on-site to do this complained that the areas were too high.  They never came back.  He also pointed out that while this hasn't been done, we haven't been charged for it.  Therefore, while we budgeted $600 per year for this, we haven't had to pay this on a yearly basis, but we did pay $4,000 up front at the beginning of the contract.  It was concluded that applying the hot foot to the lower areas seems to still be working and is still sticky.  We need to concentrate on the higher areas now.  Truly Nolan has quoted $2,000 per noise machine and recommended two machines for us.  Don Verner found machines that have owl screeches and only cost about $135 each.  Truly Nolan stated that there are only five birds that scare pigeons and owl screeches is not one of them.  Truly Nolan's machines use all five bird screeches on their machines.  Truly Nolan also quoted $4100 for 2300 linear feet of the hot foot on the lower areas and an additional $465 to apply to the higher areas.  Stan Bowers and Tom Vaughan have confirmed to Larry that the pigeon droppings from the high areas have been blown onto every floor of the building.  Stan found a company in Pensacola, who sells a similar product to the hot foot for $2100, but we do not know if we can find someone to apply it to the higher areas.  However, Larry is considering hiring a roofing company to apply it to the high areas as they are not afraid of high places.  He believes that our maintenance guys can apply the hot foot to the lower areas.  Larry asked if Truly Nolan would bid only the high areas and understands that it will be more than $465 as this was an add-on to the lower areas in the original bid.  Bob asked if we really needed both the hot foot and the machines, or could we just get a machine without the hot foot.  Could we get a test period for the machine?  Michelle stated that Merritt Island High School uses only the machine. Not only does it work, but it does not disturb any of the classes as the speakers are set to produce sound only to the roof areas.  Larry will call a special meeting after Stan returns and Michelle gets a high area only bid from Truly Nolan.  They are considering having Alan of Truly Nolan  attend and present his opinion on using just the machine versus using a combination of the hot stuff and the machine.


7. New Business:

Space Coast Condominium Association: Larry reported that he took it upon himself to renew their membership in Space Coast Condominiums for $70 as they have good events and programs that are very beneficial.  Michelle stated that Gary Poliakoff was the guest speaker this Saturday and would be taking free questions.  Larry gave a copy of the programs that will be offered by the Space Coast Condominium Association to each of the Board members.

Association Fees in Arrears: Larry stated that this is becoming a serious situation.  Unit 301 is now on the market as a short sale.  The last monthly assessment that we received for this unit was February 2009.  Unit 601 is in foreclosure; supposedly there is a potential buyer.  However, the last monthly assessment we received for this unit was for December 2008.  If these units sell, we will get the back assessments, but if they are foreclosed by the bank, we will only receive six months of back fees. The Association has started a foreclosure on #301 since the mortgage holder has not yet served us paperwork of a possible bank foreclosure. Larry has read several articles and Michelle has attended a workshop about owners renting out their units and not paying assessments.  Neither 301 nor 601 are rented, but if an Association foreclosure were to go through, the Association could rent the unit until it is foreclosed on, thus obtaining some payments before the bank takes over. There are proposed Florida regulations and court decisions that would prevent the owners from not paying the assessments when they receive rental income.

Owner Request for More North-side Lighting: Larry reported that a letter was received from an owner, who requested that flood lights be installed under the third floor balconies on the north side of the building.  The reason being that when people walk their dogs on that side at night, they have found vagrants sleeping under the bushes.  We do have lights out there that are the same as we have on the walkways.  Larry is concerned that flood lights would draw too many bugs to the balconies on that side; therefore he is against it.  Don commented that he was also against it.  Diane commented that as a woman, she wouldn't walk her dog on the north side at night to begin with as there are a lot of lights and grass available on the east side of the garage.  Larry pointed out that dogs should be walked on the east or west side at night, which is very well lit.  Diane commented that they can walk their dog anywhere during the day, just use the east and west side at night.  Bob stated that the woman requesting the extra lights will not use the east door that leads out from the garage due to legitimate personal reasons.  Bob and Judy are working with the owner to use an alternate door that would be safe for her and still keep her on a well lit side.  The Board agreed by unanimous vote not to get new lights.

Landscape Committee: Larry asked Michelle to get the same person that trimmed the palm trees last year to trim them in October.  He asked if anyone would like to take over as landscape committee chairperson and all agreed that Larry was doing a great job and requested he continue.  Larry agreed to keep this position.  Action item:  Michelle will call Bob's Complete Tree Trimming Service to get the palm trees trimmed in October.

Tom Vaughan - Blackberry Request: Larry confirmed that all of the Board members received a copy of Tom Vaughan's request for a phone that can get email and has Internet access.  Bob stated that Tom explained to him that Internet access will allow Tom to take a more active role in shopping for maintenance supplies.  Bob further stated that the association already pays for two cell phones that are rarely used and a Blackberry's monthly charge would be $35-$40 more per month.  Michelle stated that Tom can call RDI, who will do an Internet search for him.  Don motioned to not get a new phone for Tom.  Bob seconded the motion as stated.  All in favor.

Unit 1202 Complaint: Larry received a call from the resident of Unit 1202, who is a nice man, and who was very upset.  He had witnessed someone urinating off of the balcony of one of the penthouses onto his balcony.  Larry looked to see who the owner of the penthouse was and sent that owner an email about this incident.  The penthouse owner replied denying that this happened at her unit. She also denied that cigarettes and beer cans were coming from that unit earlier in the year. The penthouse owner further stated that her daughter has heard loud parties in the penthouses next to hers.  Larry checked into this and penthouses 1 and 3 have been empty for a long time. Therefore, any noise would be coming from penthouse 2.  Therefore, Larry called the resident of 1202 and recommended that he call the police the next time this happens.  Diane pointed out that once the cigarette butts and beer cans issue was brought to the penthouse 2 owner's attention, she denied it; but it hasn't happened since.  Therefore, she believes that although the penthouse 2 owner has denied again, she believes it won't happen again.

Tom Jensen - Fire Drills: Tom reported that he has been thinking about the need for fire drills for a long time.  When the alarms went off this week, everyone ignored the alarms even though there was smoke coming from an overheated pump on the first floor area.  He believes that the residents have become too cavalier in this regard.  He further stated that we are not using our floor captains effectively.  He would like to have a meeting with all of the floor captains to arrange fire drills.  However, Tom is not exactly sure how to go about this.  So, he called the Cocoa fire chief, who stated that he has a fireman that works with condominiums in this regard.  Tom has spoken to this fireman, who stated he would be very happy to work with us and organize a fire plan and fire drills.  This fire plan may even be used for other emergency situations such as a hurricane.  Larry asked what Tom's plan was.  Tom stated that his first step is to meet with the fireman that works with condominiums and get his recommendations.  Then his second step will be to organize the floor captains and work out a plan.  He hopes to have the first fire drill in January or February, which is when the snowbirds will be back.  Larry agreed and stated that when he went outside when the alarms went off, there were only five other people outside with him.  Bob motioned that Tom work with the fireman and the floor captains and arrange a emergency plan and fire drills.  Don seconded the motion as stated.  All in favor.


8. Owner Forum:

Cooling Towers: Tom Jensen asked what was happening with the cooling towers.  Larry stated that he has inspected the cooling towers and wrote a report, which he submitted to Don.  There are two bars on the outside of the cooling towers that need to be replaced.  The bars on the northside have been replaced, but the southside bars still need to be replaced.  Larry stated that there is a lot of rust on the supporting beams and suggests we use the sand blaster we bought to clean this off.  Don isn't sure why we bought the sand blaster as it has never been used.  He isn't sure that the maintenance guys know how to use it, but he will look into this.

Building Cracks: Tom Jensen stated that the other issue that was in the engineering report was in regards to the cracks in the building.  He asked if Don has given any more thought to this.  Don stated that he was on the twelfth floor today and noticed that the cracks are bigger.  He is not in favor of doing a sample out there because he feels it will mess up every floor in the building.  He would like to speak to a professional to determine if these cracks are a cosmetic problem or a structural problem.  Tom Jensen further stated that cosmetic can become structural as moisture collects in these cracks, it rusts the rebar and causes spalling.  Don stated that there are a couple of cracks that are going through the entire building.  In fact the third stack has a crack that goes from the south side through to the north side including the ceilings/floors of units and balconies.

Ramp Lines: Carol (or Diane?) stated that Wayne asked her to bring up the issue that Charles thinks we should put a double white line and yield signs as you come down the ramp from the parking garage.  The people coming down the ramp should yield to the open parking main floor people.  Don will look into this.

Stop Signs: Charles pointed out that we need a stop sign at the entrance/exit.  There is a stop bar there now, which is largely ignored.  Therefore the stop bar needs to be taken down and a 4-way stop put in as traffic control.  Larry will investigate getting a stop sign for the northbound side of Delannoy and one stop sign on Mariner Square.

Parking Sign Question: Larry asked who put the Whitley Bay Residents Only sign on Joe Whitley's spot.  Don said he did it in February, and then Joe said it was his and not Whitley Bay's property.  Don is going to investigate whose property it is and will report his findings at the next meeting.

Newsletter: Carol stated that the next newsletter will come out in November. 

Proposed Budget: Bob, RDI, and Larry will work on 2010 proposed budget.


9. Adjournment:

Don motioned to adjourn at 8:31 pm. Bob seconded, all were in favor.



Respectfully submitted,


Brandi Lowder, Administrative Assistant, RDI               Larry Ramsay, Board President




Minutes of the

Whitley Bay Board of Directors Budget Meeting

 Wednesday, July 29, 2009


1. Call to Order and Verification of Quorum:

President Larry Ramsay called the meeting to order, at 7:03 p.m. in the Whitley Bay Recreation Room.  Other Board Members present:  Vice President Don Varner, Secretary Stan Bowers, Treasurer Robert Schrader and Director Alex Sinilnikoff. Eleven other residents were also in attendance.


2. Proof of Notice of Meeting or Wavier of Notice:

 Stan noted that the agenda had been posted on the notice board 48 hours prior in the elevator.


3. Approval of Minutes from June 24, 2009 Board of Directors Meeting:

Bob motioned to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the June 24, 2009 meeting, and to accept them as written. Stan seconded. All were in favor.


4. Tallying of Ballots:

The Board voted at the last meeting to send out ballots to all owners asking for their approval to renovate the lobby by upgrading tile, wall coverings and adding columns.

Michelle Dugan of Reconcilable Differences reported that a total of thirty-eight (38) ballots were received, with one opposed and 37 in favor. The Whitley Bay governing documents require a majority of owners to vote for any material alterations. Since that number is thirty-three (33) the vote passed.


5. Open Forum:

Management had contacted Ralph Perrone to get the project started, but Ralph was not in attendance and committee member Dennis Stricklin offered to start the process by getting contracts signed and work started.


The New Owners of Unit#901, Steve and Lynn Gaffney from West Virginia were introduced.


6. Unfinished Business:

Larry stated that at the last Board meeting of June 24, Jesse Taylor suggested that the Board gift Larry with $400 for that fact that he was able to save the association $38,000 on the insurance premiums for 2009, thus reducing the maintenance fee by $38 per unit per month. Larry’s gratitude was noted to the audience.


Larry also has information available to anyone who needs the mandated “Loss Assessment” coverage. He has found a company that only charges $15.00 extra for $10,000 in Loss Assessment coverage, where the statute requires only $2,000. Larry noted that Whitley Bay has a three percent hurricane deductible, which is $600,000 for the building, so it is prudent to have a higher loss assessment policy in case of major damage to the structure.


Don Verner commented that the pool engineer” Terry Lambert” who was recommended by the County Health inspector Cheryl, in regards to a possible variance from the State of Florida regarding the required new bottom grates, never sent the promised letter to Don. Don also said he had never seen a written violation report from the county. The Board discussed not doing anything until we receive written notice, but a resident noted that we should continue to find out if there is something that is required to be compliant. Alex commented that the pool grates hardly have any suction, not like a pool with one deep end pool drain.

Michelle Dugan stated that she would call the county and to see if the violation has already been noted on the inspection reports. She further offered to have Price Rite, a local pool company that has been installing the grates, come out to see what he recommends.


7. New Business:

The maintenance staff and some of the owners at Whitley Bay had noticed cigarette burn stain markings inside the building walkways and on balconies, and brought this to the Board’s Attention. There was discussion about visitors being the problem, but without concrete evidence of who is doing this, all we can do is be vigilant and remind people not to litter and to throw their cigarette remains in the proper trash receptacles. Stan offered to design and post a notice about this problem.


A resident requested signage and an “unloading area” but he was not in attendance and others felt there is enough signage already.


Tom Jensen stated that some of the signs in the grocery carts give incorrect information about where to return the carts to. Reconcilable Differences offered to obtain more of the correct signs.


Alex Sinilnikoff expressed that Reconcilable Differences should be mindful for the future, about giving Board member phone numbers to others.


Don Verner commented that there was a cost/proposal from Shutter Outlet for a settlement with an acceptance required by August 3, 2009. Since this is ongoing litigation, no more could be discussed, but the committee will be meeting with the Association attorney and possibly the opposing counsel next week. Resident attorney Charles Steinberg offered to sit down with the Board/Association’s Lawyer and the opposing team to put everything on paper, from the panels down to the screws, as it is very important to iron out the details to settle the lawsuit.


8. Adjournment:

Stan motioned to adjourn at 7:37 pm. Bob seconded, all were in favor.



Respectfully submitted,



Linda Arahill, LCAM #29004                           Stan Bowers, Secretary

Reconcilable Differences, Inc.                           Whitley Bay Condominium Association



Minutes of the

Whitley Bay Board of Directors Budget Meeting

 Wednesday, June 24, 2009


1. Call to Order and Verification of Quorum:

President Larry Ramsay called the meeting to order, at 7:01 p.m. in the Whitley Bay Recreation Room.  Other Board Members present:  Vice President Don Verner, Secretary Stan Bowers, Treasurer Robert Shrader and Director Alex Sinilnikoff. Eleven other residents were also in attendance. Linda Arahill and Michelle Dugan were present from the management company, Reconcilable Differences.


2. Proof of Notice of Meeting or Wavier of Notice:

Stan noted that the agenda had been posted on the notice board and in the elevators for 48 hours prior. 


3. Approval of Minutes from April 22, 2009 Board of Directors Meeting:

Larry asked if all had read the minutes. Bob Shrader motioned to dispense with the reading and to accept the minutes as written. Stan seconded the motion, all were in favor.


4. Reports of Officers:


a.) Status of June 16th letter from Association attorney: Larry Ramsay stated that he received a letter from Whitley Bay’s Attorney, Joe De Leo. It states, “ I represent Whitley Bay Condo Association in a lawsuit that it filed against numerous entities regarding the replacement of defective aluminum, which is part of the outdoor shutter system for each unit. Please be advised that none of the defendants have made any claims against the association in the lawsuit and no claims against the association are expected.”  This should help any units that are refinancing or selling.

b.) Exercise equipment-treadmill: The treadmill in the weight room was not working properly and was moved to a storage area. A replacement treadmill from a private individual was offered at $700.00. Reno inspected it and gave it a good recommendation. Don Verner helped move it to the exercise room. Alex made the motion to purchase the treadmill for $700.00 and Stan seconded. All were in favor. Larry asked that this cost be charged against the reserve account, and Robert gave the approval.

Brock suggested that a sign be displayed for proper usage of the equipment. Becky Sanders asked to acquire a sign for proper footwear. Brock said that Reno suggested the wording: “Please rack weights, and strip bars (clean bars) after use.”  Becky suggested that two separate signs be utilized, and RDI will handle this. 

c.) Convex Mirrors in Parking Decks: Eight mirrors have been installed in the garage area and one by the ramp area. Wayne Sanders paid $860.28 for them and Tom installed them. Larry indicated to Bob that these should be reimbursed out of the miscellaneous building reserve account and Bob agreed.

d.) Miscellaneous:  There was discussion of a stop sign at the entrance of Whitley Bay and at the Marina exit, as Stan had recalled from a previous meeting. No resolution came at this meeting.

Recently, a unit left their bathroom faucet running and it overflowed and dripped down to the unit below. When no one answered the door, a Board member was asked to get it opened and find the problem. The key given to the association did not work; apparently the unit owner had their lock replaced but did supply the association with a copy.  All units should have a key on file with the association, for reasons just as this. Jesse Taylor suggested that owners purchase sensors for overflowing water that can be bought at Home Depot; apparently they set off an alarm when water leaks. RDI was asked to send a letter to the owner regarding the need for a current key or an emergency contact who can arrive within 15 minutes of an emergency. Discussion ensued about this state statute. An owner will be responsible for any locksmith bill or door damage repair if the Association must enter and does not have a current key.



a.) Building Warranty Issues/Close-out: Don Verner explained that there were thirty to forty issues on the original warranty checklist with Benko. There were two issues still unresolved until this month. Now all are taken care of. While there may still be warranty issues in the future, for now all is complete.

b.) Status of Roof Repairs and Recoating: Roof is 100% complete except for touch up in the work for small moisture bubbles near the penthouse, where there was a small leak. Don feels the leak was found and repaired this week.

c.) Status of Shutter Law Suit: The Association was asked to obtain bids for the repair. These have been submitted to the attorney. The attorney has asked that any updates be kept out of the minutes for now, since this is an on-going lawsuit.

c.) Pool Drain/New Codes: A new nation-wide requirement for a modified drain grate is now in force. The Whitley Bay pool has five suction drains as opposed to the one in regular pools, and this pool also has a liner as opposed to concrete. The county pool inspector wrote up the pool for lack of these drains, but also recommended the Association have a licensed engineer write a review of the pool to submit to the state to try and obtain a variance on the requirement.

Don Verner had already contacted the engineer and the estimated cost is $500, which provides for one visit to take measurements of the pool and a certified letter that would report possible omissions pertaining to variances that are regulated by the state of Florida.  Alex suggested asking the county if they could supply an engineer at no costs for this variance certificate. Stan suggested also that relief could come from the pool inspector as they recommended his service. Linda Arahill offered to look further into this suggestion.

d.) Unit Remodeling Issues: Recently, a unit had a contractor cutting wood with an electric saw out in the front of the building. Don asked them to take all this up to the unit, out on the balcony, close the shutters while doing the work, then clean up the debris that has been kept in one small area instead of flying all over the building. Don requested that the newsletter remind all owners to have their contractors do this type of work on their own balconies, closing the shutters to keep all debris in one area.



a.) Update of Whitley Bay Policy and Procedure Manual:
Stan stated that the updated manual was e-mailed to seventy addresses; only two have come back with a problem. There are extra hard copies in the association’s office, if needed.

b.) Owners and Residents Roster: Stan reported that there had been conflicts with RDI’s and Whitley Bay’s Rosters, but they are now cross referencing to get an accurate roster. 


5.) Reports of RDI:

a.) Hurricane procedures policy: This is currently displayed on the Whitley Bay web page on RDI’s website (, and at this time the Board feels it is ready to use for this season.

b.) Collection/Foreclosure actions progress: Michelle stated that Unit 301 has ignored all statements and certified letters from management, so the next step is to send it to the Association attorney for lien and possible foreclosure action.  Alex motioned to send this to the attorney and have him send the statute-required 30 day notice of intent to lien letter. Bob Schrader seconded. All were in favor.

Michelle stated that unit 601 has gone into mortgage foreclosure. The Association has a lien “running with the land” when the home is finally sold, but state statute only requires the bank to pay the Association 6 months of past due fees (or 1% of the original mortgage balance) from the date the bank actually forecloses. Banks are sending the foreclosure paperwork to the owners quickly, but then holding off on actually foreclosing because they know they are then responsible for the fees to the Association. At this point, we can only wait for the bank to foreclose or a buyer to take over this whole debt.

c.) Subleasing: A number of complaints have been received about the tenant in Unit #1005 having unknown people living in the unit when he is not there. They felt he was sub-leasing the unit while he was out of town. Michelle stated that she spoke to the owner’s daughter who said she would find out more from her tenant and get back to us, but she will make sure all rules are followed by her tenant. Brock said vehicles driven by the men walking into unit #1005 were using a supposedly lost parking tag. Brock retrieved that tag, but there are now 3 vehicles associated with this unit and none are using the garage to house vehicles. Larry asked that RDI investigate further, and two residents in attendance also offered to speak to the owner about what they are seeing.


6. Reports of Committee:

Lobby Remodeling: The Board asked management if a vote of homeowners was required to remodel the lobby. Michelle stated yes. They asked what percentage of units would be needed. Michelle stated that a majority of all units would have to vote affirmatively to pass.

Discussion ensued about who would supervise and coordinate the work. Ralph Perrone offered to oversee it.

Owners asked how the work would be paid for. Board agreement was that there would be no special assessment or extra money needed. There is still some insurance money left from the water damage repair, since our own maintenance and volunteers did the work, so that money could be used as well as the following reserve accounts:

Account #3010 – Building and Painting Reserves, which currently has $33,032.88; Account #3070-   Reserve interest, which has $ 9,521.48, and  Account #3080- Miscellaneous Building Repairs, which has  $ 2,887.09.

There were questions about the paint, painters, contractors who bid and what they would cover. Vicki indicated that the cost of paint was included in the quote.

Vicki Spencer brought samples of all items and they will stay in the clubhouse until the vote is complete. She submitted a detailed book of bids, drawings and her cover letter, which she read to all in attendance: “The Lobby Redecorating Committee has struggled for months in an effort to come up with worthwhile recommendations that remain within reasonable cost parameters. We believe that we have finally gotten there. Whitley Bay is a great building. The exterior has a Mediterranean look. We have tried to bring that feeling into the lobby. The stone trim, faux painting, and natural stone floor will make our lobby something to be proud of. More importantly, this improvement will transform the focal point of our facility from something that is akin to a downscale motel lobby into a rich looking entrance that will enhance the value and marketability of each unit.”


She stated that the estimated cost for this project last year was approximately $30,000. The updated cost would be $21,160, and out of this amount $2,500 for the furniture was paid by the past Board of Directors, leaving a balance of $18,660.


Stan motioned to send out the ballot to the owners recommending their yes vote. He motioned to approve the decorating upgrade subject to the return of yes votes by a majority of owners. Alex seconded, all in favor.


Bob motioned to approve the lobby work as presented, subject to affirmative votes by 33 units, and to pay for this work by taking half the cost from the insurance proceeds account and half from the reserve account, using the accounts paint, interest and miscellaneous building repairs. Don seconded this motion, all in favor.


Ralph asked the Board to consider the upgraded tile on the second lobby floor as well. This will be discussed later.


Management and Larry agreed to work on the draft ballot and cover letter. With Board approval, it will be mailed out early next week. There will have to be a quick meeting in about 30 days to ratify the votes.


Ralph Perrone was asked to oversee the lobby remodeling project. He agreed to be the point of contact.


Security: The men’s bathroom door next to the gym area is not closing properly. There are concerns of people hiding in there. Jesse Taylor made a suggestion that it was time to change these doors out. Don stated that the doors were changed out and have been adjusted.


Social: Don Verner reported for Diane Verner that there is nothing to report at this time. Residents asked about July 4th; they will discuss this later.


Landscaping: Larry stated, “I am certain you will all agree that the landscaping looks good; this is because of our new landscaping with our new plantings, and TruGreen’s fertilizers and insect spray on the shrubbery. I presently have two quotes from two other landscapers, but for now, I think it would be best to stay with Artistic the present landscaper”.


7. General Discussion by Members:

Jesse Taylor stated that Larry Ramsay had saved the association over $38,000 in insurance premiums for the property insurance in 2009, and asked the Board of Directors to make a motion to gift Larry $400 for his hard work. Jokingly, Larry then mentioned there was talk of a case of scotch at last year’s meeting. Alex motioned to approve a payment of $400 to Larry as a thanks for the savings on insurance. Bob Schrader seconded. All were in favor.


There will be no July meeting unless an emergency comes up.


Jesse Taylor stated that the Statute of Limitations is up on the first bill for pool repairs from the Marina. He recommended the attorney be called about how to close this account payable out.


8. Adjournment:

Larry made a motion to adjourn at 9:00 pm. All were in favor.



Respectfully submitted,


Linda Arahill, LCAM #29004                          

Michelle Dugan, CMCA, AMS, LCAM #17226

Reconcilable Differences, Inc.                          



Minutes of the

Whitley Bay Board of Directors

Budget Meeting

 Wednesday, April 22, 2009


1. Call to Order and Verification of Quorum:

President Larry Ramsay called the meeting to order, at 7:00 p.m. in the Whitley Bay Recreation Room.  Other Board Members present:  Vice President Don Verner, Secretary Stan Bowers, Treasurer Robert Shrader and Director Alex Sinilnikoff. Seven other residents were also in attendance.


2. Proof of Notice of Meeting or Wavier of Notice:

Stan noted that the agenda had been posted on the notice board and in the elevator. 


3. Approval of Minutes from March 25, 2009 Board of Directors Meeting:

Larry said that he met with Linda Arahill on April 9, because a lot of things were left out of those minutes, and he did not agree with them until his changes were incorporated. Larry had read the revisions to those minutes today. Larry asked if everyone had reviewed them. He said everything looked fine, with no errors, so he made a motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes and to accept the minutes as written. Stan seconded. All in favor.


4. Reports of Officers:


Status of Lawsuit - re: Shutters:

Larry Ramsay stated that he is really disappointed that no one has offered to serve on any committees. He remembered Tom Jensen having said that no one reads the bulletin boards, but Larry had Stan post a notice two or three weeks ago on all the bulletin boards asking for volunteers to serve on the legal shutter committee. We have some really important decisions to make here, along with landscaping issues also. That notice has been posted, with not one person willing to sign their name to either of these committees, with the most important being the first one, the legal shutter issue. Whitley Bay’s Attorney, Joe De Leo, suggested to Don and Jesse that we get two quotes from reputable shutter companies. I gave that job to RDI, who got back quickly with those companies, and I passed these on to Don and Alex, who had volunteered at the last meeting. Don stated he met with one shutter contractor to price it out for us, and the other contractor had cancelled a couple of meetings, but say they are still very interested. Larry stated that a quote from Shutter Outlet was considered a conflict of interest, because they are representing Benko. Larry stated the sooner we can get these quotations for the repairs to the attorney, the better. Don stated they would have these bids for the next meeting. Michelle Dugan then offered to get them four more names and numbers of contractors. Larry said the more quotes, the better, as there are different size units, and everyone has different square footage in shutters. Alex then said we have to give them some kind of base quote that will be equal to Benko’s. Larry stated there are already four lawyers involved and Benko has not come over to our side to go after Best. Larry stated this is more or less a settlement issue, and our attorney stated that the loser would be liable to pay for Whitley Bay’s attorney fees.


Larry stated that the landscaping contract has been a problem. He said that there had been a problem at his first meeting with Artistic, but by the second meeting, Micah had changed his mind a bit. Larry had asked how much it would cost to replace the dead plants, and now they have all been replaced by our maintenance supervisor, Tom Vaughn, and we saved about $400. Tom has planted 4 - 25 gallon pigmy palms, 2 - 15 gallon cardboard palms, and 4- 3 gallon Exoras. They are not here yet, but we have also ordered 25 Junipers. He gave a lot of credit to Cory and Tom for all their help. Tom is applying mulch today, and we will be applying more in the near future.  Larry commented that he is still looking for someone to volunteer for the landscaping committee, and pleaded for all to get involved.

Miscellaneous Items:

Parking Mirrors: Larry commented that unit owner Charles Steinberg is having problems backing his car out of his garage and asked why we don’t have mirrors in the garage. Wayne Saunders suggested that four or five mirrors would possibly be needed. Michelle Dugan offered to e-mail some websites for ordering from. Larry commented that he and his wife were coming up the ramp a few weeks ago and an SUV came flying around the corner. Wayne was asked to chair this committee. Larry made a motion for Wayne to purchase the needed mirrors and Stan seconded this motion. All in favor.

False Fire Alarm: Larry reported that on April 3, 2009 in the evening, the fire alarm company contacted him on his cell phone while they were at friends for dinner, stating that the fire alarms had gone off and the fire trucks were on their way to Whitley Bay. The fire department called back within 10 minutes to say it was a false alarm. Apparently someone had pulled the alarms on floors three, four, and five and the alarm went off. Larry stated that the fire department may charge for this. Michelle commented that they usually bill after a third false alarm, and that they usually charge $50 to $75 per call.  Larry said it would be nice to give the fire department a donation at Christmas time.

Alex stated it only takes one person to activate a station and it will also activate the floors above and below the one pulled. Someone mentioned that during that false alarm, there was an individual in a wheelchair who was uncertain of what to do. This was a good “wake-up call” for us to take appropriate measures for the floor captains to take into consideration those in “special needs” situations.

Inspection Report: Larry stated that page 33 of the Governing Documents requires an Annual Inspection by a licensed and qualified contractor, engineer or architect be done. This is more strict than the Florida Statute and management agreed that unless an owner complains to the state about not having one done, it is probably safe to wait. The Board could also have the attorney write up an amendment to the declaration to follow Florida Statute instead of annually. Larry recommended leaving it as is, unless someone complains. He did not think sending this one item to the attorney for changes was warranted at this time.

Compressor & Equipment Purchase: Larry brought up an item in the April 2008 Board meeting in which authorization was given to purchase a compressor and blasting equipment. Larry asked the Board if these items were ever used.  Alex said it has not yet been used, it costs approximately $2,000.00, but an owner hooked the electric up at no charge. Alex stated that the compressor sits idle in the lobby of the boiler room now. Larry asked Michelle, if this purchase was paid out of reserves or operating funds. Michelle would look into this. Larry then asked why it was purchased. Alex commented it was for the galvanized corrosion on the coolers on the roof due to atmospheric conditions.

Air Conditioning: Larry asked Don if the bar that has been “flapping” has been repaired or replaced. He felt this could do major damage in a storm. Don said he would look into it. Larry asked what the cost would be to replace the air conditioner for the entire building. Don Verner estimated that it would cost $100,000 to replace it. Larry then mentioned it would cost thousands more, as parts would have to be brought by helicopter.

Bi-Monthly Meetings: Larry commented that in February there was a discussion of having meetings every other month; as his comments were “I was for that, and still am for that, in a way now, especially in the summer months when people are away.” Larry stated he is going to be away in May and part of June, and Don stated he would be gone two weeks in May. Larry recommended that we play it by ear. Larry stated that the last Board missed three monthly meetings. Larry asked when any Board member is going to be gone more than two days, he should let the other Board members and RDI know.

Phone Number Changes: There have been phone # changes as well. For maintenance issues, Tom Vaughn’s number is 890-2954 and Don Verner’s is 704-2954.

Scheduling Agenda Items: Larry stated that if an owner would like anything on the agenda, please ask him, any board member, or RDI, and this would be transmitted to the whole Board and management.

Rental Percentage: Merilee Jenson was not able to attend to speak on rental percentages, but another unit owner was able to share her story; if there are more than sixteen rentals, which is twenty percent, it would put the condo in a category of being hard to find financing for new sales. Linda Arahill suggested that the Board and unit owners could change the minimum months of renting to six months by voting. Larry suggested some kind of system, possibly by fining owners who ignore the rental rules. Michelle stated that, first, fining permission must be in the documents and even then, a fining committee must be in place, with no Board members serving on it, to hear a case before fining can occur.

Changes to Rental Terms: It would take a legal amendment to make rental term changes, and they would not apply to current owners who vote against them; only future purchasers could be held to a new lease term. Larry made a motion to contact the attorney and have him draw up the amendment to change the documents to require one-year leases. Alex seconded this motion, then discussion ensued. Some members felt that was too restrictive and when a vote was taken, two voted yes (Larry & Alex) and three voted no (Stan, Bob and Don) Alex then withdrew his motion. There was discussion that over time, this change could be beneficial, but Larry changed his motion for require a six-month minimum rental period. Don seconded this one. There was discussion and then Larry stated that it is so hard to control this issue that it might be a waste of money to vote on an amendment. Michelle stated that mediation is the next step in trying to get an owner to comply. At this time, Larry withdrew his motion and stated that we have to find a better way to enforce this problem.


Status of Roof Repairs and Re-Coating: Don Verner stated that the roof is virtually done; we found some bubbles about a week after they completed the job and we have thirty days to walk the roof and accept it before Whitley Bay makes the final payment. Don is leaving for vacation and he will be able to do the walk through in three weeks. We have paid to Chematics of the South- 2 payments of $9900.00 ea.  Final payment due at completion.

Fire Alarm Equipment: Larry asked about the last inspection with his CFS. He felt the bids for repair and troubleshooting were billed twice. Michelle Dugan explained that there are now three separate invoices for three different issues. One is for the materials that failed - 4 speaker strobes $460. – 1 manual pull station $138. – 8 batteries $248.64 – 2 batteries fire alarm control panel $369.04 – Total of $1,284.38 with tax and installation. Then there are two bids for troubleshooting. One is to find the problem with the Evax not coming on in the main alarm control panel. The second issue is that the main communication phone at the Evax panel is not working. Alex made a motion to pay the invoice for $1,284.38 to have the defective parts replaced, and he also motioned to approve the estimates on labor to find the two other problems. Larry seconded this motion, all in favor.


Changes to Policies and Procedures Manual: Stan Bowers stated that he has completed all known changes to update the policies and procedures manual. Mostly it was phone numbers to call in different instances. He said if the Board found no more changes in the next few days, Stan will send out the revised manual to all owners with e-mail. Those without e-mail can request copies and the revision will also be on the RDI website under the Whitley Bay photo. Alex asked to look at the changes before they are e-mailed.     


Collections: Bob Shrader mentioned that there is an issue with unit #601. They have not paid their association fee since last year. Through April, they are $2,310.00 in arrears. RDI sent the Thirty-day notice of intent to lien, and we have proof of their receipt, but they have not responded. Bob proposed the Association place a lien on unit #601. Larry Ramsay seconded this, all in favor.


Unit 301 is also in arrears. Michelle explained the collection and lien procedure. Bob made a motion to send the thirty-day notice with intent to lien.  Larry seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. Larry asked Michelle when the 2008 Financial Review would be completed. Since there was a revision in March, this placed the completion date back, so we hope to have the report by next month.


5. Report of RDI:

Request for Information: Residents in attendance were asked if they knew the owner of #1201. The Singapore addressed mail was returned as was e-mail. Unfortunately, we can only send official documents to the last known address, so we will continue to research.

Pest Control & Fertilization: RDI did supply two fertilization and insect control companies who submitted bids. Larry signed a contract with Chemlawn. He added that the planter area had a lot of replanting done by Tom Vaughn, which will save the Association $400. Larry mentioned that the sprinkler system needs repairs, and Tom is in charge of this, but someone needs to work with him. Frank Kler

committed to helping with this and Alex committed to also help with the spraying of the plants.


6. Reports of Committees:

Decoration / Lobby Committee: Vicky Spencer still heads this committee, but she is on vacation. Larry stated that the Association paid $2,500 for lobby furniture, and asked where it was stored. Audience members asked that we give Vicky time to get back and take care of the details. Larry hopes to get lobby work solved soon.


7. Adjournment:

Larry made a motion to adjourn at 8:45 pm. All were in favor.


Respectfully submitted,




Linda Arahill, LCAM #29004                           Stan Bowers, Secretary

Reconcilable Differences, Inc.                           Whitley Bay Condominium Association



Minutes of the

Whitley Bay Board of Directors Budget Meeting

 Wednesday, March 25, 2009


1. Call to Order and Verification of Quorum:

President Larry Ramsay called the meeting to order, at 7:00 p.m. in the Whitley Bay Recreation Room.  Other Board Members present:  VP Don Verner, Secretary Stan Bowers, Treasurer Robert Schrader and Director Alex Sinilnikoff. Eleven other residents were also in attendance.


2. Proof of Notice of Meeting or Wavier of Notice:

Stan noted that the agenda had been posted

on the notice board and in the elevator, more than 48 hours prior to the meeting. 


3. Approval of Minutes:

from February 25, 2009 Organizational Meeting after the Annual Meeting:

Bob motioned to dispense with the reading of those minutes and approve them as written and posted on the website. Larry seconded, all in favor.


4. Prior to Report of Officers - Opening Comments by Larry Ramsay:

“Why am I the President of the Board”?  I am not sure how it happened, just some smooth persuasions. In any event here I am, willing because I care about our complex. My physician told me that if the position gives me any stress I should not stay on the Board. I am still here, even though I had stress from almost the first day. Like many other individuals my age, I have some medical problems. One of the problems causes tremors, so if you see my hands or head tremble, it is not because I am nervous it is because of a medical condition.”


5. Reports of Officers:


Status of Lawsuit re: Shutters:  Larry Ramsay, Jess Taylor and Don Verner met with the attorney, Joe Deleo, who requested the Association obtain two estimates for the shutter stanchion repair work. They called one company, who after much discussion retracted their interest due to a conflict over work they do with Benko.  At this time, Larry asked Alex and Don to head this committee and both agreed. Larry then requested that management supply names of shutter contractors for more proposals. More details of the problems were given, including “atmospheric corrosion” and the fact that the primer was not properly applied. Management will obtain valid bidders.

Landscaping: Larry and his wife met with the new landscaper, Mike from Artistic Landscaping, and toured the property this week. The contractor was 45 minutes late and then when questioned about fertilizer and pest control, just said he “hasn’t had time yet”. Tom V, maintenance foreman told Larry that there was insect infestation on the shrubs and this needs immediate attention. Larry felt there were major problems starting with this company. Management was asked about the contract and Michelle confirmed that Artistic’s contract includes lawn and shrub pest control and fertilization. Management was asked to obtain costs for this service from ChemLawn and another of their choice. This will be done.  Tom Jensen stated that past Board member, Ralph Perrone, had much experience with landscapers and should be asked for his help. Larry motioned to have management obtain two proposals for pest control. Alex seconded this motion, all in favor. The smelly debris and grasses at the corner of the property in the water were then discussed. A cost was obtained from Artistic, but the cost of $660 did not guarantee this problem would be taken care of. Larry spoke with the city and they will see if it is a part of their responsibility to maintain this part of the water and pick up the trash that floats in.

Homeowner’s Insurance – New Regulations: Larry noted that the newsletter has made mention of the new owner requirement twice. As of January 1, 2009, all condo owners are required to purchase an policy to cover the interior of their units. There is also a requirement to have a “Loss Assessment Rider” of at least $2,000. Larry stated that some agencies will add up to $10,000 and he recommended that all owners look at this, because the building has a $600,000 hurricane deductible.

Inspection Report / Fire Sprinkler Inspection:  Larry stated that this is an agenda item because there may be some confusion as to where inspection reports should be mailed or given to. Our insurance company needed a copy of our last fire sprinkler inspection report. I contacted the company who did the inspection. They told me they were instructed to fax the report to RDI.  RDI told me they did not get the inspection report or any other inspection report. Larry got a copy of the report from the company and gave it to Tom Vaughn for his records. In any event, all inspection reports will got to Tom, should be mailed to Whitley Bay so that they can be properly filed. Tom Vaughn has been told about this.  

Reserve Study Adjustments: Larry stated that the pool was not listed in the most recent 2008 reserve study, and while the Association only leases it, we are still responsible for maintenance and repair costs. Therefore, Larry and Bob Shrader met with RDI. This line is not being funded in the 2009 budget, but will start again in 2010. Larry also stated that the brick pavers should be added to the Paving Reserves and the Marina Reserves would be separate.

Miscellaneous Items: Tom V found a leak in the spa housing filters and the spa is now closed until the part is received and installed. It will cost about $1,182 to repair and should be re-opened March 29th. Unit #901 sold Friday and Unit #1101 will have a new tenant in soon.  If any Unit owner or a renter would like something added in for next meeting agenda or any future meeting agenda, let the Board Secretary or RDI know.

Vice-President: Don Verner

Status of Roof Repairs and Re-coating: Don stated that pressure washing of the roof began last week. The new material will come in March 30 and the job should take 1 month. The manufacturer will be on site as the product is applied to the roof, to ensure the warranty is in force, which is a 5 year labor and ten year material warranty. The contractor has been in business for twenty-five years. There is a change order of $2,500 for a “silicone sand / gravel” covering to keep the birds from pecking through the roof coating and as a slip-resistant surface for walking. There was a clogged drain line while the roof was pressure washed. It cannot be confirmed that the roof material clogged the line, but it cost $700 to cut the pipe on a much lower floor to remove all the debris and get the water running clearly again.

Responsibilities Details: Don stated that a number of men have offered to help with various duties of oversight. With this large complicated building, anyone with any knowledge who can give some time to help would be appreciated. Don designed a spreadsheet showing the number of hours the maintenance men require to do their jobs correctly. It adds up to more than their allotted number of hours per week, so they are too busy to help with personal resident issues. There was an air conditioner issue on the 2nd floor but Don fixed the wire that had come loose. He does not believe any units still have water intrusion, but if anyone sees new wet spots, please call immediately.

Secretary: Stan Bowers stated that he is updating the policies and procedures manual to show RDI instead of the president as the contract in many cases. There are also some minor changes in the renter forms. Current owners with email address with have the revised pages sent, to add to their current manual. Those without e-mail can request copies.

Treasurer: Bob Schrader stated that three certificates of deposit have matured and need to be re-invested. Colonial Bank rates are the highest, and Joyce at Prime Bank offered to match those rates, so the money will stay with Prime. Bob offered to set the new accounts up. All agreed. Based on the CPA’s review as of 12/31/07, the current balance sheet needed adjustments in the reserve accounts, which brought them from $117,400 to $143,000. Bob motioned to make this change in the funds, using the “money market” account and then send the changes to the CPA for accurate 2008 reports. Larry Ramsay seconded, all in favor.  Don Verner then asked for approval to pay Tom Vaughan $40.00 per month as a mileage stipend for all the running around he does in his own vehicle, and to make it retroactive to March 1, 2009. Larry seconded the motion, all in favor.

Director:  Alex Sinilnikoff met with CFS on March 18th to do the Annual Fire Alarm Inspection. There were discrepancies found that need to be repaired. He could not find any reports since 2005, so at this time, eight batteries need to be replaced, manual pull stations on four floors need to be  needs to be replaced and there are some trouble issues on the panel that must be fixed, at hourly rates. The labor cost is $85.00 per hour. The proposal to replace the items in question and an estimate of labor hours is $2005.18. Alex also broached the subject of PVC covers to place over the pull stations that helps in two ways: it keeps these protected from the rain and elements, and also makes it harder for vandals to pull when not required. He has a brochure to explain more about these.

Larry commented that he doesn’t mind spending money but does not want to waste money. He worked on the budget for two years now and while some people said he underestimated some lines and overestimated other items, the bottom line is what counts, and as long as he is on the board, he wants all money watched carefully. He said the Association is fortunate right now; there is only one unit that is in arrears and there is money in the reserves to pay for the roofs and the spa repairs. Larry stressed that it is very important to keep the maintenance fees to a minimum.


Alex made a motion to pay CFS to make the needed repairs, as long as we receive a “do not exceed price” that is reasonable. Bob Schrader seconded, all in favor.


6. Reports of Committees:

Decoration / Lobby Committee: Vicky and Brock are setting up the free meeting with the consultant.

Contracts Committee: Larry stated a chairperson is needed.

Marina / Pool Issues: Larry asked for a volunteer to oversee this important issue.

Legal Committee: With the hurricane shutter stanchion issue, we really need someone with some expertise or knowledge to help with this lawsuit.

Maintenance Committee: Don, Alex and a great group of volunteers are handling this.

Landscaping Committee: Larry Ramsay offered, but he needs help.

Security Committee: Frank makes rounds at 10:15 pm. He is finding all doors closed and locked, so thanked all who are watching this. Wayne is also helping with this committee. There is currently plenty of parking on the first floor and most permits are posted in the vehicles.

Newsletter: Carol Jensen is still willing to help, but really needs someone else to chair this committee. Loretta and Lindsay have volunteered to help and the next newsletter will be out in May. Carol asked for any news items to be e-mailed to her for inclusion in the next issue.

Budget Committee: Needs a Chairperson.

Reserve Committee: Is currently Larry Ramsay, but he asked for volunteers.

Insurance Committee: Larry Ramsay

Hurricane Committee: Tom Jensen will see if the floor captains will take care of this.

Floor Captains: Tom Jensen said he would be willing to chair this group again. The 11th floor needs a captain. This group is important and needs to be kept “in the loop” for new residents.


7. Adjournment:

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:51 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Linda Arahill, LCAM #29004                           Stan Bowers, Secretary

Reconcilable Differences, Inc.                           Whitley Bay Condominium Association







1. Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order by Michelle Dugan of Reconcilable Differences at 7:05 pm in the recreation room. Board members present were Jesse Taylor-president, Ralph Perrone-VP, Ted Clark-treasurer, Tom Jensen-secretary and Don Verner-director. Linda Arahill, Michelle Dugan, and Tina Lybarger of Reconcilable Differences were also present.


2. Proof of Notice of Meeting:

Michelle Dugan certified that notice of the annual meeting was posted in the bulletin board and the agenda was mailed to all owners more than 14 days in advance of the annual meeting.


3. Certification of Proxies & Establish Quorum of Members:

Thirty-three owners were needed to obtain a quorum. Tina Lybarger of Reconcilable Differences confirmed that 14 owners attended by proxy and 32 units were represented in person.


4. Approval of Minutes:

Michelle Dugan asked to waive the reading and to approve the annual minutes from February 28, 2008. Tom Jensen made the motion, Ted Clark seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


5. Reports of Officers:

President: Status of general maintenance items and accomplishments:

After Jesse’s negotiations with Benko, they paid the Association $26,500.00. $16,500 of that total was half the cost to re-roof the building and Jesse also negotiated an additional $10,000 from Benko for the repairs and re-painting of the planter wall around the building.


A law suit is currently underway with Best Shutters. The coating on the shutters has failed. Total costs could reach $350,000.00. The shutters will all need to be pulled down and repaired. We are seeking reimbursement from the contractor and builder, and both are looking into possible insurance funds. Jesse said the new Board will need to continue with this.


There is a new law is in effect for pool grates. The Whitley pool has five grates so there is not as much suction pressure at each grate as in other pools with only one grate, so Jesse has contacted the state to try to get this requirement waived for the association. He felt there could be issues with the liner in the pool if the current grates must be replaced.


Tropical Storm Fay leak repairs: The Association received insurance funds of $2,413.81 after the $1,000.00 deductible. These insurance funds do not cover the expenses for the repairs. RDI was asked to contact the Association attorney about responsibility for repair. The legal conclusion is that owners are responsible for repairs inside their units, except for drywall. Further discussion with the incoming board will be conducted to calculate the amount to bill the affected owners for the drying out costs. 


Jesse stated he has a contract for recoating of the roof, which has a total cost of approximately $33,000. He will pass all information to the incoming board for review. In summary, the Association will obtain a 10 year warranty for materials and a 5 year warranty from the contractor for labor.


Lastly, Jesse thanked Larry Ramsay for his extensive work on obtaining insurance bids and saving the owners a lot of money.


Vice President: No report


Treasurer: Ted Clark reported that the Association closed out the year with a surplus of funds and he suggested keeping these funds in the operating account to cover unforeseen future legal fees. As of January 31, 2009 there is $120,000+ in reserves. If surplus funds from 2007 are not needed, they will be moved to the reserve account and in that case we could potentially have up to $160,000.00 in the reserve funds. We continue to add $50.49 per unit per month into the reserve fund. Operating account balance is $19,000.00. The CD’s we have are marked as reserve funds.  

Ted thanked all for having the opportunity to serve as treasurer for the last year and thanked RDI, Michelle and Tina for all their help and support.


Secretary: Tom Jensen reported that the “Policy and Procedure Manual” was a big accomplishment this year. Carol Jensen continues to do a terrific job on the newsletter. He and Carole worked with RDI to have the contact list updated, as well as updating the email list. Tom Jensen handed out recognition awards to 30+ owners for various involvements in projects and committees. He thanked all for their help and support to make Whitley Bay a pleasant place to live.


6. Reports of Committees:

Appraisal:  Larry Ramsay reported that the Association will have to complete another insurance appraisal in September and that is already scheduled and will be handled by Larry.

Budget & Reserves: Larry said the new Board will need to meet with Michelle regarding the budget and the need for Pool Reserve funding.

Exercise: Carole Jensen reported that the exercise room received a lot of equipment last year. Some was purchased, but a lot was donated by the Strickland’s. The room is used a great deal.

Insurance: Larry Ramsay reported that in reviewing and going through the bid process, it was found that Citizen’s Insurance had not given us credit for having fire sprinklers in each unit. We received a reimbursement of $4,150.00 this week. If appointed to the board, Larry would like to appoint a committee for insurance.

Lobby Decorating: Vickie Spencer reported that the grout in the G1 and G2 lobbies has been cleaned as well as that in the elevators. Baseboards have been painted. Lobby furniture has been purchased. Ralph Perrone has put the committee in contact with some companies to install columns, and estimates have been received. Estimates have also been received for upgrades to the elevator floors. The committee was given a free interior decorator consultation and that will be scheduled soon. There are wall plans and they will bring those proposals to the Board at a later date.

Parking & Security: Mardi Gras is coming up and last year there were unexpected problems. Owners had many guests over, and those cars filled most of the lot. Some people were upset over the lack of parking spaces. Diane Verner said all owners need to be made aware to park in their own garages so their guests can use the open parking spaces. Mardi Gras will be held March 12th -15th this year. Corey will help with parking issues on the weekdays and Tom Vaughan will assist on the weekends.  RDI will provide a list of owners to those who are manning the entrance. March 12th-14th someone will be at the entrance until 8pm and on the last night, when the parade is held, someone will be at the entrance until 11pm or 12 pm.  There was then discussion about the need for new hang tags, because with the number of current tags that have been issued, there is a possibility that owners have more than one. Further discussion about issuing new tags in a different color will be addressed later.

Social & Christmas: Thanks to all who helped with the Christmas decorating.

Storage: There are still spaces available. If anyone is in need of space, contact Don Verner.

Maintenance: Don Verner designed a maintenance call list. If there are any issues or complaints, residents are asked to put them in writing and place them on the bulletin board next to the maintenance office. Don has ordered signs that will identify the location of the shut off valves and he has also ordered some shirts for the maintenance employees.

The “Inspection Evaluation Committee” started with 23 items and the list is now down to 2. One of the issues is the beam on the roof. This must be repaired before the roof is replaced. The other issue is the standing water, which will also be taken care of during the roof re coating. This committee can then be dis-banded


7. Open Forum:

An owner asked if there is anything that can be done about the smelly seaweed at the shoreline in front of the building. RDI will contact the landscaper for a price to have this area cleaned up.  An owner asked that in the future the annual meeting stick to the agenda and the meeting run in a tight and organized manner. Some owners only get here once a year and this is the time to get educated, but in a concise manner. He also asked that only major concerns be discussed at the annual meeting and to keep the minor issues to regularly scheduled board meetings.


8. Unfinished Business:



9. New Business:



10. Presentation of New Board:

Four owners offered to serve, but one, Mike Mervis, withdrew before the meeting due to work constraints. Therefore, the Board for 2009 will start with Don Verner, Stan Bowers, and Robert Schrader.


11. Adjournment:

Meeting was adjourned at 8:22 pm






1. Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order by Michelle Dugan at 8:25pm.


2. New Board Appointments:

Robert Schrader made a motion to appoint Larry Ramsay and Alex Sinilikoff to the board.

Stan Bowers seconded the motion and it passed by unanimous voice vote.


3. Officer Elections:

All agreed to the following positions:

Larry Ramsay - President

Don Verner - Vice president

Robert Schrader - Treasurer

Stan Bowers - Secretary

Alex Sinilikoff - director


4. Current Business / Issues:

a.) Tom, maintenance, had asked for a new “Reserved Parking” sign. Three options were presented. All agreed with Don Verner’s choice. RDI will forward the order to Go Signs.

b.) Michelle presented the financial reports and monthly activity logs to the board.

c.) Alex Sinilikoff asked about the alarms. RDI will schedule a meeting with CFS and Alex to go over the alarm system. Alex asked when the last alarm test was scheduled. RDI will research and get the date to Alex.

d.) Don Verner stated that he cannot look over the maintenance of the building and the grounds. Larry Ramsay stated he will oversee the grounds issues. Larry stated that the flowers at the entrance are gone. Michelle will contact the landscaper to have them bid and install new plants.

e.) Palm trees need to be trimmed. RDI will contact landscaper for his price, but also let the board know that RDI uses another company that trims for $12.50 a tree. If the new landscaper is not competitive, Bob Brown will be called.

f.) Larry Ramsay and Robert Schrader asked to meet with Michelle and Tina at RDI. A meeting will be arranged.

g.) Larry asked that the insurance reimbursement be placed into miscellaneous income noted as 08’ insurance premium reimbursement.

h.) Don Verner presented a list of daily activities that Corey and Tom complete. Alex asked who Tom reports to if he is going to be absent. Don Verner stated himself. Don suggested Tom and Corey present their time to him and he will call RDI with the hours.

i.) Discussion of monthly meetings was put on the table. Larry felt that board meetings can be held every 45 to 60 days. Stan Bowers suggested until the new board is comfortable and has a handle on all issues that the meetings remain monthly. All board members agreed and will readdress this at a later date. All board members completed the paperwork to forward to Prime Bank to obtain new signature cards.


5. Adjournment:

Meeting was adjourned at 8:55 pm.


Respectfully submitted,



Tina Lybarger, Accounts Specialist

Michelle Dugan, CMCA, AMS, LCAM

Linda Arahill, LCAM

Reconcilable Differences. Inc