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Minutes of the Whitley Bay

Board of Directors

Budget Meeting

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


1. Call to Order and Verification of Quorum:

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm in the on site Recreation Room. Board members present: President Stan Bowers, Vice President Larry Ramsey, Secretary/Treasurer Bob Shrader and Directors Don Verner and Brock McNally. Michelle Dugan represented management company Reconcilable Differences.  15 owners attended: Mrs. Brozman #305, Mr. Casterline and Mr. Coleman of Unit #403, Richard & Cametta Isom #502, Wayne Sanders #503, Tom Jensen #504, Mrs. Bowers #606, Charles Steinberg #701, Diane Verner #805, Ted Clark #903 and Diane Whitley #1205.


2. Proof of Meeting Notice Mailed to all Owners and Properly Posted:

Michelle stated that the owners received the agenda and draft budget more than 14 days before the meeting, and the agenda was posted within the same timeframe, as per Florida Statutes.


3. Approval of Minutes from October 20, 2010 Meeting:  

Bob Shrader motioned to waive the reading of the minutes and approve the October 20, 2010 Meeting Minutes as written.  Don Verner seconded the motion and all were in favor.


4. Financial Report - Bob Shrader:

The Association is looking good. We should be right on budget at the end of the year. Brock asked about getting some “planned maintenance” work done. He has no estimate of costs yet, but Bob said we have money if needed, so Brock will get costs.


5. Discussion about Budget for 2011:

No audience members had questions. Bob said with the water utility increase, the $10.00 is needed to make sure the budget balances in 2011. Tom Jensen asked about the city reading the tower meters so we can get credits on the sewage charges. Diane Whitley said she looked into it and the city did not want to discuss it. Michelle also spoke to them and they would only say that some of this water goes into the sewer, so they would not credit it.

Diane Whitley offered to chair a committee to discuss this with the city. Another resident recommended speaking to the commissioners. Brock said Cascade has promised charts to show how much evaporates through our tower system. This will help greatly in the meetings with the city. Stan and Brock offered to serve on the committee and Charles Steinberg was asked to help if any legal questions needed answering. He did agree to help.


Larry asked about the costs for the “packaged” planned maintenance contracts. Brock stated that these have not been drawn up yet, but the cost in the budget does include the 10% discount offered for payment up front. Brock is not happy with Cascade’s service and follow-through, but is still waiting on proposal for 2011 service.


Ted Clark asked how competitive bids are obtained. He was hoping for a blanket request to all contractors in the area. Brock stated that management gives names of those contractors who have worked well with others, and bids are obtained from any interested parties.


6. Owner Vote to Waive Audit:

33 units agreed in writing to waive the audit requirement and have a CPA review. Three units wanted a full audit.


7. Owner Vote to Waive Full Funding of Reserves:

30 units voted to partially fund reserves at 50% of need. Five owners voted for full funding.


8. Board Approval of 2011 Budget:

Larry Ramsay motioned to waive the audit requirement and have a 2010 financial review prepared by a CPA. Brock seconded, all in favor.


Larry stated that Artistic Landscaping did not request an increase this year, since we are prompt payers. He also promised poinsettias at the entrance sign very soon. Right now they do not look healthy enough to transplant.


Larry motioned to waive the full funding of reserves requirement, per the vote of the owners, and approve a 2011 budget at $570.00 per unit with 50% funding of reserves. Bob seconded, all in favor.


9. New Business:

Set Annual Meeting Date: The Board decided to have the meeting on the 3rd Wednesday in February, the 16th, at 7:00 pm. Diane Verner stated that they will have a cookout at 5:30 or 6pm, with final plans to be decided later. Manager will mail out the first official announcement and request for nominees in December.


Larry stated that, per policy, the pool heater is now on and will stay on until November 30th, then it will be turned back on near Christmas and be turned off in early January. Stan stated that he will modify his notice and post it in the elevators.


Parking passes are not being used by some vehicles. Manager stated that she can call the police to meet her and tell us if the vehicle is registered to someone who lives at Whitley Bay, but they will not give a name or exact address. Tom Jensen stated that he will place the warning notice on the Suburban with no tag and wait to see what happens first.


10. Set Next Meeting Date:

A December meeting was discussed, but Stan said with no pressing business, he did not think a meeting was needed. Larry stated that this is usually the meeting in which gifts are voted on for employees and the community. Larry said that last year, only the police department did not send a thank you note.

Don Verner motioned to keep the gifts the same as last year. Larry stated that Tom Vaughan was given $400, Cory $300, RDI  $500 to be split among all who serve us,  and $200 was given to both the Fire Department and the Police Department. Bob seconded the motion and all were in favor.


Don Verner motioned to give Brock a thank you gift certificate for all his help as the maintenance committee chairman. Bob seconded. Brock declined to vote, and all others were in favor.


The next meeting will be held in January.


11. Results of Vote to Modify Minimum Rental Period from 3 months to 6 months:

There were zero no votes, and thirty-six “yes” votes were received regarding this amendment to the governing documents. Manager believed 75% positive votes were needed to pass this amendment, so the proxy allows tabling the final tally for up to 90 days. Within that time, owners who did not vote will be asked to send in their ballot and this will be discussed again at the next meeting. If we receive the needed positive votes, the County Health Department will hopefully waive their requirement to adhere to hotel and motel requirements with regard to equipment and upgrades, and will only monitor chemicals and life safety equipment. We need 12 more positive votes.

Brock stated that the maintenance team has followed through on what the health department required. They have removed the “stop” button to comply with the county for now. If we are able to get the variance, we can have the stop button back without the requirement to have a loud siren each time it is stopped. For now, we comply.


Stan stated that Loretta will be finishing up the newsletter in January. If anyone has interesting information, birthdays or anniversaries they wish to announce, please let her know.


Tom Jensen said the “Monday Night Dinner” will be at 6:15 at Olive Garden. The sign up sheet will be in the elevators.


Brock stated that the sign about the garage door openers will now be removed from the lobby door and Cory will clean the door up. Another door that keeps staying open is also being worked on.


Larry asked that management make two more of the employee handbooks for the onsite office and the maintenance office.


12. Adjournment: 

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Michelle Dugan, CMCA, AMS, LCAM

Community Association Manager

Reconcilable Differences (11/21/10)




Minutes of the Whitley Bay Meeting of the Board of Directors

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


1.  Call to Order and Verification of Quorum:

Vice President Larry Ramsay called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. in the Whitley Bay Recreation Room. Other Board Members Present:  Secretary/Treasurer Bob Shrader and Directors Don Verner and Brock McNally. President Stan Bowers could not attend. Michelle Dugan & Charlotte Hubert represented management.  Five owners, Edmund Clark #903, Beverly McNally #902, Richard & Cametta Isom #502, and Diane Verner #805 were present.


2. Approval of Minutes:

Bob Shrader motioned to waive the reading of the minutes and approve the July 28, 2010 Meeting Minutes as written.  Don Verner seconded the motion and all were in favor.


3.  Report of Officers:

V.P. Larry Ramsay

a).  Employment Policies:  Larry discussed the following new written employee policies: General Employee Vacations, Sick and Personal Leave, Holidays, Evaluations, and Social Security. The policies were e-mailed to each Board member and a copy given to each employee and each employee signed for them. Brock has written a job description for the Maintenance Supervisor and a working schedule for the janitorial employee. In addition, he had obtained the following forms: Verbal & Written Counseling, Warning, Termination, Evaluation and Application forms. Larry requested RDI to create a three ring notebook with index tabs for the policies and forms. He also requested RDI to make up personnel file folders that would include data pertaining to each employee. Both the employee file folders and the 3-ring notebook would be kept in the Whitley Bay business office. A three-ring notebook with the policies and forms would also be kept in the maintenance office.


Secretary/Treasurer Bob Shrader:

a). Financial Status: Bob stated that year to date, the Association is in good shape and under-budget. He expects that to continue through the end of the year. The cash position is great and we have money in case of unexpected expenses. CD’s continue to earn less and less and he does not see an end to that yet.

b). Delinquent Fees:  We have three delinquent units: 301, 303 and 804. We have received foreclosure notices from the bank on two of them and the third has stated that they are trying to sell the unit. Since we can only expect 1% of the original mortgage amount when the bank finally forecloses, Larry spoke to attorney Soileau and was told the best time to file a personal suit for unpaid fees is after the unit is sold. At that time, we will know exactly what was uncollectible and can sue the ex-owner for that amount.

c). Approval to Mail Draft 2011 Budget to Owners:  Bob stated that the fees were $560 per month this year. For 2011, it looks like $570 will be needed from each unit each month. Most items will stay “status quo” but the bad debt line has doubled, and the water costs through the city of Cocoa went up 10% October 1st, and will probably go up approximately 8% more in January.  Larry said the state of Florida has approved all workers comp rates to go up 7.9% in 2011.  As for pigeon control, Larry said these dirty birds were a problem, and if they come back, the “hot foot” treatment will cost $4500, but there is only $600 budgeted for 2011.  Brock asked for a new line item, 7086 Maint Contract. He said the physical plant (boilers, common a/c’s, etc) have not had routine planned maintenance for awhile, and a contractor he respects has bid an all-inclusive annual price to maintain these.  Larry said that most of the pool furniture will be replaced or re-strapped in 2011 and the cost will be between $3000-3500. The money used will come from reserves and needs to be done in 2011. He said with the needed increases, the monthly fee is going up 1.8% for 2011. After all discussion, Bob made a motion to approve the 2011 Proposed Budget to mail to owners. Don Verner seconded the motion, all were in favor.


4.  Reports of Committees:

Budget Committee; Bob Shrader: All was discussed above.


Contract Committee; Brock McNally: He is getting written contracts and new bids from all vendors.


Decorating Committee; Diane Verner: They will be decorating for Christmas the first part of December.


Exercise Room Committee; Beverly McNally:  The renovated exercise room is receiving compliments. As stated last month, the carpet is in need of replacement, for health considerations, and this will probably be done in 2011.


Fire Safety Committee; Tom Jensen was not in attendance.


Floor Captains Committee; Ann Diaz was not in attendance.


Insurance Committee;  Larry Ramsay: He mailed letters on 10/4/10 to several insurance agents requesting quotes for the 1/15/2011-2012 period.  Some agents cannot quote until one month prior to policy expiration, but he has asked for quotes by December 10th. In the past, due to all the hurricanes, the premiums quoted were over $100,000, but we have seen lower premiums every year since 2007.

Larry stated that an Appraisal was completed on Sept 21, 2010. This appraisal was mainly done because, per the Association’s attorney, our lease with the marina stipulates that besides having liability insurance, we must also have property insurance on the pool and spa, and naming the marina as co-insured. The new appraisal shows the value of the building at $20,628,000.00. The appraisal also showed that each unit has an average dwelling insurance amount of $113,883. Dwelling insurance coverage is the responsibility of the unit owner. Some units may be less than this amount; others may be more, depending on what upgrades the unit has. The owners need to tell their insurance agents to adequately insure their unit.

Larry stated that if anyone would like a copy of the appraisal, they can e-mail his wife, and RDI agreed to place it on the website as well.


Landscaping Committee; Larry Ramsay reported that on October 16th, twenty-seven palm trees were “hurricane” trimmed.  There are some small palms that were originally planted in pots in the ground. These have to be replanted because the roots cannot expand. Larry asked the landscaper for a quote and also spoke to Brock about having our employees do this work. Larry asked if there was anyone interested in serving on the Landscaping Committee; no response by owners present.


Maintenance Committee;  Brock McNally stated that he is proud of the painting done in the pump room.  All floors have been sealed and drains were modified so that any floods in the future will not damage the equipment. Corey has painted and cleaned a lot, including the trash room, sealing the pavers, painting the garage ceilings, and now doors. There is now a slop sink in the trash area thanks to Sawyer Plumbing finding a way to install a sink without tearing up the floor. 

A/C units and the boilers have had no professional inspections and we do need to have plans in place.  If we do not have a professional to advise and maintain the equipment, we look at unexpected failures.  Brock spoke with Brian Rodriguez of Energy Air and was given an estimate of $6,780.00, with a 10% discount for paying up front.

Brock said he also has a bid coming from Cascade for a water treatment maintenance contract. Brock then discussed the cost of water and sewer utilities. He is awaiting information on the evaporation rates expected from a tower our size. Once those are received, he will fill out all required forms with the city to try and obtain credit on the sewer portion of the water bill. The Board tried to do this in the past but the city declined to help. Brock was willing to try again, since the sewer rates are very expensive.

Diane Verner said her water has tasted dirty and had a bad smell for about a week.  She had noticed it in the bathroom faucets and the shower.  Brock stated that we filter the water and he doesn’t think anything can enter to cause this, but he asked that anyone who has a water problem provide a water sample. Brock can get it chemically tested to see if there is anything in the potable water. 

Brock asked if anyone objected to recycling the pool furniture in the pump room. He would like to haul it to the recycle plant, but there is also the possibility of re-strapping the furniture, but it has all been painted, including the old straps. This will be discussed at a later date.


Reserve Committee;  Larry Ramsay said that Ocean Appraisal completed the recent appraisal for $800. Larry was able to get the cost down, and a Reserve Study will have to be completed in 2011. Larry was also able to bring that cost down from $1000 to $500 for a revised report next year. 

Larry called Otis to get an actual cost if we had to replace the entire elevator. He feels the reserve study cost is too high, so he will research this.

Parking Committee:  Diane Verner reported that they had a meeting and asked for volunteers. Three residents offered to serve: Bill Coleman, Jeff Casterline and Richard Isom. We still need more volunteers to patrol the parking lot so each person will only need to patrol one week per month.  We are having a problem with some people willfully not complying with the rules.  She asked if there is anything the Board can do to encourage compliance.  Diane stated that tow trucks cannot enter the garages, but booting a car, fining, etc might help. Larry recommended modifying the rules and regulations to add a monetary penalty for violators.  Michelle stated that we can write letters to violators, can post notices and tow those who do not follow the rules. Owners were asked to let management know about violations, and together they will work to help residents comply.


Security Committee; Wayne Sanders was not present.


Social Committee;  Carol Jensen was absent, so Diane reported that a Welcome Home Fall Festival will be held October 30th.  BBQ Chicken and Pork will be provided by the committee and owners are asked to bring a dish.  There will be no costumes worn since many residents said they would not come if they had to dress up.


Storage Committee:  Don Verner reported that there are still some storage rooms available.


5. New Business:

Brock reported that he received a proposal from Premier Water & Energy for the closed and open loop water system to help reduce the water usage by the way the water is treated. This company was recommended by Brian Rodriquez, who will be doing the PM.  Brock was not happy with the way Cascade was treating Brock’s concerns, but finally the manager met with Brock and we will await his bid.


Larry inquired about the Micro-Processor (Controller). Brock stated that problems with the technology depend on the chloride levels in the water we obtain from Cocoa. There is only a verbal contract with Cascade and it could be terminated with a formal letter if they do not come through for us.


Larry reported that Sawyer Plumbing is willing to change the way the interior unit water valves are placed. They close off the original one and put a new valve higher up, which is much easier for residents to turn off and on.


Larry suggested purchasing pool railing guards, since there are only ladders and no steps. These “guards” cover the railings and make it easier to maneuver in and out of the pool.


6. Old Business:  Discussion opened by Larry Ramsay


Larry asked about an e-mail from Michelle on May 23rd about a placard with an emblem to warn fire fighters about the type of roof trusses the building has. Michelle confirmed that concrete-roofed buildings do not need these signs and the fire marshal has not contacted the Association of any non-compliance.


Elevator Rescue:  Manager stated that Lee Rigby, the owner of Vertical Assessments, just recently received approval to teach the class on elevator maintenance and the updated laws. He said to call him in 2 weeks to set up a date that is good for him. It was confirmed that the seminar will be held in the Whitley Bay clubhouse and on the elevator. Brock asked that they only use one elevator, as there needs to be one available for owner use.  He said the fire service key locks both elevators down, so we need to ensure one is always available for owners.


Larry inquired if Bryant Air has a license to work on the boiler.  Michelle stated that City Gas and the state did not have any requirements for contractors to work on the boilers, and the Association does have a copy of Bryant’s licenses and insurance.  Brock agreed that the Association will have a separate notebook for maintenance, separate from the notebook for policies and forms that Michelle will be providing.


Larry stated that the Proposed Budget will be mailed to owners before the next meeting scheduled for November 17, 2010. At that meeting, the owners can ask questions before the Final Budget for 2011 is approved.


6.  General Discussion by Members:



7.  Adjournment: 

There being no further business, Don Verner made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:18 pm. Bob Shrader seconded the motion, all were in favor and meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,


Michelle Dugan, CMCA, AMS, LCAM

Community Association Manager

Reconcilable Differences (10/31/10)




Minutes of the

Whitley Bay Meeting of the Board of Directors

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


1. Call to Order and Verification of Quorum:

President Stan Bowers called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. in the Whitley Bay Recreation Room.  Other Board Members present: Vice President Larry Ramsay, Secretary/Treasurer Bob Shrader, and Director Alex Sinilnikoff. Director Don Verner could not attend. Michelle Dugan represented Management, and seven owners were present.


2. Approval of Minutes:

Bob motioned to waive the reading of the minutes and approve the April 28th meeting minutes as written. Larry seconded the motion, and all were in favor.


3. Report of Officers:

President Stan Bowers: 

a.) Balcony washing schedule: Stan said there were a couple of wetness problems, but no other negatives to having a set day and time for washing balconies. This practice will be continued as agreed, the first Saturday of every month, from 9 am to 11 am.

b.) Trash Chute Signage: The manager had signs made for the trash chutes and they were installed by Tom. All are encouraged to follow those directions with their trash.

c.) New Residents: Stan said there has been a lot of turnover in the last two months and had hoped some of the new owners and tenants would attend, but none had.

d.) Condo Policies & Procedures: Due to the large number of new residents, Stan reiterated that it is the responsibility of the owner to let the tenants know the rules of the complex and sellers to let buyers know. It is not the maintenance man’s responsibility to give all that news to new residents. There is a $400 damage deposit required for all move-ins and outs. The floor captains need to be made aware of these changes and the deposit will be returned by Tom once the elevator key is returned and there is no damage found. The renter application asks if the tenant has read the rules and regulations. Management will make sure all realtors have potential tenants read and sign acknowledging that they understand the rules.


Vice President Larry Ramsay: 

a.) Employee Policies: Larry has written various employee benefit policies.  He mentioned that, at some future date, the Board may want to consider giving 2 week vacations after 3 years of service.  The 7 recognized paid holidays and the 5 days of a combination of sick and personal leave were also deemed to be fair.  He would like to see a written probationary evaluation after the first three months of employment and possibly a semi-annual evaluation for those employees who have been employed for over a year.  Increases would not be given for these evaluations unless the Board elected to do so.  All employees would receive a written annual merit performance evaluation.   An increase would be given if the evaluation so indicated.  He also felt that the Board may want to consider giving employees a $40.00 stipend as a present on their birthday.  The Board did not agree with the birthday policy, but all others were accepted and Larry was thanked for his help with these policies.

 b.) Waste Management: Larry did get the company to come out and try to remove the stains their leaking trucks made. It helped, but the stains are not completely removed. The broken curbs are another issue, but Waste Management states that these were not broken by them and we have no proof, so this may be a problem we can’t get them to correct.


Secretary / Treasurer Bob Shrader: 

Financial Report:  We just received a Final Judgment from the bank for Unit #301, so we will get approximately $4300 of past due fees instead of the $10K we are owed on that account. If someone had purchased it before the foreclosure, we would have been able to collect all fees.

Benko paid all the agreed legal fees regarding the shutter repairs and that money has been deposited.

We are in good standing, with income exceeding expenses at this time.

The CPA Annual Review is almost complete. There was more to research since it was a new firm and they needed some past years’ paperwork before they could finish.

Water / Sewer Issues: Bob stated that 60% of the water bill is for the sewer portion. Brock stated that there are meters to read the water in and out of the chillers, but the city will not go up to the roof to read them; thus we have to pay the sewer assessment on all water used. He also said that Cascade should be documenting how much water and thus that is more proof that we should be able to obtain a rebate. Brock said he would try to find a city utilities employee able to understand and help with this. It was noted that we have tried to work with the city on this issue at least 3 times before, but they haven’t been helpful.


4. Reports of Committees:

Maintenance Committee: Brock McNally presented his reports:

Pipe Repair – Pump Room: Sawyer plumbing started this job at 9 AM on June 22 and had hot water back in the units by 12:20. Of the four companies bidding the job, they were the first to submit a bid and were the low bidder. They were professional and easy to work with. We will use them as our in-house 911 plumber and would recommend them to any resident. All their employees hold master plumber ratings.

Garage Door Project: As our receivers fail, we will replace them with a newer model. We had one fail and purchased a new Linear Access AP-5 to replace it. Installation required the unique access code for each transmitter be entered into the new receiver. We had no record of the codes. Brock encouraged the residents to meet him in the garage and they have captured about 80% of the codes. When the next receiver fails we will program a chip with the codes and insert it into the replacement receiver. No owner participation will be necessary.

Recent Building Walk: Brock and Tom Vaughan walked the building looking for issues that needed attention. The result was 56 entries to be addressed in more detail. In some cases there are multiple occurrences of an issue covered by a single entry. Issues include areas of the building that need deep cleaning, deterioration of metal caused by exposure to our salt laden air, failure and fading of painted surfaces, failure of the wall coating, cracking or common walkways, water leaks, need for general rehabilitation.  Brock photographed many areas and will create project plans using the photos. We will be able to provide before and after photos for each project.

Janitorial Issues: Brock created a set of documents identifying janitorial tasks, time required for each task, plus equipment and supplies.  A document exists for time periods ranging from daily through monthly. Any task performed less frequently is considered a project and tracked as such. The most helpful feature of these documents is the ability to enter the next date on which to perform the task. They generate a set of documents weekly, with a page for each day of the week, broken up into 2 hour segments. The result of this effort has identified 15 hours per week available for “other projects.”

Elevator Issues:

a.) Firefighters’ Service Test: Whitley Bay stopped doing the test after Feb. of 2007.  The Otis tech performs it Quarterly, but it is required by ANSI A17.1 Rule 1206.7 monthly. We will begin to do it monthly. The record sheet must be kept in the machine room.

b.) Emergency Call Box: This is monitored as part of the Otis contract. If someone is locked in the elevator and uses the call button, the Otis operator will call a technician. Otis will maintain a call list for building contacts and our maintenance staff will test this monthly.

c.) Inspections: The 5 year “drop test” was never performed. Vertical Assessments billed us $360 for participating in the test and we paid that bill in August, 2009. The office manager at VA has acknowledged the error and we are scheduled for our test on August 4. We were out of compliance with state law for about 8 months. Vertical Assessments will provide us with a free one year test ($130 value) to help compensate for our trouble.

Brock established an e*service login on We can now monitor service and repair activities back 12 months. The elevator sheet in our maintenance managers ring notebook is one of the most complete sheets to date.

Fire Safety Issues:

CFS completed the annual inspection March 23rd and found the fireman’s phones not working, some strobes not working, and that the number of floors alarmed does not meet Cocoa Fire Code. We had to call twice and the report finally arrived April 27th. The board approved the repair work at the April meeting. We called and asked to schedule the repairs; we have called twice since and were told someone would have to return our call. So far no response from CFS. Since NFPA code now reads that the owner of the property is responsible for the timely repair of issues found during an annual inspection, Brock invited Space Coast Fire & Safety to walk the building and answer a number of questions. They are sending over their expert on fire pumps and sprinklers as soon as they finish the Orange county schools. He will take a look at what we have. From his research, Brock concluded that both contractors have taken shortcuts that compromise the effectiveness of the tests intended to insure our fire safety systems are functional.

Building Supervisor Job Description:  Brock wrote a job description for the Building supervisor position and found that his concept of the duties and those of Tom Vaughan differ materially. Brock asked the Board and manager for input and he will have a meeting soon to discuss any Board opinions before he presents it to Tom.

Elevator Rescue:  Brock said there is no current policy on elevator rescue. We know Otis will send a tech if the emergency call box is used, but if that tech cannot come quickly, there is a rumor that the firemen, if called, will ruin the elevator door getting it open; worrying only about safety and health of the trapped person, not the equipment, which would be very expensive to repair or replace. Brock feels we need to have someone on property who knows how to lock the elevator down and how to open the inner door if the car is between floors. Manager stated that she contacted the owner of Vertical Assessments and they have agreed to put on a seminar about the elevators, their maintenance and the updated laws regarding them. The owner is awaiting confirmation from the state that he is certified to present this class. Once certified, he is willing to come to Whitley Bay or the Reconcilable Differences office to conduct the class. The Board was willing to allow other CAM’s to attend this meeting for CEU credit at the Whitley Bay clubhouse, and all WB owners are also welcome to attend. More will be forthcoming.

Pull Station to Alarm all Floors: Brock met with two experts in the field, and both companies suggested strongly that we not install the pull station in the 2nd floor electrical room. The consensus was as follows:

The residents of this building are safer in their units than if they were part of a mass evacuation.

A fireman at the main entrance, or in the second floor electrical room, can pick up a microphone, flip a “select all” switch on the EVAC panel, sound an alarm, and make a voice announcement to every unit in the building. Both of the experts said we should use the EVAC system to control evacuations.

If the board were to decide not to install the pull station, it would save Whitley Bay $275 for installation and the big headache of having to test the alarm in each of the units. The Board agreed with Brock and the pull station will not be installed.

Policy on Providing Access to a Unit by Hourly Maintenance Personnel: We have no written policy on providing access and Brock felt it was NOT a part of the maintenance mens’ duties to sit in private units to help the owners with a maintenance issue or even to open the doors to vendors. The Board agreed.

Policy for Pest Treatment in Individual Units:  This is a transaction between the pest service and the resident. Resident should contact the vendor, B&R Pest Control, and make their own appointment when they will be in the unit.

Chillers: There was a water quality problem in the chillers. There was oil in the tower and it was originally thought to be from the installation. That was researched and Cascade will be giving Whitley Bay a free cleaning, saving us $600, and Brian Rodrigues will be in attendance to check the cooling towers while the water is changed out.

Boilers: Brock found that the boilers that heat the water for all units have not been tested. They were inspected last year by the state, but have not had a service inspection done. Brian Rodrigues stated that he would be able to service the boilers at an $85 service fee. Brock called manufacturer AO Smith who said there would be no warranty problems with using a new contractor. Brock said the old contractor never ran through a whole cycle and there are some issues with the burner box and the heat transfer. Larry motioned to use Competitive Air (Brian). Alex stated that FL City Gas or the state might have some certification requirements for these large gas boilers, so Larry amended his motion to approve Brian if he can legally comply with all regulations. Manager will contact City Gas and the state for updates. Alex seconded, all in favor.

Director - Alex Sinilnikoff: 

a.) Chiller Installation Update: Alex stated that the chillers were completed in a timely manner, and there were no problems except with a water issue. The installation went smoothly and the contractor was excellent.

b.) Copper pipe fittings: Alex found a supplier and ordered ˝”, 2, 3 and 4 inch seals and gave them to Tom to stop any leaks in the copper lines until a major repair is needed.

c.) Outer Door Security: The west exit door had some screws missing on the closer, so he replaced those and changed out a closer from inside that wasn’t used as much, and all seem to working well.

Exercise Room Update - Bev McNally:

a.) Painting should be completed today. Tom & Cory did the work. Materials were under $200.

b.) Rearrangement: There will be changes in equipment positioning for safety.

c.) Curtains: Home Depot wanted $200 per window for the east arched windows. Bev purchased material and rod for $65 and will have them completed by August 1. This will eliminate early morning sun.

d.) Carpet Cleaning: Bev and Brock vacuumed and shampooed the accessible areas last night. It was very dirty, so new carpeting is recommended. Don Verner had stated that he could help with wholesale carpet, so he will be asked to get prices.

e.) Bookcase: Donated by Stan Bowers, was cut down and a new top donated by Craig Mest. It will house baskets of small equipment and manuals on correct usage of equipment.

f.) The universal bar which had been donated by the Stricklins, was exchanged with Reno for his expert instruction on preventative maintenance on the equipment, which will be done soon.

g.) The Stricklins offered to sell their weight bench and weights to the association for $200. Board approved this purchase.


Social Committee: The committee is on summer hiatus, but there was a “Movie Night” in the clubhouse and there will be an August Movie also. The newsletter will have a rundown of all upcoming functions.


Security Committee: Wayne Saunders reported that there was a purse snatching at the marina and the WB cameras were used to help the police find the offender. This is the second time our cameras have helped the police.


5. New Business:

Car Washing: Wayne Saunders asked about the upper level ramp where some people are washing their cars. There is a hose (for maintenance) but this is a safety issue, with cars coming around the bend, and the drain leaks onto cars on the first level. There was discussion about fixing the drain this year, but the Board still felt this was not a safe place for car washing, so Larry motioned to place a sign next to the spigot stating “This hose is for maintenance personnel only. Please use area outside west lower level garage door for washing your car. Thank You”.  Bob seconded, all in favor.

Chiller Install / Director Resignation: Alex Sinilnikoff stated that with the chiller installation completed, he is resigning from the Board, effective immediately. Larry stated this is a departure of a helpful volunteer whose work was appreciated. He motioned to appoint Brock McNally to the Board. Bob Shrader seconded, all in favor.

Penthouse Floor Captain: It was noted that the Penthouse Level does not have a Floor Captain.

Flood Insurance Rebate: Larry Ramsay stated that the flood insurance policy had an 8% rebate, and we just received that $500.

Pigeons: Larry stated that the pigeons are back. Last year the Board voted to apply the “hotfoot” when needed again. Larry said we should wait until more birds show up, but it will be needed soon.

Pool: Larry stated that two new tables with fiberglass tops are now in use at the pool.


6. Adjournment:

Larry Ramsay made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:37 pm. Alex seconded the motion. All were in favor.


Respectfully submitted,



Michelle Dugan, CMCA, AMS, CAM #17226

Reconcilable Differences, Inc. (8/12/10)                                   



Minutes of the

Whitley Bay Meeting of the Board of Directors

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


1. Call to Order and Verification of Quorum:

President Stan Bowers called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. in the Whitley Bay Recreation Room.  Other Board Members present: Vice President Larry Ramsay, Secretary/Treasurer Bob Shrader, and Directors Don Verner and Alex Sinilnikoff.  Michelle Dugan represented Management, and nine owners were present.


2. Approval of Minutes:

Bob motioned to waive the reading of the minutes and approve the February 15th Special Assessment meeting and the February 24th Annual Organizational Meeting. Larry seconded the motion, and all were in favor.


3. Report of Officers:

President Stan Bowers:

1) Balcony Washing Schedule: Stan polled those present about having a certain day of the month for allowing balcony washing. This way, owners know to close their shutters in anticipation of this work from above. After discussion, Larry motioned to make the first Saturday of every month, from 9 am to 11 am, the approved “balcony washing” day, on a trial basis starting June 5th. Bob seconded, all in favor.

2) Trash Chute Signage: Stan designed a trash chute sign stating, “Notice: Please dispose of trash properly. Only bagged (13 gallon or less)and tied household trash is to be put down the trash chute. Please take all building materials and cardboard, including pizza boxes, to the dumpsters provided on the west side of the building. Do not leave any trash in closet, as this is a “fire hazard”.  The conversation segued into outer door security, and Alex agreed to work with Tom Vaughan to look at a bungee cord closer. Then the conversation discussed grocery carts not being placed back where they belong. All are asked to follow the rules listed on the carts.

3) Garage Entrance Equipment: There is a problem with the controllers at the garage doors. It seems that some remotes are “wiped” and therefore do not work to open the doors. There was a problem with the outgoing door opener at the East side and the Board agreed to a “drive over” opener for that area to alleviate this problem. Bob Shrader said we have spent $2300 on garage door repairs year to date, and the budget for the year was $1200. He recommended at the next Board meeting that types and prices of new controllers be discussed. There was much discussion tonight


Vice President Larry Ramsay:

1) Pool Furniture: Larry inspected the pool furniture last week. It looked old and filthy, but his wife, Margherita, purchased “Greased Lightening” and tried it on one chaise lounge. It made an amazing difference, so he gave the rest of the bottle to Tom and asked him to clean the rest of the furniture. Thanks to Margherita we should be able to hold off on purchasing more chairs and chaises, but we need 1 or 2 new tables. There was discussion about furniture being in the storage room, but most who had seen it felt it was not worth keeping because many of the straps on the chaises have oxidized.

NOTE:  When Larry ordered the tables from the company that sold the pool furniture to Benko in 2003, the sales person advised him to put some of the chaises in the sun and eventually the oxidized straps should return to their original color.   Thus far it seems to be working for the 2 or 3 chairs that have been placed in the sun.  If not, new straps can be ordered.  (Information acquired after Meeting)

2) Letter to Benko: Management sent a letter to Maath Bennett & Mark Dougherty in March regarding an issue that came up when the fire department came for their “fire drill”. The standpipe literally flew up in the air when it was attached to the fire truck and pressurized, so the Association had the poor installation repaired by All Florida Fire Systems and Plumbing. Brock McNally took photos of the equipment as it was being removed, and these photos and a letter with the bill were sent to Benko requesting payment. It has been a month and no payment or correspondence was received, so manager was asked to call Benko and ask why we have not received the $3,161.11 billed. If not paid in 5 days, the Board will take further action.

NOTE:  Benko paid this amount shortly after receiving the second letter.  (Information acquired after Meeting)

3) New Policies for Employees: Larry said that he has designed three forms for the employees that he gave to Brock and will get a policy handbook completed also. He asked RDI and Bob Shrader for a breakdown of holidays, sick time and vacation time for the employees and he will be using this for more policies in the future.


Secretary / Treasurer Bob Shrader:

1) Status of Special Assessment:  Of the 64 owners, 57 have actually paid. Two are in foreclosure, so we cannot expect those payments soon, but an additional 5 owners have been notified and are just recalcitrant. Late fees have been assessed and $6,000 has not been collected that should have been. Bob felt the 5 who have not paid are capable of paying but have just refused. He felt the next step was a personal phone call and he is willing to make these.

2) March Financial Report: Overall, we are $7,500 under budget. Insurance is costing $2500 less than anticipated each month, but garage doors and fire equipment costs are running higher. In January, we all got a substantial rebate ($4K for the Association from Florida Power & Light) and we are expecting $5,500 from Benko to cover half of the shutter legal fees, as agreed to initially. The stand pipe was a large expense, but that should be reimbursed also. A resident said that on July 1, water costs will be going up, but overall the Association is in good shape.


Director Don Verner:

1) Finalization of Shutter Repair Work:  The work is finally complete. Don sent a letter to all owners.

asking for their input on quality and to ensure everyone felt their unit’s work was completed. He has also sent a letter to attorney Soileau requesting that Benko submit the engineering drawings and half the legal fees. At that time, Don will sign off on the work. If a unit owner feels there is a warranty issue now, contact Shutter Outlet directly. Don thanked Brock McNally, Wayne Saunders and Stan Bowers for their help and thanked all the owners for their understanding in getting this work done. It took four months. There are some scrapes in the elevator and on the 9th floor, but the elevators should be back to normal soon. Don was thanked again for all his hard work.


Director Alex Sinilnikoff:

1) Chiller Installation Update: Alex stated that the chillers are up and circulating properly. The work

will be completely done next week. Chiller one (on the north) needs a breaker and some electrical work. There may also be some valve control/flow issues on both chillers, but they are working and were properly installed. The warranty on the coolers is 10 years, but Alex believes these will last 20 years, and we can walk completely around them to do maintenance now. There was a lot of detailed mechanical discussion, but we have volunteers who understand what to do in cases of problems and failures. Brock McNally said he was very impressed with Competitive Air and wants to set up a list of emergency vendors for the future. Competitive is willing and was very accommodating throughout the whole installation. He discussed a part that owners can purchase to re-start the interior a/c unit after a power failure. Without it, the blower runs continuously, but doesn’t keep the room cool until manually re-started. He will get that info for any owners who are interested. Alex said we have a redundant system and we have two controllers. Wayne knows the system but does need a licensed contractor to do the work if it fails. He agreed that having licensed contractors “on call” was a good thing.


4. Reports of Committees:

Stan stated that we need to thank Brock for taking on the responsibility of overseeing this large and important job. We have a lot of owners who are knowledgeable and could help, but since they cannot always be here, we need to have a list of recommended vendors to call on in emergencies.


Maintenance Committee:

Brock McNally stated that he e-mailed four issues to the Board and wants to discuss these tonight.

Fire Alarm Issues: The Annual Test was completed and the pull stations will only alarm 2 floors – one above and the actual pulled floor. Even the fire department did not know pulling one station would not alarm the whole building. CFS will try to find a way to alarm the whole building with one station pulled. We also found that the “fire phones” were not working properly. He was told that we need to replace the control circuit board at a cost of $685.00 to make it work again. Brock thought the problem could be a microphone, but he did not get the full report yet from the inspection. After much discussion, Larry motioned to authorize Brock to make all necessary changes to comply with the fire code, including a $275 cost to test and repair the alarm signaling, which were items 1, 3A and 3C. Alex seconded, all in favor.


Boiler Room Repairs: Brock has pending bids coming in to repair the fresh water boiler on the roof, which is leaking. He currently only has a verbal bid of $3,800, but has discussed the problem with Competitive and they have a repair that includes using “propress” which alleviates an 8 hr day to isolate the leaks, but is usually more expensive. It is not a catastrophic emergency, but needs to be addressed. After a lot of discussion, Larry motioned that if a fitting starts leaking any more before a repair is approved, Alex was given approval to purchase 3” & 4” “full seals” to stop the leaks, at up to $100. Bob seconded, all in favor.


Stairwell Backup Emergency Lighting: Due to a lack in the back-up system, when power goes off, these stairwells are very dark until the generator kicks in. While there is under 10 seconds of darkness when it works properly, the darkness makes it impossible to travel until the generator starts the lights. Tom Vaughan could install emergency lights, which have a 1.5 hour back-up battery, at a cost of about $1,000. Larry motioned to install these lights. Don Verner noted that every extra $758 in expenses cost the owners an additional $1.00 each. Therefore, there was no second and the motion was tabled for Brock to bring more information to the next meeting.


Dryer Vent Cleaning: After the last fire drill, Lieutenant Proctor stated that the second biggest emergency call is dryer fires caused by lint build up. He said there are long runs of pipe between the dryers and the outside outlets. Brock obtained a cost of $50 per unit to pull out the dryer, clean behind it and all pipes to the outside, to remove lint. There was discussion about the fact that these vents are used by individual units, not shared vents, so therefore they are the owner’s responsibility. There was discussion about allowing owners to use the Association’s leaf blower to push out the lint, but most doubted it would work and there would still be the clean-up costs in the hallways. Management was asked to send other vendor names to Brock, and the newsletter will contain these vendor names and costs for owners to use.


Failure of Air Conditioning Systems: Interior units see a red light on their thermostats when power goes out. Until the unit is manually re-set, only the fan will stay on, causing high electric bills and humid environments. A $300 item that Competitive Air can install for the individual owners will check the power every 4 hours and automatically reset when needed.


Communication: Brock asked that each elevator have 3 plastic notice holders; two for Association business and one that people can write on (for signing up when needed) and he also asked that there be a notice holder on each stairwell door. This would be a more professional look instead of the blue tape currently holding these notices up. The Board agreed to allow Brock to purchase and install these.


Larry Ramsay motioned to award Don Verner a monetary gift for his leadership with the janitorial and maintenance personnel, in the resurfacing of the roof, and his “full time” volunteer help in getting the shutter repairs completed in a very professional manner, with a value of $200. Bob seconded, all in favor.


Exercise Room Committee:

Update: Bev McNally reported that the committee had eight items needing approval:

1) Donation Form: The committee asked for Board approval to place a “donation form” in the exercise room. This would enable the committee a basis for accepting or rejecting equipment donations. The Board approved it.

2) Loaned Equipment:  Some of the free weights and bench were only “loaned” so the committee needs to purchase a replacement bench in June, at a cost of under $200. The Board so approved.

3) Painting the Exercise Room: Judith Shrader obtained quotes for repainting ranging from $875 to $1,165 but they also felt using our maintenance staff would reduce the cost to only paint, a total of $250.00. Don motioned to have the maintenance staff paint the room, Bob seconded, four were in favor, and Larry voted no, wanting to see two more contractor quotes. Motion passed.

4) Window Films: Costs were obtained by the committee to tint the many windows in the room, with costs ranging from$1,895 to $2,949. After discussion, Don motioned not to install this film as he felt it was a waste of money. Bob seconded that motion. Larry felt it should be tabled to see if there really is a need for this since blinds are installed on all windows. All agreed.

5) Carpet Replacement: The committee asked that this be budgeted in the next year or two. They proposed cleaning it for now with the McNally’s personal steam cleaner, and they noted that the room should only be closed for two days to paint and steam clean. Don Verner has carpet contractors to use when the time comes.

6) Organization of the Equipment Manuals: Bev thanked Ahmed Meligi for arranging the manuals in a notebook for easy access.

7) Broken iPod/Radio Player: This item has been broken for almost a year and the committee asked for permission to throw it away. The general feeling is that it is not needed because it infringes on the rights of other exercisers. All can use personal headphones if they wish. The Board approved.

8) Equipment Rearrangement: The committee would like to position the equipment in slightly different manner to better utilize and maintain it.  All agreed.


Fire/Safety Committee:

Update: Tom Jensen stated that the fire drill was a success and a lot was learned. He wanted everyone to remember that in the event of a fire, it is preferable that they use the stairs, not the elevator. They also learned that not everyone participated because they could not hear the alarms. As discussed above, when a pull station was pulled, it only notified those above and on the floor pulled. This is why they will be installing a pull box in the maintenance room that will notify the whole building. He did state that the safest place to be in a fire is the stairwell.

Anne Diaz offered to chair the floor captains committee and she was pleased with how the evacuation was handled. They all agreed that if there is a need to evacuate, all should meet under the swimming pool in the parking lot next door. There was a lot of gravel coming out of the fire hoses, so the risers need to be flushed more often by the fire department and there was also not enough pressure in our fire pump to get water to the higher floors, so changes have been made to improve the flow; one of which was that a check valve was removed. And of course, the standpipe that failed and shot up in the air like a rocket has also been repaired so it will work in a true emergency.


Social Committee:

Tom spoke on behalf of Carol Jensen: There will be a Cinco de Mayo celebration and summer will bring popcorn and movie nights in the clubhouse. There will be a costume party at Halloween, the Christmas dinner/dance at the Rockledge Country club again and the Annual Meeting Cookout. They are also talking about possible mystery dinner parties and River Queen cruises. It was also decided that it is NOT the responsibility of the Social Committee to organize such things as game night, art lessons, dance lessons or field trips. However, anyone who wishes can coordinate their activities through the social committee chair.


Security Committee:

Wayne Saunders reported that his only issue is to remind everyone to close the doors to the garages to keep everyone safer.


Landscape Committee:

Larry Ramsay reported that the area has been mulched, the trees have been trimmed and we used a new company that did a good job. Last year’s contractor did not call back. As for the grounds maintenance contractor, it was stated that they are tearing up the sod in the back of the building. Larry will speak to Micah about that.


5. Management Report:

Amenity Keys: To clarify, all owners originally received two keys. A third will cost them $25.00 and subsequent keys will cost $50.00 each. This is in the policies and procedures manual. Stan oversees this and has a log of owners and the number of keys they have. The treasurer deposits the money when it is received. Manager asked that we be notified of the details of such a deposit so we can balance the bank statements properly.


E-mail Use for Official Mailings: Manager was asked to obtain a legal opinion on what is legal to e-mail to owners. Even though owners were asked to sign a form a few years ago allowing it, only things like newsletters, minutes of meetings and “unofficial communications” can be e-mailed. If the Board approves a membership vote to amend the documents and it passes, Florida Statute still limits what can be e-mailed: notices of board & member meetings, first and second notices of elections to the board, budget meetings and amendments to rules regarding unit use. Even after that amendment, however, the Association must still and always mail communications about assessments, recalls and receivership.

The Board discussed the pros and cons of amending the documents and agreed to mail all official documents, but the secretary and/or the president were willing to e-mail maintenance notices, newsletters and Board meeting agendas to owners. The website has minutes of all meetings and official forms if those are needed.


6. New Business:

Pets: A number of people have complained to Board members about nipping dogs, yipping dogs, excrement and urine left in the lobby and garages, and many not using the proper area for walking and then not cleaning up after their animals. Some has been caught on tape and some residents have been contacted with this proof. Others, whose dogs bark at every noise, are quite a nuisance and if enough complaints are lodged about a single pet, the Association has the right to ask the owner to remove it and if that doesn’t work, then legal mediation is next. In the meantime, if a pet causes a nuisance, call the management office. If more than one complaint is lodged against a pet, a letter will be written, but we need details: unit number, date and time of day, type of dog, and details of the incident. The complainant will not be noted in any letter sent to the offender. If a pet bites a person, Animal Control should be contacted by the offended party. Animal Control will then investigate and may take the pet away if deemed dangerous.


7. Adjournment:

Larry Ramsay made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:40 pm. Bob Shrader seconded the motion. All were in favor.


Respectfully submitted,


Michelle Dugan, CMCA, AMS, LCAM

Reconcilable Differences, Inc. (5/16/10)




Minutes of the

Whitley Bay Annual Members' Meeting

 Wednesday, February 24, 2010


1. Call to Order and Verification of Quorum:

President Larry Ramsay called the meeting to order, at 7:02 p.m. in the Whitley Bay Recreation Room.  Other Board Members present: Vice President Don  Verner, Secretary Stan Bowers, Treasurer Robert Shrader, and Director Alex Sinilnikoff.  Michelle Dugan and Brandi Lowder represented management.


2. Proof of Notice of Meeting or Wavier of Notice:

Stan affirmed that the notice of the annual meeting was posted in the bulleting board and the agenda was mailed to all owners more than 14 days in advance of the annual meeting.


3. Certification of Proxies & Establishment of a Quorum of Members for Annual Meeting:

Manager, Michelle Dugan, reported that there were 15 owners present by proxy and 26 owners present in person for a total of 41 units represented. Since thirty-three were needed to establish a quorum, the meeting was certified.


4. Approval of Minutes from Previous Annual Meeting:

Stan motioned to waive the reading of the minutes and approve the annual minutes from February 25, 2009 as written and posted.  Bob seconded the motion, and all were in favor.


5. Reports of Officers:


Larry Ramsay gave a brief background of how he came to serve on the Board.  He was considered an advisor to the Board in 2008 by getting involved with the Reserve Study and the appraisal of the property.  In addition, he also chaired the Budget and Insurance Committees.  He found that the Reserve Study was very important as this was how the Association found that the reserves were not being funded at the correct amount leading to the need for the special assessment this year for the replacement of the cooling towers.


Larry reported that the insurance premiums in 2008 were over $100,000; however, after he put the insurance out for bid, we were able to get our insurance down to $70,000 in 2009 and $46,000+ in 2010 with A-rated companies.  While you may hear other condominium associations claim to pay much less in monthly maintenance fees, these owners are paying a separate insurance fee. All our expenses and partial reserves are included in our monthly fee.


Larry stated that the present Board has worked very well together and all have worked very hard.  It has been a busy, but rewarding year.  A brief list of accomplishments in 2009 includes:


The lobby (Thank you to Vicky Spencer and the Lobby Committee and to all of the owners who voted for the remodeling).

The roof (Thank you Don Verner and assistants)

There was lawsuit against the builder because of needed shutter repairs in each unit.  Thanks to meetings with out attorney by Don, Larry, Jess, and Charles, an agreement was reached.  The repairs should be completed no later than the first week of May.  A shutter post repair work form has been provided to all residents to complete.  Rest assured, Don will not release Shutter Outlet nor Benko until all homeowners are satisfied with the repairs.

The installation of the garage mirrors (Thank you Wayne).

Negotiated a new elevator service contract for 10 years at a lower fee with a minimal increase each year (Thank you Don, Bob, and Michelle).

Engineering inspection of the building was completed and all known warranty issues have been settled with Benko.

Resolved and replaced micro-controller for chillers.

Replaced the pool drains to comply with new national code requirements.

Installed a new filter for the spa.

Settled roof repairs with Benko.  Completed resurfacing with a 10-year warranty that includes an inspection of the roof every 6 months for 10 years.

Set timelines and scope of maintenance work for cleaning procedures.  Installed a time clock, which we got for $350.  Larry and Don agreed that it has paid for itself.

Reorganized Tom and Cory's employment agreement regarding sick and vacation leave based on actual working hours rather than an automatic 40 hours per week over the past fiscal year.

Pigeon control:  a deterrent will be applied to sections of the roof in April or May.

Lower insurance premiums, which allow for lower maintenance fees (Thank you Larry).


Larry pointed out that there are just as many hours involved in "little" things as in the big projects.


Larry reported that the new chillers will be installed soon.  Alex stated that we do not have a start date until we are notified that the chillers are being manufactured.  He further stated that in a prior meeting the literature and contract with the manufacturer of the towers was questioned.  He explained that we did not have the ability to get bids for something new without a complete re-engineering of our cooling system; therefore, we were locked into a certain type of tower.  It had to be compatible with the engineering, height and weight according to the name plates on the existing chillers; otherwise, we would need a complete re-engineering evaluation.


Larry stated that some owners think of Whitley Bay as a hotel rather than their home.  It takes everyone's participation in helping to keep this place in good shape.  It is in good shape now because of  a good Board of Directors that got involved, the Management Company, our 2 employees, and our various Committees and our contractors that do work in the common areas.  Larry said he wished more owners would come forward and volunteer for the Board or for a Committee.  Larry stated that he will be staying on the Board against his doctor’s advise, but not as its President.


He pointed out to the members that when a contractor works in your unit, it is the owner's responsibility to make the contractor aware of our rules.  For example, the trash chute was recently jammed because a contractor put cardboard boxes and large pieces of Styrofoam into it.  All trash that is put in the trash chute should be in a plastic tied bag.  Page 10 of our Policies and Procedures Manual outlines this very well.


Larry credited Don Verner for his hard work and the members present applauded. 


Secretary's Report:  Stan thanked RDI for all the work they do because they make the Secretary's job so easy.  Stan stated that in conjunction with Larry's message, this condo does not run itself.  There are so many volunteers around here that a lot of people living here do not know what goes on in the day-to-day operations.  If we want the building to stay in the condition it is in, we have to take care of it, which means we pay a lot of different contractors or we get involved and do it ourselves.  We are so fortunate to have these volunteers who are dedicated.  We have many who are dedicated and when he gives out the Appreciation Certificates during the new business portion of the meeting, you will see that many are involved.  As a home owner, getting involved gives you a voice in how things are done and what may be needed rather than just taking what is handed to you.   We benefit as a whole from everybody's input that we can get.


Treasurer's Report:  Bob thanked RDI especially on the accounting side, which can be a nightmare.  The members applauded.


6. Committee Reports:

Lobby Committee:  Vicky Spencer reported that the floral arrangement is starting to look scruffy; therefore, they are looking at replacements. They will also put some flowers into the empty vase as well.  She stated that the vase in the lobby have been used as a trash and butt can.


Security and Closed Circuit Committee:  Wayne Saunders reported that we had some trouble with the video system.  Generally, Wayne can fix a problem by talking over the phone with the technician, but this time the technician had to come onsite and reconfigure and clean up the entire system.  He further reported that while we have not had an occasion in which the cameras have been used to prove or disprove an incident, there are some blind spots throughout the building.  Therefore, if we have enough money in the budget, he would like to get 2 more cameras for a better view of the inside of the garage door areas on both levels.  While we can see those coming in and out, we can't see the interior very well, which is where most accidents occur.  Larry pointed out that the camera had been used to find the perpetrator of the elevator vandalism.  Wayne agreed that since the homeowners were able to narrow down the time frame of the incident, he was able to find where the damage was caught on camera.


Parking Committee:  Diane Verner reported that the parking situation is getting tight, mainly because everyone is back and with all of the cold weather up north, there are a lot of families visiting too.  Also, the shutter work has some parking spaces blocked off for their material.  Therefore, Diane is encouraging everyone to please keep their garages empty enough to park cars in them, as every parking space is needed.  Tom had to walk around with a whip for a couple of nights (laughter from audience), but we have only those with stickers parking in their appropriate spaces.


Social Committee:  Diane Verner reported that we have had some good socials this year that included a potluck in November with a great turn out as well as finding some great cooks around here.  We also had the Christmas party at the Rockledge Country Club this year, which had a great turn out as well as some wonderful donations of non-perishable food to the Food Ministry in Merritt Island.  We brought a lot of food and the Food Ministry was very appreciative of it.  We also had our 5th Super Bowl party this year, which had a turn out of 60 people.  This was the biggest turn out yet.  Finally, we had 45 people sign up for the party before this meeting.  Diane has been the Social Chairman for a little over 5 years and she announced that this was her final function.  Carol Jensen has volunteered to take Diane's place for 1 year.  Diane thanked everyone for their help throughout this time.  The owners gave their appreciation to Diane's hard work by applauding.


Newsletter Committee:  Loretta Bowers announced that the next newsletter will be out in April.  She needs news and articles from residents!


Budget Committee:  Larry reported that Bob and RDI did most of the work on the budget this year.  Larry stated that all he really did was review what Bob and RDI worked out and it went through.  Larry pointed out that it is a good budget with an increase of only $10, which is very good.  Larry had an appraisal done because when we were with Citizens Insurance, an appraisal was required every 18 months.  We are not with Citizens now, but we had an appraisal done because you never know when we may be hit with a hurricane causing us to go back to Citizens.  Larry stated that he had another update on the Reserves this year, and the amount being put in monthly has not changed.  Larry re-iterated that putting more into the Reserves earlier would not have prevented a special assessment for the chillers.  The assessment may have been for a lesser amount, but not by much.


Larry stressed that if any homeowner needs information and/or forms for their mortgage holder concerning insurance that the Association has, and that includes flood insurance; please contact our insurance agent, Bill Freedman of A Professional Insurance Agency at (321) 751-1677.  Bill's name and number is listed on the Owner Roster that was e-mailed to all residents in January.  Larry also let the owners know that if they would like a quote on their homeowner's insurance, you can contact Denise Ward at the same insurance agency and phone number.  He stated that they saved him a great deal of money on his homeowner's insurance.


Landscape Committee:  Larry reported that while his first meeting with the landscaper didn't go very well as the landscaper was late and had a very poor attitude, he is glad he didn't fire him on the spot as he thought of doing.  In fact, Larry stated that the landscaper has worked out fairly well and is still here.  Larry requested that we really need some owners to volunteer for the landscape committee.  By volunteering, Larry is asking that when an owner is out walking their dog or out around the property for any reason, please look closer; and if you see anything that needs to be done, please let him know.  He further stated that he would really appreciate any help in this area.


Maintenance Committee:  Larry stated that Don Verner has done an outstanding job with the maintenance over the last year.  The members agreed and applauded.  Larry announced that Don has agreed to stay on overseeing the maintenance for a while.  Larry reported that Don has things so well laid out that the maintenance practically runs itself and the employees are well-trained and know what needs to be done.


NOTE:  Shortly after the meeting, Brock McNally agreed to chair the Maintenance Committee.


Exercise Committee:  Beverly McNally reported that a couple of things happened last year before the committee was formed.  Inappropriate footwear was being used, which literally tore the edges of the treadmill, so a replacement was needed.  A sign has been posted stating that appropriate footwear, such as sneakers, must be worn when using the equipment.  She pointed out that sandals can get caught, which is a safety hazard. 


The first meeting of this committee was held January 18th and 8 people attended.  They are working on an acceptance/rejection procedure for equipment donations.  The main issue with donations is having the room for the equipment.  Judy Shrader is working on this policy (including the warranty information, etc) especially since an elliptical machine is being donated.  A survey was conducted over a 2-week period, and it was found that out of the people that participated in the survey, 19 units were using the exercise room.  It has been discovered since the survey that 8 more units use the exercise room regularly, but were out of town during the survey period.  This works out to about 42% of the units using the exercise equipment, which is phenomenal compared to most condos whose usage is barely 10%.  The committee is now looking at things such as the room's condition:  the flooring, the painting, the status of the equipment and how long it needs to be maintained as well as the organization of storing the manuals where they will be accessible. The Apollo 15 multi-station was found to be used the most, then the elliptical machines, the dumbbells, and then the other 2 multi-station machines, and finally the semi-reclining stationary bicycles.  Therefore, we obviously need to keep the multi-station machines maintained.  Larry asked if we had any quotes on the things that need to be done.  Beverly answered that quotes have not been sought yet as she is in the process of finding out about shelving to get things off the floor and Judy is working on painting quotes.  Beverly stated that since there wasn't a budget for the exercise room this year, they would work on getting the carpet cleaned and the room itself fixed up.  Then next year, they will work on maintaining the equipment and possibly replacing the flooring.  Beverly pointed out that the biggest problem is having enough room.  She suggested expanding the area to the deck, which is rarely used.  Larry stated that there is a figure in the 2010 budget that can be used, but we won't be able to budget the money to enlarge the area until 2011.  Beverly extended her appreciation to all of the members that took the time to participate in the survey.


Storage Committee:  Don Verner reported that there are about 8 storage rooms left available.  He pointed out that just because you see an empty storage room, it doesn't mean that someone hasn't signed up for it.  Therefore, don't just start moving your stuff into these.  See Don, and he will assign a storage room to you.


Fire Drills:  Tom Jensen stated that he mentioned to the Board some time ago that it seemed to him that we would benefit from a fire drill.  The Board agreed and asked him to coordinate this.  Tom reported that he spoke with the Fire Chief, who was also thinking about coordinating fire drills with the condominiums in this area due to the growing number of condominiums and the fact that high rise fires are amongst the most difficult ones that the Fire Department has to face.  Because of this, the Fire Chief commissioned Lieutenant Proctor to attend a special school on fighting high-rise fires.  The Fire Chief arranged for Tom to meet with Lieutenant Proctor, who is bringing the instructor of this class down to instruct the Firemen of all 3 shifts of the 3 stations that serve us.  Part of the success for us is whatever you practice or do during the drills is what you will do in an emergency.   To that end, we are coordinating our first fire drill for March 6, 2010 at 10:00 am.  This will be a highly publicized drill by way of posters and notices, which is not really a good way to conduct a drill; but he feels it should be done for the first one in order to not panic any residents.  It is important that everyone participates even though you don't want to, especially since the Fire Department is going to participate in our drill.  In fact, the Fire Department will be coming in groups by shift to tour our building and familiarize themselves with it.  The Fire Department will also be giving a fire extinguisher demonstration during the fire drill.

-Tom reported that the Floor Captains are instrumental in this drill.  A form has been created and distributed to the Floor Captains, which can be used in case of this drill or an emergency.  The Floor Captain Chairman, Ann Diaz, will collect and turn into the Fire Department, which will report who is here and who is not.  It is each resident's responsibility to let their Floor Captain know when they are here and when they are gone.  If it is believed you are here, and you cannot be found, the Firemen will use a pry bar to open your unit door to look for you.  Report your comings and going to your Floor Captain.

-Tom reported that emergency instructions will be e-mailed to the owners.  These instructions are to remain calm, turn off your stove and your running water, leave your unit, and close the door behind you.  It is important that you close your door as this will help to contain the fire.  Tom pointed out that during this highly publicized drill, you should close and lock your door as there will be way too many people alert to the fact that you will not be in your unit during this time.  However, do not lock your door in a real fire emergency because the Firemen will "try before they pry".  If the fire is in your unit, go out of your unit on the street side as there has not been a method devised to get to you from the balcony side.  Larry pointed out that the Cocoa Fire Department doesn't have the equipment necessary to go above the fourth floor and asked if we have checked with Cocoa Beach or other close areas that have had high rises for years if they have equipment that reaches higher.  Tom stated that the Cocoa Fire Department is going to try a new high-rise package that is a higher pressure water system, but he will check the other local Fire Departments.

-Margherita Ramsay pointed out that this building was built to contain a fire from spreading with fire sprinklers and fire-retardant walls between the units.  Alex agreed with this, but pointed out that it is best that everyone be prepared in case of a catastrophe.

-An owner asked what the code is regarding the use of elevators in case of fire.  Tom reported that the National Fire Code has changed since 9-11 to allow elevators to be used during a fire.  The owner pointed out that when using the elevator during a fire, the elevator will stop at every floor; therefore, it is safer and faster to use the stairwell.

-Jesse Taylor stated that in the past the emergency lights in the stairwells did not work, making these areas pitch black.  Michelle will check to make sure this has been fixed.  Alex asked Jesse if during his time in office, was there any documentation of tests showing that all of the sprinkler heads work.  There was a lot of discussion on this matter, and Michelle stated that she would check with Bill at All Florida Fire Sprinkler & Plumbing about past inspection reports.


Decorating Committee:  Diane Verner reported that new Christmas lights were purchased for the balconies, which made them look better this year.  New decorations were purchased and used in the new lobby this year as well.  Diane thanked Sandra Tenney and stated that she would stay as the Chairman of the Decorating Committee since this was only a once a year commitment.


7. Open Forum:

-Diane Whitley asked if placards stating the weight limit, that garbage must be bagged, no cardboard, etc. could be placed on the trash chute doors.  The Board agreed that this was a good idea.

Brock McNally pointed out that he has seen a lot of cardboard and unbagged garbage when he empties the dumpster on Sunday.  Larry asked why he emptied the dumpsters and Brock answered that he empties the dumpster on Sunday because it gets too full and falls onto the floor by Monday.  Wayne Saunders or Alex Sinilnikoff does it in Brock's absence.  Diane will devise the wording for the placards and submit to RDI.

-Merrily Jensen stated that the bushes are too high on Delannoy and requested that the landscaper needs to trim these so the address can be seen.  Larry will have the landscapers trim these.

-Jesse stated that we have garage door problems, but our present system is obsolete and asked if bids had been received for a new system.  The Board has not put this out for bid

-Diane pointed out that this weekend is Mardi Gras in the Village and asked for volunteers to keep the public out of the parking lot and off of the property.  Tom and Cory did it last year, and she will ask them if they want to do it this year.  They will place cones out to deter the public on Saturday as this was the most problematic day in the past.  Diane will coordinate volunteers along with Wayne Saunders.  Jesse pointed out that residents who are having guests on Saturday need to have them park in Mariner’s Square or alert these volunteers of this.

-An owner stated that when the vents between the garages are not cleaned, black soot gets inside her garage.  Don stated that the overhead vents are cleaned by maintenance regularly, but the vents in between the units are owner responsibility as not all garages have these.

-Ted Clark asked how much the legal fees were for the shutter case.  Don reported that they came to between $12,000 and $13,000, which will be split with Benko when the repairs are completed.

-Ted Clark pointed out that the present board has been the most productive of all past years' Boards.  The owners present agreed and applauded.


8. New Business:

Certificates of Appreciation:  Stan Bowers reported that we had 30 out of 128 residents as volunteers, which works out to approximately 20%.  To this end, he presented all 30 volunteers with Certificates of Appreciation which individually reported what each volunteer helped to accomplish.


9. Presentation of New Board Members:

Larry Ramsay reported that the present Board will continue to serve.  These are: Stan Bowers, Larry Ramsay, Robert Shrader, Alex Sinilnikoff and Don Verner.


Larry also reported that 2 owners, John Sprinkle and Brock McNally, have volunteered to serve on the Board if one of the present Board Members steps down.


10. Adjournment:

Stan made a motion to adjourn at 8:31 pm. Bob seconded the motion. All were in favor.



Minutes of the Organizational Meeting of the

Whitley Bay Board of Directors

Held Immediately After the Annual Members' Meeting

On February 24, 2010, in the onsite clubhouse



1. Call to Order:

Larry Ramsay called the Organizational Meeting to order at 8:37 pm.  Other Board Members present: Don  Verner, Stan Bowers, and Robert Shrader.  Alex Sinilnikoff could not attend.  Michelle Dugan and Brandi Lowder represented management.


2. Appointment of new Board Members:

President: Larry Ramsay made a motion to appoint Stan Bowers.  Bob Shrader seconded the motion, all were in favor.


Vice President:  Stan Bowers made a motion to appoint Larry Ramsay.  Bob Shrader seconded the motion, all in favor.


Secretary/Treasurer:  Larry Ramsay made a motion to appoint Bob Shrader.  Stan Bowers seconded the motion, all in favor.


The officers appointed Don Verner and Alex Sinilnikoff as Members at Large.


Don Verner agreed to do the maintenance for 30 more days, but then we need to find someone.  Larry pointed out that he has spoken to both Brock McNally and Wayne Saunders about this.  Larry reported that both employees have been here for 2 years as of March and June.  Don stated that Tom Vaughan may be ready to take over the maintenance without supervision by an owner or a Board Member.  His only reservation is the amount of time Tom calls in sick.  Stan Bowers will meet with Tom and speak to him about the need for him to take on more responsibility.


Larry asked the Board if they felt that 2 years of employment entitled Tom and Cory to 2 weeks of vacation.  After some discussion, the Board agreed to keep Tom and Cory at 1 week of vacation until after next year.  Michelle will have Sarah send Tom and Cory's actual clock hours as of their anniversary date to Larry.  Larry made a motion to increase Tom and Cory’s 5% on their wages on their anniversary dates.  Don seconded the motion, all in favor.


3. Adjournment:

Larry Ramsay made a motion to adjourn at 8:58 p.m.  Don Verner seconded the motion, all in favor.


Respectfully submitted,


Brandi Lowder, Administrative Assistant                      

Reconcilable Differences, Inc.                          




Minutes of the

Whitley Bay Special Meeting of the Board of Directors

 Monday, February 15, 2010


1. Call to Order and Verification of Quorum:

President Larry Ramsay called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. in the Whitley Bay Recreation Room.  Other Board Members present: Vice President Don  Verner, Secretary Stan Bowers, Treasurer Robert Shrader, and Director Alex Sinilnikoff.  Michelle Dugan and Brandi Lowder represented Management, and there were 8 owners present.


2. Proof of Notice of Meeting or Wavier of Notice:

Stan noted that the agenda was posted on the notice board and in the elevators for over 48 hours and a letter was sent to all owners on January 29, 2010.


3. Approval of Minutes from January 20, 2010 Board of Directors Meeting:

Bob motioned to waive the reading of the minutes and approve the January 20, 2010 Meeting Minutes as written. Stan seconded the motion, and all were in favor.


4. President's Message:

Larry Ramsay reported that while no one likes a special assessment, this meeting is regarding a necessary special assessment. 

Special Assessment Project:  Larry Ramsay stated that it is difficult to think about air conditioning during this cool weather; however, this special assessment is to replace the existing galvanized steel cooling towers with stainless steel towers, which will cost approximately $132,000.  The existing galvanized steel does not last as long as the stainless steel; especially in this salt environment.  The new stainless steel towers have a life expectancy of 10-15 years where the galvanized steel towers have barely lasted 6 years.

-Larry commented that he expected to have a much higher attendance at this meeting; especially since it is to discuss a special assessment of $1200 for each unit.


5. Owner Forum:

Wayne Saunders, owner, asked if all possibilities have been explored such as using all of our reserves.  Bob Shrader distributed a list of the reserve accounts and explained that there are only certain accounts that can be used for this project, and no reserve account should be completely depleted.  As of 12/31/09, we had a total of approximately $131,000 in all of our Reserve Accounts.  The accounts that can be used for this project are the Mechanical and Electrical Reserves and the Reserve Interest.  We will utilize a total of $55,200 from these accounts.  This is $76,800 short, which equals $1200 per unit for 64 units.  Wayne then asked if the reserves are replenished on a monthly basis.  Bob answered that we deposit $3300 per month to fund the reserves for a total of approximately $40,000 per year.  He pointed out that the reserves are to be used for these types of expenditures and that this monthly funding of the reserves has been accounted for during the analysis of funds needed for the cooling tower replacement.

-Larry pointed out that throughout 2004 through 2008, we put a little over $16,000 per year into the Reserves because the Board and homeowners elected to do so.  The Board had a Reserve Study done in 2008.  The Study indicated that if we funded the Reserves at 100%, the amount would be $100.92 per unit per month.  The Board and the Unit Owners elected to fund the Reserves at 50% for a total of $50.46 per unit per month.  While it seems that we are paying for the low funding of reserves now, even if we had put $34,000 a year into the reserves back then, it would come out the same because the monthly fees would have increased each year instead of paying a special assessment fee this year.  Brock McNally, owner, commented that he personally prefers this special assessment over an increase in the monthly fees.  Larry explained that the cost of replacing a good air conditioning unit in a private home would cost the owner between $4000 and $6000; therefore, as condominium owners, the owner's cost for the new air conditioning unit is only $1200.

-Judith Shrader, owner, asked if the towers will have to be replaced every five years since the present towers are only 6 years old.  Alex Sinilnikoff answered that the stainless steel has a life expectancy of between 10 and 15 years, and he feels that the present towers were obsolete upon installation. Alex explained that the present towers were installed by the builder, the owners maintained the towers, and a water treatment company chemically treated the circulating water.  Alex further stated that even with this on-going maintenance plan, the galvanized steel deteriorated beyond repair.  While stainless steel will rust, it will do so at a much slower rate than the galvanized steel.

-Alex pointed out that the underground parking garage of the Marina will be blocked for approximately five hours by the crane; therefore, Alex will notify the dock master.

-There was discussion regarding the grade of the stainless steel, which Alex believes is 304 and will last 10-15 years; the number of bids received, which was 5 with one declining; the chosen contractor's experience, which is the South Brevard County School System and Patrick Air Force Base cooling towers; the warranty given for the new towers, which is 10 years, and how the cooling towers work, which is that if one of the towers fails, the system can run on the one tower that is operable.

-Stan asked if we have in writing that we are co-insured on the contractor's liability insurance.  Alex has given Stan a copy of the insurance certificate, but it was not completed.  Action item:  Michelle will get the correct insurance certificate with the Association as co-insured for the cooling tower replacement project.


Charles Steinberg, owner, stated that he keeps seeing this as the shutter incident, round two in that the building developer, Benko, should be held responsible for installing galvanized steel cooling towers in this environment.  While we have to swallow this up front, he feels that we should try to recoup some of this loss from the builder because Benko should have been aware that galvanized steel should not have been used in this salt-water environment.  He would like to look into this before the statute of limitations expires.  Larry asked Alex when he first noticed this corrosion.  Alex answered that he actually noticed corrosion on the edges when he first moved here and believes that the towers were probably already starting to corrode while being stored before they were installed.  Alex further stated that he has 36 years of corrosion inspection experience in this salt environment.  After some discussion regarding the original warranty being extended, Charles agreed to construct the legal documents and noted that this is not a warranty issue; rather it is an issue of a builder purposely installing defective items.  They knew this should not have been done this way to begin with, which is obvious since no other buildings in the area have cooling towers.  Brock, owner, pointed out that even the building across the street has individual air conditioning units on the roof and the ground rather than cooling towers as do all of the buildings in this area proving that the builders see the cooling towers as a bad idea for coastal buildings.  Charles will speak with John Soileau and will write up a legal summation and forward to Michelle and the Board.


6. Discussion and Final Adoption of Special Assessment:

Bob Shrader made a motion to charge a $1200 special assessment per unit for the purpose of replacing the cooling towers.  Stan Bowers seconded the motion as stated. All were in favor.


7. Discussion and Approval of Timeline for Payment:

Larry reported that the Special Assessment Meeting letter written by Michelle and sent to all owners states that in this economy we understand this special assessment may be a hardship for some owners.  Therefore, if you cannot pay $1200 all at once, please contact Michelle and a payment plan will be arranged for you.  For those owners that pay by check each month, they can include the special assessment with their monthly fee, i.e., owners do not need to write a separate check for the special assessment.  This information will be provided in the special assessment notification letter sent to all of the owners.

-The Board discussed the duration of the project:  the permit paperwork should be completed by March 1st, the new towers should be delivered in April, and then it will only take a week to install the new towers.  Since payment is due upon completion, the Board discussed the standard timeline of 30 days for payment, which would make the assessment due on or before April 1, 2010.

-Diane asked how the Association will cover the installment option if some owners need to pay the special assessment in this manner.  Bob Shrader stated that we do have some operating money to use for the short term, however, we don't really expect very many owners to opt for the installment plan. 

-The Board agreed that the assessment will be due on or before April 1, 2010 unless other arrangements (installment plan) have been made with Management.


8. New Business:

New Tenants:  Michelle reported that we have received the applications for new tenants of Unit 601. We received these today, so have not had time to run the background check.  She brought a copy of the two applications for the Board to review and will email a copy to them as well.

Unit Keys:  Don reported that the locks of Unit 702 have been changed since purchased by Ms. Cody.  Michelle will request a key from her for the shutter repair.

Fire System Printer:  Alex reported that after being tossed back and forth from the manufacturer to the distributor, the manufacturer quoted $900 for a new printer, but won't sell directly to us and the distributor won't deal with us for some reason, so we do not know what their mark-up will be.  Since we have gone five years without a printer, Alex recommends that we hold off on purchasing a new one until a problem arises.  The Board agreed with this recommendation. 

Shutter Repair Survey:  Don and Diane Verner have distributed a post shutter repair survey/ questionnaire to all units.  We are requesting that each and every owner complete this after the shutter repairs have been completed in their unit.  This will allow the Association to relay the voice/opinion of the owners regarding the quality, professionalism, and cleanup of the shutter repair workers to Shutter Outlet rather than their only hearing Don's opinion.


9. Adjournment:

Bob made a motion to adjourn at 7:50 pm. Alex seconded the motion. All were in favor.


Respectfully submitted,


Michelle Dugan, CMCA, AMS, LCAM

Brandi Lowder, Administrative Assistant                      

Reconcilable Differences, Inc.                          




Minutes of the

Whitley Bay Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


1. Call to Order and Verification of Quorum:

President Larry Ramsay called the meeting to order, at 7:00 p.m. in the Whitley Bay Recreation Room. Other Board Members present: Vice President Don  Verner, Secretary Stan Bowers, Treasurer Robert Shrader, and Director Alex Sinilnikoff.  Brandi Lowder represented management, and there were 15 owners present.


2. Proof of Notice of Meeting or Wavier of Notice:

Stan noted that the agenda was posted on the notice board and in the elevators for over 48 hours.


3. Approval of Minutes from December 16, 2009 Board of Directors Meeting:

Stan motioned to waive the reading of the minutes and approve the December 16, 2009 Meeting Minutes as written. Bob seconded the motion, and all were in favor.


4. Reports of Officers:


President's Message: 

Update for Nominees for Board:  Larry Ramsay reported that while we are required to have five Board members, only two of the present Board members have volunteered to serve on the Board next year.  Those two are Stan and Bob.  Larry hasn't made up his mind whether he wants to serve on the Board next year or not.  Larry pointed out that it is a thankless job to serve on the Board.  However the only thing that keeps this place ship-shape is the Board of Directors, the management company, our 2 employees, and our committees.  We don't just want people to serve on the Board.  We need people who care.  Our present Board has worked together, and while it has been a rough year, the Board has accomplished a lot.  Please bear in mind that this is not a hotel, rather it is a condominium; therefore, we need some owners to come forward and volunteer as there is still a lot to be done in the coming year. 


Miscellaneous Topics:  Larry introduced Brandi Lowder as Reconcilable Differences representative here tonight.  He then reported that in December, monetary gifts were given to Tom Vaughan, maintenance supervisor; Cory, Tom's assistant; and four individuals from Reconcilable Differences, management.  We also gave monetary gifts to the Cocoa Police Department and the Cocoa Fire Department.  This was the first year we have given to these municipal departments upon Larry's recommendation.  Written thank-you's were received from everyone except the Cocoa Police Department.


Larry stated that he is presently working on revising the vacation and sick leave policies for our employees here.  Tom's employment start date was March 2008, and Cory's employment start date was June 2008.  The reason Larry is doing this has to do with the time clock that was purchased over the summer to keep track of our employees’ actual hours.  The $350 we spent on the time clock has paid for itself in that Larry can base the sick leave and vacation time on the actual employment year rather than the calendar year; and the vacation and sick leave will be based on the average hours worked in the previous 12 months.  Larry will present his recommendations on how this should be handled to the Board in the near future. 



Shutter Repairs: 

Schedule:  Don Verner stated that he thinks it is safe to say that as of this weekend, the Penthouse floor will be completed.  It took one month to complete, which is a week or so longer than anticipated.  The 12th floor will be completed in three or four days.  These two floors were the most difficult due to the height.  It should take three weeks per floor to complete floors three through eleven if Shutter Outlet continues to provide 2 crews as they have done the past few days.  Don stated that the eleventh floor should be started on Monday or Tuesday (January 25th or 26th).  He estimates that it will take approximately 27 weeks to complete the remaining shutter repairs. 


Keys:  Don has had some problems with missing keys to allow access to units for the shutter repairs.  He started with 8 missing keys, but is now down to only 4 missing keys.  He is still trying to get in touch with these owners.


Service Contracts:  Don stated that the problem with the shutters mysteriously not working has been discovered.  It has been proven that the shutters require regular cleaning as the dirt that builds up between the horizontal slats causes a strain on the motor especially; when the shutters are not operated for a long time.  Diane Verner stated that while the shutter technicians recommend a yearly cleaning using a pressure washer, she has found that opening the shutters and using a rag to clean the dirt is sufficient.  Simply open the shutters until you can see the holes, then wipe with a rag.  This alleviates the strain on the motor and prolongs its lifespan.  Stan has sent two mass e-mailings to all owners to notify them of the service/cleaning contract being offered by Shutter Outlet.  They will service and clean the shutters once per year for a set price.  Then if there is a problem during that year, Shutter Outlet will service the shutters for free.  None of the owners have accepted this service/cleaning contract.


Non-Working Motors:  Don reported that the repair schedule has been delayed in part because the shutters must be operational for the repairs to be made.  However, Shutter Outlet doesn't seem to have enough personnel to fix the non-working motors.  He stated that the owner of Unit 705 has found a cheaper contractor, a man who previously worked for Shutter Outlet.  This contractor's name is Butch and his company is Integrity. He responds promptly and does a good job.  Therefore, Stan will email the owners again requesting that they make sure their shutters can be opened.  He will include Shutter Outlet's service/cleaning contract information as well as Integrity's contact information.


Clean-up:  Don reported that the clean-up efforts by the Shutter Outlet technicians is still not good.  They are not cleaning up after themselves in the units or the elevator.  Larry pointed out the since the Penthouse and twelfth floor shutters were 12 ft in height, the top of the elevator had to be opened for the equipment to fit.  However, once they get to the eleventh floor, this will be closed.


Alex stated that the shutter repair technicians have been cutting the ears off of the posts to allow proper closing of the shutters.  However, this exposes the ends, and the technicians will only apply paint to cover the bare areas.  It was agreed that the technicians need to clean, prep and apply a jelly coating to protect these areas, and Don will relay this to Shutter Outlet.  Owner, Jesse Taylor, stated that since there is no architectural standing of the shutter materials, if Don or Alex will give him some samples, he will send these to a testing lab.  The testing lab will tell us if the materials meet the architectural standards at no charge.  Discussion ensued regarding what can be used as samples and what the manufacturer's specs contain.  Don or Alex will provide the requested samples to Jesse. 



Nothing to report at this time.


Treasurer's Report: 

Financial Report:  Bob Shrader reported that we finished the year with a surplus of $437, which is a smaller surplus than previous years.  He attributes this difference to the decrease in CD interest rates, which have gone from 5-6% down to 1 1/2%.


Collections:  Bob reported good news, which is that Unit 601 closed last Friday; therefore, the Association will receive 100% of the delinquent fees rather than only six months of arrears we would have received if the foreclosure had finalized. 


Audit: Management sent the financials to the CPA this week, and we hope to receive the audit back before July this year.



5. Reports of Committees:


Diane Verner reported that there will be a Superbowl party on February 7, 2010.  She requests that everyone bring a tailgate snack and/or drinks.  After that is the Hamburger/hot dog cookout for the Annual Meeting.  Diane is resigning as Social Committee Chairperson, and Carol Jensen has volunteered to fill this position.  Therefore, Carol will be taking over as chairperson after the Annual Meeting.  Larry thanked Diane for the wonderful work she has done as the chairperson over the years.  The Board and the owners agreed and applauded her.



a.) Since Don Verner will be resigning as the Maintenance Committee Chairperson, we need a new person to oversee the maintenance/cleaning crew.  Don will stay on until the shutter repairs are completed.  Please note that the Maintenance Committee Chairperson is not required to be a Board member.  Don also stated that he would continue to oversee the Storage Committee, but would not be serving on the Board next year.  Larry offered his assistance in supervising the maintenance and cleaning crew, but doesn't want to be the chairperson.  Larry noted that Tom seems to get sick a lot on Fridays and Mondays, and while Cory is dependable, he has to be instructed daily as to his duties.  Therefore, we must have someone who can be available to supervise.  Diane pointed out that there is a lot of work and time involved in chairing the maintenance committee. 


b.) Don stated that we have been receiving complaints about blocking off entrances/exits.  We have blocked the west entrance during the west elevation shutter repairs, and asked everyone to use the east entrance during this and vice versa.  This is done to protect everyone and their vehicles from items dropping off the balconies, etc.  Therefore, he asked that all residents please bear with us and realize this is not done to inconvenience, but to protect.


c.) Wayne, the satellite technician, has done some repairs on the closed-circuit TV as there was a message that kept popping up stating that information was about to be lost.  The technician rearranged the file structure, worked on the hard drive, as well as some cable replacement.  Wayne stated that the Board will be receiving a bill in the near future for this work.  Larry commended Wayne and Brock for their tireless commitment to keeping Whitley Bay in top working order.


d.) Chillers:  Alex reported that our President asked him to oversee the repair or replacement of our water chillers on the roof.  Since last May, he has had a number of contractors in here to evaluate the present condition of the water chillers and to advise on the best way to approach restoring the water chillers.  The chillers are rusted so badly that we can't even paint over these areas.  Three years ago, we basically put on a band-aid by taking care of the rust; however, it is now right back in the condition it was in when this band-aid was applied.  Alex compared this to putting a band-aid on cancer.  The potential is there for the chillers to collapse in approximately two years.  While Alex doesn't think we have had a complete failure since May, it needs constant attention.  A considerable amount of the water is going through the roof drains into the river increasing the water bills significantly.  Owner, Jesse, pointed out that if we don't replace the chillers, the strain on each unit's compressors could end up costing each owner $2,000 or more.


Alex received five bids, one of which he has thrown out, as it was a bid to only repair.  As previously discussed, repairing is a band-aid and not worth the time or money due to the deteriorated condition.  This bid even stated that the repair would only last a year or two, and would require replacement at that time.  The contractor who put in the best bid was invited to meet with the committee, who asked numerous questions.  This committee consisted of Brock McNally, Wayne Saunders, Don Verner, and Alex Sinilnikoff.  After this meeting, the committee unanimously agreed to recommend that the Board approve the $132,000 bid to replace both coils, which will be designed to operate independently.  This bid includes a 10-year warranty on the towers and a 3-year labor warranty, and was submitted by Competitive Heat & Air of Satellite Beach, who have been in business since 1989.  Wayne noted that this will be a stainless steel replacement of a galvanized system, which is a huge plus.  Brock further noted that the new cooling towers meet the Miami-Dade hurricane wind resistance codes.  Alex pointed out that a crane will have to be used to get the chillers onto the roof because of the height and the 45 foot reach from the edge of the roof.  This can be completed in a week, but the residents will be without air conditioning for only two days.  The air conditioning will be taken off line on Friday.  The crane will arrive and place the chillers on the roof on Saturday, and, if no unforeseen problems, the air conditioning will be reconnected that night or, at most, the following day.  Larry suggested that this decision should be made during the cooler months.  Diane pointed out that cars will have to be parked at Mariner Square or the bank when the crane is here on Saturday, but owners will only be inconvenienced for the one day.  Larry asked what measures will be used to protect the new roof.  Alex answered that this has been established with the contractor, and plywood and fire-resistant material will be used to protect the new roof.  Owner, Ahmed, requested that this protection be included as a clause in the contract, and that the clause further state that any damage to the roofs will be repaired by the contractor.  Everyone agreed that this was a very good point.  Alex stated that this contractor maintains the cooling towers for the school system, who require the contractor to carry $2 million in liability insurance protection; however, he will discuss this with the contractor.  Brock pointed out that the Association would be named as co-insured on the crane and liability policies.


This is a Board decision, but the Board needs to discuss how this chiller replacement will be financed.  Larry has discussed financing options and the legalities of these options with Michelle Dugan of RDI.  These options are:

  1)  We take $50,000-$60,000 from the mechanical and electrical reserves.  This won't drain the reserves, but leaves little room for any unforeseen expenditures.  We could then assess the balance, which would work out to be approximately $1200 per unit.  While $1,200 in this economy seems excessive, we would rather have air conditioning.  Also, this option can be approved by the Board without an owner vote.  Larry also pointed out that if an air conditioner compressor needs to be replaced in a private home, the cost would be between $4,000 and $6,000 for a good unit.

  2)  Take all of the reserves, which equals the amount needed.  Since this would completely drain the reserves, the Board is not in favor of this option, and it would require a majority owner vote.

  3)  Finance with the contractor to make installment payments or borrow the money.  These options also require an owner majority vote.


An owner asked if management could use some creative money shuffling to limit the assessment amount.  Larry has previously discussed this option with Michelle, and juggling also requires an owner majority vote.  The only reserves we can touch at this point are the mechanical and electrical line within the reserves matrix, as well as the interest line. Owner Ted Clark stated that we have six different designs within this building.  He then asked if different unit designs would affect the amount of the assessment.  The assessment is per unit regardless of size and design.  Owner, Ahmed, inquired about how this assessment is affected by units in foreclosure or sold as a short sell.  This assessment would be added to each unit's arrearages, and we will expect it to be paid at closing. Bob Shrader pointed out that he wants to review the reserves before calculating the assessment amount.  Therefore, Bob made a motion to accept the $132,000 proposal with the 10-year warranty submitted by Competitive Heat & Air, and to pay for it with a combination of reserves and an assessment not to exceed $1200 per unit.  Alex seconded the motion, and all were in favor.


e.) Exercise:  Beverly McNealy, Chairman of this newly-formed committee, distributed the minutes of their first meeting, held January 18, 2010. This committee consists of 8 owners, and has been formed to evaluate the usage percentage of the exercise room and the equipment therein.  A survey of usage will begin on Thursday, January 21, 2010 and will last for 2 weeks.  When owners use this facility, they are requested to sign in on the survey board (only 1 sign-in per unit) posted in the exercise room.  Then as each person of that unit uses the room and/or the equipment, they are asked to put hash marks indicating what they used.  The committee is also examining the layout and the condition of the room and the equipment.  This committee will have a meeting on February 8, 2010 from 10:00 to 11:00 am in the rec room to compile their findings.  A small budget line was established specifically for the exercise room.  The findings and recommendations will be announced to the Board at the next BOD meeting.  In the meantime, the committee is also doing a comprehensive cleaning of the exercise facility.


f.) Fire Drills:  Tom Jensen reported that he has been playing phone tag with the fire department; therefore, while he would like to start the fire drills next month, he has nothing to report at this time.


g.) Parking:  Diane Verner provided management with invalid tags to keep on file and to show management what each tag signifies.  While the snow birds are here and the shutter repairs are being done, the parking has become a serious situation.  Therefore, Diane asked that the individuals that walk the parking lots, should come by and get a list of the valid and invalid parking sticker numbers to check against the parking tags of the vehicles parked in the garages and the open parking area as there is concern that lost tags are actually being used by renters.


h.) Management: Owner, Brock, thanked Michelle Dugan and Reconcilable Differences, Inc. for their hard work and assistance throughout the past year.  The Board and owners agreed and applauded RDI.


i.) Brandi reported that management is currently reviewing the policies and procedures of the Association.  Larry pointed out that Brandi had sent her report to the Board prior to the meeting to get the answers to most of her questions.  However, there are a few items that she would like to discuss, and there are a few items that simply need to be stated for recording in the minutes.  Since the minutes are posted on the website, these policies and procedures will be available for Realtors, property managers, the public, and the owners.


j.) The Rules and Regulations state that only 2 garage remotes are allowed per unit.  Brandi stated that she thought this was because only 2 cars were allowed per unit.  Therefore, the remotes were limited to help with the parking situation.  Brock stated that because the owners and renters were issued parking tags, this was the only control mechanism for the parking limitations.  Brandi pointed out that there were multiple remotes out there that could access the garage, and there is no log or documentation letting us know how many have been issued and to whom.  She felt this was more of a security issue.  The present system cannot "turn off" a single remote as all remotes are on the same frequency/code.  She reported that we purchase the remotes from Anthes and that the Board had approved a price of $70 per garage remote that could only be purchased from RDI by the owner or by the property manager with written approval by the owner (for renters).  Management presently has 3 on hand.  It was agreed that the renters must procure their remotes from the owners as well as buyers procuring their remotes from the sellers.  Purchasing a remote should be a last resort.


The present garage remote system has been discontinued.  Anthes has 2 modules that read the remotes for our system in stock, but would only sell 1 at a price of $190.  This would give us a back up since our system is 7 years old.  We could; however, upgrade the system for $225 per module.  Jesse pointed out that we have 7 modules.   Upgrading would allow us to remove a single remote from access; however, every single remote will have to be reprogrammed.  Both systems can run simultaneously until all remotes have been programmed.  Also, Tom can be trained to program the remotes after the majority has been done.  Larry asked Bob and Stan to make this decision and relay it to management.


k.) Amenity keys are handled by the Board secretary; however, we are still in the process of getting the information on mailbox keys.  While mailbox keys should be procured from seller to buyer or from owner to renter, there are circumstances where a key needs to be replaced.  Once this has been answered, we will create a procedure for obtaining replacement mailbox keys.


l.) Brandi reported that we had an incident not too long ago in which renters were approved before it was discovered that they had 3 vehicles.  We were able to remedy this situation; however, management will be going over all renter applications with a fine tooth comb to ensure that all rules and regulations are being followed.  Brandi further reported that all paperwork coming to the Board would be handed to the Bob Shrader per his request, and the Board would do the onsite filing.  Larry requested that all items be put into envelopes with the Board member's name.  This way each Board member gets the paperwork that they need.  He also stated that all paperwork that needs to be filed should be put in the Secretary's envelope.


m.) We would appreciate an article being placed in the newsletter that reminds owners of the rental procedures.  It has come to management's attention that Realtors are finding listings for Whitley Bay that state there is no application fee or Association deposit required.  Stan will relay this information to Mrs. Bowers for the upcoming newsletter.  Stan will request that the garage remote information is included in the newsletter as well.


n.) Brandi reported that there is a floor captain for each floor.  These captains are available to answer any questions the new owners or tenants may have regarding policies, procedures, and the facilities.  Floor captains are also available to give a tour of the facility.  Brandi will be calling each of the floor captains to ensure we have the correct contact information for each.  Once a renter has been approved by the Board, management will send the new renters' information to the floor captain.  This will allow the floor captain to contact the new resident to offer their assistance.


o.) Finally, Brandi asked about the procedure for the front door code change.  We have been receiving some calls from the residents who live off-site and had no information about the code change.  While the key will get them in without the code, management requested that we e-mail a notice stating that the code will be changed on "X" date without giving out the code.  Alex pointed out that there are several residents who do not want to give their key to their contractors and/or housekeepers; therefore, they are giving the code out to non-residents.  It was discussed that when there is a party, we can have the code changed for only those guests and the code is only good for 24 hours; and this has been done previously.  The security of giving the code over the phone was discussed.  The old code and new code work simultaneously for 2 weeks and notices are posted in the elevators.  The owners and board agreed that they do NOT want notices to be mailed or e-mailed.  Those who live offsite will have to use their key to get in.  This discussion was tabled until the next meeting.


6. Adjournment:

Bob made a motion to adjourn at 8:52 pm. Alex seconded the motion. All were in favor.



Respectfully submitted,


Brandi Lowder, Administrative Assistant                       Stan Bowers, Secretary

Reconcilable Differences, Inc.                                       Whitley Bay Condominium Association