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Minutes of the

Whitley Bay Annual Members' Meeting

 Wednesday, February 23, 2011

1. Call to Order and Verification of Quorum:

President Stan Bowers called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m. in the Whitley Bay Recreation Room.  Other Board Members present: Vice President Larry Ramsay, Secretary/Treasurer Robert Shrader, Director Don Verner and Director Brock McNally.  Michelle Dugan, Charlotte Hubert, and Lynn Hiott represented management company Reconcilable Differences.


2. Proof of Notice of Meeting:

Manager Michelle Dugan affirmed that the notice of the annual meeting was posted on the bulletin board and mailed to all owners more than 14 days in advance of the annual meeting.


3. Certification of Proxies & Establishment of a Quorum of Members for Annual Meeting:

Manager reported that there were 19 owners present by proxy and 20 owners present in person for a total of 39 units represented. Since thirty-three owners were needed to establish a quorum, the meeting was certified.


4. Approval of Minutes from Previous Annual Meeting:

Larry motioned to waive the reading of the minutes and approve the annual minutes from February 24, 2010 as written and posted on the website.  Bob seconded the motion, and all were in favor.

5. Reports of Officers:

President:  Stan Bowers reported that the present Board has worked very well together and all have worked very hard. A lot has been accomplished and tremendous compliments have been given for the condition of the building and all the work that has been done.

Stan reported that two major projects were completed this year: Don oversaw the repairs of the shutters in April and Alex oversaw the installation of the cooling towers. Thank you to all the volunteers who gave all their hours and efforts to help get this done.

Vice President Report: Larry Ramsay gave credit to RDI and the two on site employees Tom Vaughan and Corey Britt, who, under the care of Brock, have improved immensely. He also gave credit to the Board of Directors’ wives, as well as our subcontractors. Larry stated that some owners think of Whitley Bay as a hotel rather than their home.  It takes everyone's participation to keep this place in good shape and secure. There have been many times that the door on the east side of the building has been left open, and this breaches our security. It is very important to close these doors at all times.

Treasurer's Report:  Bob thanked RDI especially for their accounting work, which is very detail-oriented. In 2010 we stayed within budget and this is attributed to a lot of work on everyone’s part. We finished the year with a strong cash flow and Operating funds of $119,000, which will allow us to continue to repair and replace when needed. We had a small increase in our reserve savings, and have $146,000, because we used $48,500 of reserve funds on the cooling towers, over the special assessment of $1200 per unit. Bob projects that by year-end of 2011 we should have about $180,000 in reserves.

Secretary's Report:  Bob thanked RDI for all the work they do because they make the Secretary's job so easy.  Bob stated that in conjunction with Larry's message, this condo does not run itself.  Many residents do not know what goes on in the day-to-day operations.  If we want the building to stay in the condition it is in, we have to take care of it, which means we pay a lot of different contractors or we get involved and do it ourselves.  We are so fortunate to have these volunteers who are dedicated. As a home owner, getting involved gives you a voice in how things are done and what may be needed rather than just taking what is handed to you.  We benefit as a whole from everybody's input.

6. Committee Reports:

Appraisal Committee: Larry reported that in September of 2010, the appraisal was completed by Ocean Appraisal Services of Palm Bay. They valued our property at $20.5 million, which includes the pool, spa, and pool equipment. We have an appraisal done every 16 to 18 months as we have a 100% co-insurance on the property, and this year we had to include the pool, spa and pool equipment per our lease with the marina.

Insurance Committee: Larry reported that the building is insured for $20.5 million. Three years ago, when he got involved in this committee, five companies gave quotes; and four of those quotes were over $100,000. One company in Melbourne, the one we still use, quoted a total of $70,000 for all the policies. The quotes are from A-rated companies. Larry continues to get quotes each year. Our annual insurance costs have decreased slightly in the past 3 years.

Larry suggested that homeowners get $10,000 worth of loss assessment coverage versus the state mandated $2,000 currently in place. His reasoning was that the association has a 3% hurricane deductible which means that the association is responsible for the first $615,000. This could mean that each homeowner could be assessed $9,600.

Larry noted that if a mortgage holder requests insurance certificates, owners should contact our insurance agent, Bill Freedman of A Professional Insurance Agency at (321) 751-1677.  Bill's name and number is listed on the Owner Roster also.  Larry also recommended Denise Ward in the same office for personal “H06” insurance coverage quotes. 

Larry reported that it is a Florida Statue that all homeowners are required to have insurance. Stan pointed out that even if you own your condo outright and you do not have a mortgage on it, you still must have insurance. An owner asked if the association can ask for proof of coverage from each owner. Unfortunately, the statute changed last year and it is not a requirement to notify the Association anymore.

Landscape Committee:  Larry reported that the property will be mulched in the near future. While his first meeting with the landscaper didn't go very well (as the landscaper was late and had a poor attitude), he is glad he didn't fire him on the spot as he thought of doing.  In fact, Larry stated that the landscaper has worked out fairly well and is still here.  We had trouble with ground cover on the west side of the building, so now there is lava rock in that area that looks very nice. He stated that in March, he will be resigning from this committee and Richard Isom will be taking over as chairman. Larry asked that when an owner is walking around the property for any reason, if anything that needs to be done is seen, please let him know.

Reserve Study Committee: Larry reported that a new reserve study is being conducted by Ocean Appraisal this year. He stated that now there are 10 categories instead of eight. He wanted to make sure everyone understood that $66.00 of everyone’s monthly assessment goes to the reserve savings towards future repairs. This fund helped subsidize the cooling towers purchased last year.

Budget Committee: No report is needed as all information has been covered.

Decorating Committee: Diane Verner thanked all the volunteers who helped at the holidays and with keeping the lobby looking great.

Volunteers: Stan reported that this word comes up a lot and we need everyone to come out and volunteer their time. There will be 17 committees next year and we have to have volunteers to continue to have our building look as good as it does. All residents time, whether owners or tenants, is needed and appreciated.

Exercise Committee: Brock McNally reported for Beverly McNally that the room was painted, the equipment was organized, and there were a lot of people watching over the place.

Fire Drills:  Tom Jensen stated that no drills are planned at this time.

Floor Captain Committee: Ann Diaz was not in attendance so no report was given.

Maintenance Committee:  Brock McNally reported that the annual fire inspection, combined with unit sprinkler inspections, will be held March 8th   He stated that they will enter each unit and verify the emergency speakers and the sprinkler heads. There will be loud noise in everyone’s units as they will have to sound all alarms at the same time; we cannot isolate floors. All residents need to be sure to house any pets, and if a unit has a private alarm, make sure it is turned off or we have the access code on the key ring in the safe. If there are any concerns about this inspection, please let Brock know. The sprinklers will be checked to the best of their abilities. He stated that the sprinklers have a glass vial that has liquid in it and when it gets to a certain temperature, the liquid turns to gas and the water function will come on. If an owner has done any type of spray painting in their unit, this could cause them to not function correctly.

Brock reported that he did not have any experience in this position; he was a system analyst for AT&T. When he began, the maintenance position did not have a job description. He now has a comprehensive job description to help keep records and track our vendors. Larry quoted to Brock “You plan your work, then you work your plan” and this is what he has done. For janitorial functions, we have defined the tasks, outlined the equipment used, and designed “how to” descriptions. We determined how long each task should take to complete. Once this was implemented, we found that we had 20 hours a week that were not being utilized, so we now Cory is a “Maintenance Assistant” and does more than just janitorial functions for the condo. Brock has worked diligently with Tom on his job description, and the goal is that at the end of the year, all these records will be maintained on a regular basis. 

Accomplishments for 2010 have been:

We addressed serious issues with our fresh water pipes on the roof. Solar Plumbing came in with the lowest bid. We were told that the owners would be out of hot water for 8-12 hours. The company was able to complete their work rapidly and the owners were only out of hot water for approximately 4 hours due to the new technology.

Don and his volunteers worked with Shutter Outlet and got the shutter repairs completed in April 2010. There is a one year warranty on their work. 

Don and Alex brought in Brian Rodriquez with Competitive Air and Heat to install the cooling “towers”. The towers we had were galvanized and now we have stainless steel. 

Brian and Wayne troubleshot the red light errors for the water system, and got it up and running. Brian also spent numerous hours on our boilers which had not had maintenance in over 3 years. 

We now have an annual Preventive Maintenance contract for our HVAC units in the common areas. These companies are what we call “911” companies in the sense that we can call them and 

get immediate service to get us up and running right away. 


We have better communication with Cascade Water Treatment, and we have a new 3-year contract with 2007 prices. 

Elevators are running well. We will be hosting a class soon on elevator rescue and to become a legally qualified rescuer. Another condo had someone stuck in their elevator and the fire department responded and used the Jaws of Life to gain access to the elevator, which cost the association over $11,000 to repair. 

Fire Equipment: Joey Mallory with Space Coast Fire and Safety worked with us all summer to understand what was needed with regard to fire equipment requirements. There were some gauges that by law are supposed to be replaced every 5 years and they had not been, so now 27 non-working gauges are sitting downstairs and new ones were installed. An owner requested that we see if these gauges could be reconditioned or recalibrated so that they could be used as spares in the future. Brock said he would check into this. 

Stan noted that there are books and folders for the maintenance that show who to call, what to do, etc., so that someone other than Brock or Tom can go and get one of these books and know how to handle a situation. 

Newsletter Committee:  Loretta Bowers thanked all who sent in information on what people are doing, what is coming up, what they are planning. She stated that the newsletter is now divided into two sections; one dedicated to what has happened and the other is “Fast Facts”, so you can post that page with numbers and dates in an accessible place. People have commented favorably on this change.

Parking Committee:  Diane Verner reported that parking issues come and go. The committee does walk arounds and addresses problems as they arise.

Security and Closed Circuit Committee:  Wayne Sanders reported that we helped the city of Cocoa to help identify a suspect that they had in custody with a burglary next door. He reported that doors are being left open, possibly from the wind, but all residents need to make an extra effort to close the doors and make sure that they are secure.  We have had a failure in our system. We had a disk drive fail and we can now only record a shorter time period. We are obtaining bids for emergency service and increasing the number of cameras we have. Owners discussed doors being propped open on purpose and door closers that are not commercial grade and need to be replaced. Brock will look into this.

Social Committee:  Carol Jensen reported that we have had a busy year with a St. Patrick’s Day party, Cinco De Mayo, 2 movie nights, Christmas dinner dance, Super Bowl party, and the bar-b-q tonight. We average a party every 2 months. We have a very active 8 women who are very involved and we are always looking for volunteers. We are reorganizing our activities and are expanding into daytime activities like bridge, spinner, taking trips, art and jewelry lessons, and investment classes. Because of this, we need more committee volunteers.

Storage Committee:  Don Verner reported that the Fire Marshal’s inspector stated that owners cannot stack boxes higher than 18 inches from the ceiling. There were 3 violations and all have been corrected. Also, owners cannot build enclosures around their storage areas due to the sprinkler system.

7. New Business:

Verbal Appreciation of Committee’s:  Stan Bowers thanked each and every volunteer that served on a committee. They were: 

Appraisal: Larry and Margherita Ramsay. 

Budget: Bob Shrader, Larry and Margherita Ramsay. 

Contracts: Larry and Margherita Ramsay.

Decorating: Diane Verner, Becky Sanders, Loretta Bowers, Cametta Isom, Don Verner, Lindsay Leinss, Beverly McNally, Sandra Tenney, Wayne Sanders, Brock McNally, Carol Jensen, Tom Vaughan, and Cory Britt 

Exercise: Beverly McNally, Judy Shrader, Becky Sanders, Donna Meligi, Ahmed Meligi, Bobbie Brozman, Carol Jensen, Loretta Bowers, and Nancy Reynolds

Fire Drill: Tom Jensen

Floor Captain: 3rd floor-Anne Diaz., 4th floor-Bill Coleman and Jeff Casterline, 5th floor-Tom & Carol Jensen, 6th floor-Stan & Loretta Bowers, 7th floor-Joy Dickson, 8th floor-Diane Verner, 9th floor-Brock & Bev McNally, 10th floor-Alex Sinilnikoff, 11th floor-Susan Jarvis, 12th floor-Joe & Diane Whitley, and Penthouse floor- Nancy Reynolds 

Insurance: Larry and Margherita Ramsay.

Landscape: Larry and Margherita Ramsay.

Maintenance: Brock McNally 

Newsletter: Loretta Bowers and Lindsay Leinss.

Parking: Diane Verner, Richard Isom, Joe Whitley, Tom Jensen, Brock McNally, Jeff Casterline, and Bill Coleman. 

Reserves: Larry and Margherita Ramsay.

Security: Wayne Sanders, Tom Jensen, and Brock McNally.

Social: Carol Jensen, Cametta Isom, Diane Verner, Loretta Bowers, Becky Sanders, Terry Yates, Lindsay Leinss, Pat Bowlds, Joan C., Beverly McNally, Wayne Sanders and Tom Jensen

Storage: Don Verner

8. Open Forum:

A resident asked about the 1st Saturday of the month schedule to clean the balconies. She said with no hose bib it is hard to clean and asked if she could hire the Association’s maintenance men to do this on their own time. The board said she could ask them if they were interested. Margherita Ramsay stated that the initial surface of the balconies was a plaster or stucco and impossible to clean, but she can recommend a painter who will paint a smoother finish at a reasonable price. She will forward his information to anyone who is interested.

9. Unfinished Business:

Larry reported that there are 3 very important amenities; the Rec Room, exercise room, and the pool. The Rec room had a flood and now has had some improvements. The exercise room has had improvements as well. The pool, though, needs some work. The pool furniture needs to be re-strapped or replaced.  The pool deck and lamp lights are in need of some improvement. Since there are no pool steps and only pool ladders, it makes it very difficult to enter or exit the pool.

Larry stated that safety grip handrail covers should be purchased. He said that they prevent possible accidents and they improve the looks of the pool area. 

Jesse Taylor asked what happened to the steps. Brock told him they were thrown out because they could not be re-installed.

10. Presentation of New Board Members:

Stan Bowers reported that the present Board will continue to serve. Stan Bowers, Robert Shrader, and Don Verner had offered to serve within the timeframe of the statute. Before this meeting, the other two, Larry Ramsay and Brock McNally, agreed to serve, so they were appointed to fill the vacancies.


Stan made a motion to adjourn at 8:10 pm. Larry seconded the motion. All were in favor.

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle Dugan, CMCA, AMS, CAM

Lynn Hiott, Administrative Assistant
Reconcilable Differences, Inc.



Minutes of the Organizational Meeting of the

Whitley Bay Board of Directors

Held Immediately After the Annual Members' Meeting

On February 23, 2011, in the onsite clubhouse

1. Call to Order:

Stan Bowers called the Organizational Meeting to order at 8:11 pm.  Other Board Members present: Don Verner, Larry Ramsay, Brock McNally, and Robert Shrader.  Michelle Dugan, Charlotte Hubert, and Lynn Hiott represented management.


2. Appointment of New Board Members:

President: Larry Ramsay made a motion to appoint Stan Bowers.  Bob Shrader seconded the motion, all were in favor. 

Vice President:  Stan Bowers made a motion to appoint Larry Ramsay.  Bob Shrader seconded the motion, all in favor. 

Secretary/Treasurer:  Stan Bowers made a motion to appoint Bob Shrader.  Larry Ramsay seconded the motion, all in favor. 

The officers appointed Don Verner and Brock McNally as Members at Large.

Brock McNally agreed to continue overseeing maintenance.


3. Adjournment:

Stan Bowers made a motion to adjourn at 8:16 p.m.  Larry Ramsay seconded the motion, all in favor.

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle Dugan, CMCA, AMS, CAM

Lynn Hiott, Administrative Assistant
Reconcilable Differences, Inc.

Minutes of the Whitley Bay 

Board of Directors

Budget Meeting

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

1. Call to Order and Verification of Quorum:

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm in the on site Recreation Room. Board members present: President Stan Bowers, Vice President Larry Ramsay, and Directors Don Verner and Brock McNally. Secretary/Treasurer Bob Shrader could not attend. Michelle Dugan represented management company Reconcilable Differences.  Six owners attended: Loretta Bowers #606, Edmund Clark #903, Richard & Cametta Isom #502, Carol Jensen #504 & John Walter #401

2. Proof of Meeting Notice Properly Posted:

Michelle affirmed that the agenda was posted in the elevators more than 48 hours ago.

3. Approval of Minutes from November 17, 2010 Meeting:

Brock motioned to waive the reading of the minutes and approve the November 17, 2010 Meeting Minutes as written.  Don Verner seconded the motion and all were in favor.

4. Financial Report - Bob Shrader:

Stan reported for Bob that the Association ended the year under budget and Bob would discuss that more in detail at the Annual Meeting.

5. Unfinished Business:

Elevator Seminar: Michelle stated that the Elevator Inspection company is putting on a seminar for manager credits that could also be interesting to owners. It will be held at the Whitley Bay clubhouse on February 7th from 2 to 4 pm. Nine people have signed up and all are welcome to attend. Brock will definitely be there and Larry will try as well. Brock asked if fire rescue issued would be discussed. Michelle will find out and let him know.

6. New Business:

Annual Meeting Update: The meeting was moved from February 16th to 23rd. The newsletter noted this change last week, and the second notices will go out soon, noting the change so that owners have enough time to change their plans. The meeting starts at 7 pm, with the BBQ beginning at 5:30. Sign-ups are in the elevators and all are welcome. Bring a dish to share. Three owners have offered to serve; thus there will be no election.

Results of Vote to Modify Rental Term from 3 months to 6 months:  Thanks to the Board member’s help’ we received forty-nine yes votes, which is more than the required 75%, so the amendment passed. The attorney will write up the proper paperwork and submit it to the county for recording. Once we receive the recorded amendment, all owners will receive a copy of it for inclusion in their governing documents paperwork. This will also be sent to the county; we hope to obtain a variance from the restrictive commercial pool laws and just be responsible for the health and safety requirements of pool chemicals and life/safety equipment.

New Fire Suppression Contract: Brock noted that Space Coast Fire and Safety has been contracted to take over the maintenance and inspection of the fire suppression system. They will be replacing valves and servicing this week. Currently there is a water leak in the fire pump room. It is being addressed.

7. Committee Reports:

Insurance: Larry Ramsay stated that the new 2011 property insurance policy is now in place with the same agency for the 20.5 million dollar coverage.  He found that, per our lease with the marina, that we are required to insure the pool, spa, and pool equipment; so those have been added to our policy.  In addition, we are required to name the marina as co-insured for these items. A resident was given incorrect written information saying owners did not need to have personal condo insurance. This is untrue. Even though the statute changed to not require owners to supply the Association with proof, insurance is still required and it is important. He welcomes calls about his policy and the costs he has found.

Reserves: Larry stated that the Association has 10 reserve line items. Two were melded into others, but this year we will show all 10. He had an insurance appraisal completed before the policy was bid, and will have a new reserve study completed sometime in the near future.

Social: Carol Jensen said next Sunday is the Superbowl Party, then the BBQ for the Annual Meeting on February 23rd.  This past year, the committee sponsored a St. Patrick’s Day party, a Cinco de Mayo party, two movie nights during the summer, a fall homecoming party and the Christmas Party.

She mentioned again that she would like to turn this position over to another owner. Please think about serving as chairman. Many people make this committee work, but it does need a chairman.

Landscaping: Larry Ramsay will be resigning as chairman of this group after 3 years. He believes he has a volunteer but will know more at the Annual Meeting.

Newsletter: Loretta Bowers stated that the recent newsletter was e-mailed to all owners a week ago. Hopefully people are reading it. She and Lindsay designed a different format, but are keeping the newsletter about those who live here. She hopes everyone enjoys reading it, and they are always looking for new information or other volunteers.

Parking: Mr. Isom stated that there was an issue with a vehicle being parked for several weeks without a tag. This is now handled and the car is gone.

Storage: Don Verner reported that there are no storage spaces left. The fire marshal inspected and stated that we cannot stack anything up to the ceiling, since it impairs the fire sprinklers from working properly. There are 3 units that were overfilled. These should be modified soon and the fire marshal will check this on their next inspection. The fire marshal said no one can build an enclosure around their “space”. This would require a building permit, and solid walls are not allowed, again, because they impair the fire sprinklers.

Maintenance: Brock stated that the fire marshal inspection also shows two other violations. This inspector’s card says “Community Development Officer” and he dealt with more than fire safety. He said all the items outside the unit doors are missiles in a hurricane and the Association needs a plan to remove these before high winds hit. Brock counted, and there are eighty-six “items” in front of unit doors, not counting door mats. The maintenance team has to move all of these every week to properly clean, and many of these items are not being kept clean. People need to be responsible to wipe the leaves of their fake plants, wipe down the furniture they place in front of their doors, and he said a lot of time is wasted moving personal furniture before the men can clean each week. This will be discussed t the Annual Meeting.

The inspector also noted that the Association is not displaying a “local business tax receipt”. He said the condo is like a realtor, managing the building, and wants the license posted in the enclosed bulletin board. Michelle disagreed with the need for the condo to have a license, and Brock said it was mentioned that it could be the management company or the association’s license, so Michelle will bring all of her licenses to post on site.

Brock stated that the emergency shut offs outside the boiler room were completed by SenaTech.

Inside the door are a second set of shut-offs, so now we are ready for the June bi-annual inspection by the state.

Camera maintenance companies have shown interest in maintaining our surveillance system. One camera is out right now. This issue is on hold for now, with ADS called as needed for repairs.

There is no usable power in the maintenance office. One outlet with 2 plugs is outside the door, so the men have to run long extension cords for power. Another quote is needed and Brock asked Michelle for recommendations since SenTech’s quote seemed high.

Brock will get a verbal quote to install a back-up air conditioner since the elevators could shut down if it gets too hot in the elevator equipment room.

Brock asked for approval for a Travis charge account. The shop is willing to give Whitley Bay another chance. The Board gave approval. Brock asked Michelle for help in filling out the form.

Brock asked if we could start a petty cash account for the small maintenance receipts from businesses that do not accept charge cards. He said he would loan the use of a cash box to keep it in. The money would be replenished based on actual receipts turned in. Larry motioned to approve this, Brock seconded, all in favor.

The new large equipment maintenance contract is in place. Brian Rodriguez will inspect four times per year and will be responsible for all air conditioners, boilers, pool heaters; all large equipment on the property.


8. Owner Input:

Laundry vents on the common walkways were discussed. Brock stated that these are an owner responsibility, but he has met with a company called Unbelievably Clean and they could possibly give a better price if a group of owners were scheduled at the same time. Contact Brock for more information.

A resident brought up the possibility of electric cars in the future and how to charge them without the building power being used. This will be discussed in more detail later.


9. Adjournment:

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Michelle Dugan, CMCA, AMS, LCAM

Community Association Manager

Reconcilable Differences (2/11/11)